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Things to do in Stuttgart

Mercedes-Benz Museum Mercedes-Benz Museum Stuttgart, Germany
The Mercedes-Benz museum in Stuttgart, Germany is the home of the world famous brand that is known throughout the world as a well built luxury automobile that has been in business for many decades. It is also the home of the Daimler AG international headquarters, with the unique structure just outside the entry gate to the Daimler factory in Stuttgart-Unterturkheim that was designed by the UN Studio. The unusual structure was based on a variant cloverleaf design that uses three overlapping circles with the middle taken away to resemble a triangular atrium. It was finished and opened in 2006, and the museum had been in another building inside the factory complex with visitors being taken there in a secured shuttle. The height and "double helix" design inside the structure were created to make the best use of the space with about 50,000 square feet of usable exhibit space housed in a base of just 15,000 square feet. It houses over 160 vehicles, with a few dating all the way back to the early days of combustible engines and offers free audio tours in a number of different languages to those people that come here to visit the spectacular museum. In 2007 alone, the museum welcomed 860,000 people from all over the world.  The story and history of the world's first patented automobile was placed in the German Patent Office on January 29, 1886 and thus began the world's most incredible story that sprouted branches into every corner of the world. Meant to become a replacement for the simple horse and buggy, the results, some century and a quarter later are unbelievable, although there is so much more to do and discover. It is, as it has always been, a siphon on the world's limited resources of fossil fuel that has gone from pennies a gallon to dollars, and created some the world's most ruthless and determined terrorists, both seen and unseen. It has made billionaires of many people and paupers of the other end of the swinging spectrum that involves the majority of people in every industrialized nation of the world. It will continue to until we can find a plausible solution to the monster that was created then, although many will doubt that since they have become and were back then, fascinated with the horseless carriage that could take people around the earth and back again many times. But this museum is about the machine that changed all our lives and made it easier, albeit a somewhat love and hate relationship. To own a Mercedes is the pinnacle of proud, of professional workmanship and craftsmanship that started with Karl Benz and continues on to this day with many other companies, and companies that are now gone with the wind and are only part of the magnificent history and love affair of the motorized machine. It is a marvelous place to visit and peruse, learning more about the engineering magic of this exciting company that offers the visitor much more than they ever thought they would receive.

Wilhelma Zoo and Botanical Garden
Wilhelma Zoo and Botanical Garden Stuttgart, GermanyWilhelma Zoo and Botanical Garden in Stuttgart, Germany, or more precisely Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, is Europe's biggest combined zoological and botanical garden, and was original constructed as a royal palace. There are more than 8,000 animals from 1000 species as well as exquisite plants from more than 5000 species. It has become world famous for its habitants for all four groups of great apes, kept in their original families, including offspring; and the marvelous aquarium that contains animals and plants, flora and fauna from around the world. Their botanical gardens have become known also for their magnolia grove, that is the biggest in Europe and home to Wilbar, the polar bear. The Wilhelma, initially a royal palace constructed in the Moorish revival style, replicates structures like the Alhambra Palace in Granada. After WWII, the magnificent palace was converted to the current use, with flora and fauna enjoying the beautiful grounds and landscaping that surrounds the gorgeous architecture of the mid 19th century palace and outbuildings. Part of the excitement at the German zoos is the unique way of creating barriers between animals and visitors that are minimal and cleverly concealed to become part of the habitat. One unusual highlight is the "hatchery" that allows visitors to be able to watch the baby chicks hatching and the mother birds feeding them as they grow in a close and personal way. In the upper section of the grounds a wonderful stand of sequoia trees are growing, with a fantastic public park located next to the zoo, created in the English landscape style with undulating grasses and informal, almost natural groupings of trees and shrubs. The entire scene complements the zoo and botanical gardens making this venue one of the finest in the city that doesn't pertain to architecture and history, but more for the pure pleasure of families encouraged to spend time with each other and the beauty and serenity of the great outdoors.

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Porsche MuseumPorsche Museum Stuttgart, Germany
John Calvin Coolidge, Jr. was born July 4th, 1872, in The Porsche Museum is located in Stuttgart, Germany in the Zuffenhausen district of the city, also outside of its main gate and factory, with a very unusual and unique structure that almost rivals that of the Mercedes Benz museum, but then these two outstanding automakers have been building cars for many decades, and because of their innovations and constant extraordinary craftsmanship continue to this day. The museum is conspicuously set within a junction outside the Porches headquarters in Zuffenhausen with over 17,000 square feet of exhibit space that highlight 80 exhibits of rare, unique and historical vehicles. It was designed by Delugan Meissl, with the exhibition spaces designed by H. G. Merz, the same man that designed the Mercedes-Benz museum. The initial Porsche museum opened in 1976 on a side road in the Porsche factory complex, only it was small with not enough parking and could only show 20 exhibits at a time. That museum was more of a rolling museum, meaning that there were some 300 vehicles involved in a continual rolling in and out of vehicles to be showcased in the exhibit space. The 300 vehicles were meticulously restored to their pristine condition, and in excellent driving condition, and the idea was considered to build this museum close to the Mercedes-Benz museum in the Killesberg district in Stuttgart, but that museum opened in front of their factory instead, and this one so Porsche decided to enlarge and improve their present museum by the headquarters. The initial estimates were around 60 million Euros, but sometime before the official opening on January 29, 2009, the final costs had risen to 100 million Euros. The initial ideas for the new concepts of this museum started in 2003, and a storyboard with pertinent topics, exhibits and final presentation was done, and the results are the elaborate highlights of the vehicles being shown with other related objects and materials displayed in such a way as to complement the autos.

 State Gallery of Stuttgart
State Gallery of Stuttgart, Germany
The Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, or the State Gallery of Stuttgart, Germany in English, is one of the finest art gallery and museums in the city and country that opened in 1843; and the newer one, shown in the image to the left, that opened in 1984, created one of Europe's best museums, designed by James Stirling. Initially, the classicist structure of the Alte Staatgallerie was the home of the royal art school as well, enlarging the original building with two wings in 1881 through 1887. During WWII, this structure was completely destroyed in the bombing raids, and in 1946 was reconstructed and finally reopened in 1948. Part of the outstanding collections housed here include; the old German paintings from 1300 to 1500, Dutch paintings from 1500 to 1700, art from the 19th and 20th centuries that include impressionism and romanticism, Italian paintings from 1300 to 180 and the German baroque paintings. Some of the most famous and valuable works include; Max Beckmann's Journey on the Fish, Piet Mondrian's Composition in White, Red and Blue from 1936, Salvador Dali's The Raised Instant from 1938, Pablo Picasso's Tumblers (Mother and Son) from 1905, Laufende Frauen am Strand from 1922 and the Breakfast in the Free One from 1961, George Grosz's the Funeral from 1918, Joan Miro's The Bird with the Calm View, the Wings in Flames from 1952, Franz Marc's The Small Yellow Horses from 1912, and Henri Matisse's With the Toilet (La Hair-style) from 1907; as well as exciting works from Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee and Marc Chagall.  Other marvelous works include the Domnick collection, archives, prints, photographs and drawings, paintings and sculptures, and new entries. It is unfortunate that this museum and gallery was also affected by the Nazi regime, since they stole magnificent works of art from this institution as well, indiscriminately taking anything that they considered artworks and leaving very little to the museum to salvage; which was subsequently affected by the bombing raids towards the end of the war, and the ensuing occupation. It is extraordinary that so many works were saved by careful hiding in various places to keep whatever works they could from the prying and thieving eyes of the Nazis or occupation troops. All in all, it is today, one of the finest museums and gallery in the country with rare and treasured works that should be perused because of the marvelous history they have endured. 

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Local Restaurants in Stuttgart

The Starwood Hotel Le Meidien
Appetizers; lukewarm tuna in curry with sweet potatoes & ginger; roasted scallops with orange witloof & sugar peas; essence tomato with basil ravioli; carree of pigling with fried bread dumpling & cabbage; curd cheese soufflé with fresh rhubarb & sour cream cappuccino. Salads; mesclun salad with fresh field herbs & goat cheese au gratin; confited monkfish & crawfish in potato stock. Soups; cream soup of wild garlic with baked sweet bread of calf & kohlrabi; bouillabaisse of blue white fish with sauce aioli & garlic bread. Fish; filet of turbot & poached octopus with fried potatoes & pesto lettuce; lukewarm wild salmon with cauliflower, brown butter & char kavair. Meats; filet of ox with parsley crust, more spinach & wild garlic-crepes roulade; back and hotpot of swabian lamb with aubergine; veal cutlet cooked in milk with wild mushrooms, kohlrabi & thyme oil; Canadian lobster with tagliatelle & fresh peas.

Delice Restaurant
 Menu; tuna with raz-el-hanout and black sesame on couscous with radish salad & avocado; scrambled eggs with cauliflower mousse, variation of cauliflowers & perigord truffles; poached beef tenderloin in mustard herb wrap with stewed veggies & pointed cabbage; bleu d'Auvergne in a spring roll with potato pear vanilla ragout; small cake of Valrhona chocolate & olives freshly baked with Iranian baby figs, caramel ice cream and fleur de sel.

Poached Octopus Starwood Hotel Le Meidien Stuttgart, Germany


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Poached Beef Tenderloin Delice Restaurant Stuttgart, Germany


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Kunstmuseum Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, Germany
The Kunstmuseum is an art museum that opened in 2005 in Stuttgart, Germany with 15,000 square feet of exhibit space inside a uniquely designed glass cube that was designed by Berlin architects, Jehle and Hascher. In the night, the interior limestone walls become lit and are showcased throughout the structure, making it even more unusual. The collection that is housed here was acquired from the Galerie der Stadt Stuttgart, with a nucleus that was donated by Marchese Silvio della Valle di Casanova in 1924. The magnificent collection contains the works of Otto Dix, one of the painters that started the Neue Sachlichkeit, or New Objectivity movement in Germany during the 1920s; with Dix also engaging in printmaking as well. He became well known for his ruthless and harsh creations of the Weimar society and the overall brutality of war, and with compatriot, George Grosz became the most significant artists of the new movement. There are also great works from Dieter Roth, Willi Baumeister and Adolph Holzel.

Church of St. Killian
Church of St. Killian Stuttgart, GermanyThis beautiful little church in Stuttgart, Germany is named after St. Killian, an Irish Catholic missionary that came here in the 7th century to preach the Word, and after having converted many of the region's residents and the duke, he began telling the duke that his marriage to his brother's widow was against the scriptures. This infuriated the duke's wife, who wasn't converted, but did send her soldiers to the town square where Killian and two of his missionary brothers were preaching the Word of God. The soldiers beheaded all three men, and thus martyred the men and made them saints. What is really strange is that the scriptures don't corroborate the saint's message, since Jesus himself, in answering one of the main questions from the Pharisee's trying to trip him up on Biblical truths, asked him what happens when a man dies without having any children, but does have brothers, and the man's brothers must marry the woman to raise children, offspring of the brother to continue his line and keep the family's inheritance or property intact. In this particular verse, the man had six other brothers who all died and the question pertained to which one of the men would the woman be married to when we are all resurrected. Jesus corrected them on this and if you need more information about it, them look it up in the Bible. Anyway, it was a shame that this man and his two friends were decapitated due to the Word, but that is what happened to many who tried to spread the Good News. The church did survive WWII, which is amazing since there was intense fighting around it in 1945, but there was some rebuilding involved in it, so that is perhaps why it looks so good today.

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SchlossgartenSchlossgarten Stuttgart, Germany
The Stuttgart Castle Gardens are a magnificent old garden park that has been operating in Stuttgart, Germany for more than six centuries and begins in the city's center that follows the old course of the day cased Nesenbach to the Neckar. The park is separated into three parts that are divided by bridges and pedestrian streets that don't allow any motorized vehicles. The first area is the upper gardens that begin by the old and new castles on Palace Square and go up to the main railway depot with many attractions along the way like the Eckensee Opera house, the State Theater, the House of the Diet and the art gallery. The middle castle garden contains the Carl Zeiss planetarium, the old ruins of the pleasure house, the country's pavilion, a big beer garden and the schlossgartensee that houses the cafe and sit along the lake. The lower castle gardens contain the lower plants and goes from them to the mineral baths at Stuttgart-Berg near Cannstatt Neckar. On the eastern edge, by the Wilhelma Zoological and botanical gardens the park includes the castle's gardens and Rosenstein Park which are part of Green U. In 1350, the area was part of a count's garden, located next to the Stuttgart Castle and began to be taken care of and nurtured. In 1469, the moat that was installed earlier became part of it, evidently to help feed water to the garden and irrigate it and it was called Thiergartten. By 1474, the garden had been increased by two acres, and when the castle was rejuvenated in the mid 16th century by the duke, a renaissance pleasure garden was planned.  During the next few centuries, the gardens went through various changes, as the ruling factions would come in and alter the expanse and appeal to suit their ideas and the gardens of the period, until the second world war that changed everything in the country, and the gardens were transformed to their current beauty and use in the 1960s.

Wurttemberg State Museum in Old Castle
Wurttemberg State Museum in Old Castle Stuttgart, GermanyThe Old Castle or Altes Schloss sits in the heart of Stuttgart, Germany that was constructed in the 10th century with the original castle being built around 950 when the city was just a settlement for breeding horses. As the years and centuries passed by, the small settlement grew into a town, when during the 14th century it became the home of the sovereign Counts of Wurttemberg, and in the 16th century, the dukes Ludwig and Christopher had it reconstructed into a renaissance castle complete with moats; which were taken out during the 18th century. During 1931, as Germany began its slow transition into a Nazi state, the castle was almost destroyed by fire, but before it could be rebuilt it was further damaged by bombing in WWII but finally rejuvenated in 1969. This magnificent old castle now houses the marvelous Wurttemberg State Museum and sits above the burial mounds of King Charles I of Wurttemberg and his wife, Olga. Inside the castle's courtyard, a wonderful monument to Eberhard I stands, and the entire structure sits next door to its newer replacement, the New Castle, that was constructed in the late 18th century. On one side of the old castle, the Karlsplatz side it is called, there is a fantastic museum devoted to the memory of Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg, a former resident of the city that tried to assassinate Hitler in July 1944 and has now become quite the hero.  The inner courtyard has many outstanding arcades on three levels, with columns and balustrades making it a wonderful architectural attraction alone, but with the addition of the museum, it takes on a grander side and important venue.  The museum contains artifacts that were from the early stone age to the current day, and actually began in 1862 when King William I had it become a repository for the state's collection of national antiquities. During the 1960s, the Museum of Decorative Arts merged with it that had been housed in the Old Castle since 1959. The new castle is part of the museum and contains a Roman lapidarium. There are artworks from the caves of Swabian Jura, as well as pieces from the Celtics and their princes as well as works from the early medieval Alemannians and Franks.  

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Schloss SolitudeSchloss Solitude Stuttgart, Germany
Castle Solitude in Stuttgart, Germany is also referred to as Solitude Palace, constructed to act as a hunting lodge for the elite of the region between 1764 and 1769, commissioned by Duke Karl Eugen of Wurttemberg. The elaborate structure isn't really a castle in the truest sense of the word, but rather a rococo palace, and beginning in 1956 belonged to the urban district of Stuttgart-West. It sits upon a high plain between the towns of Stuttgart, Leonberg and Gerlinngen with outstanding views of the area. The schloss was initially designed to become a refuge, or place of quiet, reflection and solitude, away from the tedious day-to-day activities of court and politics. In fact, its construction was constantly plagued by politics and funding problems, since the duke had entered into the infamous Seven Years' War that many considered to be the real first world war. It involved all the major nations of the world at that time, along with their respective colonies in the Americas and India. Unfortunately for Karl, he chose the wrong side against Prussia, but since the small region wasn't anywhere near the other main belligerents, it didn't mean much to him or his people, other than he had squandered a lot of money and men. The building's costs were more than the duchy of Wurttemberg had allotted, so that meant more political haggling between the duke and the Stuttgart land barons that caused Karl to move to Ludwigsburg; and eventually, the palace was just too much of a luxury for the small region and by 1770 it became a high school for rich children funded by the duke. In 1775, Karlsschule academy took over the castle and soon became an academy of arts, military academy and then general university for the rich children. Finally, the cost of maintaining the structure became too expensive, and after the duke passed on in the late 18th century, it was closed. Between 1972 and 1983, it would be renovated by the Federal Republic of Germany.

Neues Schloss
Neues Schloss Baden-Wurttemberg, GermanyThe Neues Schloss Meersburg is located in Meersburg, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany by Lake Constance and was built in 1750 to become the seat of the Prince-Bishop of Constance. When the bishopric was done away with in 1803, the seat was moved. The initial construction started in 1710 under Bishop Johann Franz II von Stauffenberg, with the architect, Christoph Gessinger designing it and overseeing the construction. In 1712, the project was completed, although it wasn't finished in terms of becoming the symbol of power for the bishop; since the upper stories had rooms and apartments for the dignitaries that would visit the bishop in office, but without a grand stairway leading up to them or the other symbols of power and riches. Hugo Damian von Schonborn, the Bishop of Speyer, had already constructed a place called Schloss Bruchsal nearby, but took over the seat in Meersburg in 1740 and the schloss but wanted improvements and of course added features becoming his high office. During 1741 to 1743, the chapel was constructed, based on plans by Balthazar Neumann, with artworks and statues created by fresco painter Gottfried Bernhard Goz from Augsburg, as well as the sculptor Joseph Anton Feuchtmayer. In 1759, the Prince-Bishop Cardinal Franz Konrad von Rodt instructed the master builder, Franz Anton Bagnatos to rejuvenate the castle, restructuring the stairway that had been built and was now falling apart. The baroque facing of the castle was remodeled in the rococo style with bigger windows, more decorations around them and new gables added. On the inside, the Mainz artist, Guiseppe Appiani and sculptor, Carlo Luca Pozzi created marvelous works and decorations. There are two huge paintings over the grand staircase that were done by Appiani, called the Glorification of the Prince-Bishops and the Diocese that was done in 1761, and over the ballroom, the worship of the divine providence that was created in 1762. In 1803, when the Secularization occurred, the castle had held the prince-bishop seat for almost half a century. In the 19th century, the castle would be used for a girls' school, then a prison, sailor's school and during the period from 1865 to 1937 it would be used as the Baden institution for Deaf-mutes, and then moved to Gengenbach that year. For the next eight years, it would become a high school for troubled young men and after WWII, it became a barracks for French troops. Inside the castle presently, there are a number of museums as well as being an interesting architectural delight itself. Located on a high knoll overlooking the lake, the back of the castle has a marvelous garden terrace with an outstanding view of the lower city, the Swiss coast of Lake Constance and the ferry dock.

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Carl-Zeiss PlanetariumCarl Zeiss Planetarium Stuttgart, Germany
The Carl Zeiss Planetarium in Stuttgart, Germany and houses one of the finest star theaters in the world, using an innovative fiber technological projector called the Zeiss Universarium IX that illuminates the night sky with such magnificent visions that are usually only seen by astronauts in space. The unique telescope can be moved by mechanical transmissions received and decoded by computers that allow it to flash around the stars in seconds that would normally take thousands of years. The special lens offers sights in the nigh skies that help the planets, stars and other images of the night sky to be seen more clearly and with greater intensity because of its unusual qualities that can't be found anywhere else in the universe. There are special programs and events for the community's children as well as traditional star shows that encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to come here for the fascinating visions that are now possible because of the extraordinary work of Carl Zeiss. Two or three times each day, there will be travels done into the cosmos that will amaze you and your family, unlike any you have seen before, on this earth and geared to specific audiences. Because of these unique qualities, if you do plan on visiting be sure to reserve some time, tours or spaces for whatever events you are going to see since their shows and other venues are increasingly becoming filled up before the day passes. It is a testament to the outstanding qualities of this planetarium that this is happening and it shows that people really enjoy looking at the star and night skies that have so many beautiful sights and brilliant lights. The starry night has always been of great interest to people, since before the written word, or even before history began being told in oral stories, since men have traveled on the waters of the vast oceans with only the stars to guide them or people can only travel at night if they have stars to show them what direction they are going. Every civilization since the earliest has wondered about the stars, constellations and other exciting occurrences in the sky. Come see for yourself what this incredible planetarium has to offer you when you are exploring Stuttgart and the night sky.

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