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Things to do in Sandy

  • Utah Lake State Park Utah Lake State Park Sandy, Utah
    Utah Lake State Park is about five miles from Provo, Utah, and contains the Utah Lake which is the biggest freshwater lake in the state and one of the biggest in the entire west. With 24 miles of shoreline, the 96,600 acres lake is magnificent to see, and even more enjoyable to be on or in. The Utah Lake was originally called Lake Timpanogos and is one of the remnants of the prehistoric Lake Bonneville that once covered most of the state. The lake drains via the Jordan River, and is fed by the Provo River. The drainage water goes into the biggest remnant of the Bonneville, the Great Salt Lake. The lake covers most of the Utah Valley which is in the north central part of the state, and although it is huge, it is only 14 feet deep at its deepest point. There are a few hot springs by the lake which are very popular with the people that live around the area, near Sarasota Springs and Lincoln Beach. An island is located in the lake, called Bird Island and is a favorite spot for fishermen seeking channel catfish, white bass and walleye. The park is one of the state's most favorite, and in 2000 was the 4th most visited area in the state. Some of the best activities that are favored here include; fishing, boating, of all kinds and shapes, picnics, swimming and camping; with 54 RV sites and 40 tent sites. There are showers, bathrooms, running water and electricity available, with a 14 day limit. Besides the water and electricity at each site, there is a fire pit and BBQ grill, shade trees and table. The showers are located outside of the restroom areas and can be shared, since they are outside. The list of fish include; white and black bass, walleye, channel catfish and varies kinds of panfish. In 1776, an exploring party called Dominiguez - Escalante came across the Spanish Fork Canyon, and as they climbed near the beginning, they went up over a small hill and viewed the huge lake laying in the valley below. Bernardo Y Pacheo told his king that it was the most pleasant, beautiful and fertile in all of New Spain. Up until the 19th century, there isn't any information about the lake until fur traders and mountain men arrived. Some of these hardy individuals included Jim Bridger, Peter Skeen Ogden, Daniel T. Potts, Osborne Russell and Jedediah Strong Smith. Smith wrote in a letter in 1827, talked about the beautiful lake and in 1844 and 45, John C. Fremont came to the area. The park itself, is 308 acres, and was built by the CCC in 1933.

  • Bingham Canyon Mine
    This mine is an open pit mining operation that extracts a huge amount of porphyry copper deposit in the Oquirrh Mountains of Utah. The copper is managed by the Kennecott Utah Copper Corp, with the mine, refinery and smelter under their direction. It has been producing copper since 1906 and is considered to be the biggest man made excavation in the world. It became a National Historic Landmark in 1966. The minerals were found in Bingham Canyon in 1850, although digging it out didn't start until 1863 and the vast potential was realized. The mining was very hard in the beginning and when the railroad came in 1873, greater activity and settlements began to happen. These first mines were small but in 1898, it was planned for bigger areas to be mined and developed. It was then that Samuel Newhouse and Thomas Weir started the Boston Consolidated Mining Company, with the intention of making the mining operation much bigger. It really started to develop in 1903, when Daniel C. Jackling and Enos A. Wall started the Utah Copper Company and it built a pilot mill at Copperton, which had grown up at the beginning of the canyon. It began its mining operations in 1906, and the great success they had revolutionized the copper mining business. In 1910, Boston Consolidated and Utah Copper merged, with Kennecott Copper Corp having a big investment in Utah Copper, and took over the entire operation in 1936. The mines at Bingham Canyon have produced 17 million tons of copper, 190 million ounces of silver, 23 million ounces of gold and 850 million pounds of molybdenum.

  • Brighton Ski Resort
    Brighton is one of the oldest skiing and snow boarding resorts in the United States, starting out in 1936, and has been voted the number 1 resort for families in the state. Although it is old in terms of being in business, it is one of the most modern and diverse resorts in the state. Just within a few years, all of the chair lifts have been modernized and it will be one of the first to have all high speed lifts at their ski areas. They have a snowboard and ski school, nighttime skiing and many other activities available. With an average 500 inches of snow each year, the 1050 acres of skiable area is great for backcountry skiing and has the been the best place for locals and others to learn the sport of skiing or snowboarding and increase their expertise. The instructors are great, friendly and very knowledgeable, using the most modern techniques to help students learn. The nighttime skiing and snowboarding here is considered to be the best and very helpful with 20 lighted runs, 3 chair lifts and over 200 acres of skiable runs. It is perfect for those that have to work during the day but love to ski all they can. They have wonderful group rates and offer discounts for lessons, rentals, tickets and catering or food. The beginners park is off the beaten and most used runs that have smaller rails and jumps, with lessons available for any different types of skiing like pipes, and superpipes. The lodge is very affordable with outdoor Jacuzzi, huge fireplace, movies and television on a large panel TV with clubs and restaurants close by. There are cabins that can be rented to give you a more personal and private visit with slopeside restaurants that serve great healthy food.

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  • Hogle ZooHogle Zoo Sandy, Utah
    The Hogle Zoo is located in Salt Lake City, just across from the This Is The Place Park, at the beginning of the Emigration Canyon. It is a family operation that was started by the Hogle's in 1931 and still is run by the family. It first opened in Liberty Park and had an elephant, monkeys, deer, birds and mammals. The real history starts in 1911, when the Liberty Park showed some monkeys and then a deer. The zoo concept seemed to be a good idea and was promoted. In 1912, the parks department starts the zoo with $153 and purchases a pair of white faced ring-tail monkeys, a pair of Golden pheasants, a pair of blue peafowl, pair of Demoiselle cranes, pair of white storks, a pair of squirrels, a pair of Mandarin ducks and a pair of foxes. In 1913, it opened the Happy Family Building which held most of the birds that had grown to include pigeons, quail, peacocks, parakeets, ostrich and turkey. It also held 100 rabbits and numerous guinea fowl. It is open only from mid May until mid December and is free. In 1916, Princess Alice, an Asian elephant is purchases with donations that local school children raised with penny and nickel donations. There are over 275 animals at this point, with 26 of them being donated. In 1917, a building is constructed to house Alice and the next year, she gives birth to Prince Utah, her fourth baby and it is put in all the local papers. In 1919, Prince Utah dies from complications after his mother rolled over him and papers say that she cries and trumpets him in mourning. In 1931, Alice has caused some problems by continuing to escape and walk the streets with lines of clothes on her back and everyone talks about moving the zoo. Mr. and Mrs. James Hogle donate land at the beginning of the Emigration Canyon and it becomes the zoo's new home.  As the years go by, various calamities and special events occur, in 1943, a young boy kills a deer with an arrow, in 1946, a polar bear named Blizzard is shot and the list goes on. In 1948, a female "liger" is born with a lion father and tiger mother and named Shasta. And in 1953, Princess Alice is euthanized. More additions are built as the amount of animals continues to increase and in 1972, Shasta the liger dies. In 1985, the old cages, originally built in the 1930s are destroyed and new ones built with new exhibits for the endangered snow leopards, primates and great apes. In 1989 visitor total exceed 600,000 annually and the beat goes on. Gorgeous, a 41 year old gorilla has a cataract removed and a lens implant put in by Dr. Allan Crandall, and the female gorilla is more active and seems much happier. 

  •  Franklin Covey Field
    The field that was once known as the Franklin Covey Field is now the Spring Mobile Ballpark, used mostly for baseball in Salt Lake City, and is the home field for the Salt Lake Bees minor league team and the University of Utah. It opened in 1994, and has room for 15,500 people that was once known as Derks Field. The views from the center and left field fences are superb scenes of the Wasatch Mountains and the name was changed in April of 2009. It is also the home of the Salt Lake Buzz, a Pacific Coast League that is rated AAA. It is one of the new double decked AAA stadiums and just about every seat will give you a perfect panoramic view of the game. The Bees had a 72-71 season, with Memphis winning the league's title with a 77-67 standing in the American North, Albuquerque was 80-64 for the American South, Tacoma was 74-70 in the Pacific North and Sacramento was 86-57 for the Pacific South.

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Local Restaurants in Sandy
  • Tiburon Fine Dining
    Tiburon is fast becoming one of the state's finest restaurants serving up some fantastic cuisine. Starters include; seared scallops which are fresh Maine divers scallops dusted with chipotle and pan seared with chunky fresh tomato cream sauce; Jake's mussels are fresh Mediterranean black mussels steamed in white wine & garlic served with spicy tomato herb broth; crab cakes are sweet crabs slow simmered with fresh tomatoes, white wine & herbs, served with tangy Mediterranean cucumber salad & roasted tomato buerre blanc; St. Andre & Braised pork belly is French triple crème brie, 5 hour dry braised Kurabuto pork belly & balsamic onion jam; roast chicken & polenta is thin sliced roasted chicken, sautéed portabella & button mushrooms, roasted red peppers & Marsala demi-glace served over a grilled polenta cake. Entrees are served with house salad, fresh bread and house made sorbet; New Zealand elk is house specialty char-grilled New Zealand elk tenderloin, served with creamy mushroom Duxelle, green peppercorn demi-glace & garlic mashed potatoes; Alaskan halibut is pan-seared filet served with carrot reduction butter and sautéed garlic spinach; Muscovy duck breast is pan roasted and served with sun-dried cherry demi-glace & pineapple fried rice; ahi tuna is fresh dusted with Asian seven pepper spice & black sesame seeds, seared rare, topped with soy & honey marinated shredded carrot & served with pineapple fried rice; Australian lamb is pan seared lamb tenderloin, dusted with fresh rosemary & black pepper, served with whole grain mustard demi-glace, blueberry reduction & parmesan and parsley risotto cake; tenderloin of beef is char-grilled filet mignon, served with roasted shallot & cabernet demi-glace with sautéed mushrooms & garlic mashed potatoes.

  • Simply Thai Restaurant
    This food is simply Thai but it sure doesn't taste simple. Appetizers include; triangle plate is sample of best appetizers; curry pouches is minced chicken, onion, potato seasoned with curry powder and stuffed in a crispy wonton skin, served with cucumber sauce; edamane is steamed soy beans in shell; mee krob is blend of crispy rice noodles, chicken, and shrimp tossed in sweet tamarind sauce served with fresh bean sprouts; grilled eggplant in a basil, lemongrass, garlic and chili vinaigrette topped with fresh mozzarella; crispy Thai spring rolls served with plum dipping sauce; fried calamari served with sweet chili sauce; sate-chicken served with cucumber and peanut sauce; nam sausage is chicken sausage seasoned with lime juice, ginger, chili peppers, onions and cashew nuts; duck roll with tamarind dipping sauce; fried tofu with sweet hot sauce and crushed peanut. Entrees; Madam Butterfly is jumbo shrimp in garlic sauce; U.F.O. is marinated Thai BBQ chicken served with sweet hot sauce; shrimp panang is grilled jumbo shrimp in a panang curry; splash is steamed filet of fish with shitake mushrooms and ginger with light soy sauce; hot mermaid is lightly fried filet of fish on a crispy green bean, topped with chili and garlic sauce; Thai boxer is green curry beef served with side of Japanese noodles; prik king is chicken and asparagus sautéed in red curry paste; fire cracker is shrimp, squid and scallops sautéed with chili, onion and basil served sizzling; crusted salmon is lightly pan-fried filet with peppercorn and garlic crust on bed of asparagus; New Yorker is grilled filet of beef served with sautéed bean sprouts with spicy garlic and cilantro dip; white elephant is pork chops marinated with lemongrass served with Japanese noodles and sesame peanut sauce; wok chicken is chicken sautéed with cashew nuts and whole dried chili peppers; Phoenix in flames is sliced chicken breast in spicy garlic and chili sauce served flaming.

New Zealand Elk Tiburon Sandy, Utah


Alaskan halibut Tiburon Sandy, Utah


Filet Mignon Tiburon Sandy, Utah


 Madam Butterfly Simply Thai Sandy, Utah

Thai BBQ chicken Simply Thai Sandy, Utah

Pork Chops Simply Thai Sandy, Utah

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  • Rocky Mountain Raceway Rocky Mountain Raceway Sandy, Utah
    This racing venue has some of the most exciting racing in the region with motocross racing, IHRA drag racing and ASA super oval racing, all in the same arena and the championship awards are being handed out now for the 2009 Champions. The raceway can also hold various types of events like banquets, Christmas parties, buffets, receptions, reunions, proms and school dances, fund raisers, corporate functions, birthday parties, stage productions and concerts. They have the best equipment that you would need for any of these with full audio and video set ups, chairs, tables, linens, projection screens, black out drapes, sound system, full service bar and keg service. Their convention center is 5400 square feet and it can hold up to 325 people.

  • Tracy Aviary
    This aviary is only one of two in the entire country that is free standing and is over 70 years old. It takes up 8 acres of land that was opened in 1938, when Russell Lord Tracy donated his magnificent private bird collection to the city of Salt Lake. It now holds over 400 birds that are representative of 135 species, with many considered endangered or rare. It is trying to become the Aviary of the Americas, and to gain some insights into the migration of birds from South America to Alaska and Canada; and back. Chase Mill, the state's oldest industrial building still standing opened in December of 2006 is now part of the aviary and will help with the year round bird programs, public meeting area and special events. The aviary has many year round displays, shows and educational programs for school children and is available for many adult functions as well. There are summer camps for the children and they are always thrilled to be part of the bird workings and information. Many of the programs for young children are entwined with fun so that the learning process is easier and much more enjoyable for all involved. Field trips and various programs, scouting, school projects with great assistance from the staff at the aviary to the teachers is considered to be of great help.

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  • Living Planet AquariumLiving Planet Aquarium Salt Lake City, Utah
    The Living Planet Aquarium is devoted to celebrating life on our planet by creating a greater awareness and knowledge of its diverse ecosystems and understanding of our place in the system of life. The three main displays are Ocean explorer, Journey to South American and Discover Utah containing 1250 animals that represent 267 unique species in one fantastic venue. In the Discover Utah exhibit, you will be excited to find some of the most endangered and threatened species in the state; that include Columbia spotted frogs, least chub, boreal toads and June suckers. These interactive displays have a simulated boat trip across the Great Salt Lake that will teach you about the lifecycle of brine flies and brine shrimp, the impact this lake has on the economy, why do birds come to the lake and how does its ecosystem affect our planet. You will learn how and why we should constantly be trying to save and protect the state's waterways and the waterways of our country. Other creatures that live here include; rainbow trout, tiger salamander, woundfin and lake trout. The Ocean explorer showcases saltwater species from around the world that include; 6 types of sharks, sea jellies, seahorses and eels. Here you will be taught how and why the coral reefs are so essential to our environment and the importance of invertebrates. An interactive display includes the stingray touch tank and the coral community where small children can actually swim in the coral reef and wondering what it would be like if they were a fish on the ocean's bottom. Other creatures found here include; northern lobster, leopard shark, moon jellies, nurse shark, giant Pacific octopus and southern stingray. The Journey to South America is a fantastic new area where you will travel to the rainforests of this continent and come face to face with Amazon giants, electric eels, 10 foot anacondas, caiman alligators, piranha, tree frogs, tree boas and desert insects. You will learn about the biodiversity of its ecosystems, what benefits these forests have for the world and how we can all become involved in protecting them. Other animals here are; dwarf caiman, river stingray, side-necked turtle, poison dart frog, red piranha, arapaima, electric eel and giant cave cockroach.

  • Sandy Museum
    The Sandy, Utah museum is located in a century old building in the heart of the downtown area and has two floors of marvelous antiquities of this city's history. There are exhibits, displays, photographs, books, collection, a gift shop, and an exhibition shed on the outside of the building. The museum was opened in 1987 to preserve those artifacts that represent the history and relics related to that history in the city of Sandy. As the museum continues to grow, there have been donations of period 1890 furniture, a derby hat, military uniforms and a living museum in the Courtyard Gardens. Each year in March, the Old Timers Day is held, and a yearly Kids Day is in the summer. The building is located on what used to be part of the Oregon Trail in the 19th century. The museum is open only on Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays, so make your plans accordingly, but it is still free with donations accepted as always.

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  • Wheeler Historic FarmWheeler Historic Farm Sandy, Utah
    The Wheeler family farm starts in the year 1886, when Sariah Hankinson Pixton married Henry Joseph Wheeler and they moved on to the 75 acre homestead, where Henry ran a good dairy business and Sariah had and raised 6 children. It is a good thing they had six, since the farm work was so extensive in those days, what with milking the cows, making and churning butter, picking up the eggs, cutting and chopping wood for the stoves and fireplaces, trimming lamp wicks, making soap and chopping ice out of the blocks for storage keeping or drinks. It was a great time to be alive and the Wheeler family thrived. But in 1969, the county bought the farm and it was put on the Utah state and National Register of Historic Places in 1976. The farm was originally part of a bicentennial project of the American Revolution, but it became more as they researched the farm, reconstructed and refurbished it over a ten year period. It wasn't an easy project since some of the structures were in bad disrepair or ruins, while others were in marvelous shape and not at all to restore. It is still continuing and probably will be, while it still represents a turn of the century dairy farm and showcases the way families farmed during the latter years of the 1800s. It represents the lifestyles of farming families from 1890 to 1920 and has the best farming methods of that era that was known as the Progressive Era. There are many exhibits and demonstrations that happen here and the public is always excited to see it. It is used as an outdoor classroom, for the people of today, so that we can learn and understand the hardships that many families endured during these times.

  • Moki Mac River ExpeditionsMoki Mac River Expeditions Utah
    This outfit is one of the best around and will take you on a fantastic trip on the Green or Colorado Rivers, as well as the Grand Canyon in Arizona. They are masters of the whitewater rafting guides and promise to give you the most exciting time of your life. Other trips include the Desolation Canyon, Gray Canyon, Cataract Canyon, Dory trips, combination trips, canoe trips or rentals, and the Westwater Canyon. Their five day Green River trip goes through Desolation Canyon where the rapids are great fun and the scenes are spectacular. Another is the two day trip to Tavaputs Ranch with some rafting involved. A one day trip on the Green River through Gray Canyon is also available that has some rapids but not the upper class ones. The Cataract Canyon is located in Canyonlands National Park, and the Colorado River runs through here offering some fantastic and exciting rafting trips. They offer a 6 day rowing or 3 day motorized trip there also with some horseback trailrides included. In fact, they can create just about any kind of thrilling trip that will give you incredible photographs and unbelievable memories. Canoes can be rented if you prefer to head off on your own, although the family has been in business for almost 40 years and will give you the best and safest trip you were ever on.

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  • Utah Museum of Natural HistoryUtah Museum of Natural History Utah
    The museum is located on the University of Utah's campus in Salt Lake City, Utah and it displays natural history objects that relate to the history of the state's natural environments. It was started to showcase the natural world and our place as human being within its realm. The museum was funded by the state legislature in 1963, and opened in 1969 in the old George Thomas library. There were specimens from the Deseret Museum plus the Charles Nettleton Strevell Museum that was held in the Lafayette School on South Temple Street from 1939 to 1947. It contains over 1.2 million artifacts that has been used for research and education, while continuing to illuminate the natural history of the state and is always accessible to research people around the globe. The vast majority of the collection comes from the inter-mountain region of the United States and are used in the study of cultural diversity, geological and biological living systems. The anthropology collection contains some three quarters of a million objects and records from over 3800 sites. The ethnographic collection has over 2000 items. In the biology collection, there are 123,000 plant specimens, 30,000 mammals, 20,000 birds, 180,000 insects, 18,000 lower vertebrates and 22,000 mollusks. The geology collection holds 3600 minerals, 14,000 vertebrate fossils, that include the world renown Cleveland-Lloyd Jurassic dinosaur displays and others of equal importance; 250 rocks and 2000 plant and 6000 invertebrate fossils. The exhibits besides these take up 23,000 square feet of space on the first and second floors of the George Thomas building and contain three major areas of natural sciences; anthropology, geology/paleontology and biology. There is also a Cooper Hall of Anthropology, life science halls, geology/paleontology hall and Norton's Hall of minerals all within the Earth science galleries. 

  • Utah Jazz
    For a great outdoor adventure, with more thrills than an amusement park, and much No visit to Utah would be complete without going to a Jazz game, basketball jazz, not the music kind of jazz. But if you were a sports enthusiast you would already know that and know what to look for. It is unfortunate that as of this writing, the Jazz lost to the Nuggets 114-105, but it was a great game for bball fans to watch and enjoy. Their first game against the Sacramento Kings was won which hopefully set up the season for this great team, the score was 95-85. Deron Williams seems to pacing his team well and it looks good for this guy to have a great season. Keep watching this great team as the season progresses and be sure to catch them when you come to Utah.

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