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Things to do in Rosario

  • National Flag MonumentMonumento Nacional a la Bandera Rosario, Argentina
    The memorial complex in Rosario, Argentina is close to the Parana River, which is the second biggest in South America, and was inaugurated June 20, 1957, the anniversary of the death of its designer; Manuel Belgrano.  It was raised by him on an island in the river, February 27, 1812.  Belgano was a lawyer, politician and military leader that helped Argentina win its independence during that time.  It is called the May Revolution, and started in the year 1810, and didn't fully end until 1816.  This complex totals 10,000 square meters and constructed of stones from the Andes Mountains; overseen by the architects Alejandro Bustillo and Angel Guido and sculptors Eduardo Barnes, Jose Fioravanti and Alfredo Bigatti.  Comprised of three units, the first is the tower that honors the May Revolution of 1810; with Belgano's crypt in the base, the second is the civic courtyard honoring the organization of the state and the triumphal propylaeum, representing the country when it organized in 1853 and the Constitution.  Under the propylaeum, the flags of all the American countries are standing in the Honor Room.  The monument and National Flag Park that is in front of it are where the celebrations of Flag Day are held each June 20th.   

  • el Jardin de Los Ninos
    This recreational garden park is dedicated to the children of the country; their imagination, appeal and creation leading to the unique physical possibilities of each.  There are adventures to found here, with many games that stretch the limits of their minds, buildings and mysteries that help them imagine what dreams may be fulfilled and poetry.  The little mountain contains many mazes and labyrinths, places to enter that lead no where, barriers to force them to find other ways to progress and signs that could help, but need to be interpreted correctly to do so.  In the interactive building called Leonardo the inventor, children have the opportunity to discover new things about their environment, country and themselves using imaginative tools to help them invent new ways to do things.  Another venue is the flying machine building where all kinds of flying devices thrill their minds and bodies with swings, slides and flight simulators; as well as harnessed walkways that help them fly.  Two ancient brigs that are from the 16th century help them climb various points that instill challenges and tests that will help them to grow without the fears that their parents had for trying new things.  The sound machine is used to help them make music of all kinds with various instruments and items that can create unique sounds that they put to music or make up their own versions.  Modern times is an interactive area that allows the children to create pictures of their own using various tools and mediums that show them how the great painters of the world started out painting on their own. 

  • Paseo del Siglo
    The Paseo del Siglo, or walk of the century, is a tour of the historical district of Rosario, Argentina; containing 8 blocks of the downtown area.  The streets and byways highlight many historical buildings and homes; private and public institutions, as well as many mansions of the wealthiest families that lived here during the last century.  Most have been renovated to their previous pristine condition and are kept up-to-date by the municipal preservation program.  Some of the most prominent sites include; the Plaza San Martin and Plaza Pringles; Palace of Justice which is now the Faculty of Law of the National University of Rosario; the Rosario Board of Trade and Palacio Minetti; normal school number 2 which is a National Historic Monument; Dr. Juan Alvarez Library and the Basilica Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary, where the Archdiocese of Rosario resides. 

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  • Parque de EspanaParque de Espana Rosario, Argentina
    The Park of Spain is an urban area in Rosario that contains the park and cultural center; located near the historical hub of the city, next to the Parana River.  The park itself follows the shoreline, with cobblestone walkways, grass and trees interspersed along the walk; and a big parking area.  On the north side of the park, the cultural center that contains a 500 seat theater, video library, conference room and three art exhibition galleries.  On the south side of the building, a stairway leads to the lower level of the park that is closer to the river and wetlands.  There is also a school that was added in 1993 with regular and advanced classes in business, humanities and science-technology.

  •  Parque de la Independencia
    This was the first  park in the city, authorized in 1900, designed by landscape architect Carlos Thays and finished in 1901 with thousands of trees planted by students, a man made lake dug out and the soil used to create a small hill called the Little Mountain.  There are roadways, avenues and walkways that intersect the beautiful park which was inaugurated on January 1, 1902.  Inside the park, many magnificent venues were created so that the citizens of the city and visitors could see the spectacle of Independencia.  There are three sport clubs; Atletico Provincial, Gimnasia y Esgrima and Atlectico Newell's Old Boys, a football team.  The Rosedal rose garden was completed in 1915 with exotic arrangements, fountains and sculptures.  The French garden was finished in 1942, with more special flower arrangements and a marvelous fountain made of marble.  Every night, gardeners come to rearrange many floral arrangements that spell out the date; which was started in 1942 and has continued.  Reserved areas for shows, agricultural expositions, industry and commerce shows also have a place in this expansive park.  The Rosario Jockey Club's horsetrack and the city's museum, that opened in 1902 was originally the gardeners apprentice school.  In 1925, the Jorge Newbery Municipal Stadium was built becoming the first state funded place for public use in the nation.  In 1937, the Juan B. Castagnino Fine Arts museum was opened and two years later the Dr. Julio Marc Provincial Historical museum was started.  Last but not least is the children's garden with a huge area for educational and amusement buildings.

Local Restaurants in Rosario
  • Escauriza Parrilla Restaurante
    Some of the delectable fare offered here includes; Homemade empanadas (meat-fish-ham and cheese) ,language with vinaigrette, Palmitos, raw ham, Common Provoleta, Provoleta special (two caps stuffed with provolone cheese, ham and tomato or peppers),Ham and Cheese Brochette, Fish Meatballs.  The salads includes; Berro, Rocket, cucumbers, Radicheta, Radicheta with Parmesan, Radicheta with Parmesan and olives, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, tomato in the middle, mixed which is lettuce, tomato and onion, super mixed is with lettuce, tomato, onion, radishes, peppers, carrots and egg, carrots, orange sections and onion, tomato and thyme, multicolor includes lettuce, red and white cabbage, carrot, beet and egg, special multicolor includes lettuce, red and white cabbage, carrots, apple slices, orange and walnuts, Waldorf with celery, green apple, cream and nuts, Italian is with mozzarella, tomato, basil, black olives and olive oil, arugula with parmesan,  or rocket salad with parmesan and black olives.  Specialties include; fish and shellfish, calamari, empanadas, meatballs, shrimp cocktail, garlic shrimp, breadsticks in Surubi, boga stickes fillets in Milan,  or cornalitos.  Fish includes; with lemon or chimichurri; Surubi or Manguruyu, pacu with sauce, pacu super, boga or dorado.  Homemade sauces are; leek, basque with garlic, olive oil, paprika, vinegar, red pepper and bay leaf; Roquefort or marinara.  Pastas include; filet of boga, surubi, surubi or bogue which is two filets de Milan with ham, cheese and peppers, spaghetti with shrimp sauce, spaghetti with anchovy sauce, spaghetti with black olives, anchovies, black pepper and olive oil, spaghetti Bongoli with filleto and cockels.   Fresh fish include; paella, filet of haddock grilled or Milanese, sole with leek sauce, pink salmon grilled with lemon or steamed vegetables, pink salmon with shrimp sauce and steamed vegetables, pink salmon with herb sauce and steamed vegetables, seafood casserole or rice with seafood.  Homemade dishes include; potato gnocchi, vegetable cannelloni, vegetable sorrentinos, spaghetti a la parisienne or white bird.  Other items include; veal Milanese, Napolitana breaded, chicken supreme.  Chicken items include; chicken filet with cream, chicken filet with cream of corn, chicken filet with orange, chicken filet with mustard sauce and chicken filet with leek, chicken filet with champignon, grilled chicken filet.  Other items are potato tortilla, and omelet's.  Meats include; rib roasts, sirloin steak, sirloin steak with cheese and ham peppers, pork loin with garlic sauce, loin au Poivre, loin with leeks and Matambre pork. 

  • Wembley Restaurant
    This restaurant has been around for over a century and some of the tales or legends that abound here make for a wonderful time with excellent food.  One of the stories here is the time that a young Greek came into the restaurant and asked for a drink; spouting off how he would one day be very rich and perhaps buy the Wembley for the young lad that helped him.  After much ado and a drink, the Greek left, but before leaving left his card; which read; Aristotle Onassis.  The card was later sold for $1500.  Not only a fine establishment to eat at, but to listen to some of the many stories that make this more than just a marvelous restaurant.  Some of the excellent food that is offered here include; breaded chicken, breaded veal, breaded chicken Neapolitan, ham omelets, mushroom omelets and Neapolitan veal Milanese.  Homemade pastas include; canelones, white crepe poultry, gnocchi, spinach crepe, shrimp crepe and crepe de champignon.  Other items include; palmitos with golf sauce, parma ham crude, shrimp cup, premium ham and prawns with golf sauce.  Meat specialties include; roasted court mar del plata, pork brochette, chicken brochette, mixed kebab or loin brochette.  Fresh fish from the Pirana River include; pacu, boga, dorado and surubi.


Boga despinada Escauriza Parilla Rosario, Argentina


empanadas Escauriza Parilla Rosario, Argentina


Pacu Escauriza Parilla Rosario, Argentina


Provoleta Escauriza Parilla Rosario, Argentina


Chicken Wembley Restaurant Rosario, Argentina


Pork brochette Wembley Restaurant Rosario, Argentina


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  • Municipal Museum of the City of Rosario Municipal Museum of the City Rosario
    The museum which is called the Museo de la Ciudad in Spanish, was started in 1981, by Mayor Alberto Natale and relocated to its present building in the 1990s, the building being the old gardeners apprentice school building that was built in 1902.  The structure was renovated so that it could house the extensive collection of artifacts that total over 7000 items that related to the every day lives of the city's inhabitants.  Gathering books, periodic publications, photographic and intrinsic objects from the late 1800s up until today, it has become one of the city's favorites.  The original collection belonged to Juan Bautista, who was a member of the First Municipal Commission of Fine Arts, and an avid collector of early 20th century works and given to the city by his mother.

  • Dr. Julio Marc Provincial Historical Museum
    This museum was started in 1939, and sits within the park of Independencia with over 30 rooms of marvelous archaeological artifacts, including; historical newspapers, maps, weapons, pre-Columbian silverworks and textiles, archives, Spanish-American art and many beautiful old coins.  Dr. Julio Marc was the first director of this fabulous museum and was named after him because of his great works involved in the beginning of the museum.

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  • Astronomical Observatory, Planetarium and Experimental Museum of SciencePlanetarium, Observatory and Science Experimental Museum Rosario, Argentina
    Shaped like a comet, with the dome part belonging to the planetarium and the observatory in the tail, with the Science experimental museum being located on the second floor of the dome.  The first floor contains the principle offices and halls with conference rooms and the audio control room.  There is enough space to handle 250 people and because of its uniqueness is considered one of the finest in the world.  A Carl Zeiss model VI telescope is used in the planetarium which shows over 6000 stars and the planets of Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and the two Magellan clouds; as well as the Andromeda Galaxy.  The observatory was completed in 1970, and is almost completely a glass building that sits at the south end of Urquiza Park.  The bottom floor houses the hall and Copernico room that has conferences, lectures, art activities and exhibitions.  The library, offices and director is on the first floor with the second floor housing the telescope and observatory.  The second floor of the planetarium houses the various classes of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, technology, astronomy, astronautics, geology and the new interactive areas that relate to the principles of optics.  In this area, children are encouraged to experiment with light, sound, mechanics, physics and electricity. 

  • Momento Rosario
    Momento Rosario is a way to learn about the city and its inhabitants, either by walking tours or by visiting the nightlife that thrives in this wonderful city.  The architectural buildings and beauty of the city is better seen by day, slowly walking the streets and avenues that will take you to almost all of the most enjoyable places, with many opportunities to shop, eat or just watch the people go about their business.  They have a saying in the city, that if you want to walk around the city, that is your business; but if you want to discover the city, it is their business.  Taking a tour with guides enables you not only to view the marvelous and historical structures, but you will also learn the history and relationship of the building to the citizens that live and work here.  Many of the walking tours will take about half the day, but will really acclimate you to the best the city has to offer and the places or sights that you want to spend more time at or with; do it another day or come in the evening, although there are tours for that also.  The nights are fabulously alive with music, sights, sounds, colors and lively people that are glad to have you here and will share an evening with you; making sure that you have the best time of your life.  It is a very exciting city that will stay in your memories for a lifetime.

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