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Things to do in Washington, DC

  • International Spy Museum
    International Spy MuseumThe International Spy Museum is located in Washington DC in the downtown area and this is the place where visitors get to see all of the spy gear from the School of Spies. This museum shows spy gadgets such as lipstick pistols, buttonehole cameras, and many others of all shapes and sizes. There are many different galleries in the museum such as the Secret History of History chronicles from all the way back to the times of Moses, Cold War, and the 21st century espionage. After visiting this museum you will always wonder and ask yourself the question over and over Are “they” listening? At the museum you will see the Introduction to Espionage, School for Spies, Spies Among Us, War of the Spies, Weapons of Mass Disruption, and so much more. There are many events that the museum holds such as Kidspy: Spy Fiction Writer’s Workshop, Spy at Night, Spy In The City, Spy City Tours, and many others. Everyone will walk away from this trip to the museum with some they learned or was interested in. The International Spy Museum is very exciting and interesting for kids and adults so make sure it is a stop for your family. 

Budget rent a car Washington, D.C.

Budget Rent a Car and has teamed up to bring you the very best savings and deals on your next rental car that you can find anywhere on the web. Right now is the time to take advantage of discount Budget Rent a Car specials when you take your next vacation to the Washing, DC area. Do not miss out on all of the saving that you can get when you use the specials that you can find right here at  Budget Coupons is your way to save the most money on rental car discounts.

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  • The National Gallery of Art
    The National Gallery of ArtThe National Gallery of Art was first established in 1937 simply for the people of the United States of America. The Congress is the one who originally thought of this attraction. The Collections of The National Gallery of Art include Architecture, Painting, Sculpture, Works on Paper, Photographs, Decorative Arts, Foreign Language PDF Guides, and others. Some of the many exhibitions at the gallery include Beat Memories: The Photographs of Allen Ginsberg, Hendrick Avercamp: The Little Ice Age, The Scared Made Real: Spanish Painting and Sculpture, In the Tower: Mark Rothko, From Impressionism to Modernism: The Chester Dale Collection, and many more. The National Gallery of Art also have programs and events that include Audio tours, Gallery talks, guided tours, lectures, films for children and teens, teen programs and so much more. This helps it to be more interesting for the kids as well as the adults. There are many schools in the area that also like to plan field trips to the gallery so the kids can have some fun but also learn more about art. There is a Gallery Shop as well incase anyone really liked what they saw and wanted to take home books, DVDs, Cds, Gifts or Accessories.

Enterprise rent- a- car Washington, D.C.

Enterprise Rental Car Coupons are the best way to receive discount rental car rates while you are visiting Washington, DC. As the nation's capitol, Washington, DC is full of things to do and see and there is no better way to get to them all than using a reliable rental vehicle and Enterprise Rent a Car can get you just that. Be sure to check out to get all of the best deals on Enterprise Rent a Car coupons the next time you need a rental car in Washington, DC.

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Things to do with a rental car in Washington, DC.
  • The Smithsonian Institution
    The Smithsonian InstitutionThe Smithsonian Institution is a very popular place to visit in Washington DC. For most people when they think of Smithsonian the 19th century sandstone “castle” pops into their heads, but the institute itself is very huge. It is a lot bigger than most people actually think it is, there are 19 museums and the National Zoo in DC all located in the same spot. There is no way that people are able to “do the Smithsonian” all in one day. The most popular places people like to visit at the Smithsonian Institution is the National Air & Space Museum as well as the National Museum of American history. There is also the National Museum of the American Indian that has become very popular with the people as well. The actual Smithsonian started back in 1826 with James Smithson who was a British scientist. Visiting the Smithsonian Institution will take a lot of people back to history and its not only educational but very interesting and fun. Some of the events that are held at the Smithsonian Institution include Astronaut Presentation: Jeff Williams, Artist Talk: Paul Emmanuel, Decorative Tile Workshop, and so much more. Anyone who comes to Washington DC must visit the Smithsonian Institution and very rarely do they not have a good time.  

Hertz Car Rental Washington, D.C.

With Hertz discount car rentals and, you will find the biggest savings on your next rental vehicle while you are vacationing in Washington, DC. There are so many monuments and museums to check out while you are there that you want to make sure that you have a way to get there whenever you want to go and Hertz is here to help you. Hertz Discounts is the best way to save money on discount rental cars.

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  • The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
    The United States Holocaust Memorial MuseumThis museum is a memorial and dedication to the people of the holocaust and this is an attraction that really makes people think. The museum inspires people to confront hatred, encourage and promote human dignity, as well as prevent genocide. This memorial museum shows the documentation, study and history of the holocaust. Visitors can see the railcar that was used in the holocaust, see a child’s room before the war that is called Remember the Children: Daniel’s Story, see the exhibits called A Dangerous Lie: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, State of Deception: The Power of Nazi Propaganda, and the Wexner Center. By becoming a member of the museum you can make a donation, support the cause, get tributes and memorial gifts, and so much more. Located inside the museum there is a Museum Café that has breakfast items, vegetarian soups, sandwiches, salads, personal pizza pies, Panini Grill, Knishes, Kosher, Desserts, Beverages, and more. This is so you can get your meal on the go before your visit in the museum. The museum also has a library held inside that allows visitors to be able to read up on the holocaust and much more. This museum is great for the whole family. 

avis discount rental car Washington, D.C.

Avis Discount Car Rentals and have teamed up to bring you the best deals and bargains that you can find anywhere on the web. Wherever you are visiting, you can be sure that you can find the best prices of Avis rental cars anywhere. Be sure that you check out to get the most up to date Avis rental car bargains that you can get. Avis Discount Offers will leave you with a smile on your face and money in your pocket.
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  • White House/White House Visitor Center
    White House/White House Visitor CenterPeople who visit Washington DC definitely can not visit the city without visiting the White House and the White House Visitor Center. This would make every visitors trip complete. There are many tours available through the White House so everyone can get a chance to see what this significant building looks like inside and out. To set up a tour reservation you must contact your Member of Congress about two to six months in advance to set an exact tour time. If you can not make reservations for the actual White House tour then the White House Visitor Center will also be a good place to stop at. At this White House Visitor Center you can also catch a tour of the White House from a very detailed and informative documentary video. The Visitor Center also has some exhibits that focus mostly on the residences of former presidents in the White House. A lot of people love to learn about our former presidents and see what the inside of the White House looks like, it is even considered to be a once in a lifetime opportunity to some. When taking the actual tour of the White House people will learn about Former Presidents, First Ladies, The Oval Office, The Vice president’s Residence and Office, Eisenhower Executive Office building, Camp David, Air Force One, and so much more.  

Thrifty Car Rental Washington, D.C.

 Be sure to check out and discount Thrifty Car Rentals to get the very best in rental car rates in the business and on the web. When you are visiting Washington, DC, you want to make sure that you have a quality vehicle to check out all of the hot spots, monuments, buildings and parks and Thrifty Car Rental coupon specials will help you. Thrifty Car Rental Discounts are the way to go when you want the very best rental vehicles and the very best discount rental rates.

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  • The United States Botanic Garden
    The United States Botanic GardenThe United States Botanic Garden has a ton of rich history behind it, it being one of the oldest botanic gardens in North America is a part of it. The gardens inform all visitors about the significance of the irreplaceable value of plants and about the earth’s fragile ecosystem. Not only is this attraction informative and educational but it is also a very interesting and fun attraction to visit and view. There are a ton of different gardens located here and you can find them in the Conservatory, Bartholdi Park, National Garden, and the Plant Collections. There are also many programs and events held at the United States Botanic Garden such as The Power of Natural Light, Lunchtime: Tour of the Conservatory, National Garden Tour, Endangered Species Day, and so many others. There are tours and virtual tours offered to all visitors at the garden as well. Some of the Exhibits at the garden include Heroes of Horticulture, Begonia, Orchids: A Culture Odyssey, Spuds Unearthed, and many others. When it comes to education at the gardens they have certificate programs, stuff for schools, kids, and college students. It is a very interesting and exciting attraction to visit while in Washington DC.

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Dollar Rent a Car discounts and have teamed up to bring you the very savings on rental cars that you can find anywhere in Washington, DC and on the web. Dollar's courteous and professional staff will get you into your new car rental, hassle free, so you can get out there and see Washington, DC the way you are supposed to, on your own time. Do not depend on others modes of transportation when you can have your own discount Dollar Rental Car to get you where you want to go. For more great rental car specials, be sure to check out  Dollar Coupons and Discounts.

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  • The Monuments and Memorials
    The Monuments and MemorialsThe National Mall and Memorial Parks were first founded in 1965, these parks help protect some of the older parks that are in the same area which is called the National Park System. This National Park System offers visitors the chance to remember all of the presidential legacies of all times. The icons that are in the National Mall and Memorial Parks include the National Mall, the Washington Monument, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, World War II Memorial, Korean War Veterans Memorial, and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Some of the other Memorial places include the Constitution Gardens, George Mason Memorial, John Ericsson Memorial, Old Post Office Tower, and the Pennsylvania Avenue National Historic Site. One of the most popular and noticeable monuments is the 555 foot tall obelisk which is dedicated to George Washington, it is located on the Tidal Basin’s south shore. If your thinking this is no place for kids then you are thinking wrong, there is a Junior Ranger Program which is where your kids can get an activity book and talk to any ranger in the park. There is even a special day for Junior Park Rangers which is April 24th and there is free music, dancing and much more. This is an attraction for all family members and is a great learning attraction as well.

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  • Michel Richard Citronelle
    Michel Richard CitronelleMichele Richard Citronelle is a restaurant that is very popular but very expensive. The cost per person for a cuisine and wine pair is about 350 a person. The goal of chef Michele Richard is to amaze people and astonish them as soon as they walk in his restaurant. There are seating times for the restaurant which the first one starts at 6pm and the last one is at 9pm. When visiting the restaurant there has to be 6-8 persons per party and reservations are most definitely required. There is also a special dress code for the restaurant which includes a jacket for men, no denim, no athletic wear, and no sneakers. There is a preference of the menu that is discussed with the Maitre D’ after you are seated as well. This restaurant has one of the world’s masters as the chef, he starts preparing his cuisines in the late afternoon while he is thinking about what the evening program will be like that night. This is not just a dinner, this evening at Michel Richard Citronelle is more like a show. Some say it gives a more intimate vibe and is a grill side table theater. It will definitely be a night that you will never forget.

Alamo Car Rentals Washington, D.C.

Alamo Discounts and will get you the most amazing deal on your next discount Alamo rental car while you are in Washington, DC. With so many things to and see in the nation's capitol, you want to be sure that you have a way to get around to see it all, and that is where Alamo car rental specials comes into the picture. With Alamo Rent a Car coupons, you will be able to get around Washington, DC at a really low price.
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