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Alamo Discounts and have partnered up to bring you the very best specials on rental car discounts while you are on vacation in Veracruz, Mexico. With so many beautiful sites to visit in Veracruz, you certainly want to have the transportation to get around to all of them without any hold ups and Alamo car rental discounts can help you with that.
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  • Veracruz, Mexico
    Veracruz, Mexico Among the many beautiful cities scattered along the coast of Mexico is Veracruz. Veracruz, located in the Mexican state with the same name, is the country’s largest and oldest port among ports located on both the Pacific Coast and Gulf Coast. Its rich background makes Veracruz an incredible place to visit for any history buff. Even if history isn’t your cup of tea, the culture, food, festivities, and fun that Veracruz offers will me more than enough to keep you occupied during your visit. Don’t worry about the weather either; Veracruz is known for its moderate tropical climate, holding steady in the warmer temperatures. Some of the more popular places to see while on your stay in Veracruz, Mexico are the Malecon (Boardwalk), the Zocalo, the Acaurio, and the City of Veracruz Museum. Seeing as this port has been an important site throughout its nearly 500-year history, there are countless numbers of fortresses that have been built on and around the port city. One of the more popular forts for visit is Fort San Juan de Ulúa. Although these are fantastic places to get your trip going while in Veracruz, there are countless ways to have an extraordinary time while visiting this beautiful port city.  

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So, it is time for a beautiful and relaxing vacation to Veracruz, Mexico and you have all of you accommodations set, but now you need to make sure that you can get to all of the places that you want to go. Well, when you are looking for a great vehicle to rent, you need look no further than Budget Rent a Car coupons and specials. For more outstanding bargains, be sure to follow this link: Budget Coupons

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  • The Zocalo
    The Zocalo At the heart of the city of Veracruz is the main plaza that is officially named Plaza de las Armas, but it is more commonly known as the Zocalo. This hustling, bustling square is one of the most active and lively places in the entire city with vendors selling various goods, locals playing dominoes, restaurants serving their many patrons, musicians providing fantastic music, and even people dancing to the rhythm of these Veracruz beats. Lined around the Zocalo are the Cathedral, which was built in the 18th century is and is still the most popular place of worship in Veracruz, and various hotels that open their cafes for customers to relax in the tropical air. Scattered throughout can you find what Veracruz is known for in musicians playing festive tunes for families and couples alike to lose themselves in while dancing the night away. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more active, lively, and overall fun place to be during a Veracruz evening than the Zocalo.

Veracruz Restaurants
  • Restaurants
    Veracruz RestaurantsWith the cultural depth that is found within the city of Veracruz, you are sure to find some great food with its own local touch. The Yucatan is known for its own distinct style, so getting a true taste of you’re vacation isn’t to hard to find when venturing through one of the most popular cities in the Yucatan area. A great place to start please your culinary cravings is Mariscos Villa Rica. With three braches around the area, this restaurant is popularly known as one of the best eateries in Veracruz. If you’re looking for a great place for seafood, Mariscos Villa Rica is most definitely the place to dine. Ready for some dessert? Then head over to “Güero, Güero” Ice Cream. It shouldn’t be hard to find with the repeating chants that promoters let out to draw customers in. However, this is one ice cream shop worth stopping into. It’s great variety of rare flavors would compliment anyone while strolling through a moderately warm Veracruz in the late afternoon. If neither of these places fit your fancy, there are plenty of other fantastic restaurants around the town such as Samborsito, El Veneciano, and Café de La Parroquia. No matter what you crave, you’ll find some great food in Veracruz. 

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Hertz Car Rental discounts and are here to present to you the best car rental specials and coupons that you can find anywhere on the world wide web. When you decide to take a fantastic trip to Veracruz, Mexico, be sure that you use your time there to see everything that there is to see. The best way to ensure that you can do this is to get a discount Hertz rental car. Hertz Discounts will get you in a wonderful vehicle at a great price that you will save a bunch of money.

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  • Museums & Landmarks
    Museums & Landmarks Veracruz, Mexico’s culturally rich history gives reason for the abundant amount of museums scattered throughout not only the port city, but the entire Mexican state of Veracruz. The City Museum provides exhibits that recount the history of the city of Veracruz. Originally built to be an asylum, the City Museum was first opened in 1970 and has been a popular destination among vacationers ever since. Another wonderful and easily accessible museum in Veracruz is the Agustin Lara House Museum. A local hero, Augustin Lara was known for his amazing singing, songwriting, and poetry. A large variety of his work is on display in what used to be his Veracruz home, along with some of his photographs and personal belongings. Though these two museums are unbelievably interesting, a couple other places to keep in mind while visiting Veracruz include El Faro, Veracruz’s port lighthouse, and the Municipal Palace, which just happens to be the largest city government building in the entire country of Mexico.

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When you are taking a vacation in Veracruz, Mexico, you will find that you will be presented with a ton of things to do. You will also find that you will need a reliable vehicle to get you around the town and you can with Avis Rental Car discounts and discounts and deals. Avis Discount Offers will get you in a rental vehicle fast and get you on the road in Veracruz in no time at all. Follow this button for more exciting deals:
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  • The Veracruz Aquarium
    The Veracruz AquariumAmong the historic landmarks and century-old buildings, there is still some new age entertainment at Acuario De Veracruz, Latin America’s largest aquarium, containing both salt water and fresh water exhibits. Built in 1992, the Veracruz Aquarium is surefire fun for the entire family. What makes this aquarium so popular among both locals and tourists is its pleasant mix of modern technology for the research of the specimen found throughout and the educational value that it promotes. One feature that everyone seems to enjoy is the glass tunnel that visitors can walk through, as though they were strolling straight through an ocean ecosystem. Perhaps the most breathtaking exhibit in the entire aquarium is the shark gallery. These amazing animals are beyond words when you get close enough to observe them in their entirety. The Manatee section has also become a fan favorite since the kids are able to interact with the gentle giants. Whether you’re a fan of sharks, dolphins, manatees, or just observing the array of colorful fish in a reef, it’s always fun to dive into what the Veracruz Aquarium has to offer.

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 With Thrifty Car Rental, you can get a quality and reliable rental vehicle at a great daily rate when you use Thrifty Rental Car coupons from Thrifty Car Rental Discounts are the way to go when you want a great car to ride around Veracruz, Mexico at an amazing price. Save money and ride in style to see all that there is to see when you choose Thrifty Car Rentals.

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  • Fort San Juan de Ulua
    Fort San Juan de UluaBeing the oldest and most prominent port on Mexico’s gulf coast, it’s not hard to see why Veracruz is covered with fortresses. Many attempts to raid, invade, take over, and even destroy Veracruz have been made since it’s founding in 1519. France and the U.S. are the main culprits for these acts, one invasion attempt as recent as 1914. It is because of these attacks that landmarks such as San Juan de Ulua were erected. This fort was built on an island off the coast of Veracruz, which is now connected by a land bridge. The fort has seen many uses since it has been built, from use as a way to protect the city from pirate invasion to where the Spanish made their last stand during the Mexican War of Independence to a military prison during the 19th century. Many famous prisoners were kept behind these stone walls, the most famous perhaps being Jesus Arriaga. Branded as “Chucho el Roto”, Arriaga’s fame comes from his Robin Hood type of persona, by stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Caught stealing from a jewelry shop, Arriaga was thrown into San Juan de Ulua and eventually died within its walls, the cause being unknown. This is just one of the fascinating mysteries about Fort San Juan de Ulua. If you ever take a trip to Verecruz, San Juan de Ulua is a must visit.

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When it is time to take a vacation to Veracruz, Mexico, you want to certainly make sure that you have your transportation lined up so you can get out on the road in this magnificent city. For the best rates on rental vehicles, be sure that you check out Dollar Rent a Car discount coupons and specials. Dollar's professional staff will get you off of the counter and in your vehicle without a hassle and fast, so you can enjoy your precious time in Veracruz.  Dollar Coupons and Discounts are available to you for the best savings.

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  • Veracruz Carnaval
    Veracruz CarnavalInitially created as a religious festivity, the Veracruz Carnaval is now one of the most popular events on the Mexican city’s calendar. However, the money generated from the Carnival is now aimed towards charitable deeds. Regardless of what the festivities are for, the Carnival is well known for the great music, irresistible dancing, and colorful crowd. It’s near impossible to refrain from having fun during this giant party of a festival. The festival starts with the recognition of the Carnival’s Queen, King, and children King and Queen. Alongside this is what the locals call the “Quema del Mal Humor” or bad temper burning. This gets rid of any negative vibes before the Carnival begins, leaving only room for fun, relaxation and a heck of a time! A Parade of floats, bandwagons, and bands march through the port of Veracruz to entertain the crowds that come for the fun they create. As the festivities continue, the entire city of Veracruz becomes filled with fun. All great things come to an end though; the ceremonial burial of “Juan Carnaval” ends the festivities. If you get the chance to visit Veracruz during Carnaval, it would be difficult to pass up the opportunity.

  • Isla de Sacrificios
    Isla de SacrificiosLooking for a little bit of a thrill while on your vacation? Then the Isla de Sacrificios, or “Island of Sacrifices” is a great visit. Originally occupied by the Olmec and Totonaca cultures, the island was revisited in 1518 by Juan Grijalva who aptly dubbed the island as the “Island of Sacrifices” because of the large number of corpses found, all having obviously been killed by means of sacrifice so as to please their respective gods. When the Spanish came on their invasion, whatever inhabitants were on the island were exterminated. Very few buildings remained on the island, those only used by pirates as hideouts. The island was reclaimed by Mexico in 1825. Today you can find boat tours that go by the island and explain the stories behind the island and what it represents. However, law has been passed that stepping foot on the island is prohibited. This eerie island is always a great place to visit while vacationing in Veracruz.