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Did you know that Missouri's state name is "The Show Me State"? There are many interesting facts about the state of Missouri, like the very first time someone jumped out of a perfectly good airplane and used a parachute to get back down to the ground happend in 1912 in Missouri. And, at the 1904 World's Fair, in St. Louis, ice tea and the ice cream cone was invented and showcased. St. Louis boasts the St. Louis Arch, which is the spot where the first settlers would stop on their way to the west and is also known as the "Gateway to the West".

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Alamo Discounts are in St. Louis, Missouri with to bring you the very best discounted rental car rates while you are visiting this unique city. The easiest way to get around to all of your favorite places in St. Louis, you need to get yourself into a discount Alamo car rental. When you have a rental car at your disposal, you are going to be able to see everything that you want to whenever you want. To see even more great savings, please feel free to follow the link below:
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Things to do in St. Louis, Missouri

  • Gateway Arch
    Gateway ArchThe Gateway Arch may be the most prominent figure in the city of St. Louis. The “Gateway to the West” stretches 630 feet into the sky, easily giving it the title of the tallest monument in the United States of America. After opening on July 10, 1967, The Gateway Arch quickly became one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Midwest, now receiving over 1 million visitors per year to this day. What is perhaps the most astounding feature of this monstrous monument is that regardless of its curved shape, an elevator known as the tram will take visitors to the peak of the arch, giving a breathtaking view of the city from atop the structure. The 4-minute ride to the top with 80 other passengers in the train of compartments is well worth the incredible site that waits at the apex of the Gateway Arch. You can look at the city of St. Louis to the west or the mighty Mississippi River to the east in all of its glory. It would be nearly impossible to visit the great city of St. Louis and not make a stop at the Gateway Arch.  

Budget rent a car St. Louis, Missouri

Budget Rent a Car discounts and have teamed up to bring you the very best in rental car savings and will save you the most amount of money on your rental vehicle while you are vacationing in the St. Louis area. When you are on vacation, the last thing that you need to worry about is getting to all of your favorite locations. Well, when you rent a vehicle from Budget, you will not have to worry about that because you will get a quality vehicle at a great price. Be sure to use  Budget Coupons to get the best price on your next car rental.

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  • St. Louis Cardinals
    St. Louis CardinalsThe professional baseball team that resides in St. Louis is one you’ve more than likely heard of in your lifetime. The Cardinals are one of the more prominent baseball teams in Major League Baseball, having 10 championship trophies under their belt, which is second most only to the Yankees’ 27 titles. Going through downtown St. Louis, you’ll find their home field of Busch Stadium. The history behind this remarkable sports program dates back as far as 1882, when the team was first created. If you have the chance to watch this storied baseball team play some ball while on your visit to St. Louis, by all means get yourself a ticket and head over to Busch Stadium. The Cardinals are well known throughout the baseball community to have one of the best game day atmospheres in all of the MLB. So grab yourself a coke and a frank and stroll on to downtown St. Louis for a great day of watching America’s Pastime in action with the St. Louis Cardinals. Who knows, you might even catch a foul ball or home run!

Enterprise rent- a- car St. Louis, Missouri

Enterprise Rental Car Coupons and have teamed to bring you the very best deals on rental cars when you are vacationing in wonderful St. Louis, MO. While you are in town, you are immediately going to notice that there are many attractions and sites that you have to see and the only way to get around the town easily is in a discount rental car from Budget. Do not depend on any other mode of transportation because they are often unreliable, instead get into a Budget car rental and see everything that you want to see.

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Things to do with a rental car in St. Louis, MO.
  • Missouri Botanical Garden
    Missouri Botanical GardenHenry Shaw had a vision of a beautiful place where the people of his city can enjoy what nature has to offer. With this simple thought, he decided to create Shaw’s Garden, which is now well known today as the Missouri Botanical Garden. The garden’s creation dates back to 1859, which obviously makes it one of the oldest botanical sites in the entire nation. In fact, its age and prominence have given it a prestigious title as a National Historical Landmark. 79 acres of land are covered in plants and garden scenery that are kempt with the most care you’d ever find for a garden. It isn’t only used for public display though. The Missouri Botanical Garden is also home to some of the top horticultural research facilities in the Midwest. The Gardens are known to throw great festivals celebrating Japanese and Chinese cultures, seeing as they have an oriental botanical section that is unmatched. A peaceful day is St. Louis may be what you’re looking for. If so, the Missouri Botanical Garden is a fantastic place to start.  

Hertz Car Rental St. Louis, Missouri

You know that when you decide that you are going to use Hertz discount car rentals when you are taking a vacation to St. Louis, you are using one of the, if not the, biggest and most trusted names in the industry. When you are in a Hertz rental car, you know that you will be in a safe and reliable rental car that will put money back in your pocket from all of the money you will save, and by using you will see even more great savings. Be sure that you take advantage of Hertz Discounts to get the best deal while you are in St. Louis.

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  • St. Louis Art Museum
    St. Louis Art MuseumIt’s easy to see why the St. Louis Art Museum is one of the most popular and well-known art museums in the US. Half a million people every year can’t be wrong about what this amazing exhibit has to offer. Admission is free to this fantastic museum through a city program, so spending money shouldn’t be a worry here. The St. Louis Art Museum started out as a joint function building, acting as both a school and museum for the fine arts. As the collection of art began to grow, the exhibition and display of the artwork became the focus of the building. However, art classes can still be taken here, offering courses for both children and adults (prices range from $20-$300). You’ll be able to see the great works of some of the most famous modern artists the world has known, such as Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, and Claude Monet. In total, the St. Louis Art Museum holds over 30,000 pieces of artwork dating from prehistory to the present. Any review you find on the St. Louis Art Museum will suggest that you make a stop here if traveling through this city.  

avis discount rental car St. Louis, Missouri

If you are taking a vacation to St. Louis, MO, and you are looking to get into a great car rental, well, then you need look no further than Avis discount car rental. When you use for your place to get discount Avis car rental coupons, you will save the most amount of money that you can find anywhere on the web. If you want to save money on car rentals, be sure that you use Avis Discount Offers and for all of your rental car needs anytime that you go on vacation.
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  • St. Louis Zoo
    St. Louis Zoo The famous forest park in St. Louis, Missouri is also home to one of the best zoological parks in the entire United States: the St. Louis Zoo. One of the best features of the park is that admission is free (save for some of the attractions within the park). When the World Fair decided to make St. Louis it’s home in 1904, the St. Louis Zoo was then brought into existence. A walk though bird cage was bought by the city after the fair’s ending from Washington D.C., and it was with this bird cage that the St. Louis Zoo began its growth into what it has become today. One of the parks main objectives is to help keep endangered species of the world in existence through breeding. It is through this goal that they can also educate the public on what we can do to help keep these incredible animals with us on Earth. Hippos, cheetahs, elephants; any exotic animal you can think of, they will probably have on display at this zoo. There isn’t a single exhibit that an animal lover wouldn’t find completely fascinating. The St. Louis Zoo is definitely a must visit while in St. Louis.  

Thrifty Car Rental St. Louis, Missouri

 Thrifty Car Rental discounts, that you can get from right here at, will get you the best savings on your next discount rental car when you are visiting the great city of St. Louis, Missouri. There are so many things that you must do and see while you are there that you want to make sure that you have reliable transportation lined up before you get there. All you have to do to get the most amazing savings that are out there is take advantage of Thrifty Car Rental Discounts from and you will be well on your way to saving big money.

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  • Forest Park
    Forest ParkSt. Louis’ famous Forest Park came into existence in the year 1876. This 1,200+ acre piece of land was created in the late 19th century, much like most other large urban parks known throughout the nation. It was actually based off of Central Park in New York City, even though Forest Park actually surpasses Central Park in size by over 50%. With its creation, it was naturally fit to play host for a number of exciting celebrations and festivals. In 1904, the World’s Fair came to Forest Park to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase. Today, it hosts the Great Forest Park Balloon Race, a race held every year between an enormous quantity of hot air balloons. With the St. Louis Art Museum and the St. Louis Zoological Park, Forest Park is easily one of the most popular attractions in the city of St. Louis, providing all these wonderful sites and activities with the beauty of the great outdoors at its hands.

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If you are looking for the best prices anywhere on the web for rental car discounts, well then you certainly want to check out for the greatest coupons on Dollar Rent a Car vehicles. With discount Dollar Rental Cars, you are going to receive fast and courteous service and you will get into a reliable vehicle that will take you everywhere that you need to go while you are in St. Louis, MO. Do not miss out on all of the greatest savings from  Dollar Coupons and Discounts and Get the rental car that you need while you are in St. Louis.

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  • Anheuser-Busch Brewery
    Anheuser-Busch Brewery1852 saw the birth of what may be the most popular beer brand in the United States. Anheuser-Busch began its incredible journey right here in the city of St. Louis, Missouri. Lucky for us, their original brewery is still around and is actually available to get a grand tour of. You’ll be able to get a true look at how this amazing lager is brought into the world for us all to enjoy. A visit to the fermentation cellar, the various brewing rooms, and the finished product room where anyone over 21 years of age will be given the chance to sample some of Anheuser-Busch’s world famous beer straight from the brewery. This little building in St. Louis was officially declared a National Historic Landmark in 1966. As of right now, Anheuser-Busch owns and operates 12 different breweries in the United States, but there will only be one original that can be found in St. Louis. A great tour and a fun time are surely in store for any visitor to the brewery.

National Rental Cars St. Louis, Missouri

Discount National Car Rental has remained one of the most reputable names in the rental car industry. The reason why they have is because they know what their clients expect out of them. They know that their clients want a safe and reliable car, they want to get out on the road fast and they want to save all of the money that they can. National can meet your every expectation. You will be greeted by a friendly staff who will get you right pass the counter, into any car in the isle and, with coupons from, you will save the most money. Be sure to use National Rental Car Coupons when you are in St. Louis, Missouri.

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  • Six Flags
    Six FlagsEverybody enjoys a fun day spent at a theme park. So it’s easy to see why Six Flags at St. Louis is a well-known and often visited attraction. Six Flags St. Louis is actually just outside of the city of St. Louis in a town by the name of Eureka, Missouri. This short drive is no task for visitors, however, since the payoff is definitely well worth it. 40 rides are spread across the park’s 132 acres of land, 8 of which are spine-tingling roller coasters and 3 more are specifically make to soak you to the bone with water. The park opened in 1971, obviously with less rides to offer than there are now. Regardless, it was a popular destination in the Midwest because it offered so much more than anyone had seen previously. Several rides are based off of various superheroes and super villains from the DC Comic Universe. Batman: The Ride is notorious for its extreme excitement. A visit to St. Louis would be somewhat incomplete without taking a trip over to Six Flags.