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Wilmington Apt. Alamo Car Rentals - 1740 Apt. Blvd.

Things to do in Wilmington

  • Battleship North Carolina Battleship North Carolina Wilmington, North Carolina
    The USS North Carolina (BB-55) was the top ship of her class in the battleship division, and the fourth ship to carry that name in the US Navy. She would become the first newly built US battleship to go into combat during WWII, taking part in every major naval offensive in the Pacific campaign, getting the most decorations of any battleship in the navy with 15 battle stars. The North Carolina is now proudly sitting at the docks as a museum ship in Wilmington, North Carolina. Her hull was laid in 1937, at the New York Naval Shipyard and launched on June 13, 1940 and commissioned on April 9,1941 with Captain Olaf M. Hustvedt taking command of her. The first commissioned speedy and heavily armed battleship carried 16 inch guns, and because so much attention was given her, she gained the nickname "Showboat". It was the first newly designed battleship built in two decades, and had the newest technology available installed in her. Because of the Washington Naval Treaty and the London Naval Treaty, and the necessary ability to pass through the locks at the Panama Canal, the ship had some difficult designing trials, needing the fast ship to be able to enter as many ports and naval yards as possible, all the time keeping her outfitted with those huge guns. Needing to keep her weight down, she was constructed using the newest technique of welded construction and the engines array was set up with four major spaces, each one containing two boilers and one steam turbine hooked to each of the four propeller shafts. Her lines were quite different from the heavier and less mobile battleships before her, and she was one of the fourteen ships that got the new RCA CXAM-1 Radar.

Budget rent a car Wilmington

Budget Rent-A-Car  is one of the best rental car businesses in the industry.  Budget has the best customer service staff in the car rental business that are friendly and courteous.  Budget Discounts will have you out on the road fast and without any problems.  Log onto our web site and get the best online savings in the car rental business at Budget.
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  • Wilmington Railroad MuseumWilmington Railroad Museum Wilmington, North Carolina
    Over 125 years, railroading has been the main staple in Wilmington, North Carolina, and when the Wilmington & Weldon Railroad was finished in 1840, it would be the longest continuous railroad in the world, spanning 161 miles. Around the turn of the 20th century, many railroads up and down the eastern sea line, and including the Wilmington & Weldon, joined together to form the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, headquartered in Wilmington. In its heydays, the railroad would give much to the commercial and industrial growth of the region, giving jobs and revenue to the local economies and in 1960, the ACL would move their headquarters from Wilmington to Jacksonville, Florida, and it became the biggest move of employees by a southern company, with more than a thousand people, their families and belongings, company files and equipment were moved 450 miles by train. Three women and a table of ACL railroad relics, would start the museum, in 1979, that was dedicated to the preservation of the magnificent history of the ACL and in fact, the history of the railroad in the southeastern United States. They found a home for it in 1983, in the former freight office building near the north end of the downtown Wilmington, with displays quickly growing, with the help of wonderful donations of a vintage engine, boxcar and caboose. During the next quarter century, the museum continued to add to its collection, getting more relics, and giving more information that would tell of the growth and impact of the railroads, and the people that belonged to it.

Enterprise rent- a- car Wilmington

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Local Restaurants in Wilmington
  • The Oceanic
    The best seaside restaurant in New Jersey offering excellent cuisine and ambiance. The menu starts with appetizers; soup of the day; she crab soup is cream based soup brimming with fresh backfin crab; crispy fried calamari is hand breaded and deep fried with sauces; Oysters Oceanic is 6 oysters broiled w/ crab meat and horseradish cream sauce; Cajun bacon-wrapped shrimp is 6 blackened bacon-wrapped shrimp served w/ fresh corn salsa topped with Creole mustard; shrimp cocktail is third of a pound of Carolina's finest shrimp served cold with housemade cocktail sauce; Oysters Rockefeller is 6 oysters broiled with classic spinach cream sauce; hot crab dip for two is backfin crab meat broiled with fresh cream sauce; chilled shellfish sampler is shrimp, green shell mussels, oysters & blue crab claws served over wild rice; buffalo shrimp is fried with that hot wings kick served w/ housemade bleu cheese.

Flounder Florentine Oceanic Wilmington, North Carolina

Crab Cakes Oceanic Wilmington, North Carolina

Hertz Car Rental Wilmington and Hertz Rental Cars have joined to give their customers the biggest discounts in the rental car business.  Hertz Discounts can offer you the best savings in the country. Hertz has many cheap locations in the Wilmington area

Hertz Rental Cars Wilmington Apt- 1740 Apt. Blvd.
Wilmington Hertz Car Rental - 5935 Market St.

  • Burgwin-Wright Museum House Burgwin-Wright Museum House Wilmington, North Carolina
    With the old jail foundation, John Burgwin, constructed this beautiful house in 1770, in Wilmington, North Carolina. John was a planter, merchant and treasurer of the colony of Carolina, and during 1781, Lord Cornwallis, decided it was the "most considerable house in the town", and stayed there just before heading to Yorktown, Virginia, where he would finally surrender and end the Revolutionary War. In 1799, Joshua Grainger Wright bought the house for 3500 Spanish milled dollars and lived there until 1937, when it was purchased by the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in the state of North Carolina. Presently, the Burgwin-Wright house, has been lovingly renovated, and is the oldest museum house in the state's southeast. This Georgian mansion is a marvelous example of the type of house that the wealthy lived in during that period, and is furnished with beautiful 18th and 19th century furnishings, and contains the history of the people that lived here. The estate contains an excellent formal or parterre garden, a terraced garden and a wonderful orchard, with all the native shrubs, plants and trees planted in them.

avis discount rental car Wilmington

On your next visit to Wilmington, Avis Rental Cars will make your visit the best.  Renting a car at Avis is easy and hassle free.  Avis Rental Cars will help you choose the best vehicle for your trip and our friendly staff will help.  Now is the time to take advantage of the new Avis Printable Coupons where you will get the BEST discounts in the nation.
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Wilmington Intl. Apt. Avis Car Rental  - 1740 Apt. Blvd.
Avis Car Rental Blue Clay Center.
- 2101 Blue Clay Rd. Ste. B

  • Cape Fear SerpentariumCape Fear Serpentarium Wilmington, North Carolina
    The Cape Fear Serpentarium is a one of a kind resource that highlights many types of displays that invite visitors to have a close encounter of the exotic kind with the rarest and most dangerous reptiles in the world. Inside this building, you will see rare and dangerous venomous species, big crocodile specimens, exotic lizards and dragons and very big constrictors, like anacondas, boas, and pythons. The serpentarium is a special place located in the historic part of downtown Wilmington, North Carolina that was started in 2001 by professional herpetologist Dean Ripa, and sits in a 10,000 square foot area that contains 54 unique exhibits that hold more than 40 venomous species of snakes, 5 big bays showcasing giant constrictors, and three special habitats that contain 3 types of crocodiles. There are other exhibits that contain numerous big and exotic kinds of lizards, with almost 150 creatures shown. Using the existing structure and adding new construction, the reptile zoo was constructed on the Wilmington Iron Works, and took two years to finish, with the ability to showcase some of the biggest displays of their kind in the world, built so that the creatures living here could experience some of the freedoms that they lost.

Thrifty Car Rental Wilmington

 Thrifty Car Rental has been a staple in the car rental business, for many years.  Thrifty customers will get the biggest selection of quality cars to choose from and the friendliest customer service.  Thrifty Rental Car will give you the BEST discounts and it is one of the best known companies in the rental car business.

Wilmington Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - 1740 Apt. Blvd.

  • Fort Fisher State Historic SiteFort Fisher State Historic Site Wilmington, North Carolina
    Fort Fisher was a Confederate fort in the Civil War, that was constructed to protect the trade routes that came and left from the port of Wilmington, North Carolina, from 1861 to its capture by the Union army in 1865. The fort was built on one of Cape Fear River's two outlets to the Atlantic Ocean, that was called Federal Point, and is also known as Pleasure Island today. Since the sea is so rough in this area, it has been called the Southern Gibraltar. The initial artillery batteries were installed in the spring of 1861, a mile from the New Inlet by Major Charles Pattison Bolles, with regional commander, General Theophilus H. Holmes and Major William H. C. Whiting, who was Bolles brother-in-law, and the chief inspector of the North Carolina defenses. When Bolles was transferred to Oak Island, Captain William Lord DeRosset took over his command, and then had the Wilmington Light Infantry come to the artillery position; and naming it Bolles Battery. The battery would have numerous temporary commanders, with a training site, Camp Wyatt, being constructed on the north side of the battery. During the summer of 1861, Colonel Seawell L. Fremont, was made the commander, who was from the 1st NC Volunteer Artillery and Engineers, and while he was there, he added the batteries along the isthmus; these included; the Gatlin Battery, the Meade Battery, Anderson Battery, Zeke's Island Battery and Anderson Battery. In September, the defensive works were officially named Fort Fisher, after Colonel Charles F. Fisher, who was with the 6th NC Infantry and was killed at the First Battle of Manassas. 

Dollar Rent-A-Car Wilmington

When you want the best discount and the most reliable vehicle, use Dollar Rent-A-Car.  You know that you will get the best deal on a new quality vehicle when you use a company that has a name like Dollar. Dollar Coupons and Discounts makes your vacation worry free and easy with their new Printable Coupons.

Raleigh/Durham Intl. Apt. Dollar Car Rental - 1009 Rental Car Dr.

  • Zebulon Latimer HouseZebulon Latimer House Wilmington, North Carolina
    The Latimer House was constructed in 1852, by a local merchant named Zebulon Latimer, and has been the home of the Historical Society since 1963; personifying the life of the upper class in Wilmington, North Carolina, in the Victorian period. There are 14 magnificent rooms that contain more than 600 historic relics that include; tools, furniture, tableware, jewelry, ephemera and more, helping the visitor to step back in time to the days of the 19th century. The home was constructed in the Italianate style, and designed to be symmetrical, with center hallway on each floor, that opened onto the same layout on both sides. On the main floor, the hallway went into the formal sitting room and dining room on the north side, that was always used for special occasions and entertaining, and they were less formal than the sitting rooms to the south side. The sitting room that looks out onto Third Street has a coal-burning fireplace, built of solid marble, with a chandelier that used gas, and later converted to electricity by William Latimer, Zeb's son.

National Rental Cars Wilmington

National Rental Cars will get you on the road quickly and without any problems.  National's friendly staff and quality cars selection will make sure your vacation is more enjoyable.  Start getting BIG savings today by making your reservation at National Car Rental  National Printable Coupons.

Wilmington Apt. National Car Rental 
- 1740 Airport Blvd.