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Things to do in Spokane

  • Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture Spokane, Washington
    The Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture was originally called the Cheney Cowles Museum and is found in the city of Spokane, Washington; and is associated with the Smithsonian Institute. The MAC, as it is called locally, is the owner and manager of the Campbell House, giving tours, of a magnificent 1898 house designed by architect Kirtland Cutter. It is the biggest cultural organization in the northwest, containing 5 underground galleries, a cafe, education center, gift shop, the Center of Plateau Cultural Studies, community room and orientation gallery. Besides the Campbell House, and museum, there is an auditorium, outdoor amphitheater, library and archives. The complex highlights the three major disciplines of visual art, American Indian and other cultures and regional history. Located a mile from downtown Spokane, it is quite easy to get to and a marvelous way to learn more about this marvelous city and the people that have settled here. The collections housed here include more than 68,000 items that represent fine art and cultural materials from Europe, Asia and the Americas. The regional history relates to the broad themes of domestic arts, exploration, entertainment/community events, settlement, communications and economics. Inside this excellent collection there is a great textile collection that has clothing and quilts from the mid19th century to the current day and a wonderful interpretive program found in the Campbell House that was constructed by the mine owner Amasa B. Campbell, with all the original furnishings and research documents. In the American Indian collection there representations from all the major cultural groups in the Americas; as well as one of the most prominent collections of plateau cultural material in the nation that is complemented by 10,000 photographic images of the plateau Indian culture; and includes artworks of living American Indian artisans of the plateau. The Fine Arts collection contains major historical regional paintings, marvelous artworks of the WPA's Spokane Art Center that flourished from 1938 to 1941, and includes the outstanding work of Vanessa Z. Helder's Grand Coulee Dam Construction painting and works on paper. The museum has centered its collection efforts by focusing on regional contemporary art as well as art that has been created by the well known artists of the area, and include works by; James Lavadour, Kristen Capp, Jim Hodges, Patti Warashina and Doug Safranek. There is an important and delightful installation piece that was produced by Edward and Nancy Reddin Kienholz.  One of the most exciting and interesting new exhibits is called "Stories From Within", and it includes magnificent paintings that were painted years ago, or even centuries ago, and based on the viewer's perception or imagination, a story unfolds; your story, your interpretation of what is painted, or shown. There are many stories already listed on the page, but there always seems to be room for more; and depending on your senses, the story can be as short as one line, or as long as a novel. It is all depending on you and your feelings as to the painting that is shown to you. It is a very special exhibition, in fact, you can say it is the only one of its kind in the world, since every person visiting has some kind of tale to tell or story to use. When visiting Spokane, be sure to visit the display and see what others have written and perhaps you will have some special epiphany to enlighten the museum, it visitors or even the world.

  • Centennial Trail
    The Spokane River Centennial Trail is a 37 mile paved trail in Washington state, and was built for recreational and transportational uses, extending from Nine Mile Falls, Washington to the Washington Idaho border. It meanders through the cities of Spokane, Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake and is separated into three portions. The Riverside portion is that part of the trail that sits inside the Riverside State Park; urban is the area inside the city of Spokane and the valley refers to the Spokane Valley area that lies west of the border. Once passing into Idaho, the trail continues on as the North Idaho Centennial Trail. After the Expo of 1974, citizens of the city suggested a mixed use trail along the river, and it expanded in the state and into Idaho as well, by 1986, stating that together they could build the trail in time for both of their centennials; Washington would be 1989 and Idaho 1990. The trail is a favorite of all people in the region that live along the trail, as well as others that come here to enjoy walking, hiking, riding bicycles, jogging or running. The main area is centered in downtown Spokane, and flows along beside the Spokane River, following its zigzag course as it goes from the Idaho border to the fall at Nine Mile. In 2008, the trail was being used by 2 million individuals, living here or coming here to enjoy the recreational opportunities that exist along and on the trail. It is a marvelous place to enjoy walking along the river and enjoying the sights, or just finding a quiet spot to sit, read a great book and listen in the back of your mind to the birds and trees as they blow in the winds of your mind. Also along the way, there are numerous places to stay overnight, as well as enjoying a great meal. There is also a campground in the Riverside State Park, as well as Nine Mile Falls.

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  • Carr's One of a Kind in the World MuseumCarr's One of A Kind Museum Spokane, Washington
    Marvin Carr's One of a Kind in the World Museum houses the unique, the splendid and the gorgeous, items that he has collected over the years and now contains in his very unique and exciting museum; located in Spokane, Washington. Marvin was born in 1927, and began his life as a railroad switchman. He was injured on the job, and retiring, began to invest his money wisely, cashing in his stocks at age 70, and dreamed of opening his own special museum. Not being formerly connected to any museum or having any of the usual credentials, he purchased an old warehouse that would contain his one-of-a-kind antiquities, and after setting it up, began to buy unique items. He was kept very busy doing this, as the objects were all over the nation. He purchased the fancy cars that were once owned by Jackie Gleason, John F. Kennedy and Elvis, and letting visitors sit in any of them, quite different from the usual fare of museums, especially dealing with antique and historical cars. Just knowing that the car is here for them to share and sit in has brought many fans of Elvis, Jackie and John; delirious to share the same space as their former heroes had enjoyed. Marvin doesn't charge much for the visit, and spends a lot on the objects he acquires, sitting himself as the world's worst businessman; but he did sell the Kennedy car in 2008 for enough money to keep the museum running until 2014. The museum hasn't changed because of the sale, since it wasn't the death car. Beside Gleason's limo there stands a one-of-a-kind custom built Jackie Gleason dummy sitting in an overstuffed chair made of cane. He sports a shot glass in one hand, a cigarette in the other, with pool cues leaning against his legs. Jackie lived and passed on in Florida, therefore he put a stuffed alligator on the roof of the limo. Marvin admits he is a big fan of the man, Jackie Gleason, and the dummy is flanked by two silver skinned mannequins, topless, that he acquired downtown, and knows that Jackie was a ladies' man, so thought they would complement him quite well. Marvin came across an artisan that will drill the eyes out of the mannequins and put glass eye balls back, which to him is very important. Marvin gives all his visitors a personal tour, spanning from exotic treasures to gag gifts that were normally found in the bars of the 1950s. On one wall, he has living death masks of the old Hollywood stars, right next to a matador costume and two stuffed squirrels riding a miniature fire engine. "Hurry, nuts on fire," reads the sign that he made himself, and he walks past the world's biggest model WWII destroyer, that spans 13 feet. Another unique but exquisite detailed craft is the small copy of a 17th century French warship that is made of 27,500 matchsticks. Marvin then flips a switch that causes the biggest Chokie lion ever shot to growl and a recent purchase of the biggest black bear ever stuffed in the world. Numerous memorable items were made by Marvin, out of junk, like the hand made cathedral with music and lights, while he stands in the dark corner of the room to watch the expressions of those taking the tour; which he admits is half the fun and a good reason to conduct the tour himself. Near that is the Sir Guy's Frog Band sitting on an elevated platform, he pulls aside the metallic gold sheet, dims the lights and the band's five frogs spring into action with a scratchy recording of Frankie and Johnny. In the next room, called the Room of Dazzle, the exhibits didn't look much different, but since you have to go under a svelte mannequin temptress and through a beaded curtain, you better be prepared for the dazzling of a lifetime. Inside are many dolls, framed displays, DrumSmoke and a miniature circus. DrumSmoke is a small stage with a wind-up Indian banging on his drum, a laughable battery-powered bear smoking a pipe and Marvin's hand coming through a hole in the wall to keep the two stars in place. Next to this dazzling room, there are many treasures he keeps in glass cases, an ashtray that has a boy peeing into it, another stuffed squirrel, only this one is riding a tiny motorcycle that has one of Marvin's own famous signs, with "Putt Putt Looking for Nuts", and an opium pipe that was discovered in the rubble of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. A life-size Spiderman dummy stands nearby, in chains, somewhat behind a stuffed polar bear, a copy of King Tut's sarcophagus, hand crafted by Marvin, with a pile of shoes near a floor lamp that is made to look like the lower half of a woman's body, wrapped in a mini-skirt; and wearing shoes. On the wall opposite that is the skin of a 13 foot long boa that used to live under someone's couch until he bite into a stereo wire and died, thus becoming part of the museum's fried celebrity animals. As you can guess by now, the majority of the items are things that Marvin found interesting and hoped others would also, but he does not seem to mind, as he writes adventure novels and tries to sell them in the museum; but admits no one ever buys any. He is just happy to have visitors stop by to see what he has assembled, since he thoroughly enjoys doing what he is doing.

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Local Restaurants in Spokane
  • Mizuna
    First Plates; sake and lime simmered clams with fresh basil and shallots; artisan cheeses, honey & salt & pepper almonds, figs, tree fruit and house-made fennel crackers; grilled flatbread with Maytag blue cheese cream, roasted pears, prosciutto and olive oil & lemon dressed greens; Spanish white anchovies, Greek olives, white bean hummus, preserved lemon, extra virgin olive oil and house-made fennel crackers; smoked salmon latke with leeks and dill, fried garlic crème fraiche; baked phyllo triangles with shiitakes, spinach, red peppers and feta. Salads; roasted beet and lentil salad with organic greens, chevre, candied walnuts and red wine-maple vinaigrette; citrus spinach salad with jicama, grapefruit and fennel with mustard seed vinaigrette and toasted pepitas; white cheddar and apple salad with organic greens, caramelized walnuts, craisins and citrus-shallot vinaigrette; sesame crusted seared ahi salad with baby spinach, carrots, cabbage and cilantro with cucumber, pickled ginger, daikon radish sprouts and sesame-miso vinaigrette; today's soup with organic bread and herbed olive oil. Main Course; pan roasted organic free range chicken breast with house-made gnocchi, cambozola cream and seasonal veggies; grilled rack of lamb with dried cherry-curry cous cous, fleur du maquis and seasonal veggies; grilled sea scallops with balsamic-fig jam with cauliflower-chevre gratin and baby carrots; all natural Brandt Ranch steak with gremolata, crimini quinoa, charred peppers and seasonal veggies; pan seared Alaskan halibut with saffron butter, herbed risotto, parmesan reggiano, grape tomatoes and pea vines; pan seared Kurobuta pork tenderloin medallions with sweet potato fries, grilled corn salsa and sautéed mustard greens.

  • Sante Restaurant & Charcuterie
    Starters; gnocchi & morels is guanciale with sherry butter sauce, mushroom duxelle, herbs; escargot with tarragon, white wine, lemon, brown butter and baguette; foie gras au torchon with baguette, Armagnac & port reduction, espirit de sel; crespella with goat cheese & leek stuffed crepe, tomato confit and basil gastrique; diver scallops with celeri puree, kalamansi beurre fondue with black lemon; soup du. Charcuterie; charcuterie plate with prosciutto, salami, terrine, cheese, baguette and mustard; duck confit with black pepper blinis, plum confiture, radish sprouts and plum gastrique; mortadella with sauerkraut, red pepper remoulade, fruit and baguette; terrine with naturally raised chicken, pepper confiture, mustard aioli, fruit and baguette; duck prosciutto with apple chutney, brie, fruit and baguette; salami with pickled red onion, gorgonzola, fruit and baguette. Garde Manger/cold food; fromage with three cheeses, salami, preserves, local fruit and baguette; charcuterie salad with salami, pepperoni, sausison sec raisins, cheese, sauce; spinach salad with fig, bacon, rosemary syrup, candied nuts, gorgonzola dressing and baguette; spring green salad. Plats de Resistence/Entrees; Kobe rib eye with yam gratin, Brussels sprouts, marrow butter, glace de viande; halibut with root vegetable risotto, spinach, onion, beurre fondue, plum & walnut; free range chicken with spaetzel, lamb pancetta, leeks, tomato glace, gaufrette; Berkshire pork chop with onion brulee, rissole potatoes, pepper confiture, Berkshire demi; lamb pasta with pappardelle a la Bolognese, pancetta, tomato, fine herbs and baguette; pepper crusted tofu with fennel, red pepper risotto, tarragon white wine sauce.




Free Range Chicken w/ Gnocchi Mizuna Spokane, Wasington


Grilled Rack of Lamb Mizuna Spokane, Washington



 Kobe Rib Eye Sante Restaurant & Charcuterie Spokane, Washington

Halibut Sante Restaurant & Charcuterie Spokane, Washington


Pepper Crusted Tofu Sante Restaurant & Charcuterie Spokane, Washington 

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  •  Crosbyana RoomCrosby Room Spokane, Washington
    The Crosby Collection is located at the Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, site of the famous star's birthplace. Bing started donating objects to the university in preparedness for the opening of his library in 1957, including gold and platinum records, photographs, plaques and trophies. Besides all the memorabilia that Bing donated to the school before he passed, his family and fans began to recognize the importance of this Crosby library and soon it became the repository for all Crosby things. In 1993, the college acquired all of the Crosby collection from the historical Bing Crosby Society in Tacoma, Washington, as well as some major collectors donating their collections. Currently, the Crosbyana Room in the Crosby Student Center has become the museum for all things Crosby, especially for his many fans, and each year, more than 2500 visitors come here from across the United States and 20 foreign countries desiring to learn more about this wonderful performer. Crosby fans now know that Spokane and Gonzaga are the crooner's old hometown and alma mater and come here to rediscover the many aspects of this wonderful man. Housed here are over 200 objects that belonged to Bing, like the copy of his 1944 Oscar for "Going My Way", as well as 22 gold and 2 platinum records that contain such marvelous titles like "White Christmas", "Swinging on a Star" and "Silent Night". There are movie stills, sheet music, books and record albums, trophies and awards from many organizations; as well as many items from the Crosby Research Foundation like the "TripTrap" mousetrap that the foundation had invented. Another device is the "Stretch to Your Health with the Stars", that Bing endorsed, which has other variations of it still being used today. Not all the collection is shown at any one time, since most are stored for safety and posterity in the Special Collections vault. The collection contains some 1400 records and albums, 300 sheets of music, a huge magazine and clipping file that contains stories about Bing's life and career; 800 audio cassettes, and 2000 discs of radio shows; plus many scrapbooks that were created over the years by his fans. The collection is the biggest public Crosby collection in the world containing original manuscripts, Buster Collier Papers with letters from Bing during the period from 1957 to 1976, the Bing Crosby Historical Society materials; Joe D'Addario collection, Bing Crosby statue collection, Fr. Arthur Dussault, S. J. Collection, Leo Lynn Collection and the George Lareida Papers.

  • Mobius KidsMobius Kids Spokane, Washington
    The Children's Museum of Spokane started in 1995, when a group of devoted volunteers saw a dire need for hands-on early childhood education in the city and worked long and hard to make this vision a reality. That original organization has grown into the center known as Mobius Kids, and in 1998, moved to a bigger building on Post Street in Spokane, increasing the hands-on activities for the numerous families in the region. Being led by caring directors and board of directors, the museum has grown into an integral part of the community, starting a capital campaign in 2003 for a bigger and more permanent location for the center. Then, in January of 2005, the Inland Northwest Science and Technology Center and the Children's Museum of Spokane joined together to create the Mobius Spokane. This is the parent organization of two distinct operating ventures, the Mobius Kids center and the Mobius Science Center. After opening the doors in 2005, the organization has continued to have more than 65,000 visitors coming to the center to enjoy the many hands-on educational opportunities, as well as becoming one of the best children's museums in eastern Washington. The name Mobius comes from the mobius strip, a single loop of material that has one twist to make a continuous one-sided plane. The symbol has come to represent the limitless possibilities, creativity and endurance that the center encourages. Some of the marvelous exhibits housed here include the Construction Zone, where children enjoy the thrill of working with pint-sized construction equipment to do all kinds of things; the Bayanihan is a portal to the Philippines'' 7000 islands, and the life on one them in Palo, a rural town; Cooper's Corner named in honor of Cooper Jones giving a miniature idea of a city with the principles of safe biking and traffic safety; the Enchanted Forest contains a tree slide, books, woodland animals and a foam pond, where toddlers can crawl, stagger, run, walk and find their way through the maze of colors and soft textured objects. Also here is the Birthday lab that is available for parties, special events and where campers come for their special programs; Geotopia is where natural and earth sciences blossom into the hearts and minds of these early toddlers; the Globe theater where the stage is ready for any willing and ready performers; and the Out of Hand studio that offers visual art discoveries and the chance to see how creative your child is.

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  • Riblet Mansion and Arbor Crest WineryRiblet Mansion and Arbor Crest Winery Spokane, Washington
    The Arbor Crest Cliff house was constructed in 1924 by Royal Newton Riblet, and is a three story Florentine style house that is encompassed by an arched gatekeeper's house, terraced flower and herb gardens, life-sized checkerboard, sunken rose garden, and open-air pagoda. Royal's brother, Byron, was a chairlift manufacturer, and convince him to install a passenger tram from the valley below, 450 feet to the crest of the hill where the mansion was constructed. Royal was a great inventor and would create such marvelous devices like the pattern sprinkler system, square wheeled tractor and mechanical parking garage. Since his passing, the tram is gone, and the 60,000 gallon pool sit empty, but the magnificence and splendor still live on. In 1985, Arbor Crest Wine Cellars bought the property, and began its restoration so that visitors today could see the impressive mansion and how the Riblets lived life during the first half of the 20th century.  The grounds are the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon picnic and the owners don't mind at all, as long as you include one of their fine wines in the meal; relaxing on the hillside overlooking a picturesque valley, full of greens and browns like and old quilt worn out with use and age, but still quite beautiful in its own way. There are many interesting sights found here, as well as tasting and learning more about wine, since this is the heart of the wine country in the northwestern parts of the United States. You can learn more about the Riblets and their family history, as well as enjoying the fragrance of grapes growing on the vine, the grassy hills and all the beauty of a vineyard. 

  • Cathedral of St. John the EvangelistCathedral of St. John the Evangelist Spokane, Washington
    The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in Spokane, Washington is the cathedral church of the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane, and is quite unusual in the northwest, being one of the few examples of classic gothic architecture and today one of the best. The construction started in 1925, and was finished in less than a generation; made of cut stone, with the carvings and figures in the stained glass, containing many symbols of various faiths. Some of the most noteworthy include carvings by Ole Sunde of Seattle, as well as Arcangelo Cascierie and Adio diBaccari of Boston, Massachusetts; stained glass windows created in the classic gothic style were the creation of the Charles J. Connick firm and since it is no longer in business the works have been taken over by Willet Hauser Architectural Glass. In 1961, the cathedral organ contains more than 4000 pipes and was designed, built and installed by the Aeolian-Skinner Company so that it could accomplish the entire range of the organ; and was restored in 2000 by Marceau & Associates; and is so excellently voiced that the smallest pipes can be heard in every nook and cranny in the cathedral. They have numerous recitals throughout the year, and the Bishop Cross Tower, named after the cathedral's founder, contains a 49 bell carillon, just one of only a few in the northwest. The carillon concerts are held each Sunday after services, during the religious and civic festivals and at various other times, but are announced. The carillon is always enjoyed more so on the grounds outside to let the full acoustical effects of nature give its full resonance.

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  • Mount Spokane State ParkMount Spokane State Park Spokane, Washington
    The Mount Spokane State Park encompasses Mount Spokane, one of the highest peaks in the northwest, at 5889 feet, and the park is the biggest of the state, with 13,919 acres. One of the strangest features of the mountain top that has drawn so much attention to it is the bald spots that are located on the west and south areas of the mountain. In 1909, Frances Cook, the owner of the mountain top, constructed a toll road to within 3 miles of the peak, and in 1927, the state park was officially dedicated with 1500 acres. In 1929, H. Cowles, Jr. donated another 640 acres to the park to increase its size and scope, and in the 1930s, the Spokane Ski club, Spokane Mountaineers and Selkirk Ski club buy more than 500 acres on the mountain side for the building of rope-tows, ski jump hills and lodges; with the road being finished to the top. In 1934, the Vista House is constructed by the CCC crew from Riverside State Park and in 1935, it sets up its camp on Beauty Mountain to make improvements to the roads and built more facilities. In 1939, the Spokane Chapter of the Conservation League purchases 320 acres so that the virgin timber would be preserved from fires and logging companies. On the south face of the mountain, the world's first double chair lift is begun, and in 1952, a master plan is drawn up to increase the park's size to more than 24,000 acres and make the mountain a designated downhill ski trail; but is never implemented. KXLY-TV starts their operation from the summit in 1953, and in 1955, chairlift #1 and Lodge #1 are built. In 1961, Concessionaire A. E. Mettler builds Lodge #2 and Lift #2, with another master plan being considered in 1965, that also doesn't make it past the planning stages. In 1974, the entire area is reclassified as a state park and in 1978, a coordinated trail system is developed. There are many more changes that occur over the next three decades, until it becomes the great state park that it is today, with beautiful trails and magnificent views, natural and serene, wild and exciting all rolled into one region outside the city of Spokane, Washington.

  • Spokane Sculpture Walk
    In 1981, the city of Spokane, Washington passed an ordinance that mandated 1% of various capital construction costs would be used to procure artworks to enhance public buildings and spaces, and has become the main function of the Spokane Arts Commission; coordinating all selections, placements and other related functions that apply to the municipal art projects in the city. One of these beautiful creations is the Spokane Sculpture Walk that is along the Riverfront Park area and the Centennial Trail. Starting out at the Washington State University's downtown campus, the walker or stroller can walk along at their own pace, finding numerous outside sculptures that end at the southeast corner of the Monroe Street Bridge; next to the Spokane Falls overlook. There are many sculptures by various artists, as well as styles that attribute the city with a marvelous new look and feel as walking becomes more than just an exercise, but a journey through an art land of special and unique sculptures. Some of the major highlights include the Riverpoint observatory sculpture that was created by Patrick Zentz from Laurel, Montana, with many works across the nation, including the Yellowstone Art Museum, the Boulder Art Center, the Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston, Texas and the San Antonio Museum of Art. Another is Michihiro Kosuge, a professor at Portland State University, whose standing stones and boulders are a unique type of sculpture to see walking along the park's trails. Peter Reiquam is a Seattle artisan who also does prints and drawings, sculptural furniture, public art projects and mechanical sculptures. There is the east-west arbor by Jody Pinto, a sculptor and landscape designer from New York, Dorothy Fowler's bronze sculptures, George Tsutakawa, former sculptor and painter who created 75 public fountains throughout the US and Japan, Glen Michaels, who is quite unique using thousands of bits of wood, stones, glass, terra cotta, or metal to create intricate ornamental panels with either paint or sculpture. Ken Spiering has many sculptures around the city, as well as elsewhere, Sister Paula Turnbull, paints and sculpt from her convent, and her most famous is perhaps the garbage eating goat sculpture at the Riverfront Park. Harold Balazs and Bob Perron, Deborah Copenhaver-Fellows, David Govedare, whose Bloomsday runners sculptures are famous and spectacular as they really look like runners from afar, and then amaze you as you come up on them. Sherman Alexie, and so many others have really outdone themselves and this sculptural work or show is something that no one should miss when they come to Spokane, because the price is so right; nothing, but you do get some great exercise and enjoy the weather and sights of the city.

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  • Campbell HouseCampbell House Spokane, Washington
    The Campbell House was designed by well known Spokane architect Kirtland Cutter for Amasa Campbell, who was a mining venturer, and the house was an English Tudor revival style home, built of sandstone, stucco, brick and heavy timbers. There is a big main house, offset wing for servants quarters and adjacent carriage house. The main house's first floor contains two levels, to create a sense of drama, with a light gilded French reception room next to a dark wood paneled entrance hall. Grace Campbell would receive her guest in the reception room, while Amasa sat in the library with its dark wooden beams and inglenook fireplace. There are four steps going down into the dining room, big and spacious with large fireplace surrounded by blue and white Dutch tiles and a deep veranda stretching across the back, with excellent views of the Spokane River. There is also a den or game room, well laid out service areas and four bedrooms upstairs. When Grace passed on in 1924, her daughter, Helen ( also Mrs. W. W. Powell, would donate the house to the Eastern Washington State Historical Society, in memory of her mother, with all art and historical furnishings.  Amasa Campbell and John A. Finch were sent by a group of investors from Youngstown, Ohio to the Coeur d'Alene mining district in Idaho in 1887. These two men soon realized that there was money to be made, and investing $25,000 in the gem mine, constructed a mill that would work the ores and were soon pulling in thousands of dollars a month. With his fortune well in hand, Amasa traveled back to Ohio to marry his schoolteacher sweetheart, Grace Fox, and moved to Wallace, Idaho, a wild mining town that was far different from the serene life of Youngstown. Helen Campbell was born in Spokane, because of the labor/management conflicts that were erupting in the mining district, while financial panics and collapse of silver the world over only seemed to acerbate these conflicts. The state's governors had to put the mining area under martial law twice, and in 1898, Finch and Campbell moved their operations to Spokane; giving them more security, as well as social, educational and business opportunities.  Grace was atypical of the progressive period, taking care of her family's household, giving money and time to charities, and always being the social butterfly, hosting the formal dinners for family, friends and business associates, traveling with them to places like Europe, New York, the Middle East and California; as well as finding time to call on her friends. Helen was also enjoying the new found opportunities for women around the turn of the 20th century, as well as becoming active in sports, like tennis, horseback riding and golf. She would use her newly gained right to vote and learn to drive the family's automobile. She liked the new styles of fashion, and bobbed her hair, plus learning to do the foxtrot and other modern dances. Their servants were positively necessary to run the entire house, and included two maids, a gardener, coachman and cook; with the servants having their own quarters and a dining area. When they had time off, they would enjoy being with others like themselves in the city's parks and if recently immigrated, learn the new English language. As the new century came in with all its new inventions, the household staff would learn to adapt, like the coachman learning to drive an auto, and electric lights, central heat and the call box to bring them on the run if necessary.  

  • Spokane Sports
    While the city of Spokane, Washington doesn't have any major national league teams, they do have some excellent teams that have gained some recognition for their outstanding play; like the Spokane Chiefs, the ice hockey team in the Western hockey league, US division; the Spokane Indians, the baseball team playing in the Northwest League of the Eastern Division; the Spokane Shock that play arena football in the af2 of the American West Division; the Spokane Spiders in men's soccer of the Premier Development League in the Northwest Division; and the Spokane Black Widows that play in the women's soccer, part of the Women's Premier Soccer League of the Pacific Northwest Division. So if you are in the mood for some professional basketball, then you'll have to drive to Seattle, or watch the Gonzaga Bulldogs. In 2007, The US Figure skating Championship was held in the city, which was the biggest sports event ever held in Spokane; setting an attendance record of almost 155,000 tickets sold. The city is well known in the collegiate basketball area, with the Gonzaga Bulldogs that take part in the West Coast conference, and their NCAA Division I team is only one of nine in the nation that have gone to the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournaments for the last ten years and the only non conference school to do so. The Bulldogs are the present West Coast Conference regular season champs, a most cherished title that they have held for the past 8 years. They usually sell out their seats, so if you plan on being there and hope to catch a game, then be sure that you make your reservations in advance. So, if you are in the mood for some great sports venues, then this city is more than ready to serve you up some great playing, regardless of what sport you choose to enjoy.

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