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Thessaloniki Macedonia Intl Airport Alamo - Airport Terminals
Chalkidiki-Sithonia & Ouranoupoli Alamo - Chalkidiki, 63081
Chalkidiki- Kalithea Kassandras - Kassandras, 63077
Athens Intl Airport Alamo - Spata Athens, 1111

Things to do in Thessaloniki

  • White Tower White Tower in Thessaloniki
    Is a must see for all visitors.  The White Tower, also called the Lefkos Pyrgos is perhaps the most famous landmark in the city of Thessaloniki.  The White Tower is easily recognized, the White Tower of Thessaloniki is a defensive structure dated all the way back to the 15th century.  The White Tower was once used as a guard's quarters by the Janissaries and as a prison for those who were convicted to death.  Also the White Tower was the location of a historic bloodbath.  Here at this very site in 1826, where the Ottoman sultan Mahmud II ordered the massacre of troops which he considered to be disloyal.  And to represent this tragic event the bloody tower was completely whitewashed in 1913.  Today when visitors see the Tower, you will recognize that the white-wash has long gone away although the name remains the same.  Popular tourist attractions within the White Tower include a small Byzantine Museum, displaying a collection of various items such as: sculptures, frescoes, wall mosaics & fragments of mosaic floors, coins, pottery, glass and metal items.  Special exhibits include: pieces of silk cloth woven with gold thread found in a mans grave in the basilica of Saint Achilleios at Lake Prespa.  Also Recovered from the Thessaloniki a couple of armlets made of gold and enamel dated back to the 10th century A.D. and an icon depicting the Virgin Mary with Christ as a child this was imported to Thessaloniki from Cyprus dating back to 1200 A.D.  The White Tower has a tasty cafe offering breathtaking seafront views.  Visitors to Thessaloniki won't want to miss out on seeing this amazing Tower.

Budget rent a car Thessaloniki, Greece

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Thessaloniki Macedonia Intl Airport Budget - Airport Shuttle 
Konstantinou Karamanli Str 2 - Thessaloniki 54621
Budget Athens Intl Airport
- Inside Airport Terminal
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OTE Tower in ThessalonikiOTE Tower
Should be at the top of your list when visiting Thessaloniki.  The OTE Tower is another popular landmark which is impossible to miss it reaches 250 feet above the  surrounding landscape of the city of Thessaloniki & the OTE Tower is a 76 meter tall antenna tower.  This beautiful looking TV tower is located inside the Thessaloniki Trade Fair area in the central region of Thessaloniki  and is the largest of its kind in Europe.  The TV tower was home to the first black and white broadcasts of the Greek State Television, which began in 1966 from this building.  The OTE Tower opened in 1966 and underwent a total renovation in 2005 transforming it into a modern tower.  The tower was also used in the 1970's to support the antennas of an experimental VHF analogue mobile telephone network.  Today, the tower is used by a local cellular mobile telephone network.  The OTE Tower is also well known for it's revolving restaurant located at the top of the tower.  Here visitors are dazzled by the revolving 360 degree views of the beautiful city and Mount Olympus, as the restaurant  slowly rotates around offering spectacular changing views.  The OTE Tower is easily spotted in the evening the whole tower is illuminated by hundreds of small lights, so treat yourself to a delicious dinner and complete you unique dining experience with the romantic, twinkling lights from the whole city as the restaurant slowly rotates.  If this is your first visit to Thessaloniki or you have never experienced visiting the OTE Tower you won't want to miss it... 

Local Restaurants in Thessaloniki
  • Local Restaurants
    When you are visiting Thessaloniki, you should sample the local Thessalonian cuisine which is a blend of spices from the east mixed with the flavors from the Mediterranean region. The waters around Thessaloniki are full of an abundant supply of fish and other marine life creating plenty of fresh seafood delicacies prominently in Thessalonian cuisine.  To the local residents of Thessaloniki eating food is an important ritual, mealtimes are meant to be relaxing, unhurried and long.  As you explore Thessaloniki you will discover the city has several small restaurant & taverns, many located near markets and shops serving some of the best Greek, Mediterranean and other delicious food choices.  Many of the restaurants offer extensive wine lists from several local vineyards ideal for any lunch or dinner.  Another Greek favorite Ouzeries- here traditional Greek meals are paired with Ouzo the country's national drink 100% Greek product.  If you don't like licorice you won't like Ouzo.

  • Local Cuisine In Thessaloniki
    Offers visitors  unique dining experiences like no other.  When you are visiting the city of Thessaloniki be sure to save plenty of time to experience cafes, restaurants, bars and Ouzeries here you will feel the flavor of the city.  The Ouzeries and the restaurants are some of the best in Greece.  For those who find Greek food bland you will find the cuisine of Thessaloniki a bit more spicy.  Greek favorites include: Gyros, Greek salad, olives, pita bread, moussaka, baklava, scordalia, keftedes and youvetsi.  Also served in several of the Taverns are vegetable dishes, fish and seafood.  Other popular Greek dishes include Souvlaki-small pieces of pork or chicken that has been grilled and then skewered or Pastitsio- a baked pasta dish similar to lasagna.  Traditional Greek meals start off with small dishes with various delicacies that are great for appetizers or on the side.  A few dining options: Diaginios- best Gyros, Seven Seas- Local cuisine, Ayoli-Greek & Mediterranean, Hamodrakes- the oldest fish and seafood Tavern and any Greek Taverns you can't go wrong.

Greek Cuisine of Thessaloniki
Greek Gyro of Thessaloniki

National Rental Cars Thessaloniki, Greece

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Thessaloniki Macedonia Intl Airport National  - Airport Shuttle
National Chalkidiki-Sithonia & Ouranoupoli - Chalkidiki, 63081
Chalkidiki- Kalithea Kassandras National  - Kassandras, 63077
Athens Intl Airport National Car Rental - Spata Athens, 1111

  • Church of Aghios Demetrios Church of Aghios Demetrios in Thessaloniki
    The Church of Aghios Demetrios is one of the cities most important churches and a well known religious Byzantine landmark.  The Church of Aghios Demetrios is built upon the remains of the Roman Forum which dates back from the 5th century.  Also the church stands directly above the grave of the patron saint of Thessaloniki, St. Demetrios.   Special highlights within the Church of Aghios Demetrios include: a total of three side chapels, interesting underground catacombs and a museum displaying various antique relics and artifacts.  Additional items of interest are: beautiful decorations, stunning fountain, pottery work from the 13th century and the remains of the ciborium where St. Demetrios was once imprisoned.  And located on either side of the altar are a few wall paintings from 8th century mosaics that are amazing.   The first church was very small and was built shortly after 313 A.D. and during the 5th century A.D. was burnt down in 626-634.  A larger five aisled basilica was built it was converted into a mosque in 1493, and restored to Christian worship in 1912.  And once again destroyed in the great fire of 1917 and was rebuilt again in 1949.  The Church of Aghios Demetrios is full of amazing history and should not be missed on your visit to Thessaloniki.

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Thessaloniki Intl Airport Avis  - Inside Airport Terminals
Avis Car Rentals Thessaloniki - 5 G. Papandreou
Athens Intl Airport Avis Car Rentals - 5th Kim Ave Spaton Loutsas
Athens Downtown Avis - 46-48 Queen Amalias Ave

  • Palace, Arch And Tomb of GaleriusTomb of Galerius in Thessaloniki
    Is another popular landmark of Thessaloniki, as you explore the city be sure to visit the historical Palace, Arch and the Tomb of Galerius.  Located near the Plateia Navarinou you will discover three impressive monuments that relate to Galerius, who was a well known Roman emperor from the 4th century.  Today the remains of the Palace of Galerius literally sprawl across the square itself.  Here you will see original sections of columns and walls that remain in tact still today along with some intricate floor mosaics.  Within a short distance is the Arch of Galerius, which was constructed over 1,700 years ago to commemorate the emperor's important victories.  The Arch features ornately decorated  stone carvings of fighting soldiers  crafted from reddish colored stone.  On the northern side of the Arch  is the well recognized Thessaloniki Rotunda, that stands on the Plateia Agiou  which was originally built under the order of Galerius to be used as his mausoleum, although this was never the case.  Step within the remains of the gigantic rotunda to appreciate and get a feel for some very fine and well preserved frescoes.  

Thrifty Car Rental Thessaloniki, Greece

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Thessaloniki Intl Airport Thrifty - 44 Vaslissis Olgas
Athens Intl Airport Thrifty Car Rental - Spata Attica 190 04

  • Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki  The Jewish Museum in Thessaloniki
    Was founded to honor the rich and creative Sephardic Jewish heritage as it evolved in the city of Thessaloniki after the 15th century.  Due to the horrible expulsion from Spain by Ferdinand and Isabella in 1492, the Jewish people began to arrive in the safe haven of Thessaloniki in large numbers. Bringing with them an awareness of Renaissance culture and languages of the Western Mediterranean.  The Jewish people brought with them many special skills such as medical sciences, knowledge of contemporary weaponry and printing.  Here in Thessaloniki the Sephardic creativity reached its high point during the 16th century.  The city of Thessaloniki provided tolerance and economic stability and soon was known as Madre de Israel or Mother of Israel.  The Jewish Museum is housed in one of the rare Jewish structures that survived the great fire of 1917.  The Jewish Museum is located in the heart of  Thessaloniki, this building once housed the Bank of Athens & the offices of the Jewish newspaper: L Independent and remains a silent witness to the Jewish presence that once filled the streets with the language of Cervantes, aromas from the kitchens of Seville & Toledo once filled the air and silent from Friday to Saturday during Shabbat.  The Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki displays artifacts from it's permanent collections including photographic exhibits, a research documentation center used to digitize archival documents from the museum's own collection along with additional archival material from other sources creating a data base for visitors who are interested in the Jewish history.  Found on the ground level of the museum are monumental stones and inscriptions that were found in the great Jewish necropolis which lay to the east of the city walls.  In addition to the stones there are several original photographs of the cemetery as it was in 1914.  On the first floor, visitors can experience a narrative history of the Jewish presence in the city of Thessaloniki from the 3rd century BCE until the Second World War.  The museum displays several artifacts from its collection to offer visitors a glimpse into the Jewish religion and everyday life of the pre-war Jewish community of Thessaloniki.  The Jewish Museum houses a powerful and separate exhibit that focuses on the Shoah, and its impact on the Jewish Community of Thessaloniki.  The majority of the community (approximately 49,000 people) were systematically deported to Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen where most of them perished.  The Jewish Museum Library houses a collection of texts that were printed in Thessaloniki from the 16th to the 20th century covering Jewish life, religion, customs and language of the Sephardi Jews. Visitors if they wish can visit the audio-visual center, and watch  research tapes and films documenting Jewish history during the Holocaust.

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Athens Intl Airport Dollar  - 152 Dimarchou Christou Beka

  • The Kyvernion (Little Palace)Concert Music Hall of Thessaloniki
    Is located in Karabournaki east of Thessaloniki, which is home to several noteworthy sights and landmarks.  The Kyvernion is also known as the Little Palace which stands out as a sight you don't want to miss on your visit to Thessaloniki.  The Kyvernion was the former residence of the Greek royal family when they visited Thessaloniki.  Today the Kyvernion is also referred to as the Palataki or just the Government House.  Over the years in addition to the King and Queen of Greece staying in the Little Palace, but visiting Greek presidents along with countless other important guest would stay at the Little Palace.  Also located near the Little Palace is the Concert Hall of Thessaloniki where the Trade Fair is held each September.  The Little Palace is open daily and visitors can tour the Palace at their own pace.

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