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Avis Car Rental Sandy
- 8944 S. State Rd.
Murray Avis Rental Cars
- 6191 S. State St. Ste. 300
Avis Car Rental Salt Lake City - 255 S. West Temple

Things to do in West Jordan

    Family History Library  Family History Library Salt Lake City, Utah
    The Family History Library was started in 1894, and has grown into the world's biggest archival library of its type, containing more than 2.4 million rolls of microfilmed genealogy records, as well as periodicals, serials, microfiche, books and other formats. These outstanding and thorough documents are available to those living in the United States, the Pacific Islands, Europe,, Canada, New Zealand, the British Isles, Latin America, Africa and Asia. This magnificent library offers more than 300 computers, copiers, microfiche readers and hundreds of microfilm readers that will help you get started with your family's history and genealogy. There are staffed volunteers here, some full-time and some part-time, but all ready and willing to help you with your search. They also offer orientation classes and specialized research classes for both individuals and groups, with help to suggest resources and steps to follow to get your information, and answer all your basic questions. The library is part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and contains the names of more than 2 billion deceased people that may be a part of your heritage. Understandably, the library has become one of the most sought after destinations in the region, actually started back in the late 19th century to assist the members of the church to discover their ancestors, heritage and history. It is open to the public and doesn't cost anything to visit, housing 142,000 square feet of space located on five floors. It seems that the majority of the records involve individuals born before 1920, with records preserved from more than 110 countries around the world. The library itself continues to follow the quest, going farther into the past, as well as new areas of the world. Beginning in 2000, the library's collections have continued to grow with an average of 700 books and 4100 rolls of film each month, with about 300 cameras microfilming the records of more than 40 countries. The library staffs over 230 full-time and part-time professional staff and almost 200 well-trained volunteers are always on hand to help visitors with whatever problems or questions that they might have, and to help them utilize the massive resources available to them here. Their ancestral file database has over 36 million names that are connected to families, while the international genealogical index database houses some 600 million names of deceased victims and the addendum contains another 125 million names that have been extracted from thousands of original birth, marriage and christening records. Full resources include; 475 patron computers, 4 book scanners, 408 microfilm readers, 375 seats at the tables, 36 microfiche readers and 24 digital microfilm and microfiche copiers.

Budget rent a car West Jordan

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Salt Lake Intl. Apt. Budget Car Rentals - 641 N. 3800 West 
Budget Car Rental Murray - 4181 S. State St.
Salt Lake City Budget Rental Cars
- 750 S. Main St.
Bountiful Budget Car Rentals  - 3747 S. Hwy. 89 

    Beehive HouseThe Beehive House Salt Lake City, Utah
    The Beehive House in Salt Lake City, Utah had been one of the two official residences of Brigham Young, the early leader of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, also better known as Mormons. The house would get its unique name from the beehive sculpture that sits on top of the house, designed by Brigham's younger brother-in-law and architect of the Salt Lake Temple, Truman O. Angell, that would later design Young's other place of residence, the Lion House. The beehive was built in 1854, some two years before the Lion House that sits next to it, so both the houses are just a block east of the temple and Temple Square. It was built with adobe and sandstone, and since Brigham was a polygamist, the beehive was designed to accommodate he and his wives, along with the children that were sired by him. As he family grew, the Lion House would need to be constructed to accommodate the new members and would become his official residence when it was completed. When it was finished, Brigham's wife, Lucy Ann Decker Young and her children would live in the house and become its main occupants. The Beehive House would continue to be used as the executive mansion of the Territory of Utah from 1852 to 1855 and would be the place where Brigham would entertain his most important guests. When Brigham passed on, the house would become the residence of two other church presidents after him, Lorenzo Snow and Joseph F. Smith, with both of them passing away while living in the house. Smith would be the last LDS president that practiced polygamy, and he would live there with four wives until he died in 1918. The unique beehive sculpture that sits on top of the house had been used by Brigham as a symbol to represent industry, which was a very significant idea in Mormonism. Even before the territory would become a state, the government had asked that the state be named Deseret, which meant honeybee according to LDS beliefs. The US government decided to name the state Utah after the Ute Indians, but the beehive would evolve into part of the state's official emblem. The Young family would live in the house for some time after Brigham passed, although it would be later sold to the church. It would be used for the official residence of the church presidents, and eventually become the home economics wing of the Latter-Day Saints University and then a dorm for women. The Young Women's organization of the church would eventually rent out rooms in the house for wedding receptions; and be rejuvenated in 1960. In 1970, it would be added to the National Register of Historic Places.

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West Jordan Enterprise Rental Car - 1505 W 7800 S # B-4

Local Restaurants in West Jordan

    Entrees; served with fresh sourdough bread; garlic lemon chicken lightly breaded & grilled, topped with lemon garlic butter sauce served with rice & chef's veggies; turkey dinner is thick slices of fresh turkey breast served with house made mashed potatoes, stuffing, fresh veggies & smothered in turkey gravy; chicken pot pie is housemade chicken pot pie filled with chunks of chicken, carrots, peas & pearl onions served with mixed green salad & choice of dressing; chicken cordon bleu is breast of chicken stuffed with ham & Swiss cheese then topped with creamy mushroom sauce, served with rice or mashed potatoes & chef's veggies; pot roast n pan drippin gravy is tender slices of slow cooked brisket piled on red potatoes, carrots, onions & celery smothered in house pan drippin gravy; fresh veggie quiche is fresh eggs, broccoli, peppers, mushrooms, spinach, onions & cheese served in flaky pie crust, topped with hollandaise sauce served with mixed green salad & raspberry vinaigrette dressing; country fried steak is breaded cube steak deep fried served with housemade mashed potatoes, smothered with country gravy & side of chef's veggies; teriyaki stir fry is housemade teriyaki sauce & stir-fried, oriental style veggies served on bed of rice.

    Indian Fusion
    Curries; traditional curry is light curry cooked with ginger, garlic, onion & tomato sauce; vindaloo is curry with potatoes in spicy & tangy gravy; korma is curry in creamy cashew based sauce with nuts & raisins; do piazza is flavorful & aromatic curry roasted with onions, tomatoes, & spices; goan is exotic curry in coconut & onion sauce; saag is delicious curry chicken with spinach; ticca masala is tomato cream sauce flavored with dried fenugreek leaves; rogan josh is mughlai curry cooked in traditional kashmiri masala; jalfrezi is sweet & sour curry with stir fried onions, bell peppers & tomatoes. Tandoor Grill; tandoori chicken is tender spicy chicken on the bone, marinated & roasted; chicken ticca is chicken breast marinated in spicy yogurt sauce & roasted; sheekh lamb/chicken kabob is marinated ground lamb/chicken skewered in tandoor with curry spice blend; botil lamb kabob is roasted tender pieces of lamb leg marinated in yogurt; fish tandoori is roasted fillet of salmon marinated & roasted; India fusions sampler grill is chicken ticca, tandoori murg, sheekh kebab & boti kebab.


Turkey Dinner Archibald's West Jordan, Utah


Pot Roast Archibald's West Jordan, Utah



 Traditional Curry Indian Fusion Restaurant West Jordan, Utah





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Hertz Rental Cars Midvale- 6895 S. State St.
Draper Hertz Car Rental - 11483 S. State St.
Hertz Rental Car S. Salt Lake- 145 E. Baird Ave.
West Valley City Hertz Car Rental - 4108 W. 3500 South

    Living Planet Aquarium Living Planet Aquarium Sandy, Utah
    The Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy, Utah is a nonprofit devoted to cultivating the public's interest in the environment, the enhancement and conservation of our earth and its creatures through adoption, education, recreation and research. The aquarium houses 1250 animals that represent 267 species that are held in three distinct main displays, named, Discover Utah, Journey to South America and Ocean Explorer. The idea began when Brent Anderson, a local marine biologist, began having a vision for a world class aquarium in the state, and became closer to a reality in 1999, when two aqua vans would be outfitted with educational displays and start visiting the schools around the state. The Living Planet Aquarium Preview Exhibit would open in 2004, in the Gateway Mall, until it could move to its current Sandy location in 2006, so that it could welcome the growing crowds and displays that would blossom into larger venues. In 2009, the aquarium welcomed their millionth visitor and is now considered one of the best attractions in the region, with outstanding displays of seahorses, sharks, jellyfish, rays, eels, starfish, amphibians, octopuses, trout and various other fresh water species. Exhibits include; the penguin encounter, Calypso's Cafe, sunken ship, shark tank, coral reef, wetlands, Utah endangered species, sea jellies, Amazon River giants, rainforest frogs, anacondas, piranhas, electric eel, Webb Audio Visual theater, a marvelous gift shop, bio facts station, trout stream, seahorses and octopus; as well as restrooms naturally.

Alamo Car Rentals West Jordan

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Salt Lake City Apt. Alamo Car Rentals
 3780 W. Terminal Way

    Salt Lake and Utah RRSalt Lake & Utah Railroad West Jordan, Utah
    The Salt Lake and Utah Railroad, that is best known in the state as the Orem Line, would go from Salt Lake City through the city of South Jordan, and then onto Payson, which was distance of 67 miles. A branch line would be developed that went to Magna, only nine miles off the mainline. In 1914, the railroad would be expanded to include a line from Salt Lake City to Provo, and by 1915, there were some twenty trains running between the two cities each day, with an extension made to Springville. In 1916, the line would be extended to Spanish Fork, and then the last expansion into Payson. By the close of WWI, more trucks and automobiles were being used, as roads appeared and improved, and the rail line would begin to decline. In 1925, the railroad went into receivership, and the court would order all receivers to sell off any and all property of the former railroad to the highest bidder. With the receivership and foreclosure sale, many of the former problems would be resolved, but with operating revenues of $717, 678, the company sank $44, 489 into the red, and by the end of 1945, the company owed $220,600. With the continued growth of cross country transportation, and the use of private and public carriers, the railroad couldn't continue to compete and it would be abandoned in 1946. The marker for the old railroad is located in West Jordan, Utah and was erected in 1990 by the Sons of Utah Pioneers - Jordan River Temple Center.

Thrifty Car Rental West Jordan

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 Thrifty Cheap Locations

Salt Lake City Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - 776 N. Terminal Dr.
Thrifty Car Rental Salt Lake City- 702 S. Main St.
Salt Lake City Thrifty Rental Cars - 15 S. 2400 W.
Thrifty Car Rental Sandy- 10736 S. State St.

    West Jordan Historical MuseumWest Jordan Historical Museum West Jordan, Utah
    The West Jordan Historical Society would begin in 1998 to develop a historical museum in the city of West Jordan, Utah, and in 1999, would be offered a surplus house in the city's main park. It is a small homestead with a few outbuildings, chickens, antique machinery, orchard and many trees. A few featured exhibits include the 1909 dedication stone for the city's 2nd LDS meeting house, an original Saltaire carousel horse and tools that had been used by Archibald Gardner to construct 31 mills in the Salt Lake Valley. It also contains numerous relics, including information about World Middle Class Champion boxer, Gene Fulmer, as well as his friend and trainer, Marv Jensen, and many photographs. It has a working blacksmith shop that has the original forge that had been owned and used by Willard Richardson, one of the earliest West Jordan residents, along with many of Richardson's original handmade blacksmith tools and hand forged objects. They have an 1867 granary structure that contains unique West Jordan and Utah dairy objects and exhibits. The museum would acquire the city's first soda fountain/lunch counter/small groceries business, the Cottage Inn, and bring it here to be housed, completely restored to its 1937 look, with booths, lunch counter with floor mounted stools and the ice cream/soda fountain counter. It features numerous original relics that had been used in the business that was owned and operated by the sisters Vivian Gardner Richardson and Genevieve Finlayson Hogan. The historic Steadman barn would be moved here in 2007, which was a century old two story wooden barn, donated to the museum by the Larrie Oreno family. It is one of two that had been used by the family to house sheep and cows for them, and in the process of being restored and refitted as a Utah Dairy Museum display.

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Salt Lake City Intl. Apt. Dollar Car Rental
 Salt Lake City Intl. Apt.

    Sandy MuseumSandy Museum Sandy, Utah
    The Sandy Museum in Sandy, Utah contains all the local information about the creation of this lovely little city close to Salt Lake City, which was started in the 1860s by the early pioneers of Mormon faith. It would slowly grow into a rural community with few people and widely spaced homes. During the 1870s, mining would explode in the valleys and canyons nearby, and in 1877, the railroad would arrive in the city, bringing in more of everything. The small city would grow very quickly into a mining town, with three smelters and two sampling mills to test the ore that was brought down from the mines, and the railroad would open a depot across the street from where the museum is located today. The museum structure was originally a ZCMI co-op store, that enabled miners, farmers, locals and Native Americans to come and trade or buy goods and supplies. It seems that the city would inherit its name from a red-headed train engineer named Sandy Kinghorn, but no other information as to why this particular person would be named a town after. The population would grow to 1000 in 1893, and the city became incorporated as well as passing many of its first ordnances. The first mayor would be Arthur J. Cushing and the city would become a square mile town with numerous businesses including seventeen saloons. The wealth of ore would bring many folks here for jobs and it would become a major hub for business and society, and today contains more than 100,000 people. The museum contains two floors of exhibits, a wonderful gift shop and exhibition shed that is located outside on the grounds. The museum building would house the Knights of Pythias in 1912, then it would become the Jenkins Funeral Parlor, and in 1939, it would become the city's fire station, and in 1987, it would open as the museum. Featured relics include a flag that was flying a the capitol when the territory would become a state, a teapot from the Hotel Utah, many pictures and original newspaper clippings, beds and musical instruments that would survive the journey here and the original field glasses that belonged to Kit Carson; and the first published edition of the Deseret News. One very unique item is the handlit street lamp that was originally used to light up the streets at night and let the children still outside that it was time to head home. They would have a curfew in those days, and it was illegal to be outside past a certain hour for children. In fact, a bell would be rung to let all the town's residents that it was time to head home and keep off the streets. The museum houses a marvelous old toy collection and an outstanding war collection from WWI to Desert Storm.

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- 606 N. 3800 W.