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Things to do in West Virginia

  • New River Gorge Bridge New River Gorge Bridge Fayetteville, West Virginia
    This steel arch bridge was at the time of its construction was the longest bridge in the world, spanning over 3030 feet across the gorge above the New River in Fayetteville, West Virginia. It sits over the river 876 feet, with the arch extending 1700 feet. Over 16,000 vehicles pass over its immense expanse on US Highway 19, and it is the highest vehicular bridge in the North American continent and the second highest in the world. When the Millau Viaduct opened in France in 2004, it became the second highest. The bridge was started in 1974, and finished in 1977, costing $37 million and made from COR-TEN steel, cutting the travel time from one side to the other from 45 minutes to 45 seconds. It has become a very popular place, especially among bridge jumpers, and on Bridge Day, traffic is not allowed. The yearly festival includes base jumping, ascending and rappelling, but not bungee jumping since the accident in 1993. It is held every October on the third Saturday of the month and it is an amazing sight that brings jumpers and visitors here to watch or jump. The bridge sits in the New River Gorge National River and the park service has a visitor center at the northern side of the bridge with a fantastic overlook and a magnificent stair way that leads down into the gorge. The bridge is 70 feet wide and 88 million pounds of steel and cement were used in its construction. The Fayette Station Road, or Gentry Road crossed over the gorge in 1909 with a small bridge that was called the Tunney Hunsacker Bridge and it was a engineering feat for its time. In the 1960s, Route 19, or more commonly known as Corridor L had been in construction when it came to the huge expanse over the gorge. The highway had to go across the gorge somehow, but no one was quite sure. The New River Gorge Bridge was the answer and the rest is history; and the state of West Virginia has a new symbol for its people. As you can see by the picture to the right that this bridge is certainly a marvelous creation, and just imagine the spectacular views and panoramic vistas that you could see if you could stop for a moment and just enjoy. Unfortunately, the only time that can happen is on Bridge Day, or to stop at either end and look for a way to get down a bit into the gorge to see all the fantastic sights. It is a beautiful area, and in the morning or sunset, the vision is absolutely gorge-ous.

  • Midland Trail
    The Midland Trail is part of the National Scenic Byway that follows US 60 into southern West Virginia from Charleston and Sam Black Church, an unincorporated part of West Virginia, where the Methodist Church called Sam Black is located. Rev. Samuel Black was the circuit preacher in the turn of the century era and the church was built in 1902. This trail is part of the transcontinental Midland Trail, which is also called the Roosevelt Midland Trail that goes from Washington D. C. all the way to Los Angeles, California. The trail travels across some of the most rigorous terrain in the state, over a hundred miles going from White Sulphur Springs to Charleston in the west. This trail was thought to have been carved out of the mountains by buffalo and Native Americans, and George Washington had it cleared further in 1790. It was used by troops and stage coaches in the Civil War, and by 1988 it was heavily used by commercial vehicles; especially those carrying coal and timber. When the interstate 64 was finished that year, it wound up costing $300 million since it had to go through difficult regions of mountainous terrain; the most expensive section of the interstate in the nation. It is quite a bit shorter than taking the interstate plus sections of the West Virginia Turnpike, however, the time to travel that shorter distance actually ends up taking longer because of its route. Now the trail is used by local commuters and those that have a big distain of the turnpike and are called shunpikers. Going through the Kanawha River Valley and the plateau above, there are numerous small towns and sites that sit on its route. These include; the Babcock State Park, Sam Black Church, Gauley Bridge and the nearby Cathedral Falls, Camp Washington Carver, Rainelle, the New River Gorge National River, Glen Ferris that is near the falls of Kanawha River, and Hawk's Nest that has the most magnificent views of the New River, the Hawk's Nest State Park and an aerial tram that goes to the canyon.

  • Lost World CavernsLost World Caverns Lewisburg, West Virginia
    The caverns are found a little distance from Lewisburg, West Virginia, and are a natural underground array of caves. They were made a National Natural Landmark in 1973, since they highlighted many spectacular examples of waterfalls, flowstone, terraced pedestal-like stalagmites, rimstone and domepits. It was called Grapevine Cave and the entrance is such a big vertical drop that farmers would throw old carcasses and trash down into it. Virginia Polytechnical Institute uncovered the cave in 1942, and was surveyed in the 1960s. They discovered that it had over a mile of connected passages and tunnels that went down over 235 feet and in 1967, a prehistoric cave bear's skeleton was found. During the early part of the 1970s, an entrance that could be walked was created, trash and other debris removed, and walkways were constructed for visitors when the cave opened in that period. A gift shop and better walkways were done in 1981 and lighting was installed so that algae growth was stopped and the entire cave was cleaned up for tourists. The walking tour is a marvelous journey into the depths of the earth, with a huge chamber that measures 120 feet high, 1000 feet long and 300 feet wide; and the magnificent formations that exist there include the Castle, Goliath, Bridal Veil, Ice Cream Wall, Snowy Chandelier and the most famous of all, the War Club that made it into the Guinness Book of World Records by Bob Addis, who sat on top of the 28 foot club for 16 days. They have a more rugged tour that is called fairly wild that heads to the remote areas of the caverns and has more incredible sights like the Hall of the Mountain King, Angel's Roost, Glitter Pits and Birth Canal. A bizarre story appeared in the Weekly World News in 1992, that the FBI had apprehended a "bat boy" that had stayed alive by eating his weight in live insects each day. The black and white newspaper has since been closed, although there are stories in Florida, where it was printed, that it may be on the way to a great comeback.

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  • Harpers Ferry National Historical ParkHarpers Ferry National Historical Park West Virginia
    The park is found near the confluence or joining of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers near Harpers Ferry, West Virginia and includes land in 5 counties. It was named a National Monument in 1944, then a National Historical Park in 1963 and includes the town of Harpers Ferry, where it was a well known industrial center and the place of John Brown's abolitionist revolt. It contains almost 4000 acres, and when Thomas Jefferson visited the region in 1783, he remarked that "the passage of the Potomac through the Blue Ridge is perhaps on of the most stupendous scenes in nature", and that site is included in the park. With numerous historical events and the plethora of recreational activities, that are within 50 miles of the nation's capitol, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1966. In the picture above, the Shenandoah River is on the left side, and the Potomac is on the right. Native Americans lived in the area over 8000 years ago, with the Tuscarora Indians being the last big tribe to occupy the land before the onslaught of white invaders. It was due to these white immigrants that disease and fighting took their toll on the natives and soon they were gone; those few that were left. Robert Harper received a patent for the land here in 1751, and started a ferry business; although the territory wasn't made a state until 1863m and the town that grew up here was called Shenandoah Falls at Mr. Harper's ferry, in 1763. The house that Robert built still stands today and is the oldest standing building in the lower park. A few historians believe that Washington had visited the region before his official trip in 1785, to see if there was a way to send goods and people west. George had the federal armory built on the site since the water could be used for manufacturing industries. Before traveling west on his historical journey, Meriweather Lewis came to Harpers Ferry to get his weapons and other hardware that would be needed for the expedition. The blacksmiths that were here created a collapsible iron frame boat that was used on the expedition.  In 1859, John Brown brought a group of armed men here to capture the armory so that he could arm slaves and lead them against the federal troops in hopes of destroying slavery. He was captured in the armory by marines that were led by Colonel Robert E. Lee, and subsequently hung. The chief witness against John Brown was Colonel Lewis Washington, the great-grandnephew of President George Washington, who was taken hostage the night before by one of Brown's men, named Cook. Cook was interested in getting the sword of the great Washington, as well as a pistol that was presented to George by Lafayette. It is said that the sword belt being worn by Brown had stopped a sword thrust from striking him in the stomach and probably changing the course of history.

  •  State Museum
    This grand museum is dedicated to enriching, educating and inspiring the people of its communities by giving them a better understanding of their state's history with artwork, cultural exhibits, geology and archaeology from all the regions of the state. This collection was started in 1890, when the West Virginia Historical and Antiquarian Society was begun by the state's senate in Charleston. In 1894, Governor MacCorkle gave a reception to announce that the museum was opened in the 1885 West Virginia state capitol building in downtown Charleston, and the items on display were from the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition that was held in Chicago, and the antiquities that the society had already collected. The collection and museum was moved in 1903 to the Capitol annex, which fortunately saved it from fire at the capitol in 1921. In 1932, the museum and its growing collection was moved to the basement of the new capitol building where it went on display. In the early 1970s, the collection and other related items had outgrown its present space in the basement, and it was decided that it needed a place of its own where all the magnificent relics could be displayed and showcased. In 1976, the West Virginia Science and Culture Center was opened with its exceptional state of the art displays of culture and history. It was just recently refurbished, and now contains modern conservation mounts, architectural design elements and scenic beauty that will save the entire collection for many years to come.

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Local Restaurants in West Virginia
  • The Alpha Club
    Ye Olde Alpha is a landmark restaurant in Wheeling, West Virginia and serves up excellent American cuisine in a family setting that invites long casual dinners and good friends. The menu starters include; black olive tapenade which is a zesty black olive spread served with grilled pita; grilled portabellas is brushed with olive oil & garlic, served with bell red peppers and feta cheese; combo platter is cheese fries, cheese sticks, zucchini sticks, onion rings and chicken wings with celery sticks and dressing; stuffed mushroom is fresh mushrooms stuffed with blend of herbs, butter, crackers, crab meat and topped with garlic butter and quattro formaggio; zucchini planks is fried fresh zucchini dusted with parmesan cheese and served with horseradish sauce; hot artichoke dip is creamy spinach, artichoke and cheese served with warm garlic toasts; bruschetta is garlic bread topped with herbed cream cheese, tomatoes, bacon and caramelized red onion; Mark's Grecian platter is grape leaves, meatballs, hummus, kalamata olives, hearts of palm, imported kassari and feta cheeses and pepperonicinis, served with extra virgin olive oil and fresh pita bread; coconut shrimp is five large shrimp coated with toasted coconut, deep fried and served with Hawaiian BBQ sauce. Entrees; pork tenderloin served with mashed sweet potatoes and fresh veggie; Woodsdale chicken is tender chicken cutlets rolled around an herbed butter, lightly breaded, pan-seared and served with chipotle cream sauce, Greek rice and fresh veggie; grilled pork chops is two 6 ounce center cut chops, grilled on open flame and served with home fries and fresh veggie; portabella chicken is grilled chicken breast topped with fresh portabella mushrooms and provolone cheese, served with Greek rice and fresh veggie; blackened pork chops is cast iron blackened chops served with corn pudding and served with home fries and fresh veggie; original ranch chicken is ranch dressing and chicken breast marinated, grilled and served with mashed potatoes and fresh veggie; pork shanks & applesauce is three pork shanks slow roasted and served with bourbon BBQ sauce, fresh veggie and applesauce; liver & onions is grilled onions, mashed potatoes with gravy and fresh veggie; shrimp scampi is large shrimp and fresh cherry tomatoes sautéed with plenty of butter and fresh garlic, served over Greek rice with fresh veggies; Canadian cod is fresh broiled cod brushed with butter and dusted with Ritz crackers, served with Greek rice and fresh veggie; drunken shrimp is bourbon BBQ glaze on shrimp served with fries and fresh veggie; grilled salmon is grilled filet brushed with bourbon BBQ sauce and served with Greek rice and fresh veggie; fish & chips is fresh pollack lightly dusted and gently fried with fries and cole slaw.

  • Dee Jay's
    Dee Jay's started out in an old car wash with the idea of making it a lounge and then decided that it would work better as a restaurant. This was back in 1980 and today it is a favorite of famous people throughout the Ohio Valley. The menu has some great specials including BBQ ribs, onion ring load and potato skins. Starters are; mussels marinara a large bowl of mussels sautéed in special marinara sauce and served with garlic bread; potato skins is 8 fried potato skins loaded with cheddar cheese, bacon bits and cup of sour cream and chives; fresh zucchini thinly sliced zucchini strips, dipped in seasoned batter, fried and sprinkled with parmesan cheese, served with marinara sauce and lemon wedge; sample platter is choice of three, popcorn shrimp, fried calamari, chicken filets, provolone sticks or clam strips; onion ring loaf is sweet onions, dipped in house made batter, lightly breaded and served as a loaf in basket; boneless wings is boneless white meat wings lightly breaded and fried, with BBQ, hot or honey mustard sauces; spinach and artichoke dip is great blend of spinach, artichokes and variety of cheeses, with tortilla chips; provolone sticks is 5 provolone sticks lightly breaded and fried with side of marinara or cocktail sauce; chicken wings is dozen large crispy wings covered in choice of BBQ, hot, homemade ranch or bleu cheese sauce; jalapeno poppers is 5 seedless jalapeno halves breaded and fried with choice of cheddar cheese or cream cheese filling and side of popper jam. Entrees, served with choice of two sides; house specialty is pork baby back ribs, hickory smoked, charbroiled, and covered with house famous BBQ sauce and served with 2 sides; or traditional plain potato skins, fresh tossed salad or cole slaw; NY strip is choice cut steak charbroiled either 8 or 12 ounces, mushrooms and caramelized onions extra; roast beef is 8 ounce roast beef open faced over bread and covered with beef gravy; chicken marinara is two chicken breasts lightly breaded and grilled, topped with provolone cheese and covered with housemade marinara sauce; grilled chicken breast with BBQ sauce, blackened or light marinade, choice of one or two breasts; chicken piccata is two chicken breasts lightly breaded and grilled, topped with artichoke hearts and covered with house piccata sauce; chicken marsala is two breasts lightly breaded and grilled, topped with marsala wine sauce and mushrooms; Atlantic salmon is grilled and served your way, choose BBQ plum sauce, blackened or simply grilled and served with house dill sauce; shrimp is 5 large breaded fantail shrimp fried and served with cocktail sauce; Tiki tilapia is mild white fish grilled with seasonings and served over bed of red skinned mashed potatoes and romaine, then covered with Caribbean mango vinaigrette sauce; crab cakes is two large house made crab cakes lightly grilled and served with tartar or cocktail sauce; fried haddock dinner is Icelandic haddock battered, breaded and fried, served with tartar or cocktail sauce; seafood platter is combo of one crab cake, two large fantail shrimp, and one haddock filet accompanied by tartar and cocktail sauce.

Chicken Cutlets Alpha Club Wheeling, West Virginia


Pork Tenderloin Alpha Club Wheeling, West Virginia


Grilled Pork Chops Alpha Club Wheeling, West Virginia


Grilled Salmon Alpha Club Wheeling, West Virginia



 Roast beef Dee Jay's Weirton, West Virginia

NY Strip Dee Jay's Weirton, West Virginia

Chicken Marsala Dee Jay's Weirton, West Virginia

BBQ Pork Baby Back Ribs Dee Jay's Weirton, West Virginia





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  • Seneca State Forest Seneca State Forest Pocahontas County, West Vriginia
    This beautiful forest is located in Pocahontas County, West Virginia and sits on 11,684 acres of gorgeous woodlands, lakes, rivers and trails. The second biggest state forest in West Virginia, the serenity and solitude that exists here is a perfect place for camping and communing with all the natural scenes and animals. Many of the cabins found here are rather rustic and also accessible. All cabins have the following amenities that include fireplaces, wood-burning cook stoves, gas lights, water that is obtained by hand pumps, no running water or electricity with cots and cribs available for some extra charge and there is swimming at the close Watoga State Park. If you rent a cabin here, there are boats that you can use, free of charge. The forest sits next to the Greenbrier River and is it the oldest forest in the state, with 14 miles of hiking trails and part of the Allegheny Trail. If you are in the mood for a good long hike, the logging roads will add another 8 miles to your journey. The forest is heavily wooded and has been since prehistoric times with bountiful hunting and fishing. Some scientists surmise that this forest hasn't had any permanent people living in the forest, although over the centuries it has been the place of great hunting. Tribes would come here from New York, Ohio and the Carolinas to enjoy the exciting fishing and hunting, and often there would be skirmishes between the Native Americans. It wasn't until 1722, that settlers migrated here from Virginia to make their homes here and would cause some conflicts with the tribes that frequented the region. It wasn't long before the white men settled the disputes by sheer force of numbers and in 1751, the Seneca, and a lot of the area around was given to General Andrew Lewis for his services rendered to the crown. Those settlers that were already here objected to this but Lewis never went there. During the next century, the land started being harvested for white pine, especially after the Civil War, and this caused many changes; including fires, free range grazing and constant killing of the animals that lived here. The logging industry slowed down after 1920, although the Greenbrier Valley still cut the forests, but not in the volume that was done. The forest has given over 5 million board feet of wood to the timber business. The majority of the forest was bought by the state in 1924 so that the lumber and wildlife would be saved for the future generations.

  • Watoga State Park
    The Watoga State Park is the biggest of the state's parks, encompassing over 10,000 acres near Seebert in Pocahontas County, West Virginia. The area became the state's in 1925 and the decision was made to create another forest for the state, but in 1934, West Virginia changed its mind and made it a state park. It was with the help of the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1937, with an 11 acre fishing pond, swimming pool, horseback riding, 36 rental cabins, the Brooks Memorial Arboretum, Greenbrier River Trail, 2 campgrounds with 88 campsite, numerous hiking trails and the Ann Bailey Lookout Tower. The Greenbrier Trail has recently been named one of the best ten hiking trails in the nation by Backpacker Magazine, and it contains over 77 miles of trails that go over 35 bridges and through 2 tunnels in the most abundant and beautiful land anywhere in the country. The trail can be used for biking since most of it is level, with undulating areas, that can be used for jogging, walking to enjoy the marvelous wildlife and in the winter, cross-country skiing.

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  • Berkeley CastleBerkeley Castle Berkeley Springs, West Virginia
    One of the most unique homes in the state is the Samuel Taylor Suit cottage also called the Berkeley Castle that sits on the side of a beautiful hill near Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, started in 1885 and finished in the early 1890s for his widow. The cottage looks more like a castle from Europe, but was constructed for the Colonel living in Washington, D. C. for his family's retreat from the confines of the capitol city and all the hustle and bustle that went on there. Samuel was the president of the Washington and Chesapeake Railroad and many of the country's top muckymucks were invited here for the lavish parties. These included President U.S. Grant and Rutherford B. Hayes. The majestic castle/cottage sits on 5 acres of exquisite land that can see four states from its turret. Berkeley Springs is a spa town and was the retreat area for many living in the capitol needing a place near the city for relaxation. It is unfortunate that the colonel died before the home was completed, but his widow, Rosa Pelham Suit, came to live there after his death. They had originally met here and came often for sentimental reasons. Another unfortunate matter was that the construction after his death in 1888 declined. There are 20 rooms inside, with a gorgeous 50 foot wide ballroom and 40 feet long. There is also a 45 by 26 stone great room with 2 fireplaces and 16 foot ceilings. The spectacular dining room and library on the second floor have been paneled in Georgia pine, and there are 8 bedrooms, 6 full baths and 3 half baths. It contains a wine cellar, renovated conference room, watch tower, and tower room. The entire property was restored in 2001, by the Associated Investors Group. It has 5 heating/air conditioning zones, new roofs and windows and electrical upgrades.   Included in the property is the well permit which allows owner to drill into the Berkeley Springs warm mineral springs. It was designed by Washington architect Alfred B. Mullett, who supposedly had drawn a rough outline on a tablecloth at the Berkeley Springs Hotel. Some believe that it was based on the magnificent castle in Gloucestershire, England, called Berkeley Castle. Rosa would entertain in the house elaborately until her money ran out and she sold the house in 1913. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.

  • University of West Virginia SportsWest Virginia Mountaineers Morgantown, West Virginia
    The Mountaineers football team at the University of West Virginia is having a great year. The team is 7-2 in overall play and 3-1 in the conference games; with 3 games left. The two losses came from Auburn and South Florida. The Mountaineers are third in the Big East Conference, but two of their last three games will be against the leaders, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. The basketball season hasn't started yet, but is almost here with the first game being played at home against Loyola Maryland. The team did fairly well last year with a 23-12 season beating some tough schools. Last year's conference was hard on the team, as they beat #12 ranked Providence, 58-53; then beat the UConn team 78-72 and lost in the quarterfinals to #1 ranked Georgetown 72-55.

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