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Raleigh Durham Airport Alamo -1011 Trade Ct
Alamo Greensboro Airport Rental Cars -6319 Bryan Blvd

Things to do in Raleigh

  • Mordecai  HouseMordecai  House
    The Mordecai house is known as the oldest residential houses in Raleigh with its original foundation. At one point the house sat on one of the largest farms in the county of over 5,000 acres owned by the Lane family. The house was named after Moses Mordecai who married twice into the family. The house was owned by the Mordecai family until 1967 when the city bought the property and is still owned by the city today and located in Mordecai Historic Park. The house was designated  as a Historic Landmark.

                                                                    Museum of Natural Sciences
Museum on Natural Science
The Museum  was founded in 1879 "to exhibit the agricultural and other assets and the natural history of the state." The museum has a unique collection of rotating exhibits annually and the worlds only dinosaur with a fossilized heart. It also has displays of many different skeletons from the many different wonders in the sea. The Museum has a Fossil Lab, a Living Conservatory, a  Naturalist Center, Exploration Stations and a Discovery Room with tons of hands on activities.

North Carolina's State Capitol

  • North Carolina's State Capitol
    Completed in the mid 1840's, the building is a beautiful built in the Greek Revival Style of Architecture . The Building began as a two story brick house built in Union Square between 1792 and 1796. The building was home to the North Carolina's state government until 1888 when the Supreme court and State Library moved to the State Legislative Building. Today the governor and lieutenant governor occupy the first floor.

North Carolina Museum of ArtNorth Carolina Museum of Art
The Museums collection includes thousands of art work, sculptures, and vase painting from the ancient Egyptians and the Greek and Romans from over 5,000 years ago. There's over 8 different types of galleries that include Modern , African , Ancient , American, Ancient American, Jewish, and Oceanic art, as well as different types of exhibits displayed around the museum. If you get hungry while your there, Blue Ridge Restaurant is open regular museum hours serving you a masterpiece of its own.

Enterprise rent- a- car

Renting a car in Raleigh, North Carolina has never been easier! Choose your car and use it as long as you need, they'll even pick you up! Enterprise makes Renting a car just that easy! Enterprise is here for your rental needs.
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Raleigh Durham Airport Enterprise - 5105 CAPITAL BLVD
Raleigh Enterprise - 3408 OLYMPIA DRIVE
Enterprise Raleigh Rental Cars - 3100 WAKE FOREST RD STE 110
Millbrook Rd Enterprise - 3600 S WILMINGTON ST
Enterprise in Raleigh - 5401 HILLSBOROUGH ST

Raleigh Discount Enterprise - 2901 SPRING FOREST RD
Raleigh Enterprise Specials - 2911 CAPITAL BLVD
Enterprise Raleigh Rental Cars Rates - 5221 HILLSBOROUGH ST
Discounts Rates Enterprise Raleigh - 6300 CREEDMOOR RD STE 178
Enterprise Special Rates in Raleigh - 431 S MCDOWELL ST

Raleigh Enterprise Rent a Car - 9005 GLENWOOD AVE

North Carolina Executive Mansion

  • North Carolina Executive Mansion
    The house was used as the home of North Carolinas Governors since the early 1900's till today. During the Civil War it was abandoned because of the damage of the war.  Restored and refurbished the Mansion today is still used to house the Governors of North Carolina as well as used for public functions and social events.
  • Marbles Kids Museum
    Marbles Museum is designed directly for kids. It provides hands on experience for kids through out the museum and helps to encourage learning and creative thinking. Their permanent galleries include, Around Town, Splash, Idea Works, and World Trek. The Museum also includes an IMAX theater with different shows playing all the time.
  • Raleigh City MarketRaleigh City Market
    October 1st 1914 was the first day that the Market was opened in Raleigh. Many farmers came bringing fresh produce, poultry, seafood, and flowers. In 1059 the Market was shut down because of the production of supermarkets. Today the Market is considered a National Historic Place. Today the Market is up and running with tons of delicious restaurants, shops and boutiques as well as holding special events.

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Raleigh Durham Airport Budget -In Terminal
Raleigh Budget Rental Cars -4237 Louisburg Rd
Durham Budget -1720 Guess Road Space 12


  • Vivace
  • Bella Monica
  • 18 Seaboard
  • Lilly's Pizza
  • LocoPops
  • Neomonde Restaurant & Deli
  • Roast Grill
  • Tavern at Second Empire
  • Dos Taquitos Centro
  • Capital Creations Gourmet Pizza
  • Tasca Brava
  • Rockford
  • Mura
  • Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers
  • Kuki
  • Sullivan's Steakhouse
  • Raleigh Times Bar
  • St. Jacques French Cuisine
  • J. Betski's
  • Humble Pie
  • The Angus Barn
  • Irregarless Cafe
  • The Duck & Dumplings
  • Gleenwood Grill
  • Margaux's Restaurant
  • Firebirds Rocky Mountain Grill
  • Poter's Tavern
  • Helios Coffee

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Raleigh Durham International Airport AVIS- In Terminal
Raleigh AVIS -7320 Old Wake Forrest Rd
AVIS Raleigh Rental Cars -4601 Glenwood Ave

  • North Carolina Museum of HistoryNorth Carolinas Museum of History
    in 1898 the gallery of the history museum was set up by the "father" Fredrick Augustus Olds. While traveling across North Carolina he gathered pieces of NC's past and heard the stories that accompanied each item. In 1902  the collection of history were open to the public as the Hall of History filled with 37 cases of North Carolinas past. The Hall got so big that in 1965 it became the North Carolina Museum of History and was relocated in the State Library building and then again in 1992 to its new structure equipped with a auditorium and plenty of space for the History of North Carolina.

  • JC Raulston Arboretum

    JC Raulston Arboretum
    The Arboretum has one of the largest  and diverse collections of agriculture and plants that are adapted to the Southeast. Their collection has over 5,000 total types of plants from over 50 different countries in a beautifully displayed garden.

National Rental Cars

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