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In the Lone Star State and especially in San Antonio, Advantage car rental is a leader in the rental car industry. Trusted, inexpensive, reliable and easy - Make sure to give Advantage a call for your next trip.

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When it is time to take a magnificent vacation to San Antonio, Texas, you want to make sure that you have all of your arrangements lined up to make sure that your vacation goes perfectly. One of the most important things that you have to make sure of is that you have a discount rental car and with Hertz and, you can get a great rental car at a price that is perfect for your. Hertz Discounts will save you money.

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Things to do in San Antonio, Texas

  • The Alamo
    The AlamoSan Antonio’s “Alamo” has over 2.5 million visitor’s each year, which makes this the state’s biggest tourist attraction. Built in 1718 as a mission this place was setting of the historic battle in which many of the most famous Texas statesman died including Davie Crockett and Jim Bowie, creator of the Bowie knife. After being moved twice the structure found it’s home in 1724. In 1836 at the “Battle of the Alamo” the buildings were already over 100 years old. Over 150 Texans died at this glorious battle. Opened every day of the year except Christmas and new year this Texas attraction brings some of the biggest numbers of tourists to the area. The Alamo is a rich historical monument to the fighting strength of Texas and what people would to to defend their homeland, rather being free and dead than being slaves and alive. This testament proves true whenever you hear that things are bigger in Texas, this is especially true about their hearts and bravery. The Alamo was actually the place of the first recorded hospital in Texas in the early 1800’s. After the Spanish posted their men at the Alamo, the final assault on March 6th, 1886 the Alamo was taken by Santa Anna, yet it still stands that The Alamo symbolizes Texas Pride and strength and their unwillingness to fade into the dark and accept defeat. People around the world still look at this great monument for strenght and hope. Visiting this monument will take up to a whole day to see every detail and to participate in a guided tour of the compound.  

Budget rent a car San Antonio, Texas

There has never been a greater time than right now to save on discount rental car than it is right now and you can do that exclusively through Budget Rent a Car and Do not miss out on anything to do or see while you are visiting San Antonio, Texas, and the best way to make sure that you do not is to get into a discount Budget Car Rental. Be sure to check out all of the best savings and bargains by using Budget Coupons on your next rental.

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  • River Walk
    River WalkSan Antonio, Texas sure does have a lot to offer. However, if you find yourself there be sure to visit the River Walk. It is a beautiful river side mall that has breathtaking views every angle you look. I went there and could spend all day just reading a book outside nestled to the river. You can find any shop or store you can imagine from Borden Books to Hollister clothing stores. Consider yourself very lucky if you can stay at one of the hotels on the river. You can take a fairy or shuttle boat downtown from any of the hotels while enjoying the view from aboard. The River Walk complex also has a movie theatre, but even more astonishing has an IMAX theatre there where you can enjoy any new movie at twice the size and twice the sound. It really is a breathtaking experience. There are many hometown restaurants on the River Walk where you can enjoy lunch or dinner specials at a great price. Tex-Mex is a popular food found there, and it is home made by true Texans so don’t miss out on a great traditional home plate if you’re there. The River Walk centre I just around the corner from The Alamo another great attraction and just a 10 minute cab ride from Ft. Sam Houston which is a big contributor to the funds being dumped into the River walk by all the soldiers in training there, as well as the local Air Force base just a cab ride away.

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Enterprise Rental Car Coupons will ensure that you will get an outstanding discount rental car so you can go and enjoy your valuable time in San Antonio. Do not depend on the sometimes unpredictability public transportation, instead take up with a rental car and get out there and see San Antonio on your own terms. To get even more deals and specials, be sure that you check with whenever you are in need of a great rental car discount.

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Things to do with a rental car in San Antonio, Texas.
  • The Ripley's Believe It Or Not
    Ripley's Believe It Or NotSan Antonio, Texas has it’s very own Ripley’s museum. And if you have never been to one, you are in for treat. The whole theme is “believe it, or not”. With a theme like that you bet that you will be seeing some hard to believe things, and you are right. I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed by the guided tour, you will spend hours in this museum trying to figure out how these amazing things have happened. Don’t rack your mind, it’s almost impossible to figure out how these freaks of nature happened. Experience the man who had 3 arms, wait is that even possible? Believe it or not. Yes, you will see exhibits on things you have seen in sci-fi movies, but there are documentaries of these circumstances actually happening. Ever seen a 50 pound rabbit? Ever even heard of one? Didn’t think so, this museum is full of mind blowing spectacles like this one. Ripley’s also has a full wax museum of some of America’s biggest stars such as Dolly Parton, Maryland Monroe and James Dean. See them in their highlights in this section of the museum. The Odditorium houses the most mind numbing things you can imagine to see here, such as a man with a 10 inch neck, woman with 3 eyes and something even odder we can’t mention here. This San Antonio attraction will definitely leave you weirder out, but it is one of the funniest things San Antonio has to offer, don’t miss this spectacle. 

Alamo Car Rentals San Antonio, Texas

Alamo Discounts can get you an amazing vehicle at the best rate that you can find any where on the internet. San Antonio is full of attractions and landmarks, so you do not want to miss out on any of it while you are visiting this magical city. Be sure to check out more amazing deals and rental car discounts by clicking on the button below:
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  • Sea World San Antonio
    Sea World San AntonioSan Antonio, Texas has the privilege of hosting one of the finest theme parks in the whole US known as Sea World. You can enjoy a specter of different things from water shows, to thrill rides, to guided tours or you can even enjoy a nice lunch in one of Sea World’s finest restaurants. Enjoy such water shows as “Believe”, “Azul”, “The Cannery Row Caper”, “Pirates 4D” and many others that will leave your mind tingling. Also, you can get your thrill fix by riding some of the best rides on this side of the Mississippi such as “Journey to Atlantis”, “The Great White”, “Steel Eel” and “Shamu Express”. Of these rides you will surely get your adrenaline pumping. Sea World of San Antonio also has many educational exhibits that will educate the whole family while still having fun. Some of these exhibits are “ Dolphin cove”, “Sharks/ The Coral Reef”, “Rocky Point Preserve”, “Flamingo Cove” and “Aviary Habitats”. San Antonio’s Sea World also has many games and rides geared specifically for the little ones in the family that will keep them busy for hours on end. Don’t be afraid to get your feet wet on some of these parent guided rides either, they aren’t as weak as you’d expect them to be. On my first visit to these great water park, I had to come back a second day to just to finish all the rides. This is a big theme park with many, many rides that will keep you wanting to ride them over and over again. 

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Avis Rental Car and have become partners and they are here to give you the most amazing deals and bargains on your next discount car rental when you decide to visit a city like San Antonio. There are Avis locations all over the city and you can find a discount Avis car rental just about anywhere that you look. To get even more bargains, be sure to check out Avis Discount Offers for the greatest deal on your next visit to San Antonio.
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  • The Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden
    The National Historical Park in San AntonioThe National Historical Park in San Antonio, Texas has a lot to offer to both tourists and scholars. Located in the middle of San Antonio with the world to see, this park hosts the legacy and history of San Antonio beginning in 1718 when Franciscan and Spanish establishing a presence in the area in attempt to convert local Christians and Native population to Spanish citizens. Walking among the mission you will see medieval creations boasting some of the most beautiful infrastructures of their day. The original mission consisted of people, church, farming, ranching and Caminos reals. This mission stretched out past the Spanish Southwest bringing testament to the San Antonio roots into the 17th, 18th, and 19th century. A trip here will put you into the heart of the Spanish among their conquest to the America’s and truly show you their perspective of the “new world” of their time and you can see just how magnificent it truly was. Right now the Nation Park Service is actually developing a boundary of the original area in attempt to detour agencies trying to buy into their land and build plazas and strip malls. The NPS is also utilizing this land to further their studies and knowledge of the Spanish’ conquest. There are many other Missions located near this one, they all are in balance with one another, and at one time worked together in attempt to convert everyone in the area to the Spanish beliefs. Come see these amazing phenomena and get a feel for Spanish conquest. 

Thrifty Car Rental San Antonio, Texas

 When you are in San Antonio, you want to certainly make sure that you have a reliable vehicle to get you to all of the major, and minor, attraction and landmarks while you are there. Why not let discount Thrifty Car Rentals help you get into a fabulous, new and quality rental car. You will not find better savings anywhere on the internet than you can find right here at Thrifty Car Rental Discounts are your best bet to get all of the greatest rental car savings.

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  • The Buckhorn Museum
    The Buckhorn MuseumThe Buckhorn Museum located in beautiful San Antonio features wildlife from all over the world, consisting of 520 different species of wildlife. This museum puts the wild west way of life on display for everyone to see how they lived before modern day technology. It is 129 years old and now is the headquarters for a glimpse into the past. Albert Friedrich the creator and founder of this museum in 1881 had a saloon and realized that people didn’t have money all the time to pay for a whiskey so he started accepting antlers and horns in exchange, his collection just grew to what it is today being the worlds’ most unique collection of horns and antlers. There is a Ranger Museum located in the same compound that houses hundreds of artifacts from the Texas Rangers including different handguns, shotguns, badges and photos of the old’ wild west. Ray Martinez, Joaquin Jackson and John B. Armstrong are examples of Rangers that are on display here. When you visit make sure to come to the Saloon and Café to get a true wild west feel. The Café is open from 11 am to 3 pm and offers 100% angus burgers, and is home of the buckhorn burger, a mouth watering treat by any means. The saloon and bar is where it all started. Teddy Roosevelt recruited “rough riders” and also rumored to be the site of the planning of the Mexican revolution. Many of the original furnishings still house this place.

Dollar Rent-A-Car San Antonio, Texas

Let and Dollar Rent a Car discounts get you a phenomenal deal on your next car rental when you are vacationing in beautiful San Antonio. Whether you are there and you want to see the Alamo or if you are looking to find that most delicious restaurant, you can count on your Dollar rental car to get you where you need to go. Be sure that you save all the money they you can and you can do that by taking advantage of  Dollar Coupons and Discounts for the best bargains.

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  • The San Antonio Zoo
    The San Antonio ZooThe San Antonio Zoo and Aquarium is an amazing sight to see for all ages. Experience the world’s slowest creature knows as the sloth. Marvel as he does nothing and sleeps hours on end and moves an amazing 16 feet a day. The San Antonio zoological society mission is an attempt to show all living creatures a fair life and show appreciation for them. They show the highest possible care for all animals and plant life and offer a very diverse educational experience for visitors. The Zoo started as a “collection of animals” in the 1800’s located in the San Pedro park in downtown San Antonio. This San Antonio zoo housed one of the first barless bear exhibits, allowing them to be viewed in their natural habitat. They also housed one of the first free-flight aviaries in the US, leading the zoos of American into this path giving them the ability to show wildlife on display in their very own habitat no matter what stretch of the world they are from originally. The cornerstone of this San Antonio zoo being their conservation effort, shows the heart of the zoo and their intentions being well mannered. The zoo cares for an amazing 230 different endangered species from all around the world and gives contributions to conservations around the world. They play an important role in caring for the endangered wildlife by caring for them in their own in-house zoo. Don’t miss out on this amazing display of heart and character or you will never experience some of the most amazing creatures from.

National Rental Cars San Antonio, Texas

Everyone loves when they can save some cash on their rental car vehicle, so why not take advantage of National discount car rentals from right here at You will be surprised at the amount of cash that you will save from National Car Rental coupons. The professional staff at all National will get you past the counter and into your rental car quickly, so you can use your time riding around sight seeing. National Rental Car Coupons are the best way for your to save the most amount of money.

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  • The Witte Museum of San Antonio
    The Witte Museum of San AntonioThe Witte museum of San Antonio is the premier outlet for culture and natural science. This exhibit will show glimpses of the past and all the way into the future. Located in Brackenridge park right near the San Antonio river this museum boasts many exhibits on dinosaurs, plant life and animal species. They house cave drawings and many dinosaur skeletons. Control your very own animatronics dinosaur and make him do whatever you want them to. Attack predators or sloth it out and take a dino-nap. Dino Hall holds all the huge skeletons of these prehistoric beasts. Experience prehistoric caveman life as they are on display in their natural living habitats. Feel the things they felt and view their prehistoric living conditions. Unwrap the past when you see these mummies on display of ancient Egypt. Learn how scientists learn about mummies without unwrapping them to preserve their bodies. The H-E-B tree house will let you make your own experiments come true with their small machines and in house labs. There are daily demonstrations held to exhibit the wonders waiting to be held here. They incorporate the San Antonio river into their experiments here, so you the guest can have a thrill all day experiencing new things and new wonders. View the log cabins and life size recreations of prehistoric homes. You will love you your nice couch a whole lot more after seeing some of the things these people slept on eons ago.