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Things to do in St. John's

  • Museum of Antigua and Barbuda Museum of Antigua and Barbuda St. John's Antigua
    The Museum of Antigua and Barbuda is located in St. John's Antigua and Barbuda, sitting in the colonial courthouse that was built over the site of the first marketplace and the oldest building in the city that is still in use. This marvelous museum exhibits both colonial and Arawak relics that have been discovered in the archaeological excavations that have been done on the islands. There is a history of the island, Viv Richards' cricket bat, models of sugar plantations and a life-sized copy of an Arawak home. The museum depicts the story of Antigua and Barbuda from their geological birth to their political independence with outstanding displays, with something for every member of the family to enjoy. It also has some excellent field trips every month to different historical parts of the islands and has included; Crabb's Historic Amerindian sites, Fort George, Monk' Hill, numerous historic estate houses, Guano mining camp site, Redonda, and Sufferer's Amerindian site Barbuda. There is a great library and research area in the museum, that is open to the public and contains a lot of information about the history and natural sciences available on the island. Some of the permanent exhibits include; the geological birth of Antigua, how shell and stone tools were created, shell ornaments, an early colonial settlement, hollowed out log that was used for fishing, a colonization display map and a map of the shipwrecks around Barbuda. Other exhibits include the fossils exhibit, the eco-system of Antigua, rocks display, how flint and shell tools were created, the Arawaks presence in the Caribbean, archaeology excavation, adornments, Arawaks' menu, craftwork, pottery, religion, Cassava preparation, plant introductions, weapons and warfare, Amerindian names of the islands, shipwrecks, slavery, arrival of Europeans, colonial past, colonization, plantation balance sheets, sugar production, triangle trade and Antigua's military history.

  • Fort Barrington
    Fort Barrington was the island's defense from 1779 to 1850, sitting high on a hilltop, it is a large semi-circular structure with gun emplacements that dominate the entry into St. John's harbor. It is situated on the harbor's south side view, and the lower interior is an outstanding place to explore with large dungeon-like rooms and a powder magazine. The ruin is one of the best areas to get fabulous views of St. John's harbor and the lands to the other sides. In 1779, Admiral Barrington, the same that defeated the French off St. Lucia in 1778, had this fortress constructed to protect the city and island from any invaders or ships of war. The fort was strengthened in 1790 to keep the French from attacking, and would continue to be important to the island until the second half of the 19th century. It is located about 300 feet up the hill with many magnificent views, and a good hike for at least 30 minutes. The British occupiers wanted the fort to keep them safe from being attacked by the French that sailed the Caribbean in search of more lands, ships and other peoples that held them. There is a marvelous tower located at the fort that has the best views of the island, Deep Bay and harbor, with a small chapel next to the fort. It was quite decorated with engravings and paintings from Biblical scriptures and make the chapel's visitation one of great interest and excitement. There are many tours that will take visitors to the fort, which usually last a day, and include excellent guides that will tell you of the history and importance of the fort.

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Local Restaurants in St. John's
  • Cove Restaurant
    Starters; butternut squash & brie soup with parmesan croutons and drizzle of truffle oil; Caesar salad is romaine leaves bound in traditional dressing with anchovies, fresh parmesan shavings and tasty croutons; mushroom & rosemary soup is field mushrooms infused with rosemary and garlic in cream soup; goat cheese and red pepper tart is puff pastry baked with red onion, fresh goats cheese, marinated red peppers & basil; Scottish oak smoked salmon salad with smoked salmon with capers & fresh garden leaves finished with shallot & lemon dressing; tiger shrimp & lemon vodka cocktail is tiger shrimp laced with lemon vodka, fresh herbs & mayo; tuna tartare is yellow tuna marinated in olive oil & lemon juice, papaya coulis; seared sea scallops with fresh spinach, balsamic reduction & crispy pancetta; fragrant crab cake is spiced & aromatic fried & served with wasabi & lime mayo; beef Carpaccio is shaved slithers of prime filet steak & fresh herbs, horseradish & capers. Main Courses; honey glazed duck breast flamed in Calvados & glazed with honey then smothered in Forest Berry sauce; pork tenderloin medallions with Stilton & Port, is tender pork medallions gratinated with Stilton & served with ruby port sauce; roast rack of lamb served on bed of polenta, garlic & rosemary sauce; grilled beef tenderloin Rossini is cooked your way & topped with foie gras, served in port wine sauce; grilled chicken breast with wild mushrooms & truffle is grilled chicken breast bound in wild mushrooms & truffle sauce; NY strip loin steak confit onions & Madeira is cooked your way with slow roasted sweet onions & Madeira wine; fillet of red snapper served with parsley & coriander cream sauce, Julienne of veggies; supreme of salmon with creamy caviar & dill herb sauce; fillet of sea bass Thai is poached filet of sea bass with wild & Thai rices, julienne of green onions, ginger & carrots; roasted tiger shrimp kebab with risotto & safran sauce; fresh gnocchi with gruyere, leeks & broccoli is Italian classic served in garlic & herb cream sauce with sautéed leeks & broccoli finished with gruyere cheese.


Pork Tenderloin Medallions Cove Restaurant St. John's Antigua


NY Strip Loin Steak Cove Restaurant St. John's Antigua


Poached Sea Bass Cove Restaurant St. John's Antigua


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  • Adventure AntiguaAdventure Antigua St. John's Antigua
    The Adventure Antigua company was begun by Eli Fuller, a third generation Antiguan, living and playing on the north shore of the island where his grandfather constructed the Lord Nelson Hotel in the latter part of the 1940s, growing up and learning all there was about the beautiful island and the people that live here. Nick Fuller, Sr. came to the island in 1941, as the US vice consul and talked about going to the north sound region to explore and discover. He came to Bird Island and decided that this was where he wanted to live out his life, enjoying the magnificent views and exotic ocean life that flowed in and around the waters of the island. After WWII, he and his wife stayed on the island and raised seven children, while also managing the hotel. The hotel was the first one constructed on a beach in the island country and opened in 1950, also home to Eli and the other grandchildren would learn to walk, swim and converse. Eli's dad, John, was born on the island, and went to England to further his education, and met his future wife, Jill. After he finished his bar exams, they moved to Antigua and continued to live the island life, as well as starting a family. They, as well as many others feel it is the best place in the world to raise kids and it is obvious that they all still love the island and all it amenities quite well. Eli attended the local catholic school and graduated at sixteen; with afternoons always free since classes ended at 1:30 PM. Eli would then spend his free time boating and playing around the islands, and since snorkeling was such a favorite of the grandkids, Eli was wearing a facemask before he could talk. At the age of 12, he learned to windsurf and started competing soon after. In 1985, his first big race was the Windsurfing Antigua Week, and Eli went from Jolly Beach to Monserrat; 31 miles across the open waters, competing for the next four years almost every day he could. In 1988, he was offered the opportunity to represent the island in the XXIVth Olympiad in Seoul, South Korea, at just 16 and the youngest competitor in the windsurfing competition. The equipment that Eli would have to use was one that he wasn't used to, and he finished 31st out of 45. After graduating high school, he went to Florida Tech and studied business management, as well as still competing in the international windsurfing circuit. After getting his BS in business management, he decided to head to Maui, Hawaii and train for the Pro Windsurfing Tour, although he dearly missed his island home and the family that supported him so well. After traveling around Europe, Brazil, the Canaries and Hawaii, he knew that he preferred living on the island and being close to his family, so he went back to Antigua and entered the hospitality business, working at a small hotel, night clubs, restaurant, bar and sports complex he was able to start his own business and find the fulfillment he had been looking for. He just added another boat to his business and enjoying doing what he loves best, being out on the water and enjoying the life of a business owner offering tourists the best the island has to offer. After learning all about windsurfing and running a business, Eli tried kitesurfing and found he loved that sport also and started a kitesurfing school. Now, with kitesurfing, camping, beachcombing, fishing, photography, snorkeling, traveling, surfing, reading and archaeology, he is quite busy. Able to offer many of these adventures now, he is able to convey the best the island has to offer, since he has done it all. It is a fantastic way to learn more about the island and all the wonderful amenities it has to offer visitors. There are four tours offered; the half day catamaran tour, the eco tour, the xtreme circumnav and the Antigua classic yacht tour. All are fabulous and exciting, offering you the best the island has and you will remember this vacation or trip longer than most others.

  • Fort James
    Fort James is the fort that sits at the entry to St. John's harbor, Antigua and Barbuda; constructed in 1706, to protect the harbor and one of numerous forts constructed by the British in the 18th century. Constant worry about the French invading and overtaking the small island kept the British on their toes. This fort is located on a headland that looks out over the city on its northwest side, and contains a powder magazine, some cannons, and the foundation are all that now remain. Probably the main reason for going to the fort is to view the magnificent sights that are available from its heights. It is the most interesting of the forts in the island since they still have their full complement of cannons, since the other forts had their cannons sold for scrap in 1869. In 1703, St. John's grew bigger than Parham and Falmouth, when its northern entry way was fortified to protect St. John's from any invaders. The cornerstone was laid for the foundation with full Masonic honors in 1739, with inscribing on the stone still visible on the east corner. Sometime later, the stone would be almost destroyed by treasure hunters who thought that gold was buried on the other side. During the old times, every ship that passed by the fort has to pay 18 shillings to the captain of the fort, otherwise a shot would be placed across its bow. Once, when a ship was being saluted, a gun sounded and shattered the arm of a man tending the cannon; although the fort was never in any battles. It seemed to be a wonderful deterrent to the French ships that came from Guadalope to raid the ships that came here during the turn of the 19th century. The 10 cannon left, fired a 24 pound ball with an 8 pound charge, one and a half times; and took 11 men to handle since it weighs 2.5 tons each.

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  • Cathedral of St. John the DivineCathedral of St. John the Divine St. John's Antigua
    St. John's Cathedral is the Anglican church that is located in St. John's, Antigua and Barbuda, constructed in 1683, and again in 1745, with both being destroyed by earthquakes, and the final present one being built in 1845. The first was a wooden church built in 1681, without comfort or elegance; the next was made of British brick. The iron gates on the front or south side are flanked by pillars that show the figures of St. John the Divine and St. John the Baptist; taken from a French ship headed to Martinique in 1756; by HMS Temple. It was designed by Robert Cullen and had a short steeple at the west end; and after a century, when it was made a cathedral, the Diocese of Antigua was started in 1842. Plans began to make the church equal to its new status when a terrible earthquake shook the island in February of 1843. Some temporary repairs were made, and Bishop Daniel Davis made the first bishop of Antigua. Just next to the older churches, a newer purpose built cathedral would be constructed after approval by the House of Assembly. Sir Charles Augustus Fitzroy, the governor, laid the cornerstone in 1843, and three years later, the cathedral opened for services; and consecrated on July 25, 1848. It is made of freestone, with pine pitch on the interior to keep it from being destroyed in earthquakes or hurricanes; and called a building within a building. There are twin towers on the west side, that adds a baroque flavor, and are 70 feet high, with cupolas crowning the towers made of aluminum in color. When the cathedral was finishing its construction, ecclesiastical architects said that it resembled, "a pagan temple with two dumpy pepper pot towers", but now, it is considered one of the most imposing cathedrals in the West Indian region. At first, the south gate was the main entry point, with pillars that held the figures of St. John the Divine and St. John the Baptist; and the iron gates that were built in 1789. A centenarian of the island, Samuel Smith, wrote in his memoirs, To Shoot Hard Labor, states that the planters named the cathedral, "Big Church", and scared the people, thinking it was a symbol of English power. He further said that the church catered more to the planters and their class, but after WWI, the islanders started to get more involved in it.

  • Betty's Hope
    Betty's Hope is one of the historic sugar plantations located on Antigua, close to the township of Pares; and was the first big-scale sugar plantation that would operate on the island, founded in 1674. It was developed by Leewards Islands Governor Christopher Codrington, after the biggest settlement on Barbuda is named. The plantation is not a working plantation anymore, but an open-air museum. The majority of the plantation lies in ruins, like many other West Indian sugar plantations, although started by Governor Keynell, whose widow would inherit the estate, after he passed away in 1663. She would be forced to flee in the French occupation of 1666; and when the island was again occupied by the British, the Parliament annulled former land claims that belonged to people that fled or were disloyal to the crown before the French occupation. In 1674, the plantation of Betty's Hope was granted to the Codrington family that had been living in Barbados. The Codrington's owned the plantation until 1944, and while they did, it would be transformed into one of the most efficient big-scale sugar plantations in the island country. During the period from 1689 to 1704, there would be two successive Christopher Codringtons that were governors of the Leeward Islands and their heirs would go on to be some of the most influential and wealthy planters in the colonial period. Betty's Hope was an agricultural and industrial enterprise, like most other plantations in that period, and home to many people. Supervised by only a few European managers, the plantations would be taken care of by hundreds of African slaves until 1834, when they would be emancipated and then used as laborers for the plantation owners. Being forced to endure great hardships, these Africans would become very skilled distillers, boilers and craftsmen; giving Betty's Hope a wonderful reputation as a great plantation, that is still believed to this day.

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