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Things to do in Southampton

    Tudor House Museum  Tudor House Museum Southampton, England
    The Tudor House Museum in Southampton, England is over five centuries old, and is the city's most famous and most historically significant landmark in the city. It is a timber structure that dominates St. Michael's Square, and was constructed in 1492, about the time Columbus discovered America, but originally had been three houses that dated back to 1150AD. It has been home to many of the city's most prominent people including John MP, John Dawtrey, that created the structure, Sir Richard Lyster that had been the Chief Justice of England and George Rogers a well-to-do artist as well as serving as a dye house and bookbinder. The garden is an authentically rebuilt 16th century Tudor Knot garden and well maintained. The museum houses one of Henry VIII's cannons, a minstrel's gallery, old kitchens, very creaky floorboards and some believe, the ghost of Anne Boleyn. She would stay there when Henry came to visit Sir Richard Lyster, the chief justice. The marvelous garden behind the house contains a beautiful mulberry tree that was planted by the Huguenots in 1570 and it is filled with fruit in season. The museum is closed for renovations presently but it will reopen this summer and showcase the beautiful relics from the Edwardian and Victorian periods; as well as the history of the local areas.  The house has been investigated by paranormal folks and they did have some experiences, that others have spoken about and there was one room that their dogs wouldn't even enter. So, if you are looking for a haunting place to visit, besides being half a millennium years old, then this is a great place to go, and it was also one of the few buildings during WWII that wasn't hit by any bombs.  The recreated garden was done by Dr. Sylvia Landsberg, and she is very careful to distinguish whether these types of gardens can be reconstructed, restored or recreated, which is what she did because there weren't any plans, drawings or other hints of what the gardens looked like. There is a knot garden, period plants, hives for honey bees, a rose arbor, a tunnel of vines and heraldic beasts located there.  

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    Southampton Maritime MuseumSouthampton Maritime Museum Southampton, England
    The Southampton Maritime Museum in Southampton, England is located in the Wool House that had been a medieval warehouse in the city many years ago. It has documented the outstanding maritime history and heritage of the city and Solent region, as well as being a base for many ocean liners and the unique connection it had with the RMS Titanic. The warehouse would be constructed in the early 15th century, to be used for storing wool that was waiting to be exported to Italy, and during the early 19th century it would become a prison for Napoleon's troops. The city restored it eventually and has converted it to be used as a wonderful maritime museum. In the early years of the 20th century, it would be occupied by the Moonbeam Engineering Company Ltd. that manufactured motor launches and then expanded to include the sale of wrought iron propellers and marine engines to be exported across the globe. Edwin Moon would use a small corner to realize his personal dream of constructing an airplane and flying it from land that was located at North Stoneham in 1910, on fields that would eventually become the Southampton International Airport. The museum contains so much more about the Titanic and her crew, their feelings and recollections, the consequences for them and the families that they left behind; much of what continues to reverberate to this day. But that story is just a small piece of the larger puzzle that includes the city's long term relationship with international cruises and cargo ships, and its own part in the launching of transatlantic Queens. Returning to the excellent history of the warehouse, once the wool trade declined in the latter part of the 16th century, it would be used as an alum store, a chemical used to prep clothes and materials for dyeing, and during the 18th century, it would house the Napoleonic prisoners of war; which can still be seen by the carvings some of them did on the beams of the first floor cells. The warehouse would be transformed and opened as a maritime museum in 1966. A few of the outstanding exhibits include the exciting and interesting one about the Titanic and its aftermath effects, Queen Mary-Queen of the Seas, Docks Remembered and All Hands on Deck.

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Local Restaurants in Southampton

    Olive Tree Restaurant
    Entrees; Olivetree paella with chicken, rosario chorizo & selection of fish & shellfish; linguini with king prawns, mussels, crayfish, crab meat, cherry tomatoes, lemon, garlic & hint of chili; roasted corn-fed chicken breast wrapped in pancetta on creamed Savoy cabbage; pan fried calves liver topped with crispy pancetta on mashed potatoes, finished with a confit shallot & red wine jus; pan roasted fillet of pork rolled with sage & wrapped in parma ham on crushed new potatoes & wholegrain mustard cream; pan roasted fillet of lamb cooked in a mushroom, red onion & brandy cream sauce; pan roasted duck breast on roasted new potatoes, with a raspberry, honey & Madeira sauce; char-grilled ribeye steak topped with prawn & herb butter, on sauté mushrooms & grilled cherry vine tomatoes; baked aubergine stuffed with veggie risotto on salad of rocket & parmesan, finished with truffle oil; char-grilled halloumi & butternut squash stack with tomato compote & sprinkled with toasted pine nuts; linguini with wild mushrooms confit shallots & dolcelatte cream sauce, topped with char-grilled asparagus spears.

    Oxford's Bar Restaurant
    Entrees; Oxfords NY chicken Caesar salad with anchovies; red Thai chicken curry & jasmine rice; freshly made pasta of the day; Oxfords housemade hamburger with Swiss cheese & FF; fish pie supreme with mixed leaf salad; Italian salad with prosciutto, artichokes, braised peppers & olives with mozzarella croutons; poached smoked haddock, creamed mash, wilted spinach & wholegrain mustard cream; roasted butternut squash with sautéed mushrooms, potato, herbs & truffle oil; herb crusted rack of lamb, spiced red cabbage & garlic fondant potatoes; grilled fillets of sea bass, sunblushed tomatoes, herb crushed potatoes & dill hollandaise; crisp belly of Hampshire pork, wilted spinach, dauphinoise potato, apple puree; pan fried calves liver, mash, red onion & crispy bacon; fillet of cod with red wine shallots, hand cut chips & spring onion mayonnaise; pan fried breast of corn fed chicken, coq au vin jus & truffle mash; roasted Gressingham duck breast, honey roasted veggies & new potatoes; char-grilled 10oz. ribeye steak, vine tomatoes, mushrooms & FF; aged 8oz. filet steak, vine tomatoes, mushrooms & FF.


Pan Roasted Lamb Olive Tree Restaurant Southampton, England




Red Thai Curry Chicken Oxford's Bar Restaurant Southampton, England




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Hertz Rental Cars Southampton- W. Quay Rd.
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Hertz Rental Car Fareham - 8 Sharlands Rd.
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    Bucklers Hard Bucklers Hard Southampton, England
    Bucklers Hard is an 18th century village just outside of Southampton, England, and it is where the ships used by Nelson's navy would be constructed, on the banks of the Beaulieu River that is located in the midst of the New Forest National Park. The maritime museum located there corroborates and illuminates the history of the shipbuilding industry that had been such an integral part of the village and its economy, while offering beautiful views of the countryside and river. The village has an incredible history, but the most exciting period would be from 1750 to 1820, when they were building many ships for Lord Nelson fleet, which included his famous flagship, Agamemnon; and they were able to make use of the magnificent forests located around the area, especially of the oak from the New Forest, but more of this information is readily available at the small maritime museum located in the village. Many scenes of the village and area was seen by many around the world during the film called A Man for All Seasons. Just to the west of Southampton, the mainland juts out to form a odd shaped peninsula, that is hemmed in on the west side by the Beaulieu River, and was used at one time as a haven for smugglers and pirates; since policing the region was next to impossible as the roads were nothing more than muddy tracks and visits or trips to the coastal hamlets were better reached by the water. The western boundary of the smugglers area is marked by the Beaulieu River, which was also used to take small boats up and down the river with all kinds of good and contraband, with many of the local farmers becoming involved in the trade as it was easy money. Buckler's Hard was considered one of the best places to land and disperse the smuggled goods, and one of the cottages that was used extensively then is now a chapel. In the village of Beaulieu, the palace house would be used quite a bit as well since it seemed to be vacant a majority of the time, and the fact that these smugglers would ensure its vacancy by creating ghostly effects and stories helped it stay that way. The shore on the west side of the river was known as a treacherous area with mud flats that could suck a man to his death if they were unawares of its existence, and many of the smugglers would tie boards or barrel-staves to their feet so they could travel through the flats without any problems. There is an old tale about the smugglers that were traveling by horseback when a barrel of brandy fell from one of the pack horses and smashed on a rock. The entire group stopped, took off their shoes quickly and began sopping up any brandy they could with their shoes and drank it all.

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    St. Barbe Museum & Art GallerySt. Barbe Museum & Art Gallery St. Barbe, England
    St. Barbe Museum preserves, collects and interprets the exciting history of Lymington and the New Forest coastline that is located close to Southampton, England and showcases the many hands-on exhibits that provide an exciting history of the village's development as a market town and port, with outstanding information, documents and details about the smuggling, salt makers and boat industry that lived along the Solent shore. The art galleries host many interesting and informative programs and exhibitions that usually include works on loan from many regional and national collections, as well as those historical works that pertain to their particular history and heritage. The museum is governed by the Lymington Museum Trust, a registered charity, that opened in 1999, quickly becoming known as one of the best museums and art galleries in the area. The village's location by the river would give it easy access to Solent and the Isle of Wight, and also cause it to become a popular site for tens of thousands of years, with outstanding and numerous natural advantages to the region and people. It would get its own charter in 1200 by the Earl of Devon; which would allow the village to have a weekly market and annual fair, that in turn would bring much of the surrounding farmers into the village for trade and commerce. That led to the village becoming a successful trading village and port, using the abundant forests located around it for the wood necessary to construct ships. The unique composition of the land located there would allow the area to become a salt producer in the 18th and early 19th centuries, while smuggling began to grow into a sizable industry itself. During the 19th and 20th centuries, the village would become a center for building and then, racing yachts, and did become a center for engineering with the creation of the Wellworthy Piston Ring company that would become a major supplier of engine parts to the motor and aeronautical factories in the nation, from WWI to the 1980s. Presently, it has become a well known tourist center, as well as yachting and boating, with many other outstanding attractions that have made it one of the more popular locations in the area.

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Thrifty Car Rental Bournemouth- Hinton Rd.
Portsmouth Thrifty Rental Cars
 Ind. Est. Walton Rd. Farlington

Salisbury Thrifty Rental Cars - 1 Brunel Rd.

    Solent Sky - Hall of AviationSolent Sky Museum Southampton, England
    The Solent Sky Museum houses the aviation history of the region around the Solent region and Hampshire, that may have been the most significant area in the nation or perhaps even the world, for aircraft experimental and developmental work for both military and civil aviation. This outstanding museum depicts the story and history of 26 aircraft companies, the legendary Spitfire that would be designed at Supermarine by R. J. Mitchell in the midst of Southampton and the biggest flying boat operation in the world. The Southampton Hall of Aviation would began with the initiatives of the commanding officer of the 424 Southampton Squadron of the Air Training Corps (ATC), Squadron Leader Alan Jones. The ATC cadets, along with their officers and instructors would be instrumental in creating the first R. J. Mitchell Memorial Museum in 1976. As the years passed by and many changes made, Solent Sky, incorporating the R. J. Mitchell Museum, would open in 1984, with outstanding help from other agencies and companies, the excellent exhibitions at Solent aviation would become the magnificent attraction it is today. Because of the outstanding help and assistance of the ATC cadets, an exhibition opened dedicated to their efforts and marvelous history. As the years continued rushing past, the museum would become nationally and internationally known, with the collections expanding at an amazing rate, so that many of the exhibits would have to be downsized so that more could be housed in the museum. Besides the wonderful tribute to the people and their work in the aviation industry, the museum has decided to include many of the famous and significant people that were involved in the industry and the test pilots that offered their lives to help this exciting industry take off. Eight of these brave men would make world records across the Solent region, and all this information and more is located in the museum. Some of the more outstanding examples of flight that would come out of the region include Avro 504, S6B, AST Ensign, SRA/1, DeHavilland Vampire, The Princess, Black Knight, Fairey Delta, Hovercraft, Norman Islander, Spitfire and flying boats.

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    Beaulieu HouseBeaulieu Palace House Beaulieu, Hampshire, England
    The Beaulieu Palace House is a magnificent 13th century mansion in Beaulieu, Hampshire, England that had been constructed in the 13th century to be used as the Great Gatehouse of Beaulieu Abbey and the ancestral home of the Montagu family since 1538, after it would be purchased by the family after the Dissolution of the Monasteries by Henry VIII. The house would be enlarged in the 16th century and once more in the 19th century, which has created this marvelous mansion that is an excellent example of a gothic country house today. It looks out over the Beaulieu River, encompassed by lawns and walkways, while the interior is Victorian and maintained that style. The house is still owned by the Lord and Lady Montagu, but portions of the house are open to the public for their interests and enjoyment, and it is a member of the Treasure Houses of England consortium. The house is just one part of the attraction known as Beaulieu and includes the other following destinations as well; the Beaulieu Abbey, rides, National Motor Museum, a monorail, Beaulieu Palace House, gardens, James Bond experience, that houses an exhibition of vehicles from his films, the Secret Army exhibition that contains an exhibit on the Special Operations Executive training at Beaulieu during WWII and World of Top Gear. The monastic origins of the marvelous house can be seen throughout the mansion, where there are many family treasures, photographs, memorabilia and portraits, and still a home used on a regular basis by the Montagu family. It is a beautiful old house, for want of a better name, although it looks like a castle, or monastery, or even an abbey, with many windows, chimneys, a parapet or two, and the size is immense.

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