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Things to do in St. George

    Brigham Young Winter Home Historical Site Brigham Young Winter Home Historical Site St. George, Utah
    The Brigham Young Winter Home and Office is the historical residence and museum in St. George, Utah that his followers would construct for him because of his arthritis problems. His arthritic bouts would cause him to suffer terribly in the Salt Lake City area, so, since the city of St. George is located in what is called the Dixie arid area of the state, it would be less painful for Young to be living in that area during the harsh winters. He would occupy the office and house during the winter seasons of 1873 until 1876, and later it would be donated to the state parks and recreation department; eventually opening as a museum. Young had been a tradesman from Whitingham, Vermont that would convert to Mormonism in 1830, joining President of the Church, Joseph Smith, Jr.'s Church of Christ in 1832 and they would then move their headquarters to Kirtland, Ohio. Then it would move to Nauvoo, Illinois, and Smith would make Young the first Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, and Brigham would become the president of that group in 1839. The residents of the town were mixed about the problem of plural marriages, and that would lead to the arrest of Smith, who would be assassinated in jail by a mob of angry citizens and would cause the succession crisis. That crisis would split the church forever, and would be a cause for the church for a long time, however, the most immediate problem was to determine who would lead the church. The Mormons held a meeting to decide this, with various contenders vying for the title of president, but Brigham gave such an impassioned plea that the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles should lead together, the Mormons there had been so impressed by him that they decided to make him the new president. When he became president, the tensions between Mormons and non-Mormons had grown so strained that Brigham left with the majority in 1846, and headed west to start a new settlement, away from outside persecution. When the group arrived at the edge of the Great Salt Lake, Brigham decided to settle there and created Salt Lake City. He would also instigate other groups into settling in the nearby areas, to convert the natives and give their church some infrastructure. St. George would become a commissioned settlement in the state's Dixie, intending that it should become a cotton growing community since it was well known for its mild winters and warm temperatures. As Brigham got older, he realized that the warmer weather was better for his arthritis, so a house and office would be constructed for him in 1871, often spending his winters there after a front extension was added in 1873. His presence would motivate the congregants in St. George to construct the St. George Temple that Brigham dedicated in 1877. Brigham died on August 29, 1877, and left the land to Judd Gates, a local dentist, but would be eventually abandoned. Georgius Cannon Young, one of Brigham's descendants would buy the lot and restore it, deeding it all to the state in 1959.

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    Jacob Hamblin HomeJacob Hamblin Home St. George, Utah
    The Jacob Hamblin House is now a historic house and museum in St. George, Utah, since Jacob was a Mormon pioneer and missionary that began Santa Clara in 1854, and after the small town was destroyed by a flood, a group of the missionaries would build a new house for him on a hillside that would become a museum today. Hamblin was born in Ashtabula county, Ohio, moving with his family in 1836 to Wisconsin, marrying three years later. He would meet some Mormon preachers in 1842, and after just a few days would join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, who recognized his leadership gifts right off. They would offer him the opportunity to join them in their move to Nouvoo, Illinois, which would become a disastrous affair and led to the death of Joseph Smith, their leader. The church group would be split over the question of plural marriages, which Hamblin was, so he took another wife, Rachel Judd. After Smith was assassinated in the jail, Jacob would support Brigham Young as the president, and they would all leave the growing anti-Mormon feelings in the region surrounding them. Jacob would settle in Tooele, Utah territory, befriending numerous local Native Americans, which would be noticed by Young, who wanted him to become the missionary to the Paiutes. By serving this group of Native Americans, Jacob would be able to spread the religion, and to recruit soldiers for the anticipated Utah War. Jacob moved to the southern parts of the territory and started the settlement of Santa Clara in 1854. Jacob would then take a group of the Paiutes to Salt Lake City, and get another wife, Priscilla Leavitt, but while there, he would meet one John D. Lee that had just organized the Mountain Meadows massacre of the Fancher-Baker party. He became so horrified about the slaughter that he recovered all the children that had survived the massacre and took them back to Santa Clara. The story about that massacre and the many rumors that surrounded it and the various events that led to it have been researched and seems to be in question as to what the truth of the matter was. No real answer was ever found or discovered, but the fact still exists that over one hundred people were murdered by Mormons dress as Native Americans and Paiutes.

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Local Restaurants in St. George

    The Painted Pony
    Entrees; surf & turf is tenderloin tataki tower, chile dusted scallops, pineapple mojo; bacon wrapped duck with apple stuffing, celery root puree, cider reduction; Moroccan spiced chicken is date stuffed chicken breast, acorn squash, cous cous, olive brown butter sauce, pomegranate, preserved lemon; hanger steak the butcher's cut, red wine pan sauce, broccolini, truffled ruffles; bone-in pork chop juniper brined chop, blue cheese walnut stuffed pear, sweet onion bread pudding, smoked tomato relish; rack of New Zealand lamb with sweet potato & fennel gratin, quince chutney, mint sauce; grilled tenderloin steak herb whipped potatoes, bacon mushroom demi, horseradish foam, asparagus; seared ahi tuna with pan-fried noodles, wasabi aioli, edamane, orange mango sauce; grilled ribeye with stilton fritters, sunchokes, bacon brussels sprouts, ruby port sauce; butternut hazelnut raviolis with sage brown butter, mushroom ragout, preserved lemon, parmesan.

    Canyon Breeze Restaurant
    Entrees; market fish; pasta creation; veggie entree; risotto with grilled veggies, black quinoa & truffle oil; calabacit poblano pepper with cotija cheese on refried anasazi beans topped with roasted corn & red bell pepper relish; brown rice flour crusted chicken with tomatoes, mushrooms & chayote squash on basmati squash on basmati brown rice pilaf; chai spice rubbed pork tenderloin with roasted shallot apple chutney on barley ragu; shrimp & pistachio basil pesto pasta with forest mushrooms & roasted red bell peppers; char grilled sea bass with tomatillo, tomatoes & balsamic vinaigrette on Yukon gold potato hash; garlic rosemary double lamb chops stuffed with goat cheese & chives on braised parsnips; roasted duck with jalapeno spiced cherries on kasha with toasted sunflower seeds; buffalo tenderloin with mild green chili mole sauce on horseradish potato cake; seared elk with herbed mirepoix on garlic roasted red potatoes; canyon breeze platter is a combo of elk, duck & daily market fish.


Moroccan Spiced Chicken The Painted Pony St. George, Utah


New Zealand Rack of Lamb The Painted Pony St. George, Utah

 Chai Spiced Pork Tenderloin Canyon Breeze Restaurant St. George, Utah


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    St. George Temple St. George Utah Temple St. George, Utah
    The St. George Utah Temple had been known as the St. George Temple, and was the first temple constructed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints after they had left Nauvoo, Illinois, and just two years after Joseph Smith, Jr. was assassinated. The temple is located in St. George, Utah and was designed by Truman O. Angell, more similar to the Nouvoo Temple than the later designs of the LDS temples. It is the oldest temple that is still actively used by members of the church, and contains three ordinance rooms, 18 sealing rooms and 110,000 square feet of space. It would be closed down during the 1970s for a major restoration, with Spencer W. Kimball rededicating it in 1975. Brigham Young would announce that a temple would be constructed in St. George in November of 1871, and it would be dedicated in April 1877. The temple would be constructed to fill the church's need for a place to hold temple ceremonies and ordinances, so the day it was announced, was also the day that construction began. It would become the third church constructed by the group, and the first one in Utah. Brigham would choose the site where the temple would be constructed, a small six acre site that ended up being the site of a swampy area, and they asked Young if they could move the site because of its swampiness, but he said no. So, the workers would then dig drains that would let the water run off, but it still was muddy, so they decided to bring lava rock to the site, crush it and use the fragments as a foundation. Unfortunately, they now needed a way to crush the rock, so, an old cannon in the vicinity would be used as a pile driver to crush the rock and make a firmer foundation. Once that was completed, the construction began, with the walls made of red sandstone that is very common to the area, and then they would plaster the surface white. The group would work hard for the next five and a half years to finish the temple. They would open new quarries, donate time, labor, foodstuffs and more to the new temple, with the women creating handmade rag carpets and made fringe for the altars and pulpits from Utah produced silk. When it was done, they had made and used a million board feet of lumber that they had cut, and milled and then hauled for 40 to 80 miles away, and 17,000 tons of volcanic rock and sandstone, that had to be hand cut and hauled by mule teams to the site. This would be the only temple constructed here that would be attended by Brigham Young, who would pass on in 1877.

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    St. George Art MuseumSt. George Art Museum St. George, Utah
    The St. George Art Museum is housed in a structure that was built in the 1930s to store beet seed for a sugar beet factory named the Utah-Idaho Sugar Company, that believed the seed was a good cash crop, so they constructed this building and used it with another that had been the local opera house and another that is now the Social Hall. The business would last for a half a century, as the seeds would be planted in the Washinton Fields and Bloomington in the fall. Because of the mild winters in the Dixie area of the state, the crops could stay in the ground during the winter season, and in the spring they would sprout and grow a few feet high and then fall over. The plants would be harvested and then hauled by horse drawn wagons to the factory where they would remove the seeds and sort it out in various sizes and types. The seeds would be cleaned, treated for diseases and then stored in bins to await the next growing season. Where the museum is located was called warehouse number 3, and that is where the seed would be stored, with 15 bins located there that could hold anywhere from 80,000 to 130,000 pounds of seed. The seeds would then be put into three sizes of bags, 20, 25, and 50 pound bags and stored until it was shipped. That was accomplished by hauling the bags to Cedar City, where it would then be sent by rail to sugar beet plants in West Jordan, Utah; Idaho Falls, Idaho; Montana and Washington. The seed would all be shipped by truck after 1955, and continue until the plant closed in 1979. The structure would be abandoned, except for the mice and pigeons, and eventually fall into disrepair. However, in 1997, the community and its representatives in the city would restore it to become their museum of art. The museum houses a permanent collection of fine art that includes, prints, drawings, photographs, sculptures, ceramics and paintings. There are over 500 works, that include pieces by Maynard Dixon, George Ottinger, George Dibble and Frederick Dellenbaugh. The museum hosts special exhibits four times a year, and range from historical to contemporary shows; but concentrating on the western experience more often.

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    Vermilion Cliffs National MonumentVermilion Cliffs National Monument St. George, Utah Coyote Buttes
    Irony can be a beautiful thing sometimes, and this is one of those occasions. There is a beautiful picture on my desktop monitor that shows a magnificent rock formation in wonderful colors and it is such a fabulous picture that it would be nice to know where this spectacular image exists. It's been a few months since that image first appeared and now, today, it is in front of my monitor again, as I search for outstanding sights to see when visiting St. George, Utah. So, without further digression or other trips away from the facts, it is now known that the image is located in the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument in Arizona, just south of the Utah state line. The national monument is 294,000 acres of beauty, and protects the Vermilion Cliffs, Coyote Buttes, Paria Canyon and the Paria Plateau. It was established in 2000 by a presidential proclamation by Bill Clinton, the former President, and had been carved from the existing lands in the extreme northern Arizona county of Coconino. The Vermilion Cliffs are running along the southern and eastern slopes of the monument, while the majority of the monument is located in the Paria Plateau, which is a very flat area that goes northward from the tops of the cliffs. These magnificent cliffs are steep eroded escarpments that are made of limestone, sandstone, shale and siltstone that rise up to 3000 feet above the base. The cliffs have been eroding for millions of years, which has lead to the exposure of hundreds of layers of beautifully colored rock strata. The mesas, big tablelands and buttes are interspersed with many steep canyons, with little streams supplying just enough water to support the small sampling of wildlife. There are over twenty types of raptors flying around these cliffs and plateau, that include golden and bald eagles, peregrine falcons and various kinds of hawks. The endangered species known as the California condor was reintroduced here because of its remote location, the nearest city being St. George, Utah, and the lack of human interference. There are mountain lions, desert bighorn sheep and pronghorns that are the biggest mammals found here, with another 30 species of smaller types. There are numerous types of rare fish species located in the streams of the monument, namely the flannelmouth sucker and speckled dace. There has been human evidence located here, since there are hundreds of Native American pueblos in the monument, with village remains seen all over. The monument also houses one of the biggest number of rock art sites in the nation, and some are believed to be among the oldest in the United States.

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    Rosenbruch World Wildlife MuseumRosenbruch World Wildlife Museum St. George, Utah
    The Rosenbruch World Wildlife Museum is located in St. George, Utah and offers one of the most interesting and exciting opportunities for visitors to experience 300 wildlife species in a almost quarter mile of mountain pathways that winds through the plains of Africa, the mountains of Asia and the forests of North America. There is a two story mountain with two beautiful waterfalls and more than 50 audio speakers hidden in the rocks that provide the various sounds of the animals, with occasional thunder and lightning storms to help you fall into the ambience of this incredible environment. Just about every kind of big mammal in the world has been collected by the Rosenbruch family during the last four decades, legally hunted, and with many that no longer exist or able to find. The Sudan in Africa has been involved in a civil war for almost two decades and visitors aren't welcome to come there for anything, unless you want to donate your life to their causes. There is a lovely gift shop, 3000 square feet, with many wildlife products and area memorabilia, snacks, cold drinks and restrooms. There is a kids room in the museum, and an exotic insect gallery. Their art gallery has a few artists with their works being showcased and for sale; and they offer many stories about the images and the animals used. It is a unique place to visit, and one that will surely help you to understand the plight of these animals and why we need to make sure that they are protected from all persons, regardless of what kind of motives they might have. These animals are much better seen and enjoyed in their own environment, with all the familiar areas that they have grown to know and love.

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