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Finally, we've been able to partner with Advantage car rental.  They have locations in over 2 dozen cities and Salt Lake City is one of them.  Use Advantage rent a car to save money and time on your next rental car.
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These internet rates for an Alamo Utah Rental Car are unbelievable! Be sure to check out the link below this paragraph to see the savings that are bound for your pocket. No credit card needed to make the reservation!
Alamo discounts 

Salt Lake City Airport Alamo Rentals - 3780 W Terminal Way

Things to do in Utah

  • The Salt Lake City Temple
    Salt Lake City Temple Salt Lake City, Utah
    The Salt Lake Cit Temple is one of the most well known temples from The Church of Jesus Christ and The Latter-Day Saints in the world. It is the sixth temple of its kind built in the Salt Lake City area and although you are not allowed to tour the church, you can tour the popular grounds that surround the church. The very first stone was laid by the second president of the Mormon Church, Brigham Young in 1853, and construction ended in 1892. Today it stands in dedication to the Mormon Church.

  • Mormon Tabernacle Choir
    The Mormon Tabernacle Choir has bee performing in Salt Lake City, Utah since its inception in 1847. Behind the soothing voices of the 360 volunteer members of the choir, you can hear the unforgettable sounds of the popular pipe organ of the Tabernacle. Members come from near and far, all at their own expense, to perform the weekly radio broadcast put out by the Mormon Church. The Tabernacle itself is one of the most recognizable choir buildings in the world.

Budget rent a car Utah, Utah

We have partnered with Budget to offer you 10% to 25% savings on your car rentals. Budget Rent-A-Car is a fantastic car rental company with the largest selection of Albany Rental Car in the industry.  With over 3000 worldwide locations, Discounts coupons for Budget Rental Car have never been easier to find.
Budget Coupon

Budget Salt Lake City Airport - 641 North 3800 West
Ogden Airport Rentals - 3909 Airport Rd
Car Rentals in Bountiful - 3747 South Highway 89
Layton, Utah Rental Car - 1486 North Main
Shadow Ridge Hotel Park City Rental Car - 50 Shadow Ridge Dr

Red Butte Gardens Utah

Red Butte Gardens and Arboretum
A trip to Utah would be incomplete without a trip to the beautiful and serine area that make up the Red Butte Gardens and Arboretum. The gardens consists of 18 acres filled with various botanical gardens and many, many nature and hiking trails. You will certainly get lost in the majesty of the Red Butte Gardens and Arboretum. The gardens also play host to different summer musical concerts, as well as exhibits in the fields of sculpturing and fine art. Be sure to do your senses a favor and pay a visit to the wonderful Red Butte Gardens and Arboretum. 

City Creek in Salt Lake City
The City Creek in Salt Lake City is a mountain water stream that has a very interesting history. The creek was a main water supply for the first Mormon settlers that arrived in the Utah territory around 1847. The creek served as a major source of water for many years after the first settlers arrived. Today, the City Creek in Salt Lake City still provides drinking water to some of the surrounding areas. Some of the water is collected from the melting snow in the surrounding mountains, but a majority of the water is from a continuous spring. 

Enterprise rent- a- car Utah, Utah

Enterprise Salt Lake City Car Rental - Meet the Momma's newest rental car partner. Enterprise Rental Car operates an extensive network of local, neighborhood offices. With locations on and off airport and nearly 7000 offices worldwide, there's always an Enterprise near you. Enterprise buys millions of dollars worth of vehicles every year through local car dealerships and we're proud to partner with Enterprise car rental to offer you the best rates we possibly can with this new partner. Click on the link below or surf to one of our cities at:
Enterprise Rental Car Coupons

Salt Lake City Airport Enterprise - In Terminal
Rentals Logan Airport Utah - In Terminal
Cedar City Airport Car Rentals - In Terminal
Enterprise Rentals American Fork - 385 W Main St
Bountiful, Utah Enterprise Rental Cars
- 962 South 500 West
Enterprise Rentals in Layton
- 865 West 1000 North

Restaurants in Utah, Utah
  • Chimayo Southwestern Restaurant
    For a great taste for the delicious fare of the southwest, stop into Chimayo Southwestern Restaurant while you are in Utah on vacation. Chimayo's offers outstanding drink and food specialties daily. Some drinks and dishes include Ceviche de la Casa, Salmon with Roasted Poblanos and Grilled Buffalo Flank Steak. They also have an outstanding wine list, so you can pair up your favorite meal with your favorite wine. What ever you decide to have, you know that your palette will be pleased.
  • Tuscany Restaurant
    An exquisite dining experience awaits you at Tuscany Restaurant in Salt Lake City. The atmosphere in Tuscany's is relaxed and charming, so it is absolutely perfect for a romantic evening.  The menu offers a variety of Italian-American inspired delectable dishes that will have you savoring every mouthwatering bite. With an extensive wine selection, they will certainly have the best wine to suite or meal.
Restaurants Utah

National Rental Cars Utah, Utah

The vacation season, be sure to check out some of the hottest deals in the business at National Car Rentals. A great and convenient way to se the saving s is to visit National Rental Car Coupons on-line, for more details.

Salt Lake City Airport Rentals - 606 North 3800 West

  • Clark PlanetariumClark Planetarium Utah
    The Clark Planetarium is an excellent place to go when you are on vacation in Utah. The original limestone building was built in 1905, and still stands to house this amazing museum/planetarium. The planetarium has many interactive exhibits, enough to keep your children entertained for the entire day. However, this is just interesting to children; adults of all ages will be intrigued by the planetarium's amazing displays.
  • Liberty Park in Salt Lake City
    Be sure to pay a visit to one of the most popular parks in Salt Lake City, Liberty Park. There are many activities to do when you are at the park, like a Children's Park, lighted tennis courts, a swimming pool, snack bars and a pond where you can relax while you are boating. As of an added bonus,  you can check out the various bird life at the gorgeous Tracy Aviary, located the grounds of Liberty Park. Whatever you decide to do at the park, you will have a fun and relaxing time.

avis discount rental car Utah, Utah

Avis Rental Cars operates the world's second largest general-use car rental business, providing business and leisure customers with a wide range of services at more than 1,700 locations worldwide. Choose Avis Car Rental for your next Utah Rental Car, and enjoy our discounted rental car rates.
Avis Discounts

Salt Lake City Airport Rentals - 656 North 3800 West
Car Rentals Layton - 200 North Main St
Orem, Utah Rental Cars - 1371 South State St
Avis Rentals in Sandy, Utah - 8944 South State St
Rental Cars St. George Airport  - 620 South Airport Road

  • The Great Salt LakeGreat Salt Lake Utah
    The Great Salt Lake is quite a unique lake that one should visit while vacationing in Utah. Often referred to as "America's Dead Sea", the Great Salt Lake salinity is very high, so high that a person can float in the lake with relative ease. Although the lake is called "dead", there is a variety of wildlife that calls the great lake their home, like brine shrimp and a hand full of birds. Go see for yourself why the Great Salt Lake is one of the most interesting lakes on the planet.
  • The Gateway
    Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, The Gate is an open air complex that houses many different retail stores, as well as businesses and restaurants. This is a great place to have a whole new shopping experience while you are in Salt Lake City. The Gateway is centrally located in Salt Lake City's historic downtown district of Union Pacific Depot. The Gateway started as a project for the city and today holds city landmarks and attractions like the Clark Planetarium.

Of course...Thrifty Rental car has great cars at great rates. But did you know we also have great deals on an Utah Rental Car? Check out the many car rental discounts and promotions being offered by Thrifty Car Rental - now a RentalCarMomma partner.
Thrifty Car Rental

Thrifty Rentals Salt Lake City - 776 North Terminal Dr
Rental Cars Moab Airport Rental Cars - North Hwy 191
Moab Valley Inn Car Rentals - 711 South Main St
Thrifty Car Rentals Salt Lake City - 702 South Main St
Off-Site Salt Lake City Airport Rentals - 15 South 2400 West

  • The Tracy Aviary
    Tracy Aviary Utah The Tracy Aviary is located in the center of Salt Lake City, and nestled inside of Liberty Park. The Tracy Aviary is home to around 400 birds of all different species, 135 to be exact. When you visit the aviary, you will be able to see, take pictures and perhaps interact with the various bird life, such as peacocks, eagles, cardinals and woodpeckers. Be sure to bring your camera so you can take close-ups of some of the most beautifully colored birds on the planet. This is a great place to visit for bird-lovers, and everyone else, too. 
  • Gilgal Park
    Take a gentle stroll under the hanging foliage that lines the winding cement walkways at Gilgal Park in Salt Lake City, Utah. The park boasts some or the most magnificent sculptures that you can see. As you walk through the emerald green fairways of the park, you will notice that some of the sculptures actually have poems, stories and passages; some of the writings are originals and some are from some of the most recognizable literary works that we know. This brilliant park is a lesser known landmark in the Salt Lake City area, so make sure that you visit it so that you can say that you have.

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 Dollar Rent A Car

Dollar Salt Lake City Airport - 776 North Terminal Dr

  • Utah Museum of Fine Arts Utah Museum os Art Utah
    Take in a day full of artwork and culture when you visit the Utah Museum of Fine Art in Salt Lake City. The museum is powered by the University of Utah and it boasts some very impressive exhibits. Some exhibits include artifacts and artwork that date back as far as 5,000 years ago, from all seven continents! It is simply an amazing experience. With exhibits like this, as well as amazing lectures and an informative staff, you will certainly learn something after a day at Utah Museum of Fine Art.
  • Utah Museum of Natural History
    With a visit to the Utah Museum of Natural History, will you be instantly transported back in time to witness some of the greatest events that took place on this awesome planet we live on, planet Earth. The museum has a considerable amount of exhibits that will interest everybody of all age groups. Learn about the different creatures roamed that roamed the are in the Dinosaur exhibit, or visit other exhibits that will help you understand the lives of the pre-Columbian people that called the area their home. You will walk away from your visit at the Utah Museum of Natural History with a greater knowledge of Utah's natural history.