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Things to do in San Jose

  • Winchester Mystery House Winchester Mystery House San Jose, California
    The Winchester Mystery House is probably one of the most interesting stories and mansions in the world. At once time, sitting on 162 acres of landscape in San Jose, California, this incredible, and many believe, haunted, house was being constructed upon for 38 continuous years, continuously for 24 hours a day, every day. Sarah Winchester, wife and widow of the Winchester repeating rifle magnate, William Wirt Winchester; had envisioned her deceased husband saying that as long as she continued building the house, she would live. The reason he died, he said, was that their home in Connecticut had been finished and so was he. Construction began in 1884, and ended immediately upon Sarah's death in 1922. The cost was a staggering $5.5 million that if paid today would be equivalent to $70 million. It is famous throughout this country and many places in the world, because of its size and complete lack of master plans. Sarah believed the house to be haunted by the ghosts of those people that had been killed by the Winchester and the continued construction would keep them at bay and appease their grizzly spirits. After her daughter died in 1866, her husband passed on in 1881, and hoping to find some relief from her grief, she went to a medium on the advice of a psychic. The story goes that the medium, called the Boston Medium, said that a curse was on the family of Winchester since their rifles had been involved in the killings of many people. She said that thousands had died this way and their spirits were looking for revenge. Considered by many to disputable, the medium told Sarah that she would have to go west, leaving their home in New Haven, Connecticut; and build a house where Sarah and the spirits could live. The medium went on to say that by building constantly, she would live forever, but, if she stopped, then Sarah would die. The magazine, Modern Mechanix, June issue for 1937, had a story in it that told of the terrible loss of Sarah's baby daughter, Annie, and her husband William, that caused her to enter into a coma, with attending doctors fearing for her life. When she was recovered, a friend suggested Sarah go to a medium. A séance ensued, and she got a message from her husband that said; "Sarah dear, if our house had not been finished, I would still be with you. I urge you now to build a home, but never let it be finished, for then you will live..". Another story tells that after the deaths of her beloved family, she went to a medium, who told her that she must constantly build a house, or the spirits that killed her family would also kill her. That is when she moved west to San Jose and started working on the house with twists, dead ends and turns that went nowhere, so that these spirits could get lost and never be able to find Sarah. She had inherited over $20 million from her husband's estate, and half interest in the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, that would give her about a $1000 a day; with only that income from 1913 onward, being taxable. Today that amount would be roughly $21,000; thereby giving her a great amount of money to spend building the house. Before the terrible earthquake of 1906, the house rose 7 stories, but it went down to 4. The mansion is constructed mainly of redwood framing, with a foundation that floats, giving it the flexibility to withstand the earthquakes of 1906 and the Loma Prieta one in 1989. Over 160 rooms, with 10,000 window panes, 47 fireplaces, two basements, 40 bedrooms, two ballrooms with one finished and the other in the process, 17 chimneys with two more visible, and three elevators have been discovered in the house. It now sits on 4.5 acres which is just enough to hold all the buildings and house, has silver and gold chandeliers, hand inlaid parquet trim and flooring, and a plethora of colors. Doors, hallways and stairways lead to nowhere, and over 20,000 gallons of paint were used to decorate it. Because of its huge dimensions, it would be necessary to start repainting the house again, after every inch of it was painted the first time. Modern conveniences were included in the house that put it ahead of its time, with push-button gas lights, steam and forced-air heating, indoor toilets and plumbing, hot shower and three elevators, with one that is the only horizontal hydraulic elevator piston in the country. The spirits are said to have influenced Sarah in the way the house was being built, and this included the number 13, and spider web motifs. One very expensive chandelier that had been purchased contained 12 candle holders, but had one added to make it 13, with all the wall clothes hooks containing 13 hooks, and a beautiful spider web-patterned stained glass window that had 13 different colored stones. A topiary tree has been shaped into the number 13, and each Friday the 13th, the bell that is on the estate rings 13 times at 1:00 PM, or 1300 in Meridian time. There are many tours given in the house with special ones in the evening on Fridays the 13th and Halloween.  One thing that makes this entire story somewhat stranger than it is, is the fact that Sarah kept her husband's interests in the rifle manufacturer and the money that poured in daily; and neither her husband, nor anyone in his family ever really created the weapons, they just were the owners.

  • Children's Discovery Museum
    The Children's Discovery Museum opened in 1990, and has had over 5 million visitors since then. Every year, new interactive displays are unveiled that react to the diverse educational needs of the children, and to that end, a new wing was added in 1997, enlarging the museum's space by twenty percent. Now it is 52,000 square feet, and purple, designed by Mexico City architect Ricardo Legorreta, created for the enhancement, enlightenment and delight of children living in San Jose. The range of community themes include creative displays that entice self-directed journeys into the realm of education, with programs that focus on the needs, skills and interactions between children. The mission of the museum is basically to serve the needs of children, their families and the schools acting as a medium of discovery and learning, in regards to their future roles, helping them to realize their full potential. It is also a center for creative expression and play that helps attain its mission, helping the children to become a part of the community and to be able to contribute to that community, as well as the rest of the nation and the world. This process allows the instructors at the center to gain an insight into the mysterious world of children as they observe their reactions to various stimuli in the children's eyes.

  • History Park
    History Park is located in Kelley Park of San Jose, California, and contains 22 original and reproduced landmarks, houses and businesses that showcase the Santa Clara Valley's past. A cafe and trolley help you explore the 14 acres that take you back to the times gone by when the charm and atmosphere of that era was prevalent. Starting at the museum store in the Pacific Hotel, that sits in the middle of the park, you can get a map that shows all the pertinent information of the park. It gives a list of the buildings that can be visited, as well as a guided tour sign up sheet. The Pacific Hotel has an expansive gallery, and the museum contains books by local writers and many interesting items for sale. The cafe is located in O'Brien's Candy Store, and is a great place for lunch and delicious treats. There are online exhibits as well, with Lou's Village, Dairy Hill, Label Legacy, Cannery Life and the neighborhoods of San Jose. Current displays here include; Everyday San Jose: Paintings by Wayne Jiang, This is San Jose Calling and Home Front: Santa Clara Valley's World War II Experience. There are many rotating exhibits, as well as Partnership exhibits and collections. The San Jose History oversees the biggest regional history collection of the state, geographically defined as Santa Clara Valley and virtually as Silicon Valley. In 1893, at the Chicago World's Fair, George Westinghouse gave a 6 year old boy named Douglas Perham a burned up light bulb and told him to get as many as he could and save them for historical value. That particular bulb, and over 20,000 more relics and documents make up the biggest electronic historical collection in the nation and is called the Perham Collection. Douglas became an engineer, working with some of the best pioneers in the world, like Dr. Lee De Forest who created the first electronic amplifier, the triode, or as he called it the "Audion". This creation has become involved in almost every electronic device today, like the television, radio, long distance communication and computers. The Perham collection was shown at the Foothill College for many years, until it outgrew its space, with more items being added. It took History San Jose four years to get the collection for its museum, and a contract was signed in 2003, bringing the marvelous collection to the center. With volunteers from both organizations helping to move the huge collection, it took a full month to move all of it, and three more to open the boxes and find out what wonderful treasures lay within. A glimpse of the magnificent collection was given at an Oscar Party press release event, and many people are waiting for the time when the inventory, cleaning, cataloging and digital recording is done so that all the items may be enjoyed and viewed. The research library is open by appointment that allows visitors to gain access to the history of the city, the county and Silicon Valley. It is made up of many donated records from private individuals, organizations and businesses that were in these areas, as well as a huge photographic collection.

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  • Tech Museum of Innovation (The Tech)Tech Museum of Innovation San Jose, California
    The Tech Museum in San Jose, California is completely focused on inspiring the innovator in all people with marvelous hands-on displays and interactive exhibits that are spread through themed galleries that give visitors a very memorable journey. The Hackworth IMAX Dome theater and other museum's programs are sure to give you a very wonderful time and memory. The Tech Awards Gallery has just opened in the exhibit area, that showcases the many exciting contributions that many great people have done with their scientific and technological abilities to enrich the world and benefit people everywhere. There are over 240 special hands-on opportunities for the visitor in the permanent galleries, and one of the most exciting is the online exhibit that is called Understanding Genetics, and you can find out the color of any future children's eyes and other genetic information and human health. Any questions about DNA can be answered by a geneticist and always get the latest breaking news about genetics here. In the permanent gallery exhibits, the tech awards gallery, is where stories about the many improvements for mankind have been placed that create streams of hope. These fantastic people use technology to solve the most urgent problems for mankind in the areas of health, economic development, equality and education. It is the only permanent display on the west coast that links our responsibility to those issues, where you to can help by acting in your local community to enhance the quality of life for those living around you.

  •  Peralta Adobe and Fallon House Historic Site
    The Peralta Adobe is the city's oldest surviving address, and constructed in 1797, it remains the last building of El Pueblo de San Jose de Guadalupe. The home's adobe horno, or outside oven still works well, and inside there are two rooms that has been furnished as it was during the occupancy of the Peralta and Gonzales families. The Fallon House was constructed in 1855 by one of the city's earliest mayors, and is a Victorian mansion with 15 rooms that are completely furnished with items from that era. Thomas Fallon was a frontiersman with the John C. Fremont expedition, and his wife, Carmel was from one of the most important Mexican landowners in the state.  Both of these majestic homes are part of the History of San Jose, in History Park. The Peralta Adobe was constructed by Manuel Gonzalez, an Apache Indian, that is 20 feet by 41 feet, and has two rooms that are about the same size, with walls two feet thick. Manuel Gonzalez and his family of wife and five children, were with the Anza party that came to this area in 1776, and he became one of the founders of the Pueblo de San Jose de Guadalupe, the first established municipal government in the state that was begun in 1777. It was the second house for Manuel and his family since the first had been flooded in the winter. He died in 1804, and the house became the property of Luis Maria Peralta, a soldier and co-owner of one of the biggest rancheros in the Mexican California region. His father, Corporal Gabriel Peralta came with his family also with the Anza party, and one of the first fifteen families that was named in the pardon of 1778. When Luis became 21, he enlisted in the military of the king of Spain, as was customary, and married Maria Loreto Alviso in 1784, moving from Monterey to the San Francisco company and started serving with the Escolta or guards at the Mission of Santa Clara, Mission San Jose and was the corporal of the guard in Mission Santa Cruz. In 1805, the Mission of San Jose was attacked by Indians, and Luis led a garrison from the fort at San Francisco to the San Juaquim Valley, surprising them and gaining a victory which raised his reputation and advancing him to sergeant. He was then honored with an appointment to the comisinado in charge of the Pueblo San Jose in 1807, becoming the highest military and civil leader in the area. This prestigious position was lost in 1822, when Mexico won independence from Spain.

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Local Restaurants in San Jose
  • The Original Joe's
    Joe's Restaurant in San Jose, California was started in 1956, by the Rocca Family that has the area's best Italian fare. Some of the excellent cuisine offered is; roast beef, prime rib, roast pork, pot roast, sweetbreads sauté with mushrooms, eggplant parmagiana, calf's liver with bacon and onions, breaded veal cutlet, calf's liver sauté with mushrooms, veal cutlet Milanese, veal piccata, veal parmagiana, veal scallopini with fresh mushrooms. You get your choice of steak fries, baked potato, spaghetti, veggies or ravioli with the entrees just named. Steaks and chops include; hamburger steak - pound, baby back ribs, porter house steak, pork chops, filet mignon - 8 or 12 ounce, NY cut - 14 or 18 ounce, lamb chops - two or three, special top sirloin - 14 or 18 ounce, rib steak - 26 ounce, T-bone steak - 27 ounce. Chicken; half charcoal chicken broiled, chicken cacciatora, charcoal broiled chicken breasts - 2 or 3, chicken liver sauté with mushrooms, chicken parmagiana, half fried chicken with lemon butter sauce, chicken piccata, chicken parmigiana. Seafood; calamari steak, prawns scampi, filet of sole, golden fried scallops & prawns, halibut - broiled or grilled, salmon - broiled or grilled, golden fried scallops, golden fried oysters, sautéed scallops with lemon caper sauce. Pasta; spaghetti Napoletana, spaghetti with meat & mushroom sauce, scampi with linguine, fusilli with chicken & broccoli, ravioli or cheese ravioli, linguine with clams, half spaghetti and half ravioli, pasta al olio, pasta primerva, pesto with pinenuts, fettucine Alfredo with smoked ham & peas.

  • The Agenda Lounge
    The Agenda offers excellent California cuisine using the freshest ingredients from our local vendors. The menu begins with starters; trio bruschetta is toasted crostini topped with fresh tomato relish, pesto and mozzarella, and goat cheese and olive; chicken pesto pizza is grilled chicken breast, pesto sauce, cheese house made pizza dough, sizzling calamari is spicy sweet and sour vinaigrette, Napa cabbage salad in crispy wonton; chicken satay is grilled chicken skewers with Thai peanut sauce; original west coast style crab cakes with chipotle aioli and celery root, apple and fennel slaw. Salads offer; baby greens is seasonal greens in champagne vinaigrette, Caesar salad with petit hearts of romaine, shaved Grana Podano cheese and garlicy bread crumbs, Mediterranean salad is with English cucumbers, fresh cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, feta cheese & citrus vinaigrette. Entrees; chicken Alfredo is grilled chicken with creamy garlic Alfredo sauce; grilled ribeye served with mashed potatoes, green beans and mushroom ragout; penne pasta with Italian sausage in savory marinara sauce; Syrah braised short ribs with cream spinach and mashed potatoes; angel hair pasta and prawns with roasted red bell pepper pesto; pan roasted salmon filet with warm bacon vinaigrette, creamy polenta and squash ratatouille; Agendas house cheese burger is half pound premium ground beef patty stuffed with braised steak, on a ciabatta bun with French fries; pork chops and apple sauce is smoke double cut pork chop with potato pancake, granny smith apple puree and cider sauce.

Eggplant Parmigiana Original Joe's San Jose, California


Spaghetti Napoletana Original Joe's San Jose, California

 Chicken Alfredo Agenda Lounge San Jose, California

Syrah Braised Short Ribs Agenda Lounge San Jose, California

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  • San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, California
    The institute encourages artistic creativity by showing and interpreting thought-provoking contemporary art to a public that is culturally and educationally diverse. Started in 1980, a few local artists came together to start a medium that would showcase their contemporary art works, although there were numerous galleries in the area that were run by the local artist. They wanted to distinguished themselves in the exhibition of these works, so they hired a professional curator to lead the institute into this area, and the results have been excellent, even after 29 years. Presently it is a dynamic artistic space that is committed to encouraging creativity within the artist community and the people of the community. They have three galleries that house the current, relevant and challenging artworks from the area, the country and the world. It stays active with its open receptions, nighttime projections in the front windows, printmaking workshops, South First Friday gallery works, brown bag lunches and impromptu talks that happen in the galleries. Current shows include; Afterlife with video, sculpture and multi-media work from local artists Robert Larson, Lisa Kokin, Claudia Borgna, Elisabeth Higgins O'Connor, Mark Fox-Morgan, Charlotte Kruk, Ann Weber, Scott Oliver and Beverly Rayner; and Manifold by Theodora Varnay Jones who is a postminimalist sculptor and installation artist, with works that include two and three dimensional works that include constructed works, drawings and re-conceptualized ready made pieces.

  • Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum
    The REM or Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum was started by the Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, and is a museum about ancient Egypt, that sits in the AMORC's Rosicrucian Park of the Rose Garden area in San Jose, California. This order continues to support and increase the museum, as well as its educational and scientific endeavors. The founder, Dr. Harvey Spencer Lewis, collected many relics that pertained to mystical symbolism, many of these coming from the east. He helped fund the archaeological excavations at Tel el Amarna, which was the capital city of the pharaoh Akhenaten, that was conducted by the Egypt Explorations Society of Boston, and they in turn donated numerous of those antiquities to the society of the Rosicrucians. He showed the public a collection called the "Rosicrucian Egyptian Oriental Museum, that was at the admin buildings of the AMORC in San Jose in 1928. Lewis went on a tour to Egypt in 1929, bringing back many more artifacts and donations that helped the collection grow to over 2000 exhibits. His son, Ralph Maxwell Lewis became the next Imperator of the group, and had new buildings constructed to house the museum in 1966, which had become very unique in that it now had the biggest display of ancient Egyptian antiquities in the western parts of the nation; having the buildings put in the Egyptian revival park; is the only museum in the world that had its buildings constructed in the ancient Egyptian architectural style and having a planetarium built next to the museum, the first with a Star Projector in the country and the 5th planetarium constructed in the nation.

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  • San Jose Museum of ArtSan Jose Museum of Art San Jose, California
    The San Jose Museum of Art was opened in 1969, with its permanent collection pertaining to the west coast artists of the 20th and 21st century, and sits next to the Circle of Palms Plaza and Plaza de Cesar Chavez park. The historic wing of the museum was designed by architect Willoughby J. Edbrooke, and constructed to become the city's post office in 1892. From 1937 until 1969, it had the city's library there, and in 1969 was transformed into the Civic Art Gallery by the Fine Arts Gallery Association. Named a California historical landmark in 1972, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973. The new wing, was opened in 1991, and houses the main part of the museum's exhibition space. Many of the rotating displays that come to the museum are highlighting the west coast and the state of California, built in the midst of Silicon Valley, numerous displays focus on the meeting of art and technology. Although pertaining mostly to the artists of the 20th and 21st centuries, it is expanding its gallery of the Pacific Rim. Containing over 2000 beautiful works, the various media includes prints, sculpture, digital media, paintings, photographs and drawings by such magnificent artists as William T. Riley, Robert Arneson, Bill Viola, Milton Avery, Michael McMillen, Gregory Barsamian, Jim Campbell, Long Nguyen, Ron Davis, Tony Delap, Deborah Oropallo, Richard Shaw, Alan Rath, Rupert Garcia, Joan Brown, Richard Diebenkorn, Deborah Butterfield, Dale Chihuly, Enrique Chagoya, Manuel Ocampo, Jay DeFeo, Wayne Thiebuld, Roy De Forest, Jim Dine, Hung Liu, Raymond Saunders, Philip Guston, Nathan Oliveira, Oliver Jackson and Manuel Neri.

  • American Firearms Museum
    The American Firearms Museum, or the Winchester Firearms Museum contains one of the biggest collections of the Winchester rifle in the west. Included in this marvelous collection, are many guns that were made before the Winchester, especially the Henry repeating rifle that was invented in 1860 by Benjamin Tyler Henry, working for the New Haven Arms Company and Oliver Winchester. Later, the rifle would be improved by Nelson King, who improved the Henry enough so that the next version was called the Winchester Model 1866, or Yellow Boy. As improvements were continued, the Model 1873 became known as the "gun that won the west", because these rifles could shoot 17 .44 caliber bullets without having to reload. A huge improvement on the single shot rifles that were used in the Civil War and by the army. The collection contains many limited edition models that include the Centennial '66, the Theodore Roosevelt and the famous John Wayne. The repeater, both the Henry and the Winchester were improved models that were originally built by Smith & Wesson, at their plant in Norwich, which eventually failed, and Oliver Winchester and other partners were able to purchase and changed the name from the Volcanic Repeating Arms Company into the Winchester Repeating Arms Company after moving to New Haven. Oliver was quite lucky to inherit the foreman, Benjamin Tyler Henry, who would improve the design of the rifle and make it the famous rifle it became. The Henry was produced for 6 years, with a total of 12,000 guns being manufactured, and in 1866, Nelson King invented a new patent that fixed the flaws that were in the Henry. This was the Model 1866 and led to a completely new future in weaponry.

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  • Lick ObservatoryLick Observatory San Jose, California
    The Lick is an astronomical observatory that is owned and run by the University of California and sitting on top of Mount Hamilton in the Diablo Range by San Jose, California. It is run from Santa Cruz where their science staff relocated in the mid 1960s. This is the world's first permanently occupied mountain top observatory, built between 1876 and 1887, with a bequest from James Lick; who is buried under the telescope with a brass plaque that reads, "Here lies the body of James Lick". Even before the observatory could be built, a road had to be constructed to bring up the materials that would be needed, since horse and wagons would be used. These animals and wagons couldn't go up a very steep grade, so the grade had to below a 6.5% variance, which caused it to have many tight and winding turns, which the road today, SR 130, still follows. Tradition says that the road have 365 turns, which has caused many going up to the observatory to have motion sickness. In 1888, the world's biggest refracting telescope, 36 inch, saw light that day until the Yerkes in 1897. In 1939, when a nighttime fog surrounded the summit, a two seater fighter plane crashed into the main building, with the only staff member there being Nicholas Mayall, with nothing catching fire and no one hurt. Since the only telephone line was broken by the plane coming in, no help could be called, but soon it came with numerous reporters and photographers. As the city and valley grew, light pollution soon became a problem for the observatory, and in the 1970s, another site at the Santa Lucia Mountains southeast of Monterey, on the Junipero Sierra Peak was looked at for the possibility of moving the observatory. Funding couldn't be found, and in 1980, the city itself found a solution for the problem by using low pressure sodium lamps. This eased the lighting pollution, and it is still a working and important observatory today. An asteroid called Asteroid 6216 San Jose was named for the city celebrating its efforts to fix the problems, by the International Astronomical Union. In 2006, 23 families were living in the small town of Mount Hamilton, with 2 to 10 visiting astronomers from the university staying in the dormitories, with a post office, police station and one room school house. In 2008, there were 38 people living on the mount.

  • Almaden Quicksilver County Park
    This park has some of the most beautiful natural areas in the region, as well as being the site of 135 years of mining that held some 1800 miners and their families. Set on 4,152 aces, that includes most of the Capitancillos Range, it has one of the most spectacular wildflower blossoms in the area, each spring. The remains of the mining operations will give visitors a look into the mining operations that took place in the last years of the 19th century. The 34.2 miles of trails will keep you busy, whether walking, running or jogging, plus 23 miles of equestrian trails and 10 miles of bike trails. All the trails are available for dog owners, as long as they are on a leash. There are numerous picnic tables in the park, next to the trails, and horse watering troughs in some areas. Potable water is available at the Hacienda and Mockingbird Hill entrances, with mining remains throughout; although they have been sealed. One, the San Cristobal mine can be seen behind a locked gate. The fishing is great, although the levels of mercury have climbed, so the park's guides and rangers have asked that the fish be put back. It is a free park that is open all year round, from 8 AM until dusk, with some trails being closed to adverse conditions.

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  • Happy Hollow Park and ZooHappy Hollow Park and Zoo San Jose, California
    The Happy Hollow Park & Zoo is located in Kelley Park of San Jose, California, with a small zoo and young children oriented amusement park. Over 360,000 people come here each year to visit and view the numerous rare and endangered animals housed here, like the parma wallabies, lemurs and just recently a jaguar. Animals that can be petted include a donkey, miniature horses, pygamy goats and zebu. There are a big number of motorized rides that operate part-time, with a house of mirrors, antique watermill, and maze play area. It was built in 1961 by a team of architects that worked for the city, and upon opening rode the dragon ride from their office to the Happy Hollow. Just before he died here in 1994, Tarik the bear, was the main voice of Chewbacca in the Star Wars saga. Over 150 different animals are housed here, with a puppet theater as well. It is presently closed for a major renovation, but will reopen in March of 2010. A $52 million "spruce up" has been granted them via a Parks Bond Act that was part of Proposition P, and it includes a new education center, many new exhibits, new rides, animal care facility, animal barn, retail shop and the entrance with a new artwork valued at just under $1 million. Since it has become the era of "green" projects, the new and improved park and zoo will entail many new green components. The zoo is an accredited AZA institution that helps conserve and propagate rare and endangered species, also giving children and adults the chance to view many exotic animals like the jaguar and ruffed lemur that they wouldn't ordinarily see. The entire park is specifically geared to the younger child, aged 2 to 10, with all the wonderful amenities that thrill and enchant them. 

  • San Jose SharksSan Jose Sharks, San Jose, California
    The San Jose Sharks are in the National Hockey League's western division, Pacific conference, where they are in second place behind the Los Angeles Kings, 3 games. Hockey is very flexible, meaning you can move players around the ice until the right pairings happen, when two players can learn each other's moves and knock the rubber off the puck. The Sharks coach Todd McLellan feels that way, especially with his back men, Derek Joslin and Jason Demers, who came here from the Worcester Sharks, in Massachusetts. Now, veteran player Jay Leach has entered the team and may be an additional possibility. Veteran defenseman Rob Blake says that when you have a 3 on 2 situation, it really helps to know what your teammate is thinking and how he plays, so you don't have to worry what he will or won't do. Hockey players develop their own tendencies, which makes it easier for his partner to know what call or play will be given in any situation. This gives you extra time to set up for the play that you know your teammate will make and puts you ahead of your opponents. It all depends on the players, with some working better with others. This is a prime example why Dan Boyle and Doug Murray play so well together. Boyle is the puck mover with his free wheeling style and Murray keeps everyone honest since he is more physical and a rugged blueliner. Murray enjoys playing with Boyle since he is such an innovative player, which sometimes forces Murray to up his offensive playing just to keep up. Both are very competitive and that is always one of the prerequisites of the game. Another team pairing is the Blake-Vlasic one with a future Hall of Famer helping a newer player develop his game and skills, especially defensively. It is a game where you learn your teammate's moves, and favorite moves, and how to develop together to move the puck down the ice, or to make sure it doesn't move into your area without the opponents knowing that they will have trouble coming to your corner of the ice. The team is getting along great and it looks like a great year from them. Keep your eyes open for this team and the great players that it is developing.

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