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Sheffield, United Kingdom is an outstanding place to vacation. The best way to see this lovely city is to hire a car from Alamo. Alamo can get in a car fast and easy. Be sure to log onto for some great  Discounts from Alamo Car hire, and then you will see the savings flow.
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Things to do in Sheffield

  • Sheffield Town Hall
    Town Hall Sheffield
    The Sheffield Town Hall stands proudly in the town centre and is a beautiful display of amazing architecture. Inside the town hall building, there lies a massive display of silverware that has been collected throughout the years. The town hall has been in the same general area since 1637, but the building that you can see today opened its doors in may of 1897. Queen Victoria was on hand and actually opened the building herself; well, in sorts, as she opened the doors with a "remote control". The building has an interesting history. All around, it is a must see when you are paying a visit to the town of Sheffield, England.

  • The Botanical Gardens in Sheffield
    The Botanical Gardens in Sheffield, England is a wonderful place to go for a leisurely stroll or relax on the grassy hillock. There are a number of different ways to enjoy these beautiful gardens, one of which is to do what was stated previously. The other popular way to take the botanical garden is to relax at one of the restaurants, bars or cafes that are located just off of the park. There is beautiful and well manicured plants and walkways that wind throughout the entire garden. This has to be on your list of things to do while you are on vacation, or just visiting, the great city of Sheffield. Enjoy your time at the Botanical Gardens.

Stanage Climbing Sheffield

Climbing at Stanage in Sheffield
This award-winning museum is a must see when you are vacationing in the Sheffield area. Not your typical museum, but it will provide an exciting day as you walk through and witiness the various medical advancements over the last 150 years. The historical information alone is amazing, and when you throw in many different, and sometimes graphic, visual aids, you will be intrigued for the entire day. Pay a visit to the Sheffield Thackary Medical Museum.

Cookridge Hall Golf and Country Club
Golfers, if you are vacationing in the Sheffield are, try your skills on the beautiful Cookridge Golf Course. This course is designed for golfers at all skill levels and it is a real treat to play on. The course has great rolling fairways, nice greens and hazards that will make the greatest of golfers nervous. The course also boast a very nice club house and a huge driving range. So, the next time that you are visiting the Sheffield area, be sure to shoot a round at the Cookridge Hall Golf and Country Club.

Enterprise rent- a- car Sheffield, England

With an Enterprise Car Hire, you get some of the greatest specials in all of Sheffield. Go out and enjoy the beautiful city on you own terms when you hire a car from Enterprise. Enterprise Car Hire Specials will get you in the car and out in the city in no time at all. Make Enterprise your next car hire company.

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Restaurants in Sheffield, England
  • The Olive Bar and Restaurant
    For the best of both worlds, a bar and a restaurant that is, you must visit the Olive Bar and Restaurant while you are in the lovely town of Sheffield in England. Whether you are there to indulge in a thirst-quenching libation, or for a delicious meal, this is the place to go. The cozy and relaxing atmosphere will provide you with the setting you need while you dine and by night, the restaurant turns into a casual bar experience. Mouthwatering food and delightful drinks, the Olive Bar and Restaurant has want you crave.
  • Vito's Italian Restaurant
    For true authentic Italian fare while you are vacationing in Sheffield, UK, be sure to stop into Vito's Italian Restaurant for an unforgettable dinning experience. Vito's prides itself on their fresh fish specialties, but offers other traditional Italian dishes like pasta and pork. The atmosphere is comfortable and cozy and is themed like a marketplace bistro, making for the perfect night out for delicious dinning. Your palette will thank you after you treat it to a night out with Vito's Italian Restaurant.
Olive Bar and Restaurant Sheffield

National Rental Cars Sheffield, England

You can count on National for all of your car hire needs when you are staying in the Sheffield area. With National Car Hires, you can see the city fast and at an affordable price. Please feel free to log onto National's web site to see what kind of Coupons National Hires Offer.

Car Hires Sheffield, England - 40 Corporation Street

  • Sheffield Ski Village Sheffield Ski Village
    The Sheffield Ski Village is a perfect place to spend a day on the slopes. The village is the largest dry ski slope in all of Europe and it also boasts large snow boarding facilities. After an exciting day of the slopes, relax and unwind at one of their various restaurants, cafes, lounges or bars. Sit back and enjoy the view of the slopes when you are dinning or just having a drink. You'll have a great time when you visit the Sheffield Ski Village in Sheffield, UK.
  • Parson House Outdoor Pursuits Centre
    The Parson House Outdoor Pursuits Centre is the place to go when you would like to spend a day doing various outdoor activities. The Parsons House offers many different fun and exciting things to do like kayaking, climbing or canoeing. You will also find that the centre offers various more than ordinary activities as well, mostly suitable for all ages. Take your adventurous side and spend a day at the Parson House Outdoor Pursuits Centre when you are visiting Sheffield, UK.

avis discount rental car Sheffield, England

Avis Car Hires will have you on the road in not time at all. Their fast and friendly staff will help you find the greatest deals in Sheffield for car hires. Check out Avis online for some Great Avis Specials. If you need to hire a car, make sure you check out Avis.
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Avis Car Hires in Sheffield - Ebneezer Street

  • Sheffield Weston ParkSheffield West Park
    Sheffield Weston Park is a gorgeous park located right by the city's university. Its rolling grass fields make Weston Park an ideal place for a nice picnic or just for relaxing for a while. If relaxing isn't your thing, the grassy fields are also used for various games, a little something that will get your heart rate going. Whatever you decide to do while visiting Weston Park, you will fall in love with its unmistakable beauty. Be sure to pay this wonderful park a visit when you are in Sheffield.
  • Rother Valley Country Park
    Rother Valley Country Park is a 750 acre park located in the center of the city. It is home to an 18th century mill that is now serves as  a visitors' center, an information center and an exhibition hall. The mill tells of the history of the area and what is being done today to ensure that this historical park is around for lifetimes to come. The park also boasts various water activities that are located at the main lake. Spend a day at the Rother Valley County Park for an excellent day of fun and nature.

Thrifty Car Rental Sheffield, England

Thrifty Car Rental will get you where you need to go when you are visiting the Sheffield area. For some of the best prices in car hires, be sure that you give Thrifty a look. Car Hire Specials from Thrifty can get you in your car and seeing the city in minutes. The next time that you need a car hire, make it Thrifty.

Car Hires Sheffield-The Gate House - Richmond Park Rd

  • Sheffield Fire and Police MuseumMuseum of Fire and Police
    The Sheffield Museum of Police and Fire is a museum that showcases the history of the emergency services in the city of Sheffield and the surrounding area. Some of the exhibits include equipment and vehicles from various time periods and many different emergency services uniforms from all around the globe. The museum is nestled inside the Fire Station in the old city centre and boasts a cafe and a place for the young ones to play around in. This is a great place to go to learn about the history of Sheffield's emergency services.
  • Just for Kids
    If you are vacationing in the Sheffield area with your family, be sure to bring your children to the best spot in the area, Just For Kids. Just For Kids is a great place to go for kids to just be kids. They boast various children activities that will keep your young ones busy for the entire day. The different play area at Just For Kids is made for children from ages 4 and up. Just For Kids also has a snack bar where you can purchase food and drinks. When you and your family are in Sheffield, pay a visit to Just For Kids.

Dollar Rent-A-Car Chicago

Dollar-Rent-A-Car is one of the most reputable names in the car hire business, so it should come as no surprise when they offer you some of the hottest specials in all of Sheffield.  Dollar Car Hire Coupons will help you find the greatest prices across the board. Please visit their easy to navigate web site to see for yourself..

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  • Wortley Top Forge SheffieldWortley Top Forge Sheffield
    The Wortley Top Forge in Sheffield, UK, is considered the oldest Heavy Iron Forge in the world that is still standing. Its roots date back to 1640, and it has produced some of the biggest works of metal in the area, like Wrought Iron Railway Axles. The mill has three water powered wheels that can function when the conditions are correct. This is an amazing building that boasts some of the oldest artifacts in the era. This is a must see when you are visiting the Sheffield area.
  • Paradise Square
    Paradise Square is located in Sheffield, UK and is home to a magnificent display of 18th century homes that still have their charm from the time period when they were built. The square was also host to many public meetings, thanks largely to the fact that the square is built on a slope. The is a beautiful part of Sheffield, so make sure you add to your list of things to do when you are visiting the area. Don't forget to bring your camera!

Hertz Rent-A-Car Sheffield

Let Hertz be your source for all of your car hire needs. With Hertz quick and courteous service, you know you will be getting the car you want, at the price you want and the service that you need.  Car Hire Specials from Hertz can be found on their easy to navigate web site at

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  • Bishop's House Museum Sheffield Bishops House Museum
    The Bishop's House Museum is an great place to visit while you are in the Sheffield area. This is one of the oldest and best preserved homes of its kind in Sheffield. What is amazing about this home is that it still has the original frame work and much of the furniture and fittings throughout the home are the originals, back from when the home was built in 1500. The home, now a museum, takes you back to a unique time period in history and tells a magnificent story. There are still documents and illustrations in the home that reveal the tale of a town. This is a must see when you are in the Sheffield area.
  • Harry Brearley Sundial
    The Harry Brearley Sundial was built to commemorate the birthday of Harry Brearley, the man credited to inventing stainless steel. Wendy Taylor sculpted the structure and it was erected in 1991, in the area where Brearley was employed at the time of his discovery, Brown Bayley steelworks. We all know the work that Brearley has done, because chances are that when you sit down to eat with silverware, you are using stainless steel. At the base of the sundial is information about Harry Brearley and how to use the sundial to tell the time.