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Avis Car Rental Murray
- 61919 S. State St. Ste. 300
Salt Lake City Avis Rental Cars
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Avis Car Rental Sandy - 8944 S. State St.

Things to do in West Valley City

    Devereaux House also Known as the Staines-Jennings Mansion Devereaux House Salt Lake City, Utah
    The Devereaux House in Salt Lake City was the earliest mansion constructed there in 1855 and was one of the most elaborate houses in a frontier city. It would become one of the most popular social gatherings places in the early city with many locally prominent people and significant national and international visitors. Only parts of the house were constructed in 1855, just eight years after the arrival of the first settlers who happened to be Mormons. It would be added to extensively in the 1870s, and remodeled at the same time, with lovely ornamental gardens, hothouses, vineyards, a carriage house, kitchen garden, orchards and stables besides the mansion itself. The owner was William Jennings, who was a patron of the arts and he would furnish the interior with objects that had been collected during his trips around the country and world. When the railroad arrived, this part of the city would begin to flourish and grow into a significant industrial and commercial area, until the mansion began sitting for many years, a sad shell of its former glory and attraction. It would be listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1971, and the state would buy it in 1978 to restore it. The mansion had been known as the Staines-Jennings mansion after the person that constructed a two story house and the next that would enlarge it and rejuvenate it into a magnificent mansion. Staines was the original owner and was an English born horticulturalist that became devoted to his "mission to beautify Zion" that would begin the wonderful landscape traditions that would become part of the city's landscape. He would eventually convert to Mormonism, after arriving in Salt Lake City in 1847 and purchased the property in 1855. He would construct a cottage-style house in the middle of beautiful English gardens and later become superintendent of Brigham Young's gardens. William Jennings would purchase the estate in 1867 and begin to create the current representation of the house, incorporating the original cottage into this marvelous expanded structure. Jennings would also become a convert to the Mormon faith, coming here in 1852, and start in the mercantile business. As the area began to grow and expand, Jennings would also by venturing into banking and freighting, becoming the state's first millionaire. He founded the Eagle Emporium in 1864 that would be eventually sold to the Mormon Church and today is the ZCMI department store. Jennings was elected mayor of the city in 1882, and serve just one term.

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Salt Lake Intl. Apt. Budget Car Rentals - 641 N. 3800 W. 
Budget Car Rental Murray - 4181 S. State St.
Salt Lake City Budget Rental Cars
- 750 S. Main St.
Budget Car Rentals Bountiful - 3747 S. Hwy. 89 

    Rio Grande DepotRio Grande Depot Salt Lake City, Utah
    The Rio Grande Depot would open in 1911 and become part of a city that had just doubled its population in the last decade and the newest arrival in the growing city would be welcomed with wide open arms, especially since it had made such a grand appearance. Back in those days, the railroad depot would be like the airports of today are, taking people away, as well as industrial goods, agricultural goods, minerals and more, and at the same time be bringing back people, goods and other necessary supplies that would help the city continue on its growth path. It seemed to be a very busy place, all the time, with locomotives coming and going in a burst of steam and whistles, the echoes heard throughout the grand lobby, the audible sounds of shoes scurrying across marbled floors, folks talking about everything in the coffee shop, people at the ticket counter and the loud calls of baggage handlers. The depot had been constructed at a cost of three quarters of a million dollars and was a splendid jewel in the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad, as well as being a worthwhile challenger to the new Union Pacific Depot that had cost only $300,000. Railroads had found their place in history and culture in this country and became one of the biggest businesses in the nation at that time, and it wouldn't be long before a great competition would develop between the D& RGW's George Gould and UP's E. H. Harriman. The new railroad would bring much to the growing city besides all the people, goods and other necessities, but it would also end up splitting the city of Salt Lake into two separate areas of the great city, with the new immigrants of Japanese, Greeks and Italians, and later Hispanics living on one side of these tracks and the other housing the middle class and rich folks. But, as all good things must come to pass, so too would the railroad, as the mid 20th century brought in newer, faster and sleeker automobiles and bigger airplanes that would cause the slow but steady decline of the railroads in this country. However, the Rio Grand Zephyr would still continue to bring passengers to Denver three times a week, until the Thistle mudslide that happened in 1983 and brought the railroad to a sudden stop. Some years later, Amtrak would run trains in and out of the depot, until 2000 when the tracks were moved further west. The state would purchase the depot in 1977 for a dollar so that it could be used as a museum for state history.

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West Valley City Enterprise Rental Car
1925 W 3500 S

Enterprise Car Rental West Valley City
4290 WEST 3500 SOUTH

Local Restaurants in West Valley City

    Texas Roadhouse
    Entrees; served with 2 sides; USDA choice sirloin 6,8,11 or 16oz.; Ft. Worth ribeye 10, 12, 0r 16oz.; Texas T-bone 18oz.; NY strip 12 or 16oz.; Dallas filet 6 or 8oz.; filet medallions is 3 tender filets 9oz., topped with choice of peppercorn or Portobello mushroom sauce & served over bed of seasoned rice; slow cooked ribs; country fried chicken is all white meat chicken breast, hand battered, golden-fried & topped with house made cream gravy; grilled BBQ chicken is marinated half lb. chicken breast basted in house BBQ sauce; oven roasted chicken is half chicken trimmed, uniquely seasoned & slow roasted; chicken critters is white meat chicken strips, hand dipped in signature batter & fried; smothered chicken is grilled, marinated chicken breast with sautéed onions, sautéed mushrooms & house made cream gravy or jack cheese; Portobello mushroom chicken is marinated chicken breast grilled & topped with house made Portobello mushroom sauce, jack cheese & fresh parmesan; grilled pork chops is fresh, hand cut, boneless chops seasoned, grilled & served with peppercorn sauce; pulled pork dinner is tender slow cooked pork covered in signature BBQ sauce & served with house toasted fresh baked bread; country fried sirloin is hand battered fresh cut sirloin served crispy & golden, topped with house made cream gravy; sirloin beef tips is tender pieces of sirloin with sautéed mushrooms & onions in house made brown gravy, with seasoned rice or mashed potatoes & your choice of a side; fried catfish is US farm-raised catfish, lightly breaded in southern cornmeal, deep-fried & served with Creole mustard sauce.

    La Frontera
    Entrees; encebollado steak is 10oz. top sirloin smothered in chile & onion sauce, FF, rice, beans & 2 tortillas; Mexican steak is 10oz. top sirloin smothered in hot sauce, potatoes, rice, beans, guacamole & 2 tortillas; American steak 10oz. top sirloin, mixed veggies, FF, salad & 2 tortillas; chile platter is green or red chile, beans, rice, salad & 2 tortillas; ribs are smothered with La Frontera's special rib sauce, rice, beans , salad & 2 tortillas; ribs smothered with chile verde, rice, beans, salad & 2 tortillas; tamale with rice & beans; 2 flautas beef or chicken with rice & beans; 2 chile rellenos with rice & beans; taco salad, taco salad beef or chicken; bowl of beans, with green or red chile & 1 tortilla; bowl of chile, green or red chile & 1 tortilla; hamburger with FF; cheeseburger with FF.


Chicken Fried Chicken Texas Roadhouse West Valley City, Utah


Grilled Pork Chops Texas Roadhouse West Valley City, Utah





 Chile Rellenos La Frontera West Valley City, Utah


Hertz Car Rental West Valley City

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Hertz Rental Cars West Valley City- 4108 W. 3500 S.
S. Salt Lake Hertz Car Rental - 145 E. Baird Ave.
Hertz Rental Car Salt Lake City- 303 N. 2370 W.
Salt Lake City Intl. Apt. Hertz Car Rental
 775 N. Terminal Dr.

    Wheeler Historic Farm Wheeler Historic Farm Murray, Utah
    The Henry J. Wheeler farm is one of the last surviving late 19th century farmsteads in the Salt Lake Valley that wasn't lost to developments that would grow around Salt Lake City, and listed on the National Register of Historical Places, occupying 75 marvelous acres in Murray, Utah. This outstanding historical complex has an adobe and brick house, as well as numerous outbuildings that were constructed in 1898; and an ice house, granary, work shed and chicken house. There would be of course a barn necessary for any kind of farming business, but it would be burned down in 1973. All of these structures, as well as ice ponds, roads, fences, stream and trees is now one of the last complete and operating historic farms in the county, managed by the city parks and recreation department, as the Wheeler Historic Farm. This great farm would be started by Henry J. Wheeler, the third son an English Mormon convert family, that had arrived in the state in 1852. Henry would arrive in 1866 and be raised on the farm that at that time would be in the South Cottonwood area that would grow into Murray, and in 1886, when he had reached the age of twenty, he would marry Sariah Pixton and start his own farm in the area by his father's farm. The current house and outbuildings would be constructed by Hans Yorgenson and Sid Gills. Mr. Hayes, of the Sugar House Lumber Company would be the carpenter used for the interior woodworks. The house would be constructed on a granite foundation, and the inside walls would be made of adobe, which was taken from a previous residence, and the exterior walls constructed of ochre brick, then eventually painted white. It is constructed in the Victorian style, in an L shape, with an entry tower at the nexus of the L. It was designed by Mrs. Wheeler and contained eleven rooms, with the first floor housing the pantry, formal dining room, parlor, kitchen-dining area, bathroom, hall, living room and grand staircase. There were four bedrooms on the second floor, with walk-in closets and a big central storage closet; with outstanding fireplaces, cherry and oak woodworking and staircase and high ceilings.

Alamo Car Rentals West Valley City

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Salt Lake City Apt. Alamo Car Rentals
 3780 W. Terminal Way

    Pioneer Craft HousePioneer Craft House Salt Lake City, Utah
    The Pioneer Craft House was started in 1947 and was a gift from the citizens of the state to themselves that commemorated the centennial of the first Mormon pioneers that would settle in the Salt Lake Valley. That original gift would be a log cabin that was installed in Auberbach's Department store, showcasing the skills that would give the necessities of life to the early frontier people and now being demonstrated at the cabin. The Pioneer Craft House would be moved in 1950, permanently to the old Scott school property, and during their sixty year life span, they have created a priceless international puppet collection, a peaceful haven for craftspeople and artisans, created weaving and pottery studios, an art library and silversmith and lapidary workshops. The center would offer classes in contemporary and heritage methods and materials that would offer students the chance to develop their interests in such outstanding fields as flute-making, macrame, microwave cooking, woodcarving, sculpture and tatting. The Granite School district would transfer ownership of the property to the city of South Salt Lake and continue its magnificent classes and stay a cultural oasis for the future generations of aspiring artists, community builders and educators. During its heyday, in the 1950s through the 1970s, there would be an average of about 300 people a day taking advantage of the marvelous classes offered here, with an exciting draw of western Americana. The house has numerous collections that include puppets, textiles, memorabilia, artworks and furniture and fixtures. The center offers a plethora of interesting and exciting classes that include; basketry, bobbing lace, knitting, weaving, book arts, mosaics, native American flutes, quilting, marbling paper, photography, soul collages, tatting, woodworking, drawing and painting, jewelry, spinning, writing, parties, felting, embroidering and so much more. It is a fantastic place to visit and become involved, in either taking classes or offering your own particular expertise in one of the current classes or creating new ones.

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Salt Lake City Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - 776 N. Terminal Dr.
Thrifty Car Rental Salt Lake City- 702 S. Main St.
Salt Leak City Thrifty Rental Cars - 15 S. 2400 W.
Thrifty Car Rental Sandy- 10736 S. State St.

    Utah State CapitolUtah State Capitol Salt Lake City, Utah
    The Utah State Capitol is situated on Capitol Hill, and looks down upon Salt Lake City, Utah, where it is home to the government of the state, which includes the governor, the state legislature, the lieutenant governor, the attorney general, state treasurer and the state auditor. The first non-American Indian settlers that arrived in the region, during 1847, would be Mormon pioneers that were led by Brigham Young, who would appeal to the US government to be admitted into the Union as a state in 1849, wanting to become the state of Deseret, but that suggestion would be denied, but, then in 1850, the government would turn around and make it known as the territory of Utah included in the compromise of 1850. The people would create a territorial assembly, also called the Utah territorial legislature, and they would meet in various buildings until the first capitol could be constructed. One of their first official acts would be to designate a capital city, and in 1851, Millard County and its capital of Fillmore would be constructed in the empty Pavant Valley. The city would be named after the man who was President of the nation, Millard Fillmore, and the location was excellent, sitting in the midst of the state, or territory at the time, and be considered to be the ideal place for the new capitol. The construction started on the territory's first capitol building, that was to become known as the Utah Territorial Statehouse, the next year. It would be designed by the LDS Church architect, Truman O. Angell and funded by the nation's Congress. The initial $20,000 was nowhere near enough, and by 1855, only the south wing had been completed. On December 5th, the legislature would meet there for the first and last time in Fillmore. It seems that when they arrived to meet there the next year, there wasn't enough housing or facilities located in Fillmore to accommodate the representatives, so they moved to Salt Lake City; and in 1856, it would become the state's new capitol. In 1866, the Salt Lake City Council Hall would become the venue for the meeting of the Utah territorial legislature. Although there were numerous attempts to construct a new capitol building, it wouldn't be until 1909 when the governor sent a message to the legislature asking for a capitol building since it was one of the few states in the Union that didn't have one. It would become a long and tedious task, but in the end, during 1916, the state capitol would be finished, at a cost of more than $2.7 million. In 1978, it would be listed on the National Register of Historic Places and included the Capitol Hill Historic District.

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    Governor's MansionGovernor's Mansion Salt Lake City, Utah
    The Utah governor's mansion is the official residence of the governor and his family, located in Salt Lake City, and constructed in 1902 by the US senator and mining mogul, Thomas Kearns, and designed by Utah architect Carl M. Neuhausen, who had also designed the Cathedral of the Madeleine in Salt Lake City. In 1937, Jennie Judge Kearns would donate the Kearns mansion to the state on the condition that it would continue to be used as the governor's residence. The magnificent mansion would be both stately and decadent, but never-the-less, it would be where the governor conducted his business and welcomed many dignitaries from around the nation and the world. President Teddy Roosevelt, who was a personal friend would dine there in 1903. After the donation of the mansion in 1937, it would be used as the governor's residence for the next two decades, but, in 1957, Governor J. Bracken Lee decided that a new governor's mansion should be constructed in the Federal Heights neighborhood of the city, deemed more appropriate, and the old mansion would be turned over to the Utah historical society. After the governor left the premises, the society moved in, and used the mansion for offices, a museum and library. In 1977, Governor Scott Matheson would propose restoring the old mansion to it former glory, and in 1980, it would become a residence once more. Governors Matheson, Bangerter and Leavitt would then live in the restored mansion. Unfortunately, in 1993, a holiday fire would brake out in the mansion, but the family and staff would come out okay, although the mansion would sustain large damages. Amazingly, a quick response by the city's firefighters, state employees and the Utah Disaster Kleenup Team would stop the fire from damaging more of the capitol, and with their outstanding efforts, the heat would be turned on the same day, and begin the first step towards restoring the magnificent mansion back to life. It would be restored back to its original condition, but with modern upgrades to make it secure and safe.

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