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Zona Del Rio Alamo - Blvd R Sanchez Taboada #10401
Tijuana International Airport - Abelardo L.Rodriguez

Things to do in Tijuana, Mexico

  • Avenida Revolucion: Revolution Ave.
    Avenida Revolucion: Revolution Ave Tijuana, Mexico
    This 5 block strip in Tijuana, Mexico is the hottest spot to visit when coming to Tijuana. Lined with restaurants, bars, and shops, anything can be found here. Whether you’re looking for a fun night out or a great meal, make Avenida Revolucion your first stop for amazing fun in Tijuana. Here you’ll find great venues for dancing and fun like The Caves, a great tourist and local mix with tightened security, dancing, and the finest Mexican cuisine during the day. All of this fun is set in a Flinstone’s environment with rocks, caves, and other great fun. Tia Juana Tilly’s is another great location for some fun, dining, and dancing. Serving great Mexican fare in a traditional Mexican environment during the day, Tilly’s gives you the most for your average $11-$20 plate. Stick around later in the night when Tia Juana Tilly’s converts into a popular dance club. Aside from the Dining and music, you’ll find everything from leather goods to furniture being displayed by street vendors. Avenida Revolucion is definitely the shopping capitol of Mexico! 

  • Cultural Center: Centro Cultural Tijuana
    Cultural Center - Tijuana, MexicoThis beautiful center for cultural tourism was founded in 1982 and helped in solidifying national identity of Northern Mexico. The Cultural Center brings a rich flow of knowledge and educational experience to the surface for locals and tourists alike to admire. With constantly changing exhibits, and cultural shows and concerts, this museum and cultural center is a little out of the tourist pathway, but well worth the visit. If you visit one location while in Tijuana, make this the spot. This is the perfect place for families and historians to come and soak up the history and cultural knowledge of an amazing civilization, and one that has contributed greatly to our own culture.

    For just $2 admission, you’ll find yourself immersed in Mexican culture and history as well as fun and excitement! This interesting looking building features a walk through museum which starts with scaled models of Aztec temples and moves towards the cultural growth and blending of the European conquest to the end of the museum which offers insight on Mexican culture in surrounding cities and regions. This great museum also offers a bevy of temporary exhibits and special events which can be viewed through their web site. Along with these great exhibits and special events, you’ll find an OmniMax theater, a music hall, a beautifully designed and very soothing courtyard, a café and a bookstore containing some great reading material to fortify all the interesting knowledge you have just acquired in your visit to the museum. The music hall features a wide variety of music and performances from ballet to classical music.

Budget rent a car Tijuana, Mexico

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Paseo De Los Heroes Budget - 77 Dr Atl Zona Del Rio St

  • Tijuana Wax Museum
    Tijuana Wax Museum While in Tijuana, you may want to stop into the only wax museum in Mexico. Tijuana Wax Museum is located in the heart of the tourist area of Tijuana and is home to 90 wax figures including historical, entertainment, and horror figures. Among the entertaining characters that you may find in other wax museums, there are also some Mexican heroes that cannot be found anywhere else. Historical characters like an Aztec sacrifice, various political leaders like Fidel Castro and Bill Clinton, and others can be found in this museum. You’ll also find entertainers like Bill Cosby, Mariah Carey, Laurel and Hardy, Eddie Murphy, Sylvester Stallone, and more. Of course, like any other wax museum, you’ll find a nice collection of horror and thriller characters like Freddie Krueger, Dracula, and Linda Blair from the Exorcist. The Tijuana Wax Museum is on your way to other fine tourist attractions and makes a perfect place to stop and get out of the hot sun. With a cover of $1 US (15 pesos), you’ll be glad you stopped in for a little visit!

  •  El Popo Market
    El Popo Market - Tijuana, MexicoWhile in Tijuana, you’ll want to find yourself in traditional Mexico, full of color, great people, and lots of smiles. El Popo Market is definitely the place to be for all of this. It is a traditional street market with colorful, festive décor and the old Mexico feel. Here you’ll find locals stocking up on traditional Mexican house needs like chilies, herbs and spices, and other edibles; you’ll also find grinding stones and tortilla presses to help prepare this beautiful Mexican fare. When talking about Mexican fare, one tends to sweets like walnut mazapan, dried tropical fruits, queso fresco, and various cakes, fruits, and vegetables. For the most part, the food items are “try before you buy” which helps make the decision so much sweeter! You’ll find plenty of food, fun, festivities and wonderful gifts for anyone interested in old, traditional Mexico. You may even leave with a few original photo opportunities!

Local Restaurants in Tijuana, Mexico
  • Saverio’s Restaurant, Tijuana
    Saverio's Restaurant - TijuanaLabeled Tijuana’s most elegant restaurant, Saverio’s offers an unparalleled dining experience with amazing flavors and dining options. With everything from pastas to odd pizza combinations, you are bound to find something to your liking. The ambience is exquisite with a very keen attention paid to detail. The lighting in the restaurant is soothing to the eye and really sets the mood for an amazing dining experience. Under your feet, you’ll find nicely finished wood floors, reflecting the classiness of this establishment. The décor and environment within Saverio’s Restaurant walls makes you feel like you are dining in a nice European establishment. If you need to visit the facilities, you’ll be glad to know the class flows into them. You will be in the company of wood bathroom stalls and partitions, nicely finished with attention paid to details. This restaurant is a wonderful place for dinner, but there comes a price for the class. Plates range from $40 to $140, but are well worth the cost. Only the freshest ingredients are used to create these succulent dishes, mainly revolving around seafood and salmon. Saverio’s Restaurant is truly the perfect place to spend some money and enjoy the company of friends or that special someone on your trip to Tijuana. Please be sure and dress to impress or you’ll be dining at the bar. 

  • Tia Juana Tilly's
    Tijuana Tilly's Mexican RestaurantThis establishment has been pleasing patrons since 1947 offering great Mexican food, cold beverages, and a place to get down and rowdy at night. This great bar and restaurant converts to one of Tijuana’s finest dance clubs offering flawless DJ’s and great live music. Try their food; you’ll be glad you did! They specialize in something called The Taco Tray, a bevy of chicken, beef, or mixed meats and all the toppings and fillers you need. With a variety of specials available you’ll always find a way to save money while having the time of your life. People from all over have come to experience the great atmosphere for themselves. Tia Juana Tilly’s has been a major hangout in Tijuana for millions with repeat business and new generations coming down for the big party and great food. You’ll find your expectations meet tenfold when visiting Tia Juana Tilly’s on top of your eagerness to spread the word about the Mexican hospitality and great service you received here. Come dine on the best Mexican fare around and stay for the nightlife party at Tia Juana Tilly’s restaurant and bar.

Hertz Car Rental Tijuana, Mexico

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Hertz Tijuana Rental Car Centro- Av. Cuauhtemoc 1771

  • Plaza Fiesta
    Plaza Fiesta - Tijuana, MexicoPlaza Fiesta in Tijuana is a grouping of restaurants by day which turn into festive party and dance clubs by night. Located in Zona Rio, you’ll find music of all types including reggae, pop, 80’s, ranchero, and electronic; some clubs even play rock music. If you’ve ever heard of but never been to Señior Frogs, you are truly missing out on a fantastic experience. This is a very popular bar and restaurant, especially in the bullfighting season. You’ll find a party inside, every time. Enjoy great Mexican fare with a little party flair and enjoy yourself to no end. Porky’s Place is a great venue for 80’s music with a retro look and a very buzzing atmosphere. This club will absolutely get you going in the spirit of fiesta with great music and drink specials. Balak discoteque is a happening spot when you want to get dressed up for a dance party. Everyone who is anyone frequents this upscale club and tears the roof off with today’s hottest music and best drink specials. If beer is your deal, you may want to visit a micro-brewery with a chill atmosphere and a special ambience about it. You can be seen at La Cantina at Cerveceria de Tijuana ordering a fine beer to socialize with friends while maintaining a relaxed pace, far from the craziness of the rest of the venues featured at Plaza Fiesta. All in all, you have your share of great venues featuring today’s hottest music and dancing at night and great food and atmosphere during the day. Be sure to come down to Plaza Fiesta for a good time while in Tijuana.

  • Club Tijuana
    Club Tijuana - Soccer TeamClub Tijuana is the city’s soccer team wearing red, black, and white. Their home stadium is Estadio Caliente and their full team name is Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles De Caliente, although they simply go by the name Club Tijuana. Soccer is a staple sport in any Hispanic country so Club Tijuana prides itself on representing Mexico’s wealthiest city. Estadio Caliente holds 33,333 fans and is located next to Aqua Caliente Racetrack. Club Tijuana is a first or Primera A division and prides itself on that. Club Tijuana also prides itself on its commitment to the society around them and looks to bring pride to Tijuana with success and strength. Although most of the players are from Mexico, there are a few who come from Uruguay, one from Argentina, and even a player from the United States. Being a Primera A division team in Mexico is hard work, so you know a Club Tijuana game is something to be seen. Find yourself at one of these interesting sporting events and you will most definitely become a fan. Club Tijuana soccer is definitely a must see event when in Tijuana. Go to the race track for a quick race and some casino gambling but just make sure to find your way over to the Caliente Stadium for a Club Tijuana soccer game, you may be glad you did!

avis discount rental car Tijuana, Mexico

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Tijuana Airport Avis Car Rental  - Tijuana 22300 MX
Avis Tijuana Car Rental.
- Blvd. Cuauhtemoc #1705

  • Jose Maria Morelos Park
    Jose Maria Morelos Park - Tijuana, MexicoDeclared a protected natural area in 1938, this beautiful landscape of forest and nature includes a lake and permanent stream as well as several hiking and walking trails. Come out to the park for a breath of fresh air! This park is perfect to get away from the noise and crowd of downtown Tijuana, although that is an appealing aspect of Tijuana. Jose Maria Morelos Park is home to a 40,000 capacity open air theater perfect for shows and concerts. This is the only open air theater in Tijuana, so come have a look, maybe you’ll be in time for a nice show. You’ll find all types of music and shows at this beautiful park from traditional Mexican to classical music and even ballet. There is plenty of green area to soak up with the aromatic experience of botanical gardens; it’s no wonder why Jose Maria Morelos Park is considered “the greatest ecological reserve in the city”. If you have children with you, they will love the fun train that rides around the park as well as special areas for children’s parties. While in Tijuana, get yourself a piñata and head over to the park for a lovely Mexican fiesta! Fees to enter the park are just $0.50 per person or $2.00 per car, including passengers! Visitors to the park can just come for a relaxing time or maybe even an adventurous activity. These activities include adventure sports, bird watching, horseback riding, or walking and hiking.  

  • Fun World, Tijuana Mexico
    Fun World - Tijuana, MexicoCome to Fun World (Mundo Divertido de Tijuana) in Tijuana for a great time promoting family fun and excitement. Here you’ll find great rides, games, and the world of terror plus just about anything to get your family out and about. If you’re around on the weekends, the Saury Theater brings you amazing entertainment featuring music, dance groups, and clowns which make for an exciting event! At Fun World Tijuana you’ll find 20 rides including go-karts, roller coasters, carrousels, mini play areas, laser tag, and so much more. You’ll also find an extensive mini golf course that will keep the family’s attention occupied for hours and hours. For a great party experience, you’ll find a large room with tables, fun balloons and décor, and personalized birthday cakes. There are a number of different party packages to choose from which include pictures, shirts and gifts, and plenty of rides! Fun World Tijuana makes a great place for the kids and family to run wild, enjoy games, and fantastic rides. There is no surprise that you won’t have a fantastic time at Fun World, Tijuana, so get the family ready and go have a great time!

Thrifty Car Rental Tijuana, Mexico

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  • Rosarito Beach
    Rosarito Beach - Tijuana, MexicoYou may remember this beautiful beach from the movie Titanic, as some of the film was shot there. You may have even heard of the Rosarito Beach Hotel and Spa, which was once a place where movie stars and social elite had their fair share of Mexican fare and hospitality; the Rosarito Beach Hotel and Spa was actually once a lavish casino. You’ll find this Mecca of warmth and sunshine just 18 miles from the border. Rosarito Beach has been a traveler’s delight for a long time with accommodations ranging from RV parks to high end luxury condos. You’ll find shopping as well as Mexican food ready to be yours with the flick of a peso or two. If you’re looking for a great time, hop on a horse and ride the exciting trails along the beach and get lost in the beauty of Mexico, just along the shoreline of the pristine beach. Get all your amigos together and come on down because Rosarito Beach is the perfect place for large gatherings of family members and friends. Find yourself on the 18-hole golf course in Rosarito Beach to break up the experience of shopping and dining just to clear your head. Everywhere you go, you’ll be greeted by warm locals willing to make your experience one to be remembered. There is a slight possibility you may never want to leave, considering your dollar will get you very far.

  • Friends of Art Museum
    Amigos Del Arte - Tijuana, MexicoA small, quaint art museum, Friends of Art Museum (Amigos del Artes) is a great place for inspiration and enlightenment. This is the perfect place for artists to visit due to the nurturing quality of the museum’s patrons; yes, I said patrons! The museum is a hangout for lots of local artists who even teach classes there. As you walk into the gallery, you’ll find a progression of photos starting at “very old” Mexico working their way to newer artistic photos contributed by local artists. Upstairs you’ll find two separate sections of art. You’ll find a room with women’s art and a room with men’s art. The reason why they are separated is because it is deemed offensive to have the two share space on the same wall; this is probably due to an old cultural superstition. Also upstairs, you’ll find rooms where locals are taught English and local artists teach others about art and how to create it with feeling and passion. While there, you can also learn a lot about Tijuana itself, from old folk tales to accurate political and other facts. This is truly an attraction to see for anyone who appreciates Mexico and its culture, and should not be missed! Learn about the beautiful art in Mexico and soak up some of Mexico’s inspiration for yourself.

Dollar Rent-A-Car Tijuana, Mexico

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Tijuana Dollar Car Rental - Ave Independencia 1220 Z. Rio
Tijuana Airport Dollar Car Rental - Tijuana, MX 22320

  • Ciro's Arcade
    Ciro's Arcade - Tijuana, MexicoInterestingly enough, Ciro’s Arcade is not actually the arcade you think of in a mall or amusement park. This is actually a bazaar of sorts, lined with shops selling Mexican art. Here you’ll find paintings, mirrors framed with sculpted metal, and uniquely designed ceramic tiles of various sizes designed by locals. These tiles make great additions to kitchens as hot plates or even additions to your tiling projects. Some people actually work these tiles into their floors or countertops which will add a little flair to your next renovation. You’ll find amazing color and flair throughout your walk through Ciro’s Arcade. You’ll also find interesting local Mexicans working hard to sell their items. Most of these sellers will bridge the language gap just to tell you an interesting story of how the art was made and the pains taking process in which it was created; you will truly be inspired! Take some time to look through the many shops and find plenty to take home with you. Your dollar will go very far here, as the sellers are willing to barter for a sale. This is a very inspiring location for tourists and art lovers alike. The best part about Ciro’s Arcade is that there isn’t just one entrance and exit. You have a variety of ways to leave which will grant you the ability to move freely and see just about everything there!   

  • Spectator Sports in Tijuana, Mexico
    Plaza Monumental - Tijuana, MexicoSpectator sports are very prevalent in Tijuana which includes Jai Alai, greyhound racing, and bullfighting. Greyhound racing can be found in the Agua Caliente Racetrack located at the Aqua Caliente Hotel and Casino. This racetrack started as a horse track in the 1920’s which has since eliminated horse racing all together. Here you’ll find the Mexican hospitality blended with a vast number of money hungry Americans and other tourists looking for the thrill of a bet on a fast paced race. Watch or attempt to watch as your dog speeds by like a bullet from a rifle, wrapping the track in an amazing aura of cheering and energy from the patrons sipping on drinks and crossing fingers. Jai Alai Palace in Tijuana is the place to be for this fast paced spectator sport. Here, patrons can grab drinks and bet on their team watching as these brave men fling hard balls at huge walls at impressive speeds to deter the other team from scooping it up to score points. This sport originated in Spain around 1300 but is played and bet on intensely at the Jai Alai Palace of Tijuana. Bullfighting is a major staple in Tijuana and used to be held at the Toreo de Tijuana. Since the destruction of the venue, due to age and fatigue, fights are now held at Plaza Monumental. Fights here are held starting in April until November and are usually on Sundays. You can get yourself into one of these Mexican traditional fights with prices ranging from $11 to $55. Spectators can witness the age old sport where the bullfighter taunts a large bull with a dance of death and suspense. Witnessing a bullfight almost brings you to its roots when bullfighters were recognized for their talents and bravery. This is an interesting spectacle to witness at least once in life and should be done when visiting Tijuana.

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