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Things to do in London

  • Tower BridgeBig Ben
    The Tower Bridge took 8 years to finish and was opened in 1894. It is made up two towers that are connected by two walkways at the top of the towers. The bascule bridge is operated by hydraulics, oil, and electricity, where as before 1976 the bridge had been driven by steam engines. The walkways on the bridge were closed in 1910 because people would rather wait at the bottom for the bridge to close than  walk up the stairs and across the bridge with all their luggage. It was then again opened in 1982.Even though the bridge doesn't run off of the steam engines anymore, the are still kept in what is known as the Victorian Engine Rooms for visitors to view.

  • Big Ben
    The original tower that was first built in 1288 was the first clock tower of England and was then replaced in 1367 which had been destroyed in a fire that had taken over most of the Palace of West minster in 1834 and rebuilt with a new architectural design in 1836 and adding the clock tower in 1843 where it stands today. The clock tower has 11 floors and around 400 steps to the top. There are 4 clock dials each made out of cast iron and 312 pieces of oral glass and weighing 2.5 tons combined. Also inside Big Ben are 4 quarter bells that are each a different size and weight and when struck, they are hit from the outside instead of inside with each chiming a different note.

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  • London TowerBuckingham Palace
    In the early 1080's the London tower began construction by William the Conqueror in the middle of his London Fortress. Through out the centuries as the tower was passed down to each royal line it was used for a refuge and base for royal power, a royal prison and so much more as the years went by. It also grew and grew as each new owner resided there. Today the tower is a World Heritage Site and one of the worlds largest tourist attractions.

  • Buckingham Palace
    The Palace is a major tourist attraction located in Westminster. The Palace was built as a townhome in 1073 for the Duke of Buckingham and later acquired by George III in 1761 as a residential home. In 1837 was then when it became the official palace of the British monarch of Queen Victoria. The interior remains of the early 19th century design of King Edward VI with cream and gold color scheme. The beautiful home also has the largest private garden in London with an artificial lake that was built in 1828 and supplied with the water from the Serpentine that runs through Hyde Park.


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Things to do in Glasgow

  • Glasgow CathedralGlascow Cathedral
    The Cathedral was a Roman Catholic cathedral but hasn't been an actual cathedral since 1690 because of the absence of a bishop. Originally the first cathedral on the land was a stone building built in 1136. The building was destroyed in a fire but was then rebuilt into a larger cathedral. In the 13th century the cathedral was added on to building a Quire and the lower church. The church was said to be finished by the end of the 13th century. Many of the Barony Congregation were buried in the lower church once it was no longer used but was cleared out in the 19th century. The cathedral is a beautiful historic church that has been around through out the turn of the centuries.

  • St. George's-Tron Church
    The church was designed by William Stark and built in 808. It is known as "The Tron" and currently resides on the present site where it currently resides and was known as St. George Parish Church. It sits on the square once called St. George Place and no is known as Nelson Mandela Place on Buchanan Street, which is one of the busiest streets in Glasgow.

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Things to do in Edinburgh

  • Edinburgh Castle
    The historic castle has sat on top of a volcanic rock called Castle Rock as far back  as the 9th century BC. The castle is one of the most important fortresses in Scotland. It has gone through many historical conflicts such as the Wars of Scottish Independence in the 14th century and so many more. The castle was used as  a military base in the 17th century and was recognized as a historic monument in the 19th. It is the oldest surviving building in Edinburgh with an exception of St. Margaret's Chapel. Today the castle houses the Scottish National War Memorial and the National War Museum of Scotland.

  • Royal Botanic Garden
    The Garden was established in 1670 and is known as one of the worlds largest living collections of plants.  The Royal Botanic Garden has over 70 acres of beautiful landscape of flowers, trees, and plants. There are 11 beautiful areas of the Botanic garden each filled with different types of plants and features. The world famous Rock Garden is one of the highlights in the garden. It was built in 1871 holding about 5,000 different species of plants, but is home to the alpine plants. Explore the Glasshouse which offers many different climate zones containing many different types of plants and flowers.

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  • National Museum of ScotlandSt. Giles's Cathedral
    The museum has many collections that tell the story of Scotland's people, land, and culture. Discover the museums collections of  Viking brooches, ancient chessmen, medieval oak carvings and so much more. Check out the connect gallery where you can interactively enjoy science and technology. You can also enjoy the gallery of Scotland: A Changing Nation. These exhibits let you experience person story highlights of Scotland's 20th century life though out 5 major themes of life, war, industry, daily life, emigration, and politics.
  • St. Giles's Cathedral
    The building has traces all the way back to 854 A.D. In the next 150 years many chapels and other buildings were added and by the middle of the 16th century there where about fifty alters inside the church. The church became a cathedral through out 1633 to around the early 1690's. In the 1800's the cathedral was in bad shape so through out 1829-1883 the church went through heavy remolding knocking down walls and replacing windows with new stained glass. St. Giles is built in the Gothic style and has almost 200 memorials that honor and remember distinguished Scots and Scottish Soldiers from the early 19th and 20th century. Today the church still has a part of 12th century history in its walls from the stone church it began with. Visit the cathedral and view the beautiful stained glass windows and amazing architecture from over centuries ago. Its a sight you don't want to miss.

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Great Britain

  • Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

  • Murano

  • Gordon Ramsay at Claridge's

  • Chez Bruce

  • Le Gavroche

  • Zuma

  • Marcuz Wareing

  • Olso Court

  • Nobu


  • Queen of Tarts

  • L'Ecrivain

  • Chapter One

  • Oar house

  • Shanahan's on the the Green

  • Diep Ie Shaker

  • Winding Stair

  • Kinara

  • Gallagher's Boxty House

  • Mulligan's


  • Wedgwood

  • Redwood

  • Number one

  • Martin Wishart

  • The Tailend

  • The Kitchin

  • Petit Paris

  • Mussel & Steak Bar

  • The Buffalo Grill

  • Vintner's Rooms

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Things to do in Dublin

  • Dublin CastleDublin Castle
    Originally built as a defensive fort for the city, the castle was later turned into a royal residence. Inside the castle are state apartments where the family that occupied  or used for entertainment when it was used as a residence. Today the rooms are decorated for government use. The castle has been around since the early 1100's where most has been destroyed but remolded later on.

  • National Botanic Gardens
    At the gardens you can experience thousands of different flowers, plants and trees. There are beautiful displays of flowers where ever you walk. The Glasshouse is for all kinds of cultures and climates to discover inside. The garden offers tours for your enjoyment to learn the most about the gardens. You can tour them with a guide or self guide your self through out these beautiful acres.

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