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CouponSan Diego, California is known for its beautiful landscapes and its amazing year-round temperate weather. There are also so many things to check out while you are there. Imagine being in this beautiful city and not having a way to get around to check out everything in town. Now, you can go ahead and get that thought out of your head because and Payless Car Rental can get you into a great rental car and an even greater discounte rate. San Diego Payless

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Things to do in San Diego

  • Balboa Park Balboa Park San Diego, California
    Visit the homestead of one of the Balboa Park in San Diego, California, is set on 1200 acres, and was named after the great Spanish explore that came here in the 16th century. Numerous trees that were planted here was done by the well-known American gardener, Kate Sessions. It was put into reserve in 1835, and is one of the oldest places in the country that is devoted to public recreational use. With wide open spaces, superb natural vegetation, there are many wonderful attractions that include restaurants, gardens, shops, museums and theatres, and the spectacular San Diego Zoo. It was made a National Historic Landmark in 1977, and is taken care of by the city's parks and recreation department. El Prado, the central promenade, contains most of the attractions and the majority of the structures that line the street have been built in the Spanish and Latin American architecture. The attractions that line this boulevard include; the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, Natural History Museum, San Diego Art Institute, San Diego Museum of Man, Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego Historical Society, San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego Model Railroad Museum, Timken Museum of Art and the Natural History Museum. The Reflection Pond is also located along this stretch, the Botanical Building and the Bea Evanson Fountain. Close by the promenade, is the San Diego Air & Space Museum. Many gardens can be seen throughout the park, like the Zoro Garden, Alcazar Garden, Cactus Garden, Inez Grant Parker Memorial Rose Garden, Botanical Building, Casa del Rey Moro Garden, Palm Canyon, Marston House Garden and Friendship Garden. In the musical and theatrical areas, the Spreckels Organ Pavilion showcases the world's biggest outdoor pipe organ, an outdoor stage, the outdoor amphitheatre Starlight Bowl, theatre in the round and the Old Globe Theatre complex that has a copy of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. The San Diego Junior Theatre is housed at the Casa Del Prado theatre, the oldest children's theatre program in the nation. A number of international cottages are found here, with lawn bowling, bridge, horseshoe, petanque, and bridge clubs and the Botanical Building and connected reflecting pool. Morley Field Sports Complex sits in the northeast corner, with the park's biggest tenant, the Balboa Park Golf Complex that sports an 18-hole golf course, and executive 9-hole golf course, baseball fields, the San Diego Velodrome, a disc golf course, the Bud Kearn Swimming Pool, archery ranges and the USTA awarded Balboa Tennis Club. Also in the park, but not part of the park and recreation department's responsibilities, is the San Diego Zoo, the Naval Medical Center San Diego and the San Diego High School. With incredible foresight, the Mexican government had its San Diego City officials find and set aside a 47,000 acre tract that would be used for recreational venues. Nothing was done to the tract, until Henry D. Fitch surveyed the acreage in 1845, but the Mexican government wasn't able to go anything further with it since it became part of the United States after the Mexican-American War. In 1868, however, the city's Board of Trustees were asked to set aside two tracts of land with 160 acres on each one, for a public park. E. W. Morse and Alonzo Horton, local real estate developer had picked a site northeast of the growing center of the "NewTown", which is today, downtown San Diego. A few months later, some 9 plots, instead of the original two, were chosen and put aside as the city's park, totaling 1400 acres. How this city can claim that the park, which was officially set aside in 1868, is one of the oldest in the nation is strange; but what difference does it really make? In 1870, a law was passed to "insure the permanency of the park reservation". In 1871, land speculators tried to grab the land by having a state senator introduce a bill to repeal the 1870 law, but a local resident found out about it and told people in the government in Sacramento and eventually it was stopped in the legislature.

  • William Heath Davis House
    The Davis house is now a museum, in the Gaslight Quarter of San Diego, California, and is the oldest building in this district. It is a saltbox type of home that was shipped around Cape Horn, and then reassembled in this area in 1850. It has been home to many distinctive people through its history, including pre-Civil War soldiers, Alonzo Horton, one of the founders of San Diego, and a German spy. Every room is representative of a historic era, and it is filled with fantastic stories about these former residents. It is a house of amazing stories, starting out with the builder of the house, who had it shipped all the way from Boston, Massachusetts; William Heath Davis. Davis came to the area years before 1850, and with four other men, saw the great potential of the landscape next to the Pacific Ocean and using great foresight, these four men bought a 160 acre plot and actually laid out the plans for this new city, plus built a big wharf and warehouse. Since there weren't any trees or forests near the San Diego Bay, Davis bought 8-10 of these prefabricated houses and had them brought to his "New Town" by ship. These came here aboard the Cybell, and had them built in the area where today, the "Star of India" is docked. One house, on State and Market, was rented to military officers, and another on State and F streets became his personal home. These same officers went on to become leaders in the Civil War and eventually generals. An economic depression occurred in 1851, which stopped their plans for the city, and it wasn't until 1867, with the arrival of Alonzo Horton and his wife, that is once more started growing.   The history continues on with many colorful and interesting people coming and going and is worth visiting, as well as exploring the magnificent past. Rumors of various hauntings also add some flavor to the whole story that is as intriguing as the people that lived here.

  • Timken Museum of Art
    The Timken is one of the marvelous museums that sits in Balboa Park, opening in 1965. The museum was the results of years of collecting beautiful works of art by the Putnam sisters, who moved here from Vermont in the early 1900s. Anne and Amy Putnam were part of the Ohio based Timken family that owned the Timken roller bearing company, as well as well known San Diego attorney Walter Ames. The sisters spent many years collecting old masters paintings from Europe, and most of them were donated to the San Diego Fine Arts Gallery, which went on to become the San Diego Museum of Art. Later acquisitions were loaned to numerous prestigious museums across the nation, until the Timken Museum of Art opened its doors in 1965. It was in 1951, that the sisters' good friend and advisor Walter Ames, helped them start the nonprofit Putnam Foundation, which eventually put their collection into the Putnam Foundation Collection. In the early 1960s, Ames was able to get enough funding from the Timken family to start building the museum. While the foundation was being started and the opening of the museum, the collection was on loan to many great museums like the National Gallery in Washington, D. C., Harvard University's Fogg Art Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. In 1965, all the paintings were brought together, and finally hung in their new permanent home at the Timken. Set on the Prado, in Balboa Park, the museum exhibits over 60 magnificent works of art, with mainly paintings, as well as some sculptures and decorative art items. These works are divided into three different areas; Russian icons, European old masters and 18th and 19th century American art. Each gallery contains special and invaluable pieces of the particular genre, with fabulous examples like the Saint Bartholomew by Rembrandt, which happens to be the only painting in the city by that wonderful Dutch artist; the Cranberry Harvest by Eastman Johnson; the Elder's Parable of the Sower by Pieter Bruegal; John Singleton Copley's portrait of Mrs. Thomas Gage and Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot's View of Volterra.

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  • San Diego Museum of ArtSan Diego Museum of Art San Diego, California
    The San Diego Museum of Art opened as the Museum of Fine Arts in 1926, in Balboa Park, and designed by William Templeton Johnson. Ownerships of the museum was given to the city soon after. It is the biggest and oldest museum in the area, with many wonderful traveling exhibits from around the world. They also support many cultural and educational programs in the region. The collections are encyclopedic with works from 5000 B. C. all the way to 2001 A. D. with marvelous works by the Spanish artists El Greco, Zurbaran, Murillo, Cotan and Ribera. It also has some Asian works in a gallery of its own, with some Impressionists paintings, modern works and Georgia O'Keefe works, although they aren't always on exhibit. The Italian masters like Luini, Canaletto, Giotto, Giorgione and Veronese are displayed as well as art by van Dyck, Rubens and Hals from the northern European school. The museum gets well over 400,000 visitors every year, and the building itself is a beautiful and exquisitely sculpted masterpiece as is evident by the picture to the right. The museum houses its own library, with over 27,000 sales and auction catalogs, 100 ongoing periodicals, 27,000 books, 12,000 volumes of bound periodicals and 175 linear feet of rare art periodicals with original lithographs, videos, photographs, clipping files, CD-ROMs, software and scrapbooks. The museum was started in 1922, with local business and civic leader Appleton S. Bridges agreeing to finance a permanent structure to hold a municipal art collection. The first site was a fine arts building in the 1915 Panama-California International Exposition, beginning building in 1924. In 1925, the San Diego Art Guild and the Friends of Art joined together to create the Fine Arts Society that would manage the new museum.

  •  San Diego Zoo
    The San Diego Zoo is found in Balboa Park in San Diego, California, and is considered one of the most progressive and biggest zoos in the nation. With over 800 species containing some 4000 animals, it is one of the few zoos in the world that has a giant panda on display. It is operated by the Zoological Society of San Diego and sits on 100 acres of prime real estate. The land, animals, equipment and all assets are owned by the city, with the society taking responsibility for the day to day operations and management of the zoo. The zoo started just after the Panama-California Exposition when many exotic and other types of animals and their exhibits were abandoned after the expo ended. Dr. Harry M. Wegeforth started the Zoological Society of San Diego in 1916, and in the beginning followed the precedents of the New York Zoological Society. A permanent piece of property was set aside in Balboa Park in 1921, and they started moving animals into it the next year. Frank Buck started as a temporary director in 1923, signed to a three year contract by Dr. Wegeforth, but had such a hard time getting along that Buck left after three months. After various other failures to sign a new director, Wegeforth made the bookkeeper, Belle Benchley the executive secretary which in essence was the director. Some years later, Belle achieved the title of zoo director, and stayed on from 1925 until 1953. During that period, or most of it anyway, she was the only female director of a zoo in the world. Her successor was Dr. Charles Schroeder. Up until the 1960s, the fee for children under the age of 16 was nothing. The zoo was a pioneer in creating cageless habitats and the zoo's center for Reproduction of Endangered Species started in 1975 by Dr. Kurt Benirschke, whereupon he became the first director. CRES was renamed the division of Conservation and Research for Endangered Species in 2005, so the new name could reflect its mission. In 2009, it was expanded to become the Institute for Conservation Research.  It has a guided tour bus that travels almost three quarters of the park, and an overhead gondola called the Skyfari that gives a wonderful aerial view of the zoo and parts of the park. Skyfari was built in 1969 by the Von Roll Tramway company of Bern, Switzerland and is called a type 101. Their displays are usually designed around a certain habitat, using the same feature to include different animals that are found side by side in the wild; with the native plant life also. Thus, an African rainforest can have gorillas, while the Arctic taiga and tundra contains polar bears in the summer. Numerous aviaries are found here that are the biggest free flight in the world, and many other habitats are made natural looking with invisible wires and darkened blinds to see birds, with pools and open air moats for the bigger mammals. The zoo also runs the San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park that shows animals in a more natural setting than the zoo. Most of the animals are regularly exchanged between the two zoos, as well as between the San Diego Zoo and other zoos around the globe; in accordance with the Species Survival Plan. It is one of the few zoos in the world that has most of its main displays open air, with the sole building being the Reptile House. The climate is perfect here for both plants and animals, with an arboretum on the grounds with a rare plant collection. A portion of the garden contains rare animal foods, like the 40 varieties of bamboo for the pandas that are on loan for the Chinese, and 18 types of eucalyptus for its koalas.

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Local Restaurants in San Diego
  • The Oceanaire
    The menu at the Oceanaire reads like a testament to the exceptional cuisine that is offered here. Fresh fish for today, December 12th, is Hawaiian ahi tuna, New Zealand Bluenose, Fijian ono Wahoo, Carlsbad sunburst clams, osetra caviar, Baja mahi mahi, local sculpin, local white seabass, local spiny lobster, Mexican swordfish, Pacific red snapper, Oregon Dungeness crabs, New Zealand Pink snapper, British Columbia cockles, New York Littlenecks, stuffed Dover sole, Alaskan halibut and more to name a few. A few choices from the appetizers menu is; tomato juice cocktail, BBQ shrimp, Chesapeake Bay style crab cakes, blue crab cocktail, New York littleneck clams casino and escargots burgundy basil fed snails. Simply grilled or broiled menu offers: Pacific red snapper, Mexican white seabass, wild Virginia striped bass, New Zealand bluenose, Boston diver scallops and Alaskan ling cod. Specialties include; Cajun rubbed local mako shark with sweet onion confit and Roquefort bleu cheese butter; pan roasted New Zealand grouper with pomegranate molasses, parsnip puree, toasted pistachio with herb salad; grilled Fujian tombo tuna alla diavolo with tomato sauce, red chilies, Portobello mushrooms, heirloom cherry tomatoes, garlic, basil; Drunken Baja swordfish with port braised cherries, smokey almonds, rosemary, orange zest with port reduction; Oregon bay shrimp Louie with beef steak tomatoes and traditional Louie dressing; Karl Strauss beer battered fish and chips.

  • The Royal India
    The Royal India was voted as the best Indian cuisine offered in the Gaslamp San Diego area, as well as many others. Fresh breads are made daily and include; nan, chili is very spicy and stuffed with chilies, keema is stuffed with spicy meat, Kabuli is stuffed with raisins and sweetened coconut, or onion kulcha which is stuffed with chopped onion, ginger and coriander. Whole wheat breads include; poori which is deep fried and puffy, aloo paratha which is stuffed with spiced peas and potatoes, or tandoori roti that is flat unleavened bread baked to order in tandoor clay oven. Tandoori specialties include; chicken garlic kabab is chicken breast marinated in yogurt, garlic, fresh herbs and cilantro; mixed tandoori grill is assortment of tandoori chicken, seekh kabab, booti kabab and chicken tikki kabab; seekh kabab is minced meat mixed with exotic spices and herbs smoked over mesquite in clay oven; fish tikki kabab is fresh mahi mahi marinated with yogurt, fresh spices, garlic and ginger sauce. Curry specialties include; chicken tikka masala is boneless chicken roasted in clay oven and cooked with blend of creamed tomato curry and spices; herb baked salmon is fresh salmon fillet with roasted fennel seeds, black pepper, mustard seeds and grated ginger; Royal lamb korma is low fat cuts of lamb cooked with creamed curry, cashew and almond paste, nuts, raisins and spices; prawn pepper masala is prawns cooked with fresh green peppers, sliced onions, tomatoes, garlic, ginger and healthy curry. Royal Curries include; makhanwala is chef's special sauce of smoked creamy tomatoes and buttery onion-garlic-ginger curry; korma is cooked with coconut creamed cashew paste, nuts, raisins and spices; jalfrazie is bell peppers and veggies cooked in chef's special sweet and sour smoked tomato sauce.


Pan Roasted New Zealand Grouper Oceanaire San Diego, California


Boston Diver Scallops Oceanaire San Diego, California




 Chicken Garlic Kabab Royal India San Diego, California

Chicken Tikka Masala Royal India San Diego, California


Makhanwala Royal India San Diego, California 

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  • San Diego Museum of Man San Diego Museum of Man California
    The museum of anthropology in San Diego, California is located in Balboa Park that showcases the pre-Columbian history of the western regions of North American, with most items being drawn from the Native American culture in the southern California area. These include the Mesoamerican civilizations like the Mayans and the Andean Moches. There are marvelous collections of the ancient Egyptian cultures and numerous others from around the world. The total amount contains some 72,000 artifacts in all the collections, as well as 37,000 historical photos, most of which are of Native Americans. The museum's history can be traced back to the Panama-California Exposition, that opened in 1915 celebrating the opening of the Panama Canal. The main exhibit of the expo was the "Story of Man through the Ages" that was brought together under the direction of well known archaeologist, Dr. Edgar Lee Hewett from the School of American Archaeology. Hewett had organized many expeditions to discover pre-Columbian pottery from the American southwest and Guatemala for items that were about the Mayan civilizations. Many other relics were collected from other expeditions that were sent by anthropologist Ales Hrdlicka of the Smithsonian Institute that collected specimens and casts from southeast Asia, Africa, Siberia and Alaska. Other osteological remnants and trepanated crania were obtained from Peruvian sites. Trepanation is a process of drilling into an area of the body, like skulls, toes or fingernails to relive pressure or blood. This collection was one of the most comprehensive in world at the time, and became the foundation of the museum's excellent collection. Many of the people coming to the expo had their first taste of anthropology and the study of mankind here. It combined the biological and cultural developments of man with numerous themes that included the migration from Siberia to the Americas, as well as evidence that the Americas had come about completely separate from the rest of the world; and the grand Mayan monuments. In the permanent collections, the relics from ancient Egypt are a marvel to view and enjoy, with this museum containing one of the most prominent in the country. One reason, or collection was the gift of Ellen Browning Scripps who gave a 400 piece collection from the 1920s and 1930s. The artifacts come from the ancient city of Amarna, where Pharaoh Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti ruled and young King Tut enjoyed his boyhood. There are many pieces of pottery, jewelry, hieroglyphic stone carvings, amulets and other every day items. Another spectacle part of the collection was donated by Mr. Smith, that contained funerary items like figurines, coffin masks and mummified falcons. Seven painted wooden coffins are presently shown, the most unusual being the very rare Ptolemaic child's coffin, with only six existing in the world.  Other collections include the Kumeyaay: Native Californians, Footsteps Through Time: Four Million Years of Human Evolution, Maya: Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth, and Discover Egypt.

  • Whaley House Museum
    Thomas Whaley came to the California gold rush in 1849, setting up a hardware and woodwork store that came from his family's New York business, Whaley and Pye, also selling mining equipment and utensils on consignment. In 1853, he returned to New York to marry his sweetheart, Anna Eloise DeLaunay and they returned to San Diego. Thomas bought this property in 1855, which had been the hanging site of Yankee Jim Robinson, building a single story granary with bricks from his brickyard on Conde Street; and next to it, he built a two story brick Greek Revival home that cost $10,000 and completed in 1857. It was called one of the finest new brick blocks in southern California by the San Diego Herald and included many mahogany and rosewood furniture items, Brussels carpets and damask drapes. Later that same year, he started a general store for cash only customers in his home, but soon found that it was too far from the center of the small city and moved the business to a rented frame building on the plaza. Thomas and Anna had had three children by 1858, with a young junior Thomas passing on at 18 months, and a fire was set which burned his business. These two tragic events motivated the family to move to San Francisco. Here Thomas started working as a U.S. Army commissary storekeeper, with the Whaley's having three more children here. In the 1867 takeover of Alaska, he was able to start stores in Sitka, assisted in the creation of an American base, and served as a councilman. His family stayed in San Francisco, but after the earthquake of 1868, the entire family moved back to San Diego, where he ran a general store with partner Crosthwaite. During the period from October 1868 to January 1869, the Tanner Troupe Theatre used the upstairs front bedroom, and the San Diego County courthouse used the old granary in August 1869, and rented three rooms upstairs for its records. When New Town San Diego was started by Alonzo Horton in 1868, the city's attention became focused on creating the city it is today. Thomas went back to New York to settle his father's affairs, after passing on is 1832, and he spent the years of 1874 until 1879 doing that. He then went to San Francisco for work, but couldn't find any, with the family in a bad way, getting help from Francis Whaley. In 1882, Violet Whaley and Anna Amelia Whaley got married, Anna married her first cousin John T. Whaley and Violet married George T. Bertolacci, who was not a good man and later divorced him, causing her terrible humiliation and depression. Thomas tried other ventures, but eventually had to retire due to bad health. He passed on in 1890. The Whaley house would stay empty until 1909, with Francis Whaley coming back to San Diego and restoring the house. Family members lived here until 1953, when Anna passed away, with the house again falling into disrepair.  Violet Whaley committed suicide in 1885, and has added to the haunting legends that exist here. It was the site of many hangings here before it became Whaley's property, and has now become one of the most haunted houses in the United States.

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  • USS Midway MuseumUSS Midway Museum San Diego, California
    The Midway is an aircraft carrier of the US Navy, lead ship of its class, and the first ship that was commissioned after the end of the second World War. She was active in the Vietnam War and part of Desert Storm, eventually becoming a museum ship located in San Diego. She is the only remaining carrier of the second World War that wasn't an Essex-class ship. Constructed in Newport News, Virginia in 1943, her new hull design was based on the Montana class battleships and enabled her to gain excellent and improved maneuverability of every previous aircraft carrier. After the usual Gitmo shakedown cruise, where she was tested for every aspect of her battle ready status, the Midway joined the US Atlantic Fleet, based in Norfolk, Virginia, becoming the flagship for CarDiv 1, which was carrier division 1. In March of 1946, the ship was tested for cold weather ops in the North Atlantic, with other east coast and Caribbean training, as well as Operation Sandy, where she launched a German V-2 rocket from her decks; the first launch from a moving vessel. In 1947, she headed to the Mediterranean for the first annual deployment with the 6th Fleet, and was further fitted with equipment to allow heavier aircraft to deploy from her flight decks. In 1952, she was involved in North Sea maneuvers with NATO and in October of that year, became designated CVA-41; also known as an attack carrier. Her deployments took her all over the world, and in March of 1965, she sailed to the far east, and began combat ops in North and South Vietnam. In November of 1966, she returned to the San Francisco Bay Naval Shipyard where she underwent a huge modernization process, which became quite expensive and controversial.

  •  The Midway continued to serve her country in many memorable operations that have been recorded and are part of her history, and can be seen on the ship in San Diego. There were numerous incredible incidents in her history that can be viewed here as well. She was involved in Operation Desert Storm, and eventually came back to San Diego in 1992 to become a museum in 2004. Here, in her first year, almost a million visitors came to see this magnificent aircraft carrier that sailed the world and helped many countries; most especially her own.

  • Shark Diver
    For a truly exciting, and unforgettable real life experience, consider the once in a lifetime exploration of shark diving. This company will take you to where the great white sharks are found, and lower you into the water in a cage that was specifically built to withstand the hardest shark attacks in the world and keep you safe as a baby in a crib. Claiming to turn adventure seekers into underwater explorers, and so much more, you can have the most extraordinary experience of your life, by taking one of their famous excursions, where you will come face to face with the most ferocious predator of the deep. The company is involved in site research support, shark site preservations and positive media efforts to keep this predator swimming forever. Some of their grand excursions include the Isla Guadalope great white sharks adventure, the deep dive submarine: giant sharks of Roatan adventure, the Bahamas Tiger shark adventure and the giant squids "Red Demons" of Mexico adventure. The Isla Guadalope is a fairly new site that has recently been discovered where the great whites swim around in unspoiled marine life. Their philosophy is to give adventure seekers the best, less traveled destinations in the region, and to encourage shark conservation and research. This company was the first commercial shark diving company to cage dive with Alaskan salmon sharks in 2004, and their deep dive sub allows you to go down to 2000 feet, in Honduras to see the last of the monster 6 gills, that exist on earth. The company helps shark enthusiasts and researchers from all over the world, a venue that allows you to see up close and personal, tiger sharks, whale sharks and great white sharks. Safety of course is their main concern for divers and sharks, with a perfect record this far.

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  • Coronado Island Coronado Island Bridge San Diego, California
    Coronado Island is a peninsula between the San Diego Bay and the Pacific Ocean, that is home to the famous internationally known hotel Hotel del Coronado, with over two million visitors coming here every year to lie on its fabulous beaches, enjoy the spectacular food, wonderful weather and elite hotels. The island can be reached by auto across the San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge, by the ferry that leaves and arrives in downtown San Diego, or by the various public transportation vehicles like buses, shuttles or taxis. It is where Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe filmed "Some Like it Hot", and one of the best loved vacation places in the state. It is always children and family oriented, but you just have to feel good being here. Improvements have been made in the beaches, parks and libraries, making this a marvelous destination for all families. The magnificent Hotel del Coronado is quite well known for its fantastic chandelier lit hallways, the huge lobbies and the large areas that are filled with memories of times past. There are other wonderful hotels, but nothing so elaborate or historical as the Coronado. The island contains miles and miles of beautiful sandy beaches, small coves for tide pools and unique shops, superb culinary delights and incredible places to shop. There is a public marina in case you want to stop by with your sailboat or yacht, a expansive public golf course that looks out over the bright blue bay waters, the huge sweeping Coronado Bay Bridge, roller bladers, surrey and bike rentals and the Old Town Trolley. You can get off and then back on whenever you wish with the trolley, making it a very sensible way to travel, and the easiest way to find special places where you would want to spend more time. The island has two distinctive boat rides, one the ferry that travels back and forth between the island and downtown giving you marvelous views, and the other is a gondola ride by the boat docks near the Leow's Coronado Bay Resort, allowing you to rent a sailboat if you didn't bring one. The famous hotel was built in 1888, when two men, H. L. Story and Elisha Babcock bought the whole island for $110,000 imagining the transformation of this sage brush and duned island into a destination for millions. The hotel made the world news when it opened with electric lighting, and is enjoyed by many because of its spectacular architectural esthetics. The Sunday brunches are unbelievable and exquisite, unique books and a walking tour of history that includes photos and memorabilia that is shown throughout the hotel. In 1904, L. Frank Baum visited, who wrote the "Wizard of Oz", Glenn Curtiss launched his hydroplane from off the hotel's shores in 1911, in 1920, the Prince of Wales made a visit and in 1927, Charles Lindburgh had a gala affair after his historical flight of the Spirit of St. Louis. President Franklin D. Roosevelt spent numerous nights here during his presidency, and President Gustavo Diaz Ordaz was the guest at President Richard Nixon's state dinner held here. And it became a National Historic Landmark in 1977.

  • National Comedy Theatre
    Set up something like the "Whose Line is It Anyway" comedy show, the National Comedy Theatre in San Diego, California is a top comedy show that showcases the best improv comedians in southern California that perform numerous skits based on games and scenes from audience suggestions. The audience is involved in deciding the games and themes, decide what is foul and then which side wins. It is fun filled comedy the entire time, and has been approved for people of all ages. It is known throughout the nation, and one of the funniest places in all San Diego or southern California. Another absolutely enjoyable moment is the opportunity to enjoy classes for people with all types of backgrounds wishing to learn or see if they have the ability to do stand up comedy. As almost every director that looks for talent, the most sought after is the ability to improvise, and the instructors here have all been down the same road you might want to take in your quest to become a comedian. With experience in film, commercials, theater and television, you will get the best instruction to be able to walk onto a stage and perform. Their three levels of workshops, build upon each other, and take about six weeks to finish. Another area of instruction includes the WITS or Workplace Interactive Team Building seminars that are given here that will take you and your company to its highest levels. The team at the National Comedy Theater has been building corporate or company teams for 17 years now and are getting better all the time. They can help you with your team regardless of what business or setting you are involved in.

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  • Adventure Rib RidesAdventure Rib Rides San Diego, California
    The Adventure Rib Rides involves things for you to do in the waters around San Diego, California; that include eco-tours to the Coronado Islands, snorkeling and scuba diving, and whale and dolphin watching trips. Their gray whale watching season begins in a few days and will give you some exciting thrills while racing after gray whales to watch these huge mammals as they frolic and play in the Pacific Ocean. They use authentic Navy SEAL ribs or rigid inflatable boats to travel the ocean and other waterways taking you to where the most wonderful sights can be observed. Other adventures include; the Wildlife and naval heritage tour of San Diego Bay, adventure picnics, ocean excursions nautical themed adventure games, bayside events and many others. They do create custom excursions for you and your family or circle of friends. Their captains are U.S. Coast Guard licensed and very well trained. The Coronado Islands tour always creates feelings of awe and amazement, being a group of four islands just 15 miles south of San Diego, and protected by the Mexican government as a nature preserve where migratory birds, marine animals and other life is found and appreciated. The islands are a geologic phenomenon with sea caves, natural bridges and crystal clear waters that has become home to one of the most abundantly enriched eco-systems in the area. They have been home to 18th and 19th century pirates, as well as a prohibition period casino and bootlegging operations. The captain is well versed in the natural attractions located here, as well as being a wonderful guide. Some of the diverse animals that thrive here include 5 types of dolphins, California sea lions, harbor seals, gray, blue, humpback and Sei whales, brown pelicans, northern elephant seals, rare birds like the blue footed and brown bobbies, storm petrels and oyster catchers. The ocean safari adventure: dolphin & whales tour is fantastic, letting the dolphins come up so close that you can touch them. Herds of common dolphin sometimes number in the hundreds or even thousands within a couple of miles of San Diego Bay, and the friendly bottlenose dolphins will delight you and your family. Long-beaked common dolphins and short-beaked common dolphins will surround the boat playing various games that will amaze you and the Pacific white sided dolphins as well. The strange Risso's dolphins have set up shop just offshore, and are so graceful to watch, although they are sometimes mistaken for small whales; very unusual to see this far north, and numbering in the thousands.

  • San Diego Hall of Champions Sports Museum
    The San Diego Hall of Champions is a premier sports museum that is located in Balboa Park in San Diego, California, and represents over 42 individual sports set inside a magnificent 68,000 square foot building. It informs visitors of the marvelous activities and events that have taken place in San Diego, as well as its teams and athletes that come from high school all the way to its professional sports teams. It is the country's biggest multi-sports museum with three levels of sports related memorabilia, an interactive media center, state-of-the-art theater and intriguing exhibits of the country's favorite sports. It is found in the historical Federal Building in Balboa Park and has been since 1999. Here you will discover the wonderful sports history of the city, that include high school to pro sports from baseball and football to displays of the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame, action sports, challenged athletes and surfing legends. The Fed building is the third place the Hall of Champions has been, after Robert Breitbard got the space in Balboa Park, and began the Hall of Champions as a non-profit in 1959. In the Cafe gallery, LaVerne Brock has created some beautiful mosaics out of baseball cards, cutting the cards into small pieces to create his masterpieces. Another venue is the Pacific Life Holiday Bowl, and known as one of the most exciting games every year. The display showcases items, jerseys and trophies of the top players that took part in the game, plus it is the home of the Holiday Bowl Hall of Fame. The Origins of Surfing in San Diego looks at the historical points of view that show the surfers and the board innovations that have helped shape the local sport, with the best local surf spots with many famous board makers boards being showcased, like Tim Bessell, Carl Ekstrom, Bob Simmons, Don Hansen and Larry Gordon. Sports Illustrated started publishing its magazine in 1954, and since that time has had over 100 players from San Diego shown on its cover. This display gives the names of each of them, and shows 40 of the most popular San Diego covers of the last 50 years. The baseball exhibit looks at the history of this game in regards to its youth, amateur and professional from the early town teams of the 1800s, and stops with some of the league's best players that include items from Don Larsen, Ted Williams, Tony Gwynn, the Boone family and many other players that came from San Diego. The military games, the semi-pro teams that played in the 1930s and 1940s, plus the origin of the American Football league, and the history of the San Diego Chargers are all showcased in this fabulous display about the Hall of Champions football exhibit. A few items include a Lance Alworth game jersey, one of Sid Gillman's playbooks, Marcus Allen's high school, college and NFL jerseys, and a 1963 American Football League championship trophy. In 2009, the hall created a Tribute to Jeremy Lusk display that celebrates this freestyle motocross rider for Metal Mulisha. He passed on in February 2009, after an accident in competition, with family and friends starting a Lusk Legacy Foundation, that honors his life and to help improve the safety standards for FMX riders all over the world. You will see his gear, jersey and more at this great legacy. In the high school sports gallery, you can learn about the outstanding high school students that went on to college and finally pro sports. Reggie Bush's Helix High School football jersey is here, as well as equipment and uniforms of the stars of tomorrow.

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