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Things to do in Wilmington

  • Brandywine River Museum Brandywine River Museum in Wilmington Delaware
    Is a must see for all art enthusiasts, the Brandywine River Museum exhibits American art in a 19th century grist mill.  The Brandywine River Museum is internationally recognized for their amazing collection of works by three generations of Wyeth's in addition to their fine collection of American illustration, landscape painting and still life.  The Brandywine River Museum collects and preserves American art reflecting the Brandywine region.  The Brandywine River Museum was founded in 1971, and their collection has grown to over 3,000 works of art from hundreds of various artists.   Visitors can also tour the N.C. Wyeth House & Studio which was purchased in 1911 from the proceeds from his illustrations for Treasure Island.  The artist N.C. Wyeth purchased eighteen acres of land and built his home & studio overlooking the beautiful valley.  N.C. Wyeth and his family lived in the house until his passing in 1945.  His wife continued to live in the house until her passing in 1973.  Their daughter Carolyn Wyeth lived in the house & painted in the studio until her death in 1994.  In 1997 the N.C. Wyeth house and property was granted National Historic Landmark Status.  Visitors can tour both N.C. Wyeth house and Studio offering visitors a glimpse into the lifestyle of this famous artist.  And to see where he created many of his memorable works of art.  Throughout the year there are several special events and exhibits visitors of all ages will enjoy visiting the Brandywine River Museum. 

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Delaware Toy & Miniature Museum in WilmingtonDelaware Toy & Miniature Museum
This unique museum should not be missed when you visit Wilmington.  The Delaware Toy & Miniature Museum is a fantastic place to bring the whole family, the Museum is a nonprofit organization founded by Gloria Hinkel & Beverly Thomes.  Here at the Delaware Toy & Miniature Museum visitors will enjoy seeing and learning the historical importance of these antique & contemporary dollhouses, a variety of miniatures, from furniture as well as dolls, toys, planes, boats and trains.  On display are both American & European dating from the 18th to the 20th centuries.  This amazing collection features over 100 dollhouses & rooms and a collection of rare antiques.  Visitors have the chance to see the furniture & the accessories from the historical past as well at the modern furniture of today.   The Museum showcases a variety of dollhouses, toys, furniture and much more by several know names in the toy making field.  A children's favorite is a collection of brass dolls dressed in costumes from various countries around the world designed by various designers.  Other special features include the Nuremberg Kitchen from 1840 from the Jean Austin du Pont collection.  Visitors will be delighted to see the large antique collection of kitchen items, its interesting to see how the cooking utensils have progressed through the years.   Another popular favorite is the permanent Victorian Christmas Parlor, displaying a traditional Christmas scene complete with a goose feather tree dating back to 1880.  Also featured is a special collection featuring stunning miniatures in silver, ivory and porcelain the detail on this collection is amazing...  In addition to the permanent collection the Museum has several rotating exhibits & special events there is much to learn and plenty to see at the Delaware Toy and Miniature Museum.

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Local Restaurants in Wilmington
  • Sullivan's Steakhouse
    Is a must when you are visiting Wilmington, Sullivan's Steakhouse serves some of the best steaks in town.  Sullivan's Steakhouse is a 1940's Steakhouse serving the finest certified Angus Beef, Veal, Pork, Lamb, Chicken and fresh Seafood.  In addition to your mouthwatering entrees Sullivan's menu offers Soups, Salads, Appetizers and a nice selection of tasty Side Dishes including Sullivan's signature Horseradish Mashed Potatoes.  Sullivan's House Special includes the 20oz Bone-in Kansas City Strip cooked to perfection.  Additional menu favorites include The 24oz Porterhouse Steak, Fillet Mignon either the 8oz or the 12oz,  Bone-in Cowboy Ribeye 24oz, or an assortment of fresh seafood.  Sullivan's offers a large selection of award winning wines great for pairing with your delicious meal.  Sullivan's also features signature Martinis, Dessert Wines, Cognac, Brandy, Scotch, Specialty Bourbons and more.  If you choose not to drink your dessert, you may be interested in a variety of homemade Desserts to choose from.  For a fantastic night out dine at Sullivan's here you will enjoy the best steaks in the area along with tasty Martinis & relaxing live jazz music.  You won't be disappointed.....

  • Deep Blue Bar & Grill
    Is well known for some of the freshest seafood in the area and is recommended by the locals of Wilmington.  The Deep Blue Bar & Grill is located in downtown Wilmington one block before the Hotel du Pont.  Visitors can enjoy lunch or dinner feasting on a variety of tasty seafood choices.  The Deep Blue Bar & Grill offers a Pre-Theater menu that is served before six p.m. on theater nights you will have plenty of time to enjoy a delicious meal before the show.  The Deep Blue Grill is located just down the street from the Grand Opera House, The Playhouse, Delaware Theater and the Theater N.  The dinner menu features delicious entrees such as: Grilled Yellow Fin Tuna, Pan Seared Jumbo Crab Cakes, Lemon Steamed Halibut, Honey Glazed Sea Scallops, House Smoked Duck Breast, Steamed Littleneck Clams and much more.  Featured on the lunch menu are several fresh salads along with a variety of seafood salads, Specialty Sandwiches and the Entrees include Ginger Glazed Mahi Mahi, Pan Seared Salmon, Black Pepper Crusted Filet of Beef and other delicious seafood choices.  There is even a full Raw Bar Menu  offering a variety of fresh seafood.  To satisfy your sweet tooth there is a variety of delicious treats & Dessert Wines to choose from.  So don't miss out on some of the freshest seafood in town.

Porter House Steak cuisine Wilmington Delaware
Pan Seared Salmon Cuisine Wilmington Delaware

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Wilmington Amtrak Station Hertz  - 100 Martin Luther King Blvd
Philadelphia Intl Airport Hertz - 8800 Essington Ave

  • Kalmar Nyckel Shipyard Kalmar Nyckel Ship Wilmington Delaware
    Is located on Seventh Street and is a popular tourist attraction.  Visitors of all ages will enjoy visiting the Kalmar Nyckel Shipyard.  When the ship is not visiting other ports, the  massive ship resides at the Kalmar Nyckel Shipyard on the Christina River.  This is the ships homeport in Wilmington.  The Kalmar Nyckel's construction, launching and crew training all take place in the Shipyard.  When visitors visit the Shipyard they experience a glimpse into the ancient art of ship making and a chance to experience some Colonial History of Delaware.  As explore the Shipyard you will discover the Sail Loft Museum, here visitors can lean through hands-on documentation of the rich history of the Kalmar Nyckel and the expert craftsmanship along with the several dedicated supporters.  There is also an authentic Blacksmith Shop located in the Shipyard along with a Gift Shop for those who want a unique souvenir to remember your memorable day.  Before you leave for the day visit Fort Christina Park, which is located next to the Shipyard.  Fort Christina Park was the original landing site for this very large ship The Kalmar Nyckel.  Today there is a monument that pays tribute to the Kalmar Nyckel's 1638 landing.  The large stone carving represents the colony which was designed by an internationally famous sculptor Carl Miles.  With a visit to both the Shipyard and Fort Christina Park visitors will leave with knowledge and insight into Colonial History of  Delaware. 

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New Castle County Airport Avis  - 151 North Dupont Hwy
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  • Hendrickson House Museum & Old Swedes ChurchHendrickson House Museum in Wilmington Delaware
    Is a short distance from the Kalmar Nyckel Shipyard. A visit to the Hendrickson House Museum offers visitors a chance to learn more fascinating Colonial History.  The Hendrickson House was originally built in 1690 near Crum Creek, Pennsylvania and was relocated to the current location on the grounds of  Old Swedes Church in 1950.  This quaint farmhouse features a large fireplace, winding corner staircase and authentic colonial artifacts.  The Hendrickson House Museum also features an Old Swedes Library full of authentic, historical novels.  As you wander the beautiful grounds you will see the beautiful red brick building which is the Old Swedes Church.  The Church represents history and a place to celebrate life.   The Old Swedes Church was originally established as a Swedish Lutheran Church and was constructed in 1698-1699.  In 1791 the church was placed under the jurisdiction of the Protestant Episcopal Church.  This historical church stands today as the nation's oldest  original church building still standing.  The Church today is in regular use for worship.  On March 29, 1963 the Old Swedes Church was designated a Registered National Historic Landmark for recognition of its role for worship by several communities of immigrants.    The grounds of the church include historical burial grounds there are over 15,000 people buried here.  Several people from prominent Wilmington & Delaware families are buried here as well.  There are even Veterans from every war that the Americans fought from the Revolutionary War to the Vietnam War here too.  Visitors have the choice to take a self-guided tour or you can schedule a guided-tour, which ever one you choose you wont want to miss a visit to the Hendrickson House Museum & the Old Swedes Church. 

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  • Hagley Museum and Library  Hagley Museum & Library in Wilmington Delaware
    Is located on 235 acres along the beautiful banks of the Brandywine River in Wilmington.  Hagley was the site of the gunpowder works founded by E.I. du Pont in 1802.  Here are examples of early American industry which includes restored mills, worker's community, French style gardens used to grow food for their families and Eleutherian Mills the ancestral home to five generations of the du Pont families.  This stunning Georgian-style mansion rests on the crest of a hill and offers a spectacular view of the Brandywine River with a dam which fed water to the original millrace.  This charming house is furnished with many antiques and memorabilia.   There is much to see and learn about so begin your adventure with a visit to the Visitors Center here you will see a variety of fascinating exhibits and speak with knowledgeable staff members who can make sure you see as much as possible.    There are several exhibits, some of the highlights include: The First Office- located near Eleutherian Mills and was built in 1837.  The First Office of the du Pont Company was the main office for over fifty years.  An early typewriter, ledgers and telegraph key represent the business activities that were performed are housed in this building.  Another important building was The Barn- which housed a collection of 19th century domestic, farm and powder yard vehicles.  There is also an extensive collection of weather vanes, agriculture tools and a Conestoga Wagon. Located on the lower level of the barn is a collection of antique automobiles this exhibit displays the du Pont Motors car manufactory displaying a 1928 du Pont Motors Phaeton and a 1911 Detroit Electric car that belonged to a family member.  Another popular exhibit is the Machines Make Life Easier- Kids of all ages will enjoy learning through several hands on exhibits featuring simple machine technology such as the wheels & axels, levers, pulleys and gears.  Take a look into the social & family history of the workers who operated the powder mills at the Workers'  Hill exhibit.  During the late 19th century powder mill foreman and their families lived in the Gibbons House.  Children of mill workers learned to read, write and cipher before Delaware provided public education.  And last is the Hagley Powder Yard- here visitors can see the enormous stone mills, storehouses and a large waterwheel that was once used when waterpower was the source of energy.  Today Millstreams at Hagley still channel water used to operate machinery.   Visitors can experience exhibits and working models where Powdermen  and machinists demonstrating a steam engine, water turbine, a powder tester and a working machine shop. You will want to arrive early so you can spend the entire day at the Hagley Museum and Library.  

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  • Delaware Museum of Natural HistoryShells Delaware Museum of Natural History Wilmington DE
    Is a fantastic place to learn and explore as you discover amazing exhibits as you encounter life sized dinosaurs, look below the ocean seas, have an up close look at a jaguar, discover a variety of wild birds form around the world and many other amazing exhibits.  The Delaware Museum of Natural History opened in 1972 with the hopes to educate its visitors about the natural world through exploring and discovering.  In addition to the permanent exhibits the Delaware Museum features several temporary exhibits the whole family will enjoy visiting the Delaware Museum of Natural History.  As you enter the museum be sure to look up at the ceiling you will see a giant replica of a giant squid.  Special highlights of the Delaware Museum include: The Hall of Mammals-featuring a variety of mammals from around the world from North and South America, Africa, Antarctica and animals that live in streams & marshes in Delaware.  The Shell Gallery- This is a popular exhibit, visitors are amazed as they enter the Shell Gallery and walk over a simulated Australian Great Barrier Reef...... Next, you will see a huge 500-pound Giant Clam shell and have a chance to learn about mollusks, scallops and other fascinating sea creatures.  Visitors will have a chance to touch a variety of shells from a collection of over two million....  The Discovery Room- Kids of all ages will have a blast in the interactive Discovery Room.  Kids can play and experience a variety of hands-on science exhibits and much more.  And the Butterfly Garden- Everyone loves watching beautiful butterflies.  The Butterfly Garden houses a variety of native plants that include purple coneflowers & milkweed to help attract butterflies and other wildlife from hummingbirds, caterpillars and a variety of beetles.  The Delaware Museum of Natural History is a great family outing and offers plenty of opportunities for learning and discovering.

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