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Things to do in Regina

  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police Museum Royal Canadian Mounted Police Museum Regina
    Is a must see when you are visiting Regina.  The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Museum is located in the west section of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Academy.  This very popular Museum attracts over 250,000 visitors each year.  The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Museum is one of Canada's largest Museum's devoted to Mounties featuring a large collection of uniforms, weaponry, various equipment, photographs, archive material and other personal artifacts.  Here at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Museum visitors have he chance to learn about the life & history of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and their important role in early Canadian History up through the present. As you tour the grounds of the Mounties' training academy you may have the opportunity to witness cadets going through their daily training schedules.   Additional highlights of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Museum are daily guided tours starting at 1:30p.m. one of your stops will take you to one of the oldest buildings in Regina, the nondenominational chapel.  This chapel was the first cookhouse, built in 1883.  This building was partially destroyed by fire in 1895 and was reconstructed and turned into a chapel.  This lovely chapel features a contrast between the richness and a variety of beautiful stained glass windows along with the simplicity of basic structures and the original pews.  Items of interest are the colored windows behind the altar depicting red-uniformed Mounties.  One of the windows is dedicated to several police wives who played important roles in their husband's absence of duty.  The women were either  manning telephones or taking care of prisoners.   Another portion of the Museum houses a collection of Red Indian artifacts for display. The collection includes Red Indian artifacts, clothing and even a large painted, buffalo skin of which an entire history is recorded through pictographs.  This is one of the most valuable of it's kind in Canada.  A must see on your tour....   Visitors should plan time to attend the Sergeant Major's Parade which is held daily at 12:45p.m. on the parade square directly in front of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Museum.  So when you are visiting the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Museum there is plenty to see and experience,  kids of all ages will enjoy visiting the Museum. 

Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame in ReginaSaskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame & Museum
Welcomes all sports enthusiast's, here visitors will enjoy and learn about the province's sporting achievements. The Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame offers several exhibits including displays of several portraits and a variety of sports memorabilia.  Canadian's are passionate for sports and Saskatchewan is no exception....   This is a fantastic Museum that should not be missed on your visit to Regina, Canada the admission is free!!!  As visitors explore the Sports Hall of Fame Museum you will discover the diverse collections of authentic memorabilia displayed throughout the Museum.  The Sports Hall of Fame Museum has done an excellent job displaying the rich  history of sports in the Saskatchewan province.  As you visit each display you will see various sporting memorabilia along with archived photos telling a unique story of their own.  Additional highlights of the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame Museum include an impressive displays focusing on the profiles of athletes & their great achievements inducting them into the  Hall of Fame.  The Sports Hall of Fame Museum offers visitors a large variety of memorabilia and trophies from various sporting pursuits and teams.  Just to mention a few sports that are represented in the Sports Hall of Fame Museum include: Alpine Skiing, Hockey, Speed Skating, Curling, Boxing, Football and Fencing.  The Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame Museum located in Regina, captures & displays years of sports history of the province.  The Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame Museum was established in 1966 to honor outstanding sports personalities, championship teams and individual athletes....   This historic building which houses a large & amazing collection of sports memorabilia was once the old land titles building.  Now the building is protected as a heritage site by the province.  Today, this historical building is called the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame Museum and is open to the public seven days a week for visitors to enjoy the rich sports history of the province of Saskatchewan.

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Local Restaurants in Regina
  • The Willow on Wascana
    Serves lunch and dinner so while you are visiting Regina, Canada be sure to visit The Willow on Wascana and enjoy delicious, local prepared dishes combined with some of the best views of Wascana Lake.  The Willow Restaurant is cozy & rustic featuring large windows for visitors to enjoy the beautiful water views of Lake Wascana.  Topped off with the most knowledgeable wait staff in the city.  Chef Moe Mattieu offers a fabulous tasting menu featuring five courses of delicious Saskatchewan cuisine.  The Willow also offers a fantastic wine list making your dining experience the BEST !!!!  Other popular Saskatchewan dishes include Short Ribs, Steerhead Trout, Chefs daily offering may include Boar, Rabbit, Fresh Perch, or Bison.  Other favorites include: Roasted Squash Ravioli, Cider Poached Chicken, Pepper Crusted Bison Tenderloin and many other tasty dishes.  For a sweet ending enjoy heavenly desserts and specialty coffees.

  • MICHI Sushi 
    Is another local favorite in Regina, MICHI is a newcomer to join the dining scene in 2004 and has earned a great reputation and steady customers.  MICHI Restaurant offers their customers a great selection of authentic sushi.  All of their dishes are crafted by talented chefs from Japan.   Popular lunch favorites include the Tempura dishes, signature combos and the bento box.   MICHI Sushi is the only restaurant in Regina serving authentic Japanese cuisine prepared by skilled Japanese Chefs....  The menu features a large selection of tasty choices from: Sushi, Tempura, Sashimi, Teriyaki meat dishes, Donburi and Noodle & Rice Bowls.  As you enter the dining room you immediately feel relaxed listening to soft Japanese background music while you are surrounded by natural oak woods and earth tones.  For your dining experience you can choose from tables, the sushi bar so you can watch all the action as they prepare various sushi selections and for a more private dining experience you can remove your shoes and go behind the sliding screen doors where you are seated on floor cushions.  Treat yourself to a fantastic dining experience while you are in Regina, especially if you enjoy delicious sushi !!!! 

Short Ribs Cuisine Regina

Sushi Cuisine Regina

Rice Bowl Cuisine Regina

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  • Saskatchewan Science Center Saskatchewan Science Museum in Regina
    Is a must when you are visiting Regina with children.  The Saskatchewan Science Center is built along the shores of Wascana Lake and is open daily (closed on Mondays).  Kids of all ages will enjoy playing, discovering and learning through a variety of hands on exhibits.   The Science Center is home to several Permanent Exhibits along with many changing exhibits.  Some of the highlighted exhibits include: The Climbing Wall- come and test your climbing skills as you attempt to climb through time in one of the tallest indoor climbing walls in Canada.  Here you will learn about geological history of Saskatchewan while testing your physical limits to see if you can reach the top of the sixty-foot tall indoor climbing wall. The Critters exhibit- this is a very popular & fun exhibit.  Kids can get up close and meet a variety of  exciting critters from a Bearded Dragon, Boa Constrictor, Tarantula, Ferrets, Fruit Bats and  many others.  Other popular exhibits include: Science of Hockey- Here visitors will feel what its like to be a Superstar on the ice...  Learn what a concussion is  and many other fascinating hockey facts.  Windyville- is great for discovering how you can harness the wind to create a nonpolluting power source.  You can test different propellers, build a sailboat and test it out and much more.  Space Stadium Canada- Kids will love this one, here they will learn all about space, take a spin on the Gyro Gym and learn about Canada's contribution to space.  How important is water? come find out at the Field of Streams exhibit- see how water management engineer's build ditches, dugouts, streams and lakes.  There is much to learn and discover at the Saskatchewan Science Center.  In addition to the fantastic, educational exhibits the Science Center also features the Sask Tel Max Theater- Showing a 60 minute movie in a state of the art theater and there is also the Kramer IMAX Theater- come and experience one of the largest screen theaters in Saskatchewan.  Take an incredible journey while enjoying the eye-popping five story high IMAX screen along with over 10,000 watts of stereo surround sound !!!!  While you are visiting Regina be sure to visit the Saskatchewan Science Center, the whole family will have a GREAT time...

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  • Regina Plains MuseumRegina Plains Museum in Regina
    Is a wonderful place to visit for the afternoon, here visitors can learn about Canadian history.  The Regina Plains Museum is a free attraction open Monday - Friday and is closed on Saturday & Sunday.  The Regina Plains Museum is housed in the former Post Office on Scarth Street.  This fascinating Museum recalls the lives of the plain folk, Indians and early pioneers.  Also featured in the Regina Plains Museum are several reconstructions: Schoolroom, Church, a typical turf hut, Saloon and Red River cart.  The Museum also displays several old photographs and artifacts.  The Regina Plains Museum features a large permanent collection, there is over 17,000 artifacts of historical importance.   One of the largest items in the Museum's collection is a steam locomotive.  Their collection reflects historical material relating to Regina's economic history and the community's social and cultural life as well.  There is plenty to see and learn about when you visit the Regina Plains Museum.  

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  • Dunlop Art Gallery  Dunlop Art Gallery in Regina
    Has been exhibiting contemporary art since 1949, this is when art was displayed in the periodicals reading room of the Regina Public Library.  In 1964, an art gallery was built as part of the Public Library's current location.  In 1972, the Gallery was named the Dunlop Art Gallery after Ms Marjorie Dunlop.  Ms. Dunlop was the former Chief Librarian of the Regina Public Library.  The Dunlop Art Gallery houses an extensive collection of contemporary art.  The Museum collects, catalogues, researches and preserves works of contemporary art and historical significance for the people of Regina and Saskatchewan.   The Dunlop Art collection contains various items from paintings, prints, drawings and photographs produced by artists from across Canada.  In addition to the art exhibits the Dunlop Museum offers special programs and events throughout the year.    

  • Wascana Waterfowl ParkWascana Waterfowl Park in Regina
    Is a great place to visit if you are wanting to see some of the native wildlife.  Wascana Waterfowl Park is located along Lakeshore Drive of Wascana Center.  Several native animals and migrating birds call Wascana Waterfowl Park their home.  Wascana Waterfowl Park makes up 640 acres of beautiful landscape, here you will find more than 60 breeds of  migrating waterfowl, Geese, Swans and Pelicans who thrive here at Wascana Waterfowl Park...  If you are lucky you may have the chance to see several rare species of birds such as: the Arctic Loon, Birginia Rail and the Black Scoter.  Throughout Wascana Waterfowl Park there are beautiful display ponds and this is where the real show is... Here all the migrating birds roam free so all you have to do is sit back & relax and enjoy the awesome bird show.  The lush grounds of Wascana Waterfowl Park is home to various, native animals running around from the Red Fox, Mink, Jack Rabbit, Muskrat and many other amazing creatures.  During the summer months visitors can book a guided tour of the ponds and the adjacent marsh area. 

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