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Things to do in Switzerland

  • Rietberg Museum Rietberg Museum Zurich, Switzerland
    The Rietberg Museum is located in the Rieterpark of central Zurich, Switzerland and is famous for its non-European relics. The museum began in 1949, when the citizens of the city wanted to showcase the magnificent collection of Baron Eduard Heydt in the old Villa Wesendonck that was completely transformed into this outstanding museum. This is the only art museum in the country that houses non-European cultures and contains an internationally renown collection of artworks from Asia, Oceania, Africa and America. The nucleus of the collection is the magnanimous gift of Baron Heydt, with many additions being acquired over the decades. The museum has doubled its space since opening and highlights many works of art that have never been seen or shown. The room colors and the special effects lighting has added to the ambiance of the pieces shown so that they can speak or rather be seen in their most exquisite light, allowing the visitor to experience the full effects of the collections. One of the main collections include the Chinese art that has archaic ritual bronze vessels, the grave art of the Han to Tang dynasties that span the 2nd century BC to the 9th century AD., and the Buddhist art with huge columns and stone statues that are the centerpiece to the collection. The Chinese paintings are housed in the museum's new underground rooms so that the minimal lighting and temperatures will not affect the sensitive inks that were used in the paintings. The world's best collection of Chinese cloisonné is located here, that did belong to the Alice and Pierre Uldry collection. Other extraordinary pieces from that collection include the imperial vessels, which together with the counterpart in the British Museum are considered the most important Chinese cloisonné works of art. In the Japanese gallery, there are marvelous Buddhist sculptures from the 12th and 13th centuries, with special attention given to the beautifully carved masks from the Noh dynasty.

  • Museum of Art
    The Museum of Art in Zurich, Switzerland is also called the Kunsthaus Zurich and is considered one of the most important art museums in Europe. It contains many artworks from the 19th and 20th centuries, especially the sculptures and the paintings. The museum started in the Victorian period and then restored in 1976; and has become one of the most sophisticated museums in the world with famous exhibits like the Giacometti wing that showcases the evolution of this great Swiss artist. Some of the more famous works include; Rodin's Gate of Hell, Picasso, Cezanne, Chagall, Bonnard, Toulouse-Latrec, Degas, Marini, Monet, Roualt, Lipschitz, Rubens, Rembrandt, Braque, and Utrillo. There is a huge library and many photographs that have helped make this museum what it is today. In the galleries there paintings, sculptures, videos, prints and drawings with outstanding photographs. Their late gothic paintings are magnificent, since the art of altar painting began to grow in the 15th century; offering a spiritual salvation to the viewer and the patron, with many of the leading masters signing their paintings with a small red and white carnation; and this museum has works from the four leading painters of that time. One of the most impressive panels come from the altar of St. Michael that was created by Hans Leu the Elder. Other works in the painting and sculpture gallery include; the golden age of Dutch painting, Flemish painting, Italian baroque painting, Venetian settecento, Swiss painting, impressionism and post-impressionism, Nordic expressionism, modern art, Alberto Giacometti and art since 1945. It is truly a spectacular museum that will entice you to spend the day or days perusing the fantastic works of art from all over the world.

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Local Restaurants in Switzerland
  • Kronenhalle
    Entrees; Nicoise salad, Insalata Caprese, Terrine de foie de canard Maison, pasta ravioli au beurre a la suck, gnocchi al pomodoro e basilico, poisson STE crustaces, filet de sandre aux tomatoes et CAPR, pommes nature, legumes, sautee geants crevettes et ses ravioli, viand STE volailles, aiguillette de canette aux cerises, gratin Dauphinois, filet d'arneau sur ratatuille, rosti, double steak saute, sauce au poivre vert, gratin Dauphinois, legumes; avocado vinaigrette a la, oxtail salad Kronenhalle, melon with air dried ham, sashimi of clay, with sweet and sour ginger, vitello tonnato, gazpacho Andalouse, cold potato leek soup, eierschwammli provencale, ravioli with scampi and white South African curry, tagliata rucola e parmigiano di manzo con su pomodorini cilegia, schacher and cheese cake with pear bread girenbad senne, royal Charlotte with strawberries and raspberry sauce.

  • Restaurant Stucki Bruderholz
    Starters; char-curry geraucht, yellow lentils, mango yogurt; foie gras rosapfeffergebraten, red chicory, raspberry vinegar caramel; goat cheese and hazelnut pie, pineapple sambal kardamonhonig; octopus ingwergebacken, peas, peanut salsa; potato-vanilla soup, scallop crumble, olive; sole, spinach-coconut pancakes; cod, carrot couscous; veal chop, pistachios beans, sour cream polenta; duck breast, duck confit ravioli, parsley; beef, potato-chili hash browns, datteltomaten relish; zucchini blossom, lime leaf risotto, avocado salsa; organic egg, green asparagus, spinach marsala cream.



Terrine de Foie de Canard Maison Kronenhalle Geneva, Switzerland

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  • Cathedrale de St-Pierre Cathedrale de St-Pierre Geneva, Switzerland
    The Cathedral St. Pierre or St. Peter is located in Geneva, Switzerland and belongs to the Swiss Reformed Church. The cathedral was started under Arducius de Faucigny, the prince-bishop of the Diocese of Geneva in the 12th century, and contains an eclectic blend of architectural styles. It has become best known for the adopted home church of John Calvin, one of the main leaders of the Protestant Reformation; and inside the church, one of his chairs remains intact. The ground below the church has been excavated recently, and has uncovered a marvelous history of this site that dates back to the period of the Roman Empire. From the 8th century to the 10th century, it was one of three cathedrals that coexisted on the site; with the current church growing out of a cathedral that was dedicated to ecclesiastical use, as well as an early Christian funerary cult. The other two cathedrals were subsumed during the 12 century to make way for the growing city, while one was used for public sacraments and the other for church teachings. Each summer, a German Protestant minister arrives to hold the services in both German and French languages for the benefit of the Protestant worshippers. Other sources indicate that the church was actually constructed during the 4th century BC, since touring of the excavated sites are now possible, allowing visitors to discover the exciting remains of other structures. These excavations have shown that there were two Christian sanctuaries, with mosaic floors from the late Roman Empire period, with parts of three early churches and an 11th century crypt. The first Romanesque cathedral was constructed on this site in 1000 AD., with construction on the current church beginning in 1160 AD and lasted 150 years, during which the Romanesque styling took on aspects of the gothic style. In 1397, the Chapelle de Macchabees was added. In 1536, the Catholic cathedral of St. Peter was transformed into a Protestant church with John Calvin preaching there from 1536 to 1564, while it grew to become the guiding light of the Protestant movement. As did many of the Protestant reformers, the church was stripped of its statues, paintings, furniture and altars with only the stained glass windows left. In 1750, the gothic facade was replaced with the current neoclassical design.

  • Museum of Natural HistoryMuseum of Natural History Geneva, Switzerland
    The Natural History Museum of Geneva, Switzerland contains a wonderful collection, especially that of Louis Jurine, an enormous collection of bugs of all species. This museum is the biggest in the nation, with display galleries showcasing millions of objects and welcoming over 200,000 visitors every year. It has a well known and recognized scientific team that has made this cultural attraction a favorite with the school children around the region. On the ground floor are the regional wildlife exhibits, the first floor houses the birds and mammals of the world, the second floor contains the insects, invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians, the third floor has displays of human history, adventure of the earth, geology of the area and minerals, while the fourth floor has the geology of the nation. They have many temporary exhibitions that pertain to the scientific problems facing the world today, especially those that relate to the environments, which are shown on a regular basis.  The numerous dioramas that have been created by the museum's museographers are very realistic and delight the visitors that come here, but especially the children, whose eyes open wide in amazement and excitement. There are some that contains whales, penguins, polar bears, dinosaurs, wildlife and minerals.

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  • Chapel Bridge

    Chapel Bridge Painting Lucerne, Switzerland

     Kapellbrucke or Chapel Bridge is a 670 foot long bridge that goes across the Reuss River in Lucerne, Switzerland, and is the oldest covered wooden bridge in Europe; and one of the nation's most popular attractions. The bridge was built in 1333, and designed to assist in the protection of the city from outside invaders and attacks. On the interior of the sturdy, historical bridge, there are a number of beautiful paintings from the 17th century that show the city's history up to that point. A lot of the bridge and the biggest part of the paintings were destroyed in a 1993 fire that was devastating in so many ways; but the worst result was the loss of so many historically priceless paintings from 4 centuries ago. The bridge was rebuilt as soon as the city could do it, but the loss was felt by all the citizens of the community. Next to the bridge is a 140 foot water tower, or Wasserturm, which is an octagonal tower constructed of brick, and has been used for a watchtower, prison, treasury and torture chamber. Currently, the tower, that is part of the old city wall, is used as the guild hall of the artillery association. The tower and bridge are the best landmarks in the city, and have been photographed more than any other monument in the nation.  The panel above is one of the few that survived the fire, and the bridge had held 100 of these beautiful and amazing paintings that are close to four centuries old. The fact that this bridge is still standing, after all the incredible events that have occurred since that period, which included many local and national conflicts as well as two World Wars can only attest to the ultimate skill and craftsmanship of these talented people.

  • Einstein Museum
    The apartment that rests on the second floor of Kramgasse No. 49 was rented by Albert Einstein in 1903, and he stayed there for two years. It has been completely restored to the style of the furnishings of that period that would reflect the best idea of how Albert lived. It is open for viewing and not difficult to find from the train station. The entry way has also been restored to the period in time when Albert would come home from wherever he had traveled to, only now the visitor has the added excitement of the illustration of the Milky Way. The old spiral staircase that leads to the second floor apartment has been left in its original condition, so that visitors can imagine the great man coming in and climbing the stairs to his apartment or going out to shop. Albert lived here with his wife, Mileva and their sons, Hans and Albert, with furniture of the period, as well as photographs and plaques that tell about him and that exciting period of time. The third floor apartment has been transformed into a gift shop and exhibition area that tell Albert's biography, and sells many books, postcards and other types of publications that pertain to Einstein and his family. The number of visitors has continued to increase since its opening in 2000, and in 2009, over 33,000 people came here. Another display contains information about the Albert Einstein Medal with the names of those deserving people that have been recognized for their outstanding contributions for scientific findings, publications and works that pertain to Albert. There are no doubts as to the worthiness of the contributions that Albert gave to the physics community, although he is best known for his special and general theories of relativity, however, his other scientific works include various papers on theoretical mechanics, cosmology and quantum theory. All these are shown in numerous exhibits about this extraordinary man and so much more that personalizes him for all of us.

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