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Things to do in Stillwater

    Iowa Tribe's Grey Snow Eagle House Iowa Tribe's Grey Snow Eagle House Stillwater, Oklahoma
    The Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma began developing an eagle rehabilitation program so that injured eagles could be saved and protected, as well as raise the community's awareness of the wildlife and Native American culture. In January, 2006, the Bah Kho-je Xla Chi or Grey Snow Eagle House would be completed, with money funded by the US Fish and Wildlife Services and the tribe, as well as two FWS permits. The first, a religious-use permit allows the tribe to house eagles that can't be released back into the wild because of their injuries, and also lets the tribe's members to gather molted feathers from these great birds of prey and distribute them to the members of the tribe for cultural ceremonies. The second permit lets the tribe rehabilitate eagles so that they can be released back into the wild eventually. They are the first tribe in the nation that has been given this type of permit; and since 2009, they have acquired seventeen non-releasable eagles, that include twelve bald eagles and 5 golden eagles, and these magnificent creatures are cared for by the aviary manager. That person is a FWS certified eagle rehabilitator and also an Iowa tribal elder. Thus far, the tribe has saved three bald eagles and brought them back to life and then released upon their getting better, and they have welcomed over 3200 visitors this far. This group has decided to take on the difficult task of caring for these wild birds that have been injured in such a way that they cannot ever return to the wild and enjoy the magnificent life that had been in store for them. Many of these beautiful creatures have been injured by human hands, but then, we all know the inhumanity that man has towards his own so it shouldn't be any surprise that he also has no concerns for the American bird that personifies the American people. Some quick facts about our favorite American bird; juvenile bald eagles are a mix of brown and white, an eagle won't reach maturity until four or five years of age, the female is the larger of the two, sometime getting up to 35 to 37 inches tall, they can fly up to 10,000 feet and have an average speed there of 30 to 35 mph. They can weigh from eight pounds in the south, to fourteen in the north and will live up to thirty years, but can live up to 45 years if held in captivity. Their diet is mostly of fish, but will eat dead animals or carrion; and will live with only one other until death. They lay up to three eggs, taking 35 days for incubation and both the male and female share this duty. The American bald eagle would become our national emblem in 1782, when the Great Seal of the United States would be adopted.

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    Washington Irving Trail MuseumWashington Irving Trail Museum Stillwater, Oklahoma
    The Washington Irving Trail Museum in Stillwater, Oklahoma is sitting in a rural area that celebrates the exciting and interesting heritage of Payne County. Washington Irving would camp out here in 1832, and in 1861, the first battle of the Civil War in Indian Territory would be fought here, northeast of the museum, by Yale, and in 1893, the Doolin-Dalton gang would battle US Marshals near Ingalls; and then in 1925, the Billy McGinty/Otto Gray Cowboy Band of Ripley would become the first cowboy band in America that would play on the radio. The museum contains many marvelous and interesting artifacts and relics, with information about David L. Payne, the Boomer leader, Native American relics and forgotten treasures of the past that are now coming to life. There is one room that is filled with rare and unique relics, and the gift shop sells antiques and western memorabilia. Their Gerald Johnson wing houses many outstanding items and relics of an early southwestern collection of Indian relics. When Irving came through the state in 1832, he was traveling with Captain Jesse Bean and his US Rangers on a very adventurous trip through the central part of the state and Irving would describe his journey in A Tour on the Prairies. The site that he and the rest of the group would camp on is now the site of the Washington Irving Trail Museum. In 1893, on September the 1st, one of the fiercest and deadliest gun battles in the history of the west would be fought at Ingalls, in the Oklahoma territory, just four miles from where the museum now sits, and during that fierce battle, three US marshals would die and two civilian bystanders. That gunfight would be the end of the Doolin-Dalton gang, and afterwards, all of them would be caught or killed. This infamous shootout would become the subject of books, movies, and songs. The museum is situated on the farmstead of Otto Gray's family and has many excellent photographs, memorabilia and records that pertain to Otto and his Oklahoma Cowboys, as well as his wife, Mommie, who became one of the first female country singers on the stage and radio. Bill McGinty really was one of the original cowboys of Oklahoma, riding with Roosevelt's Rough Riders during the Spanish American War and later joined Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show and eventually became the nation's bronc-riding champion. His family would live by Ingalls, and his father-in-law, Dr. Jacob Pickering, would write an eyewitness account of the gun fight between the gang and marshals.

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Local Restaurants in Stillwater

    Entrees; chicken parmesan is hand breaded chicken breast, fried & smothered with house Roma tomato sauce & melted mozzarella cheese, served with choice of fettuccini Alfredo or spaghetti with roma tomato sauce; eggplant parmesan is breaded eggplant, fried & covered with roma tomato sauce & melted mozzarella cheese, served with choice of fettuccini alfredo or spaghetti with roma tomato sauce; chicken marsala is sautéed chicken breast & portabella mushrooms finished in marsala butter sauce served with choice of fettuccini alfredo or spaghetti with roma tomato sauce; chicken Italiano is breaded chicken stuffed with prosciutto, provolone cheese & pesto, topped with asiago cheese & roma tomato sauce served with side of bowtie pasta in pesto cream sauce; chicken or salmon piccata is sautéed with garlic, capers, roma tomatoes & finished in white wine lemon cream sauce, served over cappellini pasta; veal Milanese is breaded veal cutlets sautéed in clarified butter & finished with lemon caper butter sauce & artichoke hearts served over spaghetti pasta; veal parmesan is hand breaded veal cutlets, fried & smothered with house roma tomato sauce & melted mozzarella cheese, served with choice of fettuccini alfredo or spaghetti with roma tomato sauce; filet is 6oz. beef filet, grilled with 1 topping & 2 sides; ribeye is 12oz. grilled your way with 1 topping & 2 sides; sirloin is 9oz. served with 1 topping & 2 sides; pork chop is 8oz. bone-in pork chop cedar smoked & grilled finished with basil pesto & red bell pepper oil served with choice of 2 sides; lemon herb salmon is 8oz. sockeye salmon fillet grilled with lemon herb seasoning with choice of 2 sides.

    Entrees; crispy honey-chipotle chicken crispers tossed in house honey-chipotle sauce served with corn on the cob, homestyle fries & ranch dressing; crispy sweet maple BBQ chicken crispers is tossed in new sweet maple BBQ sauce served with corn on the cob, homestyle fries & ranch dressing; crispy chicken crispers is extra crispy chicken with corn on the cob, homestyle fries & choice of black pepper gravy, BBQ sauce, honey-mustard or ranch dressing; chicken crisper is served with corn on the cob, homestyle fries & honey-mustard dressing; fried shrimp served with homestyle fries, cole slaw & tequila lime sauce; grilled salmon with garlic & herbs served over rice & seasonal veggies; baby back ribs, smoked in house, slow smoked over pecan wood, with choice of honey-chipotle, Shiner Bock BBQ sauce, original, Memphis dry rub; classic sirloin is 100% USDA choice 8oz. sirloin topped with seasoned butter, with seasonal veggies & loaded mashed potatoes; flame grilled ribeye is 100% USDA choice 12oz. steak topped with seasoned butter, served with seasonal veggies & loaded mashed potatoes; country fried steak is served with corn on the cob, mashed potatoes with black pepper gravy. 


Chicken Parmesan Joseppi's Stillwater, Oklahoma


Veal Milanese Joseppi's Stillwater, Oklahoma



 Crispy Honey Chipotle Chicken Crispers Chili's Stillwater, Oklahoma


Baby Back Ribs Chili's Stillwater, Oklahoma



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    Sheerar Museum Sheerar Museum Stillwater, Oklahoma
    The Sheerar Museum of Stillwater history is located on the lower level of the historic Sheerar Cultural and Heritage Center originally constructed in 1928 to contain the First Church of Christ Scientist, which would become the first such church of this congregation located west of the Mississippi River. The museum is dedicated to collecting, preserving and interpreting the outstanding history of Stillwater, Oklahoma, striving to disseminate the history through various programs and exhibits, featuring those about Stillwater and Payne County from the first original land run that opened the territory for settlement in 1889 to the end of the 20th century. Their permanent displays have been arranged by decades, and their temporary displays look at various subjects and themes that are change every year to further enhance their permanent collections. The museum would be opened by the Stillwater Arts and Humanities Council in 1974, and named after the Sheerar family who had donated the first $25,000 that would be matched by a community wide fundraiser that would net them a total of $80,000. That amount would allow the council to purchase the First Church that would house the museum. The top floor of the museum contains the Sheerar Cultural center auditorium that contains original wood seating for 200, with a stage and piano for musical programs. On the west side of the center, the Heritage Gardens are located, which feature heirloom plants that have been growing here since the region would become a state, with photographers and downtown professionals coming here to take advantage of the beautiful blossoms in season.

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    Wewoka - Seminole Nation MuseumWewoka-Seminole Nation Museum Stillwater, Oklahoma
    The Seminole Nation Museum documents and interprets the exciting history and culture of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma as well as the people and events that helped shape its capital of Wewoka, one of the most historically important and culturally diverse towns in the state. It would be started in 1974 by the citizens of Wewoka and housed in a marvelous WPA constructed community center that was built in 1937. It contains a wonderful gift shop, art gallery, complete research library, an arts and crafts center and 6,000 square feet of exhibit space that contains the finest collection and heritage of this great people. Using select relics, interpretive displays and historic images, the events and stories of this great people for over a century is chronicled in a marvelously captivating, educational and enlightening way at this museum. Their incredible story has come from the confluence of people that would be gathered here, in Indian territory, by circumstance and design in the last half of the 19th century. In the heyday of railroad migration through the Indian territories, in the fall of 1894, the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad would buy the Choctaw, Oklahoma and Gulf rail lines that ran through the Seminole nation, that was close to the large trading post and capital of the Seminole Nation, Wewoka. As the new 20th century began, the Rock Island would open a new depot in Wewoka and construct a siding or switch area that went half a mile in every direction from the station, and it would become the biggest such switch west of the Mississippi. The small town began to thrive with merchants of every type coming here to pick up their goods and others to drop them off to be taken away by the rail cars. Oil would be discovered in the 1920s, southeast of Wewoka and the town would begin to blossom overnight, with oil supplies, parts, drilling rigs, pipes, casings and other oil field equipment that would flood the area and siding that would only seem to add to the growing confusion and frustration of the local tribe, with the population jumping from 2500 to more than 20,000 in just a couple of months. As more and more confusion set in, the most likely place for lost freight or anything else lost by the railroad would be blamed on the Wewoka switch, so much so that a rubber stamp would be created that stated Search Wewoka switch for all lost shipments. As the years passed, and the fields finally declined, the area would settle into a calmer scene. This exciting museum has all the information about its history and the people that were involved, and what became of them and others.

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    Gardiner Art GalleryGardiner Art Gallery Stillwater, Oklahoma
    The Gardiner Art Gallery opened in 1965, and has grown into an integral part of the Oklahoma State University's teaching environment along with a place for the university and public to come and enjoy the visual arts, with outstanding exhibits from local and faculty displays, art and relics from India, national shows like the biennial Cimarron National Works on Paper Exhibition, a sand painting (mandala) that was created in the gallery by Tibetan monks, international shows of German and Japanese prints and Native American artists exhibitions. Their permanent collection would be started by the founder of the department, Doel Reed and now it includes some excellent pieces that total more than 300 pieces and include works by such famous artists as Salvador Dali, Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, Alexander Calder, Imogen Cunningham, Robert Motherwell and Larry Rivers. Their significant exhibitions include a lot of excellent works, and seem to change every month, so if you plan on visiting be sure to check out their schedule so that you will be going there during the exhibit you would like to view.

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    National Wrestling Hall of FameNational Wrestling Hall of Fame Stillwater, Oklahoma
    The National Wrestling Hall of Fame is situated in Stillwater, Oklahoma on the campus of Oklahoma State University and opened in 1976, on September 11th. The museum runs along on just private donations and was started by six Oklahomans, Ralph Ball, Myron Roderick, Veldo Brewer, Melvin D. Jones, Bill Aufleger and Robert L. McCormick. The land, which is owned by the university was donated, at no cost, to the museum with a 99 year lease. It includes the Paul K. Scott Museum of Wrestling History and does have an excellent Wall of Champions; and has numerous state chapters. This hall contains the FILA International Wrestling Hall of Fame. Bob Dellinger was the director of the hall from 1976 until 1993, and had been working on a book about the exciting history of the world's oldest sport, and some of his insights are available at the museum; and serve as a fitting epitaph to his life that ended in 1999. The most favorite part of the hall is the Paul Scott Museum of Wrestling History's Wall of Champions, where the best of the best in American wrestling have been enshrined for all of eternity for their outstanding performance in wrestling against the best of their generations.

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