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Things to do in Scottsbluff

  • Scottsbluff National Monument Scottsbluff National Monument Scottsbluff, Nebraska
    The Scotts Bluff National Monument is located in western Nebraska and contains the prominent 19th century landmark that rises up into the sky on the Mormon Trail and the Orgeon Trail. The monument has numerous bluffs (steep hills) on the south side of the North Platte River, however, it is named after one of the biggest bluffs, Scotts Bluff that rises more than 830 feet into the sky. The monument itself is made up of five rock formations called; Sentinel Rock, Crown Rock, Saddle Rock, Eagle Rock and Dome Rock. Scotts Bluff County and the city of Scottsbluff, Nebraska are named after these magnificent formations. These formations or bluffs were initially charted by the non-native people in 1812, by the Astorian Expedition of fur traders that had been traveling by the river. This group noticed the bluffs because they were the first big rock formations on the river where the Great Plains began transforming into the foothills of the great Rocky Mountains. The discovery of these monstrous rocks wouldn't be noticed too much because of the War of 1812, but in 1823, the route to the Rockies were again noticed and the bluffs would become a noticeable landmark for fur traders that traveled the region. The most significant bluff would be named after one of the fur traders who passed away near the bluff in 1828, Hiram Scott. In the 1830s, many missionaries, military expeditions and fur traders would make regular trips by the bluffs and in 1841, hordes of settlers would pass the bluffs on their way west via the Emigrant Trail to Oregon. Later, the region would be traversed by settler and prospecters on their way to California and Utah. Wagon trains soon used the bluffs as a prominent landmark as they navigated along the trails going west. The main trail would go through Mitchell Pass, the big gap in the bluffs that were flanked by two huge cliffs. Even though the trail through Mitchell Pass would be dangerous and treacherous, the majority of emigrants chose this route so they could follow the North Platte River bottom on the north region of the bluffs. Going through the pass would become a main milestone for numerous wagon trains going west, and in one of the first engineering projects of the US Army Corps of Engineers was to construct a smoother path through the pass in the 1850s. When the transcontinental railroad was finished in 1869, the use of the Emigrant Trail would decline and eventually became obsolete. In 1887, the town of Gering, Nebraska would be started by the base of the bluff, and across the North Platte River by the bluff, the city of Scottsbluff would be founded in 1900. The two cities have grown together over the years, although still separated by the river, and are the 8th biggest urban area in the state. After the new settlements had been created, interest in climbing the bluff became greater since the magnificent views observed from the top were spectacular; with the flat lands flowing as far as the eye could see in the east, the river valley in between and the hills and mountains to the west. Many trails were created to climb the bluff over the years, but the majority were quite dangerous and hazardous, until the start of the 20th century when a safer trail was built.

  • Lake Minatare Historic Lighthouse
    The Lake Minatare Lighthouse is a historical mock or false lighthouse standing by Lake Minatare by the city of Scottsbluff, Nebraska, and rises 55 feet into the air. It was constructed in 1939 by the Veterans Conservation Corps and is set in the North Platte National Wildlife Refuge; designed to be both a shelter and observation tower. It was constructed to simulate a lighthouse, and is only one of the seven inland lighthouses in the nation.  The lighthouse is a great place to have a picnic or just get out of the sun, made of stone and a marvelous view of the river behind it. There is excellent fishing near the lighthouse sitting in a state recreation area of 2000 acres. Camping is another venue that is outstanding here, offering canoeing, kayaking or water activities galore. At the top of the lighthouse, you will have some amazing views of the state recreation area and the river.  The camping sites offer electrical hookups, showers, restrooms, water, dump station, boat ramps, laundry and fish cleaning stations. There are 52 sites with electrical hookups, 49 pads and 110 non-pads without electricity. The sites have picnic tables, fire grates and more, with the sandy beach nearby to swim, but it is unsupervised, so use caution if you or your children should decide to go swimming. The sites with electricity need to be reserved one year in advance since it is such a popular site.

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  • Chimney Rock National Historic SiteChimney Rock National Historic Site Scottsbluff, Nebraska
    Chimney Rock is one of the most famous significant rock formation in Morrill County, Nebraska rising some 300 feet above the North Platte River valley, with its peak being 4226 feet above sea level. In the 19th century, it also was an important landmark on the Oregon Trail, the Mormon Trail and the California Trail; running along the north side of the bluffs and formations. The initial recording of the magnificent formation was in 1827 by Joshua Pilcher who had joined the Platte River valley to the Salt Lake rendezvous of the Rocky Mountain fur trappers group, but the first non-native people to see the huge chimney like rock formation were most likely the Astorians of Robert Stuart on their eastern trek from the Pacific Ocean in 1813. The majestic monument would be recorded many times after that. Due to sketches, written accounts, paintings and the 1897 photograph taken by Darton, the chimney rock was much taller than it is now, but over time, the erosion and lightning strikes have reduced its peak. There is a tourist's video recording of one such strike in the 1990s that is available for viewing. The rock has been made a National Historic Site and is managed by the National Park Service cooperating with the Nebraska State Historical Society. Chimney Rock and Independence Rock, more westerly, are the most famous formations along the historic trails. There is a visitor center that offers museum displays and a video about the early pioneers and emigrants going west; plus a gift shop. In 2006, when the Nebraska quarter was released, it features a covered wagon heading west and going past Chimney Rock, memorializing the role of the state in the migration west.

  •  Riverside ZooRiverside Zoo Scottsbluff, Nebraska
    Considered by many to be the best little zoo in the west, the Riverside Zoo in Scottsbluff, Nebraska contains a marvelous variety of animals housed in almost natural habitats. The 23 acre zoological park is the perfect place to enjoy lions, red pandas, moose, chimpanzees, tigers and a walk through aviary; petting zoo, playground, botanical garden and exciting interactive graphics; as well as a number of waterfowl that you can feed on the lake. The zoo sits along the North Platte River, between Scottsbluff and Gering, close to the Scottsbluff National Monument. The zoo is home to more than 200 animals with over 70 species, and a few, like the red panda and cinereous vulture are on the endangered list. The North American bison runs free here, with waterbucks, red pandas, slender tailed meerkats, binturong and pigmy marmoset. The zoo takes part in many programs and partnerships that support and encourage the preservation of wildlife and natural resource conservation. Cooperating with the American Zoo and Aquarium Association, the zoo is part of the SSP or Species Survival Program for their species of endangered species, like the spider monkey and chimpanzee as well as the two mentioned above. Riverside is also involved in the education of school age children, and others, helping more than 10,000 learn more abou the zoo and the animals inside every year. Their wonderful A.D.O.P.T. an Animal program is a great way for you and your child to learn more about the individual animals themselves, and help the animal in numerous ways.

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Local Restaurants in Scottsbluff
  • Whiskey Creek Steakhouse
    Appetizers; southwest tootsy rolls is signature soutwest ingredients twisted into an eggroll and served with housemade chipotle lime BBQ sauce; bacon wrapped shrimp is large shrimp wrapped in bacon and fire grilled; colossal bloom is colossal onion seasoned battered and deep fried; potato wedges is potato wedges, bacon, cheeses, chives and ranch dressing; baby bloom is smaller version of colossal bloom; green beans fries is breaded deep fried green beans served with choice of ranch or chipotle lime BBQ sauce; southwest firecracker shrimp is lightly fried Black tiger shrimp, dipped in spicy sweet sauce; quesadilla is grilled flour tortilla stuffed with cheese, choice of chicken and mushroom or BBQ, served with sour cream and pico de gallo; St. Louis rib appetizer is quarter rack of fallin of the bone slow smoked St. Louis ribs served over seasoned fries. Soups & salads; French onion soup topped with toasted croutons and melted provolone cheese; baked potato soup; soup of the day; house or Caesar salad; Mandarin chicken salad; chicken fajita salad is chargrilled lime marinated chicken breast served over bed of mixed greens tossed with red and green peppers, black bean salsa, tortilla strips and mixed cheeses with salsa ranch dressing; grilled chicken salad; chicken tender salad is breaded chicken tenders over mixed greens, grape tomatoes, red onions, toasted almonds, bacon and mixed cheeses. House Favorites; pan seared tilapia; rattlesnake pasta is grilled chicken breast and fettucini tossed in spicy Alfredo sauce; chicken fried steak is large hand breaded sirloin steak cooked to perfection with country gravy and choice of 2 sides; pollo fettucini is tossed in parmesan cream sauce with sundried tomatoes and fire-grilled chicken; chicken tender dinner is chicken tenders fried with fries, housemade cole slaw and honey mustard; sizzling fajitas is fire-grilled steak or chicken over sauteed peppers and onions on sizzling platter.

  • Shari's Restaurant
    Appetizers; Asian potstickers with sweet chili sauce is tender dumplings tossed with sweet-hot sauce and sprinkled with green onions; signature sampler is sweet chili potstickers, mozzarella cheese sticks, thick cut onion rings, southern style chicken tenders; mozzarella cheese sticks served with Italian style marinara; loaded potato skins is seasoned potato skins loaded with bacon & melted cheddar, sour cream; slider dogs & burgers is mini dogs & mini charbroiled burgers; nacho Americano is fries done nacho style with melted cheese, green onions, black olives and tomatoes with sour cream; wings is choice of hot buffalo, BBQ, sweet teriyaki or tangy orange. Dinners; mesquite chicken penne alfredo is mesquite grilled chicken with creamy penne alfredo, sauteed mushrooms and sprinkling of parmesan; Captain Mac's seafood bounty is golden batter dipped cod & shrimp with fries and cole slaw; lemon dill salmon is fresh center cut salmon with lemony dill sauce, red skinned mashed potatoes and steamed veggies; southern fried chicken strips with choice of dressing; classic chicken & dumplings; pot roast and Willamette Valley veggies; original country fried steak with country gravy; fish & shrimp with tangy cocktail sauce; char-broiled flat iron steak grilled your way; 16oz. T-bone steak with loaded mashed potatoes; flat iron steak & shrimp with stuffed hashbrowns.

Pan Seared Tilapia Whiskey Creek Steakhouse Scottsbluff, Nebraska


Rattlesnake Pasta Whiskey Creek Steakhouse Scottsbluff, Nebraska


Country Fried Steak Whiskey Creek Steakhouse Scottsbluff, Nebraska


 T-Bone Steak Shari's Restaurant Scottsbluff, Nebraska

Lemon Dill Salmon Shari's Restaurant Scottsbluff, Nebraska

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  • Wildcat Hills Recreation Area Wildcat Hills Recreation Area Scottsbluff, Nebraska
    The Wildcat Hills are an escarpment that sits between the North Platte River and Pumpkin Creek in the western areas of the Nebraska panhandle. Situated in the Scotts Bluff, Banner and Morrill counties, the high tableland that sits between the two waters has seen its share of erosion by wind and rain, causing it to become forested buttes, canyons and ridges the rise anywhere from 500 to 1000 feet above the encompassing landscapes. Courthouse and Jailhouse Rocks, Scotts Bluff and Chimney Rock are all outcroppings of the northern and western rims of the Wildcat Hills. The flora and fauna found in the hills are very typical for the state, with the ecology of the area looking like the Laramie Mountains that are located some 60 miles to the west. The major tree in the area is the ponderosa pine; while elk, wild turkeys, bighorn sheep, mule deer and pronghorn are the main animals to be found in the region. During the late 1990s, cougars (mountain lions) had been almost made extinct by 1900, but with strict laws and stricter enforcement, they have made a comeback. The Wildcat Hills, as well as Pine Ridge, are the only known habitats of the creatures. The bighorn sheep and deer populations have risen a lot over the last few decades, with the sheep being transported here only a number of years ago. Although rattlesnakes are very common around the hills, the chance of getting bitten is rare if you do the right precautions. The California and Oregon Trails were just north of the hills, the fantastic rock formations mentioned often in the journals and letters of the emigrants that passed by. The state's game and parks commission was able to acquire the land for the state recreation area in various steps that occurred between 1929 and 1980; with the Wildcat Hills Nature Center having a great half mile boardwalk trail that opened in 1995. The entire area is a great resource for hiking, scouting and watching the magnificent wildlife found here.

  • Courthouse and Jail RocksCourthouse and Jail Rocks Scottsbluff, Nebraska
    The Courthouse and Jail Rocks formation are found close by Bridgeport, Nebraska, with the Mormon Trail, Pony Express Trail, the Oregon-California Trail and the Sidney-Deadwood Trail all pass by the formations, and they became part of the magnificent landmarks that rose from the plains for the thousands of pioneers that traveled west during the 19th century. Some of these early travelers would actually go five miles or more away from the real trails just to see these marvelous rock formations. Courthouse Rock was mentioned by hundreds of the westward going emigrants in their journals and travel logs; although it was also known as McFarlan's Castle, with the Courthouse name first being used in 1837. One intrigued traveler in 1845 said the rock looked like the ruins of a castle rising quickly from the plains, and making it quite difficult to believe that this beautiful rock wasn't created with art in mind. These travelers called it courthouse, but it does look more like a capitol. The two rocks, rise 400 feet above the plains and North Platte Valley, and are made of volcanic ash, brule clay and Gering sandstone. They are listed in the National Register of Historic Places as well as the Nebraska Natural Areas Register.

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  • Agate Fossil BedsAgate Fossil Beds National Monument Scottsbluff, Nebraska
    The Agate Fossil Beds National Monument are located near Harrison, Nebraska with the most significant properties being the valley of the Niobrara River and the fossils that were discovered on University Hill and Carnegie Hill. The region is mainly grass covered plains with such plants as the blue grama, prairie sandreed, little bluestem, needle and thread grass as well as beautiful wildflowers of sunflowers, spiderwort, lupin and western wallflower. This site is very well known for the big number of perfectly preserved Miocene fossils, the majority found in digs on the two hills. The fossils, dating back 20 million years ago, are considered some of the finest speimens of Miocene mammals and include; palaeocastor, land beavers that dug huge corkscrew-shaped burrows; miohippus which were the ancestors of the horse; stenomylus which was a gazelle like camelid; menoceras which is a pony sized rhinoceros, daeodon, a huge pig like ungulate and amphicyon which resembled a bear dog. Initially the Agate Springs Ranch, which was a working cattle ranch, owned by Capt. James Cook and now the museum there has a marvelous collection of some 500 relics from his collection of Plains Indian artifacts. The national monument was designated in 1965, but not established until 1995, with the Harold J. Cook homestead (Bone Cabin complex) is listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1994. The monument is managed by the National Park Service. It is worth mentioning that in the northeastern part of the state of Nebraska, the Ashfall fossil beds are among the most famous and most important fossil sites in the world and especially in the United State.  The collection that James Cook was able to build has surprised many visitors coming to the fossil beds and finding a marvelous visitor center containing one the best Native American collections in the world. When James first arrived in this area, he was very fortunate to meet Red Cloud of the Oglala Lakota Sioux, communicating in made on the spot sign language. During the years that followed, James would learn more of the language as the friendship developed and it also grew as did his understanding of the Sioux language. Red Cloud and many of his people would come to the ranch over the following decades. Some would have to travel as much as 150 miles from the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota to visit James; and had to have a pass to leave and return. When they got to the ranch, and settled into their camps, they would do work for James, hunt and dance beneath the trees by the ranchhouse. It soon was evident that the visit was more than it seemed; with the Indians going back to a routine before this time, when they followed game and hunted, harvesting native plants and trading with others. During the visitations, the Lakota and northern Cheyenne would give James and his family gifts, and in return, the family would give them beef and hides. Many of the gifts were hand made specifically for the Cooks, that included buckskin shirts and gloves; with some being very special, like the shirt that had belonged to Red Cloud, three generations of pipebags, one belonged to Red Cloud, one his father and the other his son; and one of Crazy Horses whetstones. James and his descendants realized that these wonderful gifts should stay at the ranchhouse, and when the park service built the present visitor center in the early 1990s, they created two rooms for the collection. One is an introduction to the ranch and the Lakota culture, with the second containing many of the most prominent artifacts; and accompanying photos to tell of the great friendship and giftgiving. 

  • North Platte Valley Museum
    The North Platte Valley Museum in Gering, Nebraska sits on the trails of the Oregon-California and Pony Express that sit in the shadow of the Scotts Bluff National Monument and about 20 miles from Chimney Rock. This marvelous museum spins a tale of immense proportions about the fur traders, emigrant trails, early settlers of the region and the Plains Indians that came to the North Platte River Valley centuries ago in the western panhandle of Nebraska. The museum's mission is to collect, research, interpret and preserve the many relics, documents and other historical materials that pertain to the wealth of history in the North Platte Valley. Inside this wonderful museum you will find 20 professionally designed displays sitting in a marvelous 10,000 square foot gallery. On the outside of the museum are real log and sod houses, constructed in the late 19th century and partly furnished with pieces that were owned by the families that lived in them. Another highlighted feature outside is the marker showing exactly where the Oregon-California Trail. The museum also houses the splendid Helen and Paul Henderson Oregon Trail Collection, which is considered to be one of the finest and most extensive research collection of trail items ever gotten together. Some of the fantastic items include; the front part of the McGrew Bank, tin ceiling from Hall's Furniture from Mitchell, tipi, murals, stone artifacts, the Haig Post Office/Bank, a general store, the Gering Courier press office, Garlock Cabin, bead work, a bull boat, a one-room schoolhouse, a 1929 Chevy business coupe and the Mud Springs pony express station. The Henderson Collection contains books, documents, maps, photographs and correspondence of the research collection. The museum also has the wonderful story of Helen and Paul, who met, married and spent the next fifty years creating this outstanding collection of trail history and memorabilia.

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  • Wyobraska Natural History MuseumWyobraska Natural History Museum Scottsbluff, Nebraska
    The Wildlife World inside the Wyobraska Natural History Museum is exactly what the name states, a world of wildlife, in fact, it is a large collection of wildlife; more than 500 wild animals that have been acquired from seven continents of pre-historic birds, animals, butterflies and other species that were natural to the western Nebraska region. The museum is more like an educational exhibit, with pre-historic copies of a hornless rhino, pictured to the right, and many fossils. Children are very amazed when they enter and see the world's biggest mammal standing 19 feet tall and 30 feet long. The place is full of wonderful dioramas like the jungle like habitat where the lion sleeps and children love to ride his back by many of his relatives that live in the hand painted diorama of their natural habitat. You'll see an arctic fox, polar bears and a large walrus in the north country diorama; and in the tundra land you can listen to the stories about the snowshoe rabbit or geese with grizzlies, Fannin, Dall and Stone sheep grazing on the painted mountainside. The museum showcases extinct animals that all of us would never see, or study, like the black faced impala from Africa. The museum opened in 1991, and sits in a historic Union Pacific Rail depot in Gering, with wooden beams and carvings that were made in the early 1900s. There are habitat exhibits from the middle east, Alaska, Europe, Africa, India and Australia.

  • Robidoux Pass Trading PostRobidoux Pass Trading Post Scottsbluff, Nebraska
    Robidoux Pass is located about 9 miles west of Gering, Nebraska, and is on the route of the Oregon Trail; designated a National Historic Landmark in 1961. It was an important landmark on the trail to Oregon and west, and in 1848, an Indian trader named Robidoux started a trading post near the landmark on the old Oregon Trail, and was abandoned after Mitchell Pass opened in 1851. The NHL program stated in 2004 that the pass should be added to the Scotts Bluff National Monument because of heavy grazing that accentuates the erosion of the site; and since it is in multiple hands, with many parcels for sale, it could become one of those fabulous sites lost because of numerous reasons. The trading post was a vital stop along the route for travelers since there wasn't any other places around, which could explain why so many journals considered them to be highway robbers. The post today, which sits way out in the boondocks is something of a replicated trading post, using some of the original beams and wood to create this newer version. It isn't too pretty inside anymore, because the elements can enter into it through the broken window, but it is authentic in that it represents what the trading post looked like in the mid19th century. There certainly isn't any costs, other than the gas to get you there, and make sure you drive along slowly or you could miss it since there are rumors that vandals have spray painted the only sign along the road to tell you where it is located. There are a few old gravesites around the area, so you might bring a picnic and make a day of it, but be careful where you walk as there are any hospitals close by if you should take a fall or be biten by something. If you are really interested in history and the history of the Oregon Trail, then this is a worthwhile visit. Just do a little research before going on your roadtrip and learn as much as possible about the history so you can use your vivid imagination to supplement some areas.

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  • W. H. Jackson CollectionPhotograph from W. H. Jackson Collection Scottsbluff, Nebraska
    William Henry Jackson is considered one of the most profuse American photographers/artists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. His lengthy life allowed him to see and record a lot of this country's history, with his thousands of photographs and hundreds of drawings, sketches and paintings. William would leave his huge collection to many prominent colleges, libraries, the Smithsonian Institute and the Scotts Bluff National Monument. The original paintings are housed in the Oregon Trail Museum at the Scotts Bluff National Monument, since a big part of his work showed the life and hardships faced by these hardy brave emigrants traveling the Oregon Trail and their pioneering lifestyles. Some of the paintings date to William's service in the Civil War, althought the majority were completed by Jackson in the 1930s when he had already passed his 90th birthday. The museum contains many of his photographs, drawings and other related material with more than 500 pieces available for your perusal and enjoyment.  Jackson was born in Keeseville, New York in 1843 and became a self-taught artist, who became a retoucher in a photographer's studio at the age of 15. He would take part in the Civil War, although not seeing any action, and then mustered out in 1863. After having his heart broken, he decided to take Horace Greeley's advice and head west, where he would be involved in some the most historical moments in the west's beginnings. His photographs of the Yellowstone region would help Congress decide to make it the first national park in 1872 and during the remainder of the century would photograph, draw, sketch and paint his travels around the western frontier and the people who both lived there and emigrated there. His collection is a magnificent collection of history and the settling of the wild west. His works are not only inspirational but also of great importance.   

  • Oregon Trail Museum and Visitor Center
    The Oregon Trail Museum and Visitor Center is a national historic building that was constructed in phases from 1935 to 1949 and contains three rooms; these include the History room where displays of the great westward expansion are, as well as a gift shop and book sales area; the William Henry Jackson room that is devoted to the drawings and paintings of this great American artist/photographer and the Landmark room that highlights the geologic and paleontological history of the region. This room also has a theater where you can watch a 12 minute slide presentation about the Oregon Trail with many Jackson paintings.

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