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A trip to San Juan Puerto Rico just wouldn't be complete without a rental car to take you around the island. Whether you're finding a new bar or a secluded beach spot for a sip of wine, San Juan Advantage rental cars will melt your problems away. Attractive cars, inexpensive prices and first class customer service make Advantage a no-brainer in San Juan.

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Alamo Car Rentals Quebec City, Puerto Rico has all of the hottest deals on rental cars in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Now, with the help of, you will be able to take advantage of some of the greatest savings in the business. To check out some great specials, log on to Alamo's website at:
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Things to do in San Juan

  • San Juan Bay
    Imagine this, it is the early morning and you are waking up from a pleasant night sleep. You get up and lookout of your window or off of your balcony of your cruise ship. There is the foggy overlay of the early morning, but you can make out the 16th century fort El Morro, and you know that you've arrived at San Juan Bay. San Juan Bay home to the busiest port in the Caribbean. Not only does it accommodate cruise ships on a daily basis, but it also receives a vast influx of products and goods. Once in port, you will be meet with all sorts of wonderful shops that will be full of unique merchandise. This beautiful port is somewhere you have to go when you are in San Juan.

Hertz Car Rental San Juan and Hertz Discounts bring you more outstanding offers on rental cars in San Juan. It has never been easier to get out on the town and see all of what San Juan has to offer than it is right now with Hertz and Visit to see everything that is available in Puerto Rico.

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Paseo De La Prinseca San JuanPaseo de la Princesa
While you are visiting San Juan Bay, why not head over to Paseo de la Princesa. Located at the southern end of the bay, Paseo de la Princesa is a great place to spend a day while in San Juan. Just outside Paseo de la Princesa, lies a wall that was built during the colonial area that you can pay a visit to. Oh, and get you camera ready, too, because there will be many opportunities to take some of the most beautiful shots of the old San Juan Bay and El Morro. There is also on old Spanish prison that is now occupied by the tourist industry. Enjoy a lovely day as you stroll along the famous Paseo de la Princesa, and visit everywhere that the strip has to offer. Oh, and don't forget to visit the Raíces Fountain.

Parque de las Palomas
Parque de las Palomas, roughly translated it means Pigeon Park, is a great place to go for a little rest and relaxation. Parque de las Palomas is similar to Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy, in the way that you can but a buck-bag-of-corn and feed the pigeons who converge on the square on a daily basis. The birds will come down right out of the sky and eat the corn right from your hand, or anywhere  for that matter. Be careful, because before you know it the pigeons will be eating straight from the bag of corn. This a a great park to bring the entire family for a gorgeous afternoon out when you are vacationing in the San Juan area.

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Join Enterprise Rent A Car and to see what kind of savings that you can get on rental cars while vacationing in San Juan. Check out all of the available Enterprise Rental Car Couponswhile you are staying in Puerto Rico.

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Restaurants in San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Casita Blanca
    When you want the very best in fine, Puerto Rican cuisine, there is really only one place to go when you are in San Juan and that is La Casita Blanca. La Casita Blanca has some of the most traditional and delicious food in the San Juan area. What really makes this outstanding restaurant stand out in the crowd is the fact that it actually situated in a typical housing area and a traditional Puerto Rican Home. When you are in the San Juan area and you are hungry, be sure to stop into Casita Blanca for the finest in Puerto Rican fare.
  • La Bombonera
    One of the best ways to find a great place to eat when you are visiting another country is to ask a local, and if you are in the San Juan area and you ask a local where they would go to find the greatest in Puerto Rican cuisine, well they would surely tell you to try out La Bombonera. With  visit to La Bombonera, you will get the best of everything. From delicious coffee to appetizers and from main courses to dessert, La Bombonera has everything your palette is looking for.
Food of San Juan

National Rental Cars Quebec City, Puerto Rico

  National Rental Car Coupons in San Juan can help you get into a quality vehicle, so you can get out on the road and seeing the town fast. and National provide you with the fastest specials that you can get online on the easy to navigate website.

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  • Catedral de San Juan San Juan Cathedral
    The Cathedral de San Juan is a church that was built in the 1590's. However, there was an original structure that was built in the same exact spot (a church also) in 1584. Unfortunately, that church was destroyed by a large hurricane that ravaged Puerto Rico in that same year. The church still holds mass here and is also open to the public, so everyone can admire the beauty of the gothic style architecture that is visible externally, as well as inside. The church holds some pretty impressive religious artifacts, as well as a marble crypt that contains some pretty interesting relics from the Fountain of Youth explorer, Ponce de Leon. Be sure to drop by the church for a visit.
  • La Fortaleza
    Built in 1540, La Fortaleza was once a fortress that was built originally by the occupying Spanish as a fortress. Today, La Fortaleza is home to the Governor's Mansion. Visitors are welcome to visit La Fortaleza for free. This building is full of history, both past and present. This is a great way to spend a few hours of your afternoon while vacationing in San Juan. While you are enjoying a tour through La Fortaleza, be sure to pay a visit to the ground's beautiful gardens.

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Avis Car Rental can help you find the vehicle that you need while you are vacationing in San Juan.  Avis Offers great deals on all types of vehicle rentals, ensuring that there is a car that is right for you. Follow this link to see how much you can save with Avis and
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  • Calle del CristoCalle De Cristo San Juan
    When you are vacationing in the San Juan area, a must see, or a must visit, is Calle del Cristo. Calle del Cristo is located in the heart of "Old" San Juan and is a beautiful place to spend an afternoon, or even a day for that matter, walking through this historic section of the city. There are many photographic opportunities as you walk down this amazing part of town. Along the way, you will find some of San Juan's most important monuments, as well as some of the most famous restaurants and shops in the town. Be sure you don't miss out on the amazing time to be had at Calle del Cristo in beautiful San Juan.
  • Butterfly Art Gallery
    Get your eyes ready for an amazing and colorful experience at the Butterfly Art Gallery in beautiful San Juan. The building that house the beautiful butterfly collection is an old mansion that has been restored to its original splendor. After you walk around a bit and catch all of the amazing exhibits that the Butterfly Art Gallery has to offer, stroll over to the lovely cafe on the other side of the building for a nice cup of Puerto Rican coffee and a delicious snack.

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 Thrifty Car Rental and have partnered up to bring you great deals on your next vehicle rental. The next time that you are vacationing in San Juan, Puerto Rico, be sure to let Thrifty get you one the road. With Thrifty Car Rental's outstanding customer service, you'll be enjoying all the sight-seeing before you know it.

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  • Condando Beach San JuanCondado Beach
    What is the number one thing that everyone, who vacations on a tropical island, have in their mind? Well, days at a beautiful, white sandy beach, of course! That is exactly what you will get when you pay a visit to Condado Beach in amazing San Juan, Puerto Rico. Condado Beach is located on popular Ashford Avenue, and along a popular strip that is home to a number of hotels and resorts. The beach itself is a public one and it is free to go on, however, beach chairs, umbrellas, towels and other things of the nature are usually rented out. Once you are on Condado beach, the soft white sand and the palm trees will have itching to stay forever. Pay a visit to the famous Condado Beach while you are staying in San Juan.
  • San Juan's Historic Cemetery
    Located just outside San Juan's famous fort El Morro, the San Juan Historic cemetery is a great place for history buffs and non-buffs to visit while on vacation in San Juan. Appropriately enough, the San Juan Historical Cemetery was originally constructed to be the final resting place of great and important veterans, who fought during the colonial time at El Morro. With a visit to the cemetery, you will see some famous names that are etched in the headstones around the park. Be sure that you visit this historical landmark as you are exploring the San Juan area.

Dollar Rent-A-Car San Juan

The best way to see a city that you are vacationing in is to get out on the road and see on your own terms. This is where Dollar Rent A Car comes into the picture. With Dollar and, you will have the time of your life while you are on vacation in San Juan. Let Dollar be the one who gets you the greatest deals on rental cars in San Juan.

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  • Fort San CristobalFort San Cristobol  San Juan
    A visit to San Juan, Puerto Rico would ceratinly be incomplete without a visit to the gigantic Fort San Cristobal. Fort Cristobal has the distinct recognition of being one of the largest buildings of its kind, meaning forts of course, anywhere in the Americas. This famous fort is linked with another famous San Juan fort, El Morro, by  a large wall that stretches along the coast. The wall has cannons that point out to the sea, ready for naval invaders. The structure of the fort alone is enough to have you in total awe throughout your entire visit. If you happen to be in the northeastern part San Juan, be sure to check out this amazing structure that helped keep the town of old San Juan safe from foreign invaders.
  • Ballajá Barracks
    One of the most interesting places to check out in San Juan Puerto Rico would have to be the historical Ballaja Barracks.  There is quite an interesting history that goes along with the Ballaja Barracks. The Spanish monarchy financed the construction of this building and that construction was completed in 1865, and it was the military building that the Spanish built in the new world. This was largely due to the United States becoming a power nation. The structure was refurbished and refitted in 1992 for the anniversary of the Columbus expedition to the Americas. The history alone is enough to want to visit the Ballaja Barracks, so be sure to stop in for a look.

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When you are on vacation in San Juan, Puerto Rico and you need a good, reliable vehicle to get you and your family where you need to go without a hassle, well then look no further than Budget Rent A Car and Great services and great prices are what makes Budget stand out over the crowd. Be sure to check the link out below for even more savings:

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