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Alamo Car Rentals South Dakota

Alamo Rental Cars will give you the BEST discount and help for you and your family on your next vacation.  No one gives you a better deal in the car rental business than Alamo Car Rentals.  Head over to our web site at  to get the best discounts online.

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Rapid City Airport Alamo Car Rentals - 4550 Terminal Rd.
Alamo Car Rentals Sioux Falls Airport
- 2801 Jaycee Lane
Sioux Falls Alamo Car Rentals
- 5200 S. Louise Ave.

Things to do in South Dakota
Mount Rushmore Keystone, South Dakota

  • Mount Rushmore National Memorial
    Near the town of Keystone, South Dakota, the granite sculptures of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt look down upon the plains of this great state keeping a watchful eye over the grand democracy that they helped to build, guide, defend and die for.  This is the biggest monument in the nation, sitting over 5000 feet above sea level and representing the first 150 years of this great country's history.  Gutzon Borglum was the main sculptor and designer, while his son Lincoln did some finish work after his untimely death due to surgical complications.  Over 400 men and women were involved in the actual work, using Borglum's smaller sculpture to go by.  It was one twelfth the size of the huge monument.   Dynamite was used to help carve out some of the rock at Mount Rushmore with a process known as honeycombing next.  About 90% of the mountain was carved out using dynamite to remove unnecessary rock.  This dynamite was used to blow all but 3 to 6 inches of rock away from the mountain, then the drillers and assistant carvers would drill numerous holes in the rock close together so that the pieces could be taken away; thus the term honeycombing.  From 1927 until 1941, the workers created this colossal monument to the country's finest Presidents and it has been a magnet for people from all over the country and world.  The mountain was originally known as the Six Fathers to the Lakota Sioux and then renamed after Charles E. Rushmore, a well known New York lawyer that explored the area in 1885.  The first reason for the carving was to bring more tourists to the Black Hills of South Dakota, but after Congress got involved and President Calvin Coolidge, it got Congressional approval.  There were some people that got hurt, but no one died.  The sixty foot sculptures were supposed to go to the waist, but funding ran out in 1941 and the second World War put a complete ending to the massive project.  A controversy is going on between the Lakota and the government, but the Treaty of Fort Laramie in 1868, stated the tribe would have the Black Hills forever, but it was not resolved.  There is some controversy among the Native Americans also, as the Lakota took the land from the Cheyenne in 1776.

Budget rent a car South Dakota

One of the best car rental companies in the business is Budget Rent-A-Car.  With the best customer service and new quality selections Budget is the best car rental company.  Budget Rental Cars will get you out on the road in no time and without any problems.  Head over to our new web site and check out the best online discount specials in the car rental business at Budget.
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Pierre Regional Airport Budget Rentals - 3900 Airport Rd. 
Budget Rentals Rapid City Regional Apt - 4500 Terminal Rd.

Enterprise rent- a- car South Dakota

At Enterprise Car Rentals you will get a BIG discount on your next vacation or trip.  Enterprise can give you great selections on new quality vehicles to choose from and the friendliest staff to help you.  Visit our new web site today and start saving with Enterprise Rental Car Coupons

Sioux Falls Enterprise Rental Car - 2801 N. Jaycee Ln
Enterprise Rental Car Sioux Falls
- 4101 W. 41st St.
Enterprise Sioux Falls Rental Car - 1322 N. Minnesota Ave.

Local Restaurants in South Dakota
  • Minerva's

  • The best restaurant to eat at in Sioux Falls, South Dakota is Minerva's, where the cuisine is excellent, the service impeccable and the setting fabulous.  With the charming atmosphere to enjoy those romantic interludes, or to just go in for lunch or dinner, the culinary delights will certainly make your mouth water and nose perk up with the aromas of great food.  It has been around here since 1977 and gained a reputation among the locals and visitors alike.  So when traveling to this part of the country, stop in and try some of the best food in these parts.  A few of the marvelous offerings include;  starting with appetizers; Minerva's crab artichoke bake is crabmeat blended with cream cheese, artichokes, lemon, dill, and three pepper blend cooked under the broiler with cheddar and jack cheeses and served with crackers and bread; smoke salmon flatbread is a crispy lavash flatbread layered with boursin cheese, smoked Atlantic salmon, red onions, capers and tomato dill pico de galo; or coconut shrimp is coconut battered jumbo shrimp with wasabi laced Asian dipping sauce and one other superb idea is the black pepper onion rings which are cracked black pepper seasoned onion rings with creamy horseradish dipping sauce.  The appetizers are so wonderful that one more needs to be included; duck lettuce wraps are bib lettuce cups filled with shredded duck, green onions, carrots, snow peas and bell peppers with spicy peanut sauce; a real winner here.  Salads are another special temptation and include; Maytag bleu cheese romaine salad which is a great American bleu cheese from Newton, Iowa and garnished with toasted almonds; cranberry pecan chicken salad is fresh spinach tossed with pears, Gorgonzola, craisins, red onions, spicy pecans and cranberry vinaigrette topped with charbroiled chicken.  If you need further tantalizing tidbits, then try the pasta menu including; Minerva's Cajun chicken linguine which is a pan-seared Cajun spiced chicken breast with fresh vegetables, almonds, butter cream and white wine; sausage and broccolini ravioli is seasoned Italian sausage and broccolini ravioli with strips of roasted yellow bell peppers, fresh spinach and crushed plum tomato sauce.  The specialties include; Minerva's famous roasted half duckling slow roasted and crisped under the top broiler, with wild rice blend and asparagus; Puget Sound crepe is stuffed with small Alaskan shrimp, bay scallops, and crab meat in a white wine seafood sauce or the beef tenderloin crepe that is stuffed with wild rice pilaf or mashed potatoes and topped with fresh sautéed premium steak tips in stroganoff sauce and fresh sautéed mushrooms.

Minerva's Restaurant Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Minerva's Sioux Falls, South Dakota

 prime rib Firehouse Brewing Co. Rapid City, South Dakota

boneless bbq wings Firehouse Brewing Co. Rapid City, South Dakota


National Rental Cars South Dakota

You will be on the road in no time with National Car Rentals.  National's great staff and selection of new quality vehicles will make your vacation more enjoyable right off.  Start saving money when you make your reservation at National Rental Cars by logging onto our secure web site with the biggest discounts in the business. National Rental Car Coupons.
Rapid City Airport National Car Rental 
- 4550 Terminal Rd.
National Car Rental Sioux Falls - 5200 S. Louise Ave.
Sioux Falls Airport National Car Rental  
- 2801 Jaycee Lane

  • Wounded Knee Monument and Massacre site Wounded Knee Monument Wounded Knee, South Dakota
    The massacre at Wounded Knee, South Dakota is probably one of the most famous or really infamous moments in our sad history dealing with the Native Americans in our and most assuredly their nation.  Upon the death of Sitting Bull, Chief Big Foot was worried about the safety of his tribe, that was mostly widows and children left over from the Plains War.  The chief was on the list of people causing disturbances and had been ordered to be arrested.  The chief and his little band were on their way to get protection from Chief Red Cloud at Pine Ridge; but he got pneumonia on the way and was put in a wagon.  Coming to Porcupine Creek, the group of Indians were met by four troops of cavalry led by Major Samuel Whitside of the Seventh Cavalry.  Blankets wet with blood and his nose bleeding, the chief rose to talk to Whitside who stated that the group must be taken to Wounded Knee Creek.  The chief said they were going that way to Pine Ridge and the two groups went on, with the chief riding in an ambulance wagon supplied by Whitside.  Two troops in front and two in back brought the group to Wounded Knee, and arrived at dusk.  The Indians were counted, 120 men and 230 women and children.  The major had been instructed to take their weapons, but the scout had said it would be better if they waited until reaching Wounded Knee Creek and they did; whereupon the major again decided to wait until the morning.  Making sure that the tribe would not leave, the major posted two troops around the camp and put their Hotchkiss guns on a rise nearby facing the Indian lodges.

avis discount rental car South Dakota

Avis Car Rentals is waiting to make your next visit to South Dakota, the best.  At Avis, renting a car is very easy and without any worries.  Avis Rental Cars will help you choose the best vehicle for your vacation and our courteous staff will help.  Get the very BEST discounts at Avis Rental Cars.  Start saving money right now by going to our new web site for the best deals.        Avis Offers.
                                             Avis Discounts

Sioux Falls Regional Apt Avis Car Rental  - 2801 Jaycee Lane
Avis Car Rental Pierre Airport
- 3605 Airport Rd.
Rapid City Regional Apt Avis Rental  
- 4550 Terminal Rd.
Aberdeen Regional Apt Avis Rental  
- 4740 6th Ave.

  • Fort Meade MuseumFort Meade Museum Fort Meade, South Dakota
    In the winter of 1878 and 79, Fort Meade was constructed on a site that was personally picked by General Phil Sheridan, famous for his Civil War exploits, and he rode the 12 mile square area telling where certain buildings were to be built.  Units of the 1st and 11th Cavalry and the remains of the 7th were stationed here to protect the people coming into the area to search for gold and/or settle.  Some were here before the Black Hills Treaty of 1877 but all needed protection, after the massacre at Wounded Knee and Custer's last stand.  This fort replaced Camp J. C. Sturgis that was built in July of 1878 near Bear Butte and located at the front of the natural gap going into the Black Hills and a main Indian trail going into the most favorite hunting grounds of the Sioux.  It was also well traveled by pioneers on their way to Bismarck, Sidney or Fort Pierre.  The camp's name was changed to Camp Ruhlen by the quartermaster Lt. George Ruhlen that built the camp first and then named Meade for the famous Civil War hero, George Meade.  The 7th Cavalry was reformed after its disaster at the Little Big Horn in 1876 and it was stationed there first, with Colonel Samuel Sturgis becoming the commander; as well as being one of the founding fathers of the town that bears his name nearby and now site of the well known Sturgis Bike Fest.  Fort Meade was the place where the lone survivor of the Little Big Horn, a cavalry horse named Commanche, was retired with military honors.

Dollar Rent-A-Car South Dakota

Dollar Rental Cars will give you the best discount and most reliable vehicle in the car rental business.  With a name like Dollar, you know that you are going to get the very best of everything.  Dollar Rent A Car will make sure that your vacation is fast and hassle free.

Rapid City Regional Apt Dollar Car Rental - 410 N. Campbell

  • South Dakota Cultural Heritage Center
    Started to save the historical and cultural legacies of the early Sioux residents and European immigrants, this center brings history to life with research , educational programs and cultural exhibits.  You can view many early Native American exhibitions to the time when the first white man came to this land.  He brought the most horrible changes to the Sioux people with hordes of settlers, tearing up the land and building homesteads where they hunted buffalo and other animals for centuries; river boats that blossomed stinking smoke of coal and other minerals; as well as the railroads that desecrated his sacred lands, killed millions of the buffalo and forced the People from their lands.  Visit a sod house, listen to stories by a pioneer woman, see the Lakota teepee up close and see how the gold was mined from the hills of the Native American burial grounds.  The museum contains a collection of 1339 Native American artifacts that is noteworthy because of its documentation and quality.  The museum is built into the side of a hill and parts of it are underground, and all of it depicts the early years of this great state. 

Hertz Car Rental South Dakota and have teamed up to give the biggest discounts in the car rental business. will make sure that you get your vehicle fast and worry free.  You will get the best deal online for the South Dakota area by using Hertz Discounts.

Hertz Rental Aberdeen Regional Apt- 44 E. Highway 12
Foss Field Hertz Car Rental - 2801 Jaycee Lane
Hertz Rental Rapid City Regional Apt - 4550 Terminal Rd.