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Things to do in Washington

  • Museum of Flight Museum of Flight Seattle, Wasington
    Welcome to the biggest private space and air museum in the world, started in 1965, just south of downtown Seattle; and has the biggest K-12 educational program in the world.  Over 120,000 students enjoyed the facilities in 2006, with over 80 different aircraft that have covered the world since the beginning of aviation.  Some of the fantastic crafts that reside there are the: Douglas DC-2, one of only two that are still flyable; City of Everett, first flight-worthy Boeing 747;the only Boeing 80A left; the Gossamer-Albatross II human-powered aircraft, pedals a big two bladed propeller; a Caproni Ca 20, first fighter plane ever used in World War I; the first Presidential jet, used from 1959 until 1996; an Aerocar, one of the five, that has wings and propeller that detach from the main body which is a car; LearAvia Lear Fan prototype N626BL; Lockheed Martin/Boeing DarkStar Tier III, which is and unmanned vehicle prototype and the second; Lockheed D-21 which is an unmanned recon drone sitting on a M-21, which is a variant of the Lockheed A-12.  Within an area called the Personal Courage Wing, are 28 planes from the two World Wars from many countries that include; Japan, Germany and Russia.  The original Boeing manufacturing plant, called the Red Barn and from the early 1900s has been brought here and is a registered historic site.  Using photos, films and oral histories, the exhibits in the Red Barn tell how the wood structure of the original planes were overlaid with fabric and travels through the age of flight until 1958.  Just lately has the museum opened a new space exhibit called : "Space: Exploring the New Frontier".  This magnificent  exhibit traces the evolution of space travel starting at the era of Dr. Robert Goddard up to the present and also future space flights that would involve human travel and commercialism.  Over half a million people come here each year to learn, discover, be educated and just look at the marvelous planes, facilities and exhibits; as well as a restoration building that is at Paine Field in Everett, Washington with almost 40 projects that are still being worked on including a Jetstar, FM-2 Wildcat, de Havilland Comet 4 jet liner and many others.  Another project is the only flying B-17F, a variant of the B-17 bomber, a B-29 and the only flyable Boeing 247 in existence. 

  • Bon Vivant Wine Tours
    Here's your chance to visit the wine country of Washington and sample some of the best vintages of this nation.  Guided small tours leave from Seattle and head to various wineries, tasting rooms and vineyards that dot the landscape of this northwestern state.  Quite different than other vineyard tours, this one includes the most beautiful views and scenery in the country, adding that special local flavor and giving you a chance to meet the wine producers and hear their wonderful stories about starting a vineyard in this state.  Right in the middle of a wine renaissance, Washington offers a unique range of wine experiences that will certainly delight your tastebuds.  Some of the better vineyards that are part of the tour include; Seattle City, Walla Walla Valley, Columbia Cascade, Woodinville, Lower Yakima Valley, Yakima/Rattlesnake Hills, Skagit Valley, Bainbridge Island and Olympic Peninsula.  They offer scheduled day tours, private tours and special tours that will indulge all of your wine questions and ideas.  Bon Vivant handles smaller specialized groups that are looking for something different in the ordinary wine tour, and will often head to an unknown vineyard or one off the beaten track.  Most tours will take only 4 to 7 people to make this enjoyable experience even more personal.

  • Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park Seattle
    Located in the Pioneer Square National Historic District of Seattle, this is where the gold prospectors started their journey to Skagway, Alaska in the gold rush days of the late 1890s.  There are four areas that  make up the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park and three of those are in the Skagway Borough, Alaska and the fourth here.  The whole story should include both sides of the U.S and Canadian border, from one starting point to the end.  In Skagway, there are many buildings that have been refurbished as well as areas of the White Pass Trail and Chilkoot Trail taking the hopefuls up to Alaska from the Seattle area.  In that city, the visitor's center will help you get the best and overall details of this massive migration to the north.  The center, as well as other parts of the unit are found at an old 1889 hotel called the Cadillac.  During that period, it was an integral part of the trek, where men could outfit themselves for the treacherous travel to the north, and a good departure point.  The hotel was badly damaged in the Nisqually earthquake of 2001, but has been fixed back up in 2004 and 2005.  Both the U. S. and Canada said that Chilkoot Trail should become a part of the international historic park, in 1969, and thus formed Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site in British Columbia that would be a part of the new Klondike Gold Rush International Historical Park; while all would retain their previous names, but use the new name whenever possible to reflect the co-operative management between the two countries and the many years of good relations between them. 

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  • Seattle CenterSeattle Center Seattle, Washington
    The site of the World's Fair in 1962, this 74 acre plot contains a fair ground, park, arts and entertainment center, just north of Beltown in the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle.  Inside this magnificent park sits the majestic International Fountain that runs all year and has 20 spout of water jumping and gyrating to music of the world.  This is a stop for many biking events, and in 2004, became a favorite of the World Naked Bike Ride, and other clothing optional bike rides.  The famous Space Needle, which is a city landmark and noticed by all newcomers to the city is also here, as well as the Seattle Center Pavilion; Fisher Pavilion; Seattle Center Monorail; Pacific Science Center; Center House that includes the theater, children's museum and high school; Fun Forest Amusement Park; Northwest Rooms; Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame; Kobe Bell, an official city landmark; Mercer Arena and Mural Amphitheater, showcasing a mural by Paul Horiuchi, which is also a city landmark.  Many festivals are held here including Winterfest, Bumbershoot, Gay Pride, Festal, Bite of Seattle and Seattle International Children's Festival.

  •  Olympic National Forest
    In the northwest corner of the northwest corner of the United States, the Olympic National Forest is an emerald Eden in the evergreen state with numerous variations of vegetation and landscapes.  And the recreation opportunities are without limits or imagination.  The Olympic National Forest in Washington contains over 600,000 acres that encompass the National Park and the Olympic Mountain range.  The forest landscape is varied, with the temperate rainforest, then the salt water fjord at Hood Canal and finally the high peaks of Mt. Washington.  The average rainfall is almost 20 feet, which raise many small streams into raging rapids.  This park was originally started as the Olympic Forest Reserve in 1897, then the name was changed to its present one in 1907.  The area is an exciting place to explore and walking or hiking is the best way to take advantage of the magnificent foliage and wild animals that call the forest their home.  By walking, you can take in all the wonderful sights that will cross your path, and in the rainforest will come across some huge spruce pines, and in one small area find the world's biggest Sitka spruce tree.  There are many streams and rivers that allow you take go boating, canoeing or kayaking to discover all the fantastic beauty of this natural wonderland.  Fishing is also a favorite here, with the cold waters of the north keeping those fish lively and growing to some large results.  On Lake Quinault, you can use the sea cycles, row boats, canoes, kayaks or the motor boats to dally on these great blue waters with the mountains in the back.  Boating is available only during the summer months, so if your trip should include that, make sure it is during those months.  There are interpretive tours that will give you a much broader understanding of the rainforest that includes the ecosystem, ancient forests, the geology, cultural history, land management practices and more.

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Local Restaurants in Washington
  • Swilly's in Pullman
    Swilly's was always the locals favorite for lunch and dinner, but when Joan Swenson took over as owner and chief chef, it jumped light-years into the future and the results have drawn folks from all over the state and further, as word of her special culinary fusion style cooking has spread.  With an extensive menu, and only minor changes happening because of the availability of certain foods, you will always get fresh flavors from the best ingredients.  Starters include; a Mediterranean plate with hummus, veggies, marinated olives and pita bread; artichoke cheese spread with Kalamata olive crostini and chicken potsiders shredded Napa cabbage, marinated cucumbers and spicy peanut dipping sauce.  The soup and salad menu offers; soup of the day, shrimp bisque, black bean chili or cup of soup or chili, house salad and sage bakery sourdough bread; Swilly's house salad includes spring greens, red onion, candied pecans, gorgonzola and house balsamic vinaigrette; ginger chicken salad has spring peanuts, cucumber, pineapple, sprouts, scallions and spicy ginger dressing; Caesar salad and Mediterranean grilled chicken salad with spring greens, cucumber, artichokes hearts, kalamata olives, tomato, red pepper and feta.  There are many sandwiches available including Reuben, roast turkey, Swilly burger, Mediterranean grilled chicken, black bean burger and veggie pita.  Dinner includes for starters; chicken satay with Indonesian peanut sauce; steamed mussels in white wine and herb sauce; pesto with sundried tomato and goat cheese strata; roasted red pepper ravioli in wine and cream sauce and feta cheese; chicken tacos with chicken, lettuce, tomato, cheese, black bean salsa, red salsa and sour cream.  Soups and salads are similar to the lunch menu, and just as flavorful.  Dinner entrees include sage bakery sourdough bread, herb oil and choice of soup or salad; chicken and sausage cacciatore with potato gnocchi and pecorino Romano; grilled Blue Mesa organic filet mignon with port mushroom sauce, mixed veggies sauté and herbed new potatoes; seared ahi with wasabi cream, petite green beans and jasmine rice; sage-chipotle pork tenderloin with vanilla-fig sauce Yukon gold mashed potatoes and baby bok choy; coconut vegetable curry with jasmine rice; Brazilian seafood stew with prawns, mahi mahi and mussels in a tomato coconut sauce.

  • Creektown Cafe
    The Creektown Cafe is proud of the fact that they use only local vendors for the meats, cheeses, wines and vegetables that go into the exquisite cuisine that they serve on every plate.  With farm fresh food being served always, the flavor is guaranteed to be better, and the local economy will thrive and continue as long as places like this fine American restaurant stays open.  And with these choice ingredients being local and fresh and the food fantastic, we think it will be for a long time.  They are also proud that they make their own soups and sauces from scratch and also their own bakery goods.  Appetizers include; hummus and baked artichoke parmesan dip served with cucumber tatziki, grilled pita bread, baby greens, grape tomatoes and kalamata olives; grilled sea scallops with coconut and lime leaf marinated sea scallops, braised Castoldi's Farm's baby carrots, cilantro cream and fresh thyme; crispy calamari is ginger and cilantro marinated calamari with fried jalapeno and lemon slices with saracha-soy dipping sauce.  Soups and salads include; soup of the day; Klicker's Berry Farm strawberries, Castoldi Farm's baby beets, Stone's Throw Farm's organic greens, toasted almonds, mint, tarragon and mustard vinaigrette; Alaskan king crab legs, celery leaves, spring onions, asparagus tossed in rhubarb aioli and house made old bay seasoning; Castoldi Farms spinach with shallot-poppy seed dressing, pine nuts, golden raisins, orange slices and parmesan cheese; and Creektown's signature salad is made with Stones Throw Farm's mixed organic greens, R & R Produce sugar snap peas, Edward Farm's radishes, Castoldi Farm's sweet onions, chervil, Montiellet Fromagerie goat cheese and champagne vinaigrette.  Dinner entrees include; Alaskan halibut pan seared filet, sautéed fiddle head ferns, star anise and olive oil corn bread, salt cured black olive, toasted almond and sweet basil relish; roasted chicken breast, English pea risotto, herbed crème friache and breakfast radish salad; Columbia River king salmon is fresh horseradish crusted filet, herbed spaetzle, asparagus and Walla Walla spring onion sauce; roast pheasant and morel mushrooms is half pheasant roasted with grilled spring onions, morel mushrooms, green and yellow split pea blink and rosemary jus; lavender braised lamb is Fahrenbacher Farms lamb shoulder, roasted sun chokes, arugula, house-made lamb panchetta and red wine-vanilla bean demi-glace.




Chix Cacci Swilly's Pullman, Washington


Mesa Filet Swilly's Pullman, Washington


Pork Tenderloin Swilly's Pullman, Washington




King Crab legs Creektown Cafe Walla Walla, Washington


halibut Creektown Cafe Walla Walla, Washington


lamb shoulder Creektown Cafe Walla Walla, Washington

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  • Crosbyana RoomCrosby Room Spokane, Washington
    Gonzaga University was the alma mater of the great crooner, Harry "Bing" Crosby, and the student center that is named after him contains over 200 pieces of his memories today, with the remainder and larger collection housed in the Foley Center Rare Book Vault at the university.  With many gold and platinum records, his Oscar for "Going My Way", his former home is now the alumni hall and contains so much more.  Bing was one of the first multimedia stars, starting in 1937 and going until 1954, and had millions of records sold, radio ratings and film grosses and believed to be one of the most popular and recognized musical acts in the world and history.  His style and music is considered to be the inspiration for many other singers that followed him in the period of history.  Some of the best are Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Perry Como.  The magazine Yank honors him as being the single person who had done the most for the troops and their morale in the second World War and in 1948, he was voted the most admired man alive; and Music Digest guestimated that half of the 80,000 weekly hours of music belonged to his records.  Bing was born in Tacoma, Washington in 1903, and had a new name by 1910, having received it from a neighbor girl in regards to a section of the Spokesman-Review entitled "The Bingville Bugle".  The girl enjoyed his boyish laugh and started calling him Bingo from Bingville and soon after the o was dropped and he just became Bing.  By 14, he was working at the Spokane auditorium, watching some of the biggest and best acts of the day, including Al Jolson, who influenced young Bing.  In the fall semester of Gonzaga University, he started training to become a lawyer, meanwhile sending away for a set of drums.  Practicing enough to be invited to join a local band, he started making enough money for him to quit the school and work fulltime on music.  Soon singing, he caught the ear of big band leader Paul Whiteman and was hired.  At the time, there were no solo acts, as everyone sang together with the band.  By 1928, he had his first number one hit, "Ol Man River" in jazz styled; but his outside activities got him in trouble and he, with the other singers left and joined Gus Amheim Orchestra.  As years went by, his singing made him the number one man of the groups, and in 1931, 10 of the top 50 songs had Bing singing solo or with other people.  In 1932, he starred in his first film, The Big Broadcast and there were 55 more afterwards.  He appeared in 79 films altogether.  With over a billion tickets sold, he is the third most favorite actor behind Clark Gable and John Wayne. 

  • Fort Vancouver National Historic Site
    The site consists of two areas, the Fort Vancouver site in Vancouver, Washington and the McLoughlin site in Oregon City, Oregon.  The Fort Vancouver site was made a National Historic Site in 1961 and combined with the Oregon site in 2003.  Located just north of Portland, the Vancouver site was a fur trading post in the 19th century, started by the British Hudson Bay Company in 1824, under chief factor John McLoughlin.  It soon became the hub on the Pacific coast with its influence stretching from the Pacific, to the Rocky Mountains in the east, Alaska in the north and Mexico in the south.  In 1843, the company moved to British Columbia because of all the Americans moving to the area and starting settlements which drove the animals away.  And in 1846, became part of Oregon territory because of the Treaty of Oregon.  The HBC moved out completely in 1860, although they were given permission to continue doing business there.  In 1849, the U.S. army built a barracks next to the trading post and when they left, took it over.  The fort was destroyed by fire in 1866, but the army barracks and other buildings have continued to be used to the present. 

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  • Vancouver Ulysses S. Grant HouseHome of U.S. Grant Vancouver, Washington
    For well over a hundred years, the white houses along Evergreen Boulevard in Vancouver Barracks were the temporary houses to the soldiers, officers and families of the men stationed there.  When the city finally decided to do something about them, in the mid 1980s, they were called white elephants nose to tail and counted 21.  Now after a lot of money and time, they are the city's pride and special assets.  The oldest homes were constructed in the mid 1800s, and although there was a grassroots effort to save them in the mid 1970s, it wasn't until the Army sold them to the city for a dollar, that they were finally given renovation money in 1987, with the first tenants moving in the next year.  Presently there are 34 residential units, with office space, and the three houses of the famous who stayed there including Ulysses Grant, George Marshall and Oliver O. Howard.  Grant was stationed in the Vancouver fort in the 1850s, as a quartermaster and came back as a visitor in 1879, after completely two terms as the President.  It was the first officer's house built, becoming the commanding officer's quarters.  Grant never stayed there, but it was named for him after becoming such a recognized figure, because of his wartime status and his Presidency.  It later became the officer's club and now is home to an excellent restaurant on the first floor.  The Howard House was the last officer's house to be built and was the first occupant, since he was the commander of the army's department of the columbia and also a medal of honor recipient for his role in the Civil War.  In 1886, a Queen Anne Victorian house was built to house the commander of the barracks, with Marshall being there from 1936 until 1938. 

  • Lemay Museum at Marymount
    With over 300 collector cars available on the old grounds of the Marymount Military Academy, this museum is a delightful place to remember your old, first, favorite or family cars.  Presently, there are over 2000 cars in the collection, with the new museum holding a thousand.  This $100 million expansion will become a bright beacon of technologically advanced interactive museum and educational showcase where the role of the automobile and its place in our lives, society and culture will on display for car enthusiasts the world over.  The complex sits on 9 acres next to the Tacoma Dome and 7 million motorists whiz by it each year.  An estimated half a million will come to view this vestige of the American dream each year, spending hours, remembering, thinking, dreaming and just gazing at the embodiment of their lives, what it meant, what it means, and what it will mean in the future.  Some of the marvelous autos to see include; 1906 Ford Model N, 1912 Standard Electric Open Tourer, 1924 BSA SV, 1931 Ford Model A A400, 1932 Ford Street Rod or the little deuce coupe; 1939 Chrysler Custom Imperial, 1948 Tucker 48, 1953 Kaiser Dragon, 1955 Chevrolet 2 door hardtop, 1958 Bonneville Custom Pontiac, 1969 Amc AMX, 1972 Citroen SM and 1982 DeLorean DMC 12.

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  • Comet FallsComet Falls Mount Ranier, Washington
    In Pierce County, Washington, the Van Trump Creek cascades over the edge of a cliff falling down 320 feet before landing in a small pool on the side of this mountain.  These are the best falls in the Mount Ranier area, and have two smaller tiers just below the main drop, with 40 feet and the first, then 20 feet and belief is the whole falls are around 400 feet.  In 2001, there was a lot of debris that went over the falls, not causing any problems to the base or side of the falls since it is bedrock, but the plant life that was along the edge of the pool at the bottom lost all life, and it is believed that this pool is now full of rocks and other debris.  Then in 2003 and again in 2006, floods came to the area and washed a lot of the debris out.  The area where the falls are is a very popular destination for hikers and explorers because everyone in the family will enjoy it.  The falls themselves are so beautiful, so exquisite that mere words could never completely describe it, but only a visit and personal eye full could do any justice.  It is a two mile climb to the falls, and then another half mile or so to the Rampart Ridge Trail.

  • Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument
    This was made a monument by President Reagan in 1982, after it erupted in 1980; it includes all the area around Mount St. Helens and is 110,000 acres of landscape that is in the process of a natural recovery.  It is one of the reasons that it was made a monument and is the first of its kind.  Since that time, campgrounds, picnic areas, information stations, trails and viewpoints have been created as the influx of people continues to grow each year.  In 1983, people have been able to drive within four miles of the crater and look down on Spirit Lake; where the evidence of rejuvenation of plants and animals is taking place faster than thought.  You can see the actual destruction that was caused by the volcanic eruption, as well as the quick return of life to the wilderness.  You can also climb to the summit, which was started in 1986, about the same time that the visitor's center was built at Silver Lake.  It is 30 miles from the mount, but over a million and a half visitors had visited it by 1989.  Lava began flowing into the crater again in 2004 and steam, ash and gas rose into the air.  It soon settled down again and visitors and other people working in the area breathed a little bit easier after the ashfall settled.  At the visitor's center, you can see the crater through a telescope on the deck of the center, which is about 35 miles away, and a trail will go up to an overlook.  At the Johnson Ridge Observatory you will get the best view, which is only 5.5 miles away, and has a wide screen movie theater that shows a film re-creating the blast.  At the Windy Ridge Viewpoint, you can get an up close view of the lava dome, where rim climbs and hikes are available, but you should check first, as permits are issued by the Ranger Station; and they will know what the conditions are like.  The southern side has a big lava cave called Ape Cave, which was created over 2000 years ago.

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  • President Chester A. Arthur State Historic SiteGrand Coulee Dam, Washington
    This hydroelectric gravity dam spread across the Columbia River in Washington is the biggest electric power producer in the nation, as well as being the biggest concrete structure here.  In the world, it is the seventh biggest producer of hydroelectricity, as of 2008 and the reservoir is named after the man who saw to its completion, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Lake.  The dam is almost a mile long, and enough concrete was used in building it,  to make a four foot wide, four inch deep sidewalk that would go around the earth twice.  It was created to irrigate areas of the northwest and to provide electricity.  The Columbia River was the biggest river ever to have a dam and although there were other areas on the river that would have been easier to build on and produced more power, this area was chosen so that the desert lands beyond could be irrigated.  In the 1930s, when much debate and studies had gone on, President Roosevelt needed a large public works project to get many people back to work.  In 1933, the authorization came from the President and funds were appropriated from the Congress.  Work started in July, and continued until January, 1942; just after the second World War had brought us into it, and 77 men had died.  This dam helped develop the northwest industries and in 1951, the Columbia Basin Project was started to irrigate the lands.  The water is pumped through 12 fourteen foot pipes from Lake Roosevelt into Banks Lake and back again when demand is low.  During the periods from 1966 to 1974, a third powerhouse was constructed which added six more generators and increased the length to over a mile long.  In 1989, a laser light show was started at the dam, on summer evenings, and the images include battleships, the Statue of Liberty and environmental comments.

  • Ozette Indian Village Archeological Site
    Near La Push, Washington, the Makah village of Ozette was overcome by mudslides in the early 1700s, and in the 1960s was uncovered by Richard Daugherty.  In early 1970, a storm created tidal erosion that uncovered hundreds of wooden artifacts used by the Makah and soon it was the site of a big archeological dig.  For 11 years, students, archeologists and volunteers worked on uncovering the remains of this old Indian fishing village, which soon totaled over 55,000 marvelous items used by the Makah.  Many people were surprised to find the wooden utensils, weapons and other items made of wood were very well preserved; which is quite unusual.  Most of these relics are on display at the Makah Cultural and Research Center.  Six long houses were uncovered with the contents still there with artifacts that indicated these Indians hunted whale, seals and other sea creatures, as well as fishing for salmon and halibut.  Of the thousands of relics recovered, about 30,000 were made of wood, with hundreds of knives made of mussel shells, iron and beaver teeth; with the iron possibly coming from the drifts that brought in wreckage of ships from Asia.  Through the oral history of the Makah, talk of a great slide that buried a large portion of the Ozette area long ago, is still passed on.  The museum was started in 1979, with replicated cedar long houses and fishing, whaling and sealing canoes.

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