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Alamo Car Rentals offers discounted rates on top quality vehicles.  On your next vacation to Sweden, choose Alamo and you will get some of the best deals in the rental business.  Alamo offers a large selection of vehicles to choose from for a great price.  Be sure to check out Cheap Alamo Discounts to see our online discounted specials.
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Things to do in Sweden

  • Swedish National Museum  Swedish National Museum
    Is the place to visit if you are wanting to see some of Sweden's finest art collection.  Whether you are just looking to spend the day discovering Sweden or you are a art enthusiast the Swedish National Museum is the perfect place to spend the afternoon.   At the Museum visitors are delighted by various paintings, sculptures, decorative art and an entire department of modern applied arts.  There is much to see and learn about as you explore this fantastic Swedish National Museum.  Highlights of the Art gallery include important works from Dutch and Flemish artists including pieces from Rembrandt (Conspiracy of Claudius Civilis & The Painter's Cook).  Rubens works include (Bacchanale & Sacrifice to Venus) and pieces created by Frans Hals the Elder (Fiddler) along with several pictures created by 18th century French painters: Boucher & Watteau.  Also featured on display are paintings created by Modern Swedish painters such as: Al Roslin, Carl Fredrik Hill, Prince Eugen, D.K. Ehrenstrahl along with many other famous artists.  The Swedish National Museum also features a department of graphic art displaying interesting architectural drawings.  Once you have seen the outstanding works of art housed in the Swedish National Museum, take a visit to the Gardens located on the Northwest side of the Museum and see the bronze collection. Here you will see "The Wrestlers" this display represents an old Nordic form of wrestling where the contestants were tied together at the waist ....  All the bronze statues are set in a beautiful garden setting set off with stunning fountains.    

Budget rent a car Sweden

On your next visit to Sweden, choose your next rental car from Budget Rent-A-Car.  Budget is one of the leading car rental companies in the industry. Here you will get top quality vehicles for a great price along with friendly customer service.  Save money today with  Printable Discounted Coupons from Budget , we will have you on the road in no time...  Check out some great discount deals on your next rental with Budget.
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Ice Hotel in SwedenIce Hotel 
When you visit Sweden a visit to the Ice Hotel is a must.... If you have never experienced a visit to the Ice Hotel this will totally amaze you.  The Ice Hotel is made completely of ice and is located in Northern Sweden.   The Hotel is constructed & re-constructed each winter so they can accommodate guests during the coldest months of the year....  This unique Ice Hotel was first constructed in the late 1980's in Jukkasjarvi, which is located about 120 miles north of the Arctic Circle.  The Ice Hotel in Sweden is constructed from blocks of ice that are gathered from the Torne River.   Each year the Ice Hotel has a different design covering more than 53,700 feet......   To build a structure like this it takes more than 4,000 tons of ice to create an igloo like structure.  The Ice Hotel features about sixty guest rooms, a sauna, reception hall, an ice chapel used for weddings, baptisms and various other ceremonies and a multimedia theater.  In addition to the entire Hotel structure made totally of ice, all the furniture and most of the decor throughout the Hotel is also made of ice.  The beds in the rooms are made of solid slabs of ice and the chairs are carved from a solid brick of ice and for comfort the beds & chairs are draped with reindeer skin blankets to offer warmth.  Statues and various forms of art seen throughout the Hotel and in the rooms & hallways tend to be quite ornate!!!!!   You are probably wondering how am I going to stay warm in an Ice Hotel  with temperatures well below freezing? Guests of the Ice Hotel are given a collection of special gear to offer warmth and protection for the duration of your stay.  Included in your  collection of gear is a full jumpsuit made of beaver nylon along with an insulated body bag which was developed for astronauts walking on the moon.  If you feel you are not up to the chilling adventure of staying in the Ice Hotel there are heated cabins and bathrooms near the Ice Hotel. Located in the main area of the Ice Hotel guests will find the bar area where you can enjoy glowing cocktails served in ice glasses and the featured drink is ice cold Vodka...   If you would like to participate in this unique adventure be sure to book your reservations in advance, as the popularity of the Ice Hotel continues to grow each new winter season. 

Local Favorite Restaurant of  Sweden
  • Stadshuskallaren  Restaurant
    Is highly recommended if you are wanting to truly experience one of the Best restaurants in Stockholm.  The Stadshuskallaren is a very classic Cellar Restaurant that is situated in the cellars of the Stockholm City Hall.  This amazing restaurant is both  famous and is referred to as the best restaurant in Sweden that serves traditional Swedish food.  This famous restaurant also prepares a very special dinner for the Nobel Prize nominees each year so you know this is a fantastic restaurant....  If you happen to be dining during this special event you will have the opportunity to sample items from Nobel menus.  Featured on the nightly menu is what previous Nobel Prize winners ate the year before with the identical wines and fine china...  So if you just order "I will have what ever the prize winners had" you never know what will come out  you may get a mountain grouse breast baked in black trumpet mushrooms with caramelized apples, poached onions and broad beans served with a Norman Calvados sauce and potato cake.  Other main course dishes include a salmon filet with roasted Jerusalem artichokes, marinated beets and a lemon emulsion.  Other tasty offerings include the grilled turbot with smoked almonds, and for dessert a Roquefort Cheesecake served with a fig & cherry compote how often do you see that on the menu? And if you are interested in what Albert Einstein had at his banquet in 1921? It is quite possible for you to request this vintage meal with at least a weeks notice.  Before your delicious meal you can tour the City Hall Building.

    If you feel like having fish dine at Wendholm's Fisk restaurant in Stockholm.  All the meals are prepared fresh to retain their full flavor.  All the great food attracts lots of visitors as well al many of the local residents of Stockholm.  Wendholm's Fisk restaurant is located near the water along the edge of a beautiful park.  Here you can relax and enjoy a peaceful & quiet dining experience.  In addition to the best fish in town you have to try the homemade soups, they don't make them this good anywhere else in town.  Highlights on the lunch menu include: Sole grilled or poached, Turbot boiled with horse-radish and browned butter, Tiger Prawns roasted with garlic, bread crumbs and parmesan, Salmon grilled with pumpkin, pancetta and potato fondante, Scallops grilled with trout roe & tarragon butter sauce or the Monkfish oven baked with duck liver, red wine sauce and potato fondante.  And for dessert you can choose from a variety of delicious offerings such as: Nut fudge pie with mocca crème, crème brulee, Apple flambé with Calvados and caramel ice cream and the daily sorbet.  When you are visiting Stockholm you can't go wrong with either one of these fabulous restaurants.

swedish salmon cuisine

Swedish Meatballs

Fresh seafood cuisine in Sweden

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  • Liseberg Park Liseberg Park in Sweden
    Is one of Sweden's largest tourist attractions.  Your entire family will enjoy a trip to one of Sweden's oldest & largest theme parks in the country.  Liseberg Park is located in the lovely town of Gothenburg.  This fun & exciting theme park is at the top of must see attractions in Sweden.    Liseberg Park is known for having one of the best wooden roller coasters in the world, in fact Liseberg Park is often voted one of the ten best amusement parks in the world by Forbes magazine. Liseberg Park first opened in 1923, and has been open for more than seventy-five years making this one of the most visited theme parks in Sweden.  Liseberg Park is open year round although the rides do-not operate in the winter.  During this time a winter holiday theme can be enjoyed with candid nuts & mulled wine and frequently real reindeer make an appearance near the ice skating rink. The rink is open to the public during the winter so grab your skates and head over to the rink for some fun. The rest of the year the Park is open to visitors looking for thrill rides and roller coasters, a few of our popular thrill rides include: The Hang Over- once you are securely placed in the ride you are shot up almost 200 feet into the air, for a split second you experience total weightlessness before plunging back to the ground.. Wow !!! what a rush...  This extreme rollercoaster ride is considered one of the most incredible rides in all of Europe. So all you thrill seekers and rollercoaster junkies don't miss the opportunity to experience a ride on The Hang Over.  Another fun ride is the Kallerado- this exciting ride takes you on an a thrilling rapid journey through the Gastan Ghost Hotel.  This fun ride has surprises around every haunted corner....   In addition to all the thrill rides Liseberg Park also has a great section for the younger visitors, here they will find a fun playground, even a small children's rollercoaster, Teacups, a Fairy Tale Castle kids will have a blast seeing live versions of their favorite story book and even Viking characters, the Liseberg Rabbit House- houses the official rabbits of the Park kids can come and visit these famous rabbits.  Kids will also enjoy a ride on the Dragon Boat....  This special area just for the little ones is full of hours of enjoyment and fantastic rides.  When you visit Liseberg, there is something for everyone.  The Park offers over thirty-five exciting rides and attractions two new rides were added this year offering additional hair raising experiences...  So when you are visiting Sweden don't miss one of the best attractions in Gothenburg....

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Avis Rental Cars wants to make your visit to Sweden as smooth as possible. At Avis, car rental has never been easier. Avis offers a large selection of vehicles to choose from for a Great price.  Save money today and log on to our easy to navigate web site and see the great deals offered with Discounted Avis Car Coupons.
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  • Thunder Mountain Ski Resort   Snow Skiing in Sweden
    Sweden despite its excessively cold weather offers some of the best skiing around and you can expect snow on the mountains no matter what.  Skiing in Sweden during the winter can be cold but definitely worth it you are guaranteed a good time.  Also very popular in Sweden is cross country skiing, you will find plenty of excellent trails in the towns of Gallivare and Arvidsjaur two villages in northern Sweden.  There are several great places throughout the country for top skiing in Sweden.  One of the most popular ski resorts is located in the town of Dundret, called Thunder Mountain this resort is one of the best places to visit during the winter in Sweden.  One of the key features of Thunder Mountain is the northern location of the mountain the months of June & July enjoy almost total sunlight around the clock...  And of course plenty of awesome snow, so for skiers this is a major advantage skiing for longer hours and avoiding the harsh winter....  Thunder Mountain is a large resort offering everything you need in one place from renting equipment for skiing or snowboarding, lessons so if you are just beginning or you want to improve your techniques and several great runs offering something challenging for all skill levels. 
    Another favorite place to ski in Sweden is at the Sunne Ski Resort located in the mountains of Varmland.  This is one of the largest resorts in the area, featuring ten different ski runs offering challenges for all levels of skiing... The Sunne Ski Resort has everything you could need under one roof from equipment rentals, ski school, ski shop, a beautiful lodge and restaurant.  If you enjoy night skiing this resort offers four lit ski lifts.  Sunne Ski Resort is very popular for local residents of Stockholm and international visitors who come to enjoy the fantastic mountains in Sweden. 

National Rental Cars Sweden

Save money today when you rent top quality vehicles from National.  In fact, National's expert staff and quality vehicles will make your vacation to Sweden that much more enjoyable. Save money today when you make your reservations with National Car Rental, by logging on to our new web site offering you great savings with  National Discount Coupons.

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