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Castillo De San Marcos
Is a must see on your visit to St. Augustine. Castillo De San Marcos is one of the most visited attractions in St. Augustine visitors of all ages should tour this historical fort that once protected the city of St. Augustine. The city of St. Augustine was founded by the Spanish in 1565. Before the Construction of the Castillo De San Marcos, over the next one hundred years the city was defended by nine wooden forts. In October 1672 construction began on the fort that became Castillo De San Marcos. The Castillo is a masonry star shaped fort constructed of stone called "coquina" meaning small shells that are bonded together to form a stone called limestone. Construction lasted for twenty-three years, the fort was finally completed in 1695. Over the years Castillo De San Marcos has underwent several renovations and reconstruction. Today thousands of people come to see one of the most impressive of all historical sights in St. Augustine here visitors can learn the fascinating history behind the famous fort that protected the city. The Castillo is the oldest remaining European fort in the United States. Visitors can explore the Castillo at you own pace with a self guided tour. Visitors will enjoy touring the bastion here you will see the historic walls that withstood several battles along with a better understanding of how the Castillo protected the city. The Castillo De San Marcos hosts several special events as well as cannon firings, historical re-enactments and other fun activities throughout the year. When you are visiting St. Augustine a visit to the Castillo De San Marcos is a must.

St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum
Is a popular tourist attraction for first time visitors of Saint Augustine. The St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum has proudly served one of the oldest ports for over 500 years. The Lighthouse was rebuilt in 1874, constructed from Alabama brick and Philadelphia iron. The tower of the lighthouse rises 165 feet above sea level and has 219 steps to the top. The lighthouse is illuminated from atop the tower by a 370 hand-cut glass prisms in the shape of a beehive. Visitors of the St. Augustine Lighthouse can tour the grounds and walk the 219 stairs to the top of the lighthouse. The views from the top are amazing and well worth the trip. The Lighthouse Museum is a fascinating place to tour, here you will discover an extensive collection offering visitors a unique glimpse into St. Augustine's past. The collection includes over 1,000 postcards, letters, photographs and journals which preserve the city's lost details and history including the way of life for those who worked and lived at the lighthouse. Parts of the collection help preserve historical information along with the beauty of changing ships, storms and the surrounding land of the St. Augustine Lighthouse. The Lighthouse Museum features a special exhibit showcasing artifacts & clothing from the United States Coast Guard belonging to the brave women and men who served in Saint Augustine during WWII, honoring the surviving veterans. Visitors of all ages will enjoy touring the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum the views from the observation deck atop the Lighthouse are spectacular so be sure you bring your camera on your visit.

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Gypsy Cab Company
Is a local favorite restaurant in St. Augustine. The Gypsy Cab Company is one of North Florida's favorite restaurant since 1983. While you are visiting St. Augustine stop in and experience some delicious urban style cuisine featuring an amazing mix of seafood, steaks, poultry, vegetarian items and pasta dishes the menu draws on several influences including Mediterranean, Cajun, German, Italian, Oriental, Southern and Classical European. The Gypsy Cab Company is always a favorite of the locals, this casual restaurant should not be passed up on your visit. The menu at the Gypsy Cab Company offers award winning cuisine with a wide variety of ever changing menu items all made from scratch. The Gypsy Cab Company menu changes daily and is open for lunch and dinner.

Florida Cracker Cafe
Is well known and recommended by the locals of St. Augustine, Florida Cracker Cafe is located on St. George Street in the heart of St. Augustine's historic district and offers all diners a true taste of St. Augustine. The Florida Cracker Cafe prepares their meals using the freshest ingredients with a local flare making your dining experience exceptional. Visitors can't miss the colorful cafe, outdoor seating is available in the charming garden patio or you may decide to enjoy your delicious meal inside the contemporary style dining room. Whether you are wanting a quick lunch or a relaxing dinner Florida Cracker Cafe is your spot. The menu features a large selection of tasty starters, delicious soups, salads & sandwiches, fresh seafood and mouthwatering steaks. Popular favorites include Stuffed Shrimp, Coconut Shrimp, Blackened Scallops, Oysters, Fried Gator Tail and the Fresh Catch. Other favorites include Burgers, Chicken, Pasta, Grilled Steaks, and the Specialty Sandwiches the top choice is the Oyster Po' Boy. To complete your dining experience try some of the delicious, homemade desserts. Come and see why The Florida Cracker Cafe has been a local favorite for over 19 years.

Lightner Museum
Is a fantastic place to discover an amazing collection of eclectic pieces. When you are visiting St. Augustine and you are looking for a great place to spend the afternoon visit the Lightner Museum. The Museum gets it's name from the Chicago publisher and editor of the Hobbies magazine Otto C. Lightner. His diverse collection includes furnishings, clothing, mechanical musical instruments and other spectacular artifacts. The collection is housed in the luxurious Alcazar Hotel that was built by Railroad mogul Henry Flagler in 1888. Today the Lightner collection consists of three floors of exhibits. Displayed on the second floor is a large collection of art glass including Tiffany and 18th century porcelain. The third floor of the Lihtner Museum displays American sculptures, Oriental art and much more. A visit to the Lightner Museum gives you a glimpse into 19th century daily life, the Lightner collection showcases great examples of cut glass, Victorian art glass and stained glass work from Louis Comfort Tiffany. Visitors will enjoy wandering through the museum's former setting in the Spanish Renaissance style Museum.

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Offers its visitors a unique one-of-a-kind experience. Marineland is the world's first oceanarium offering several memorable experiences for visitors of all ages. The Dolphin Conservation Center features a 1.3 million gallon facility offering a variety of interactive dolphin habitats. One of the most popular exhibits is where you get into the water and interact with the friendly bottlenose dolphins. You will be supervised by a trainer and before your experience begins you will participate in a short educational program so you will be prepared for your once in a lifetime experience. Marineland offers something for everyone if you choose not to swim with the dolphins you can still have a memorable experience from the pools edge or enjoy the dolphins from the large stadium. For those visitors who have ever wondered what it would be like to swim and interact with dolphins Marineland is the perfect place for you. In addition to the variety of interactive dolphin exhibits Marineland offers a variety of camps, special educational programs and much more. You even have the unique opportunity to be a trainer for a day. When you visit St. Augustine and you want a unique, up close dolphin encounter spend the day at Marineland.

Oldest Wooden School House
Welcomes hundreds of visitors each year, so when you are exploring St. Augustine be sure to visit the Oldest Wooden School House. Here visitors have a chance to see a part of history as the structure of the Wooden School House remains standing today. The Wooden School House was built over 200 years ago while Florida was under the rule of Imperial Spain. The Wooden School House was constructed of red cedar and cypress wood and put together with wooden peg and handcrafted nails. Visitors of all ages will enjoy touring the School House, as you enter you will see a recreation from the early days with children sitting at their desks and the Schoolmaster teaching. The School House displays actual artifacts, books and several other antique items. The Schoolmaster and his wife lived upstairs, above the very small classroom. You may notice there is no kitchen inside the small Wooden School House, the kitchen is separate due to the threat of a fire and to eliminate any excess heat during the long, hot summer days. Also on display in the School House are some of the cooking utensils they used to prepare their meals. A visit to the Oldest School House offers a piece of history along with a look back in time to see how the students were educated.

Fort Matanzas National Monument
When you visit one of the oldest cities in Florida there is much to see and learn about. In addition to the Castillo De San Marcos, another popular historic landmark all visitors should see when visiting St. Augustine is Fort Matanzas National Monument. Fort Matanzas National Monument was built in 1740 to protect the inlet and serve as a warning for approaching enemies. Fort Matanzas welcomes several visitors yearly, here you can explore the Fort, enjoy the nature trails that surround the Fort and watch an educational short film about the history of Fort Matanzas. A visit to Fort Matanzas is a part of history, this National Monument commemorates the Spanish control of Colonial American History in Florida. The Fort's name Matanzas comes from mata, meaning to kill and Fort Matanza represents the loss of several lives. Visitors of all ages should discover a piece of Florida history when visiting St. Augustine, Florida.