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Wisconsin, also known as the "Badger State", is a state full of amazing scenery and landscapes. Did you know that Wisconsin is home to so many rivers and streams that if you lined them up end to end, you can span the entire globe at the equador? Got Milk? If you are in Wisconsin, you will not be asking yourself that question because it is largest milk producing state in the country. If you are a Harley Davidson fan, then Wisconsin is the place for you becaue the home of the world famous motorcycle company is in Milwaukee. Be sure you get a tour of the entire state when you come to visit.

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Things to do in Wisconsin

  • Milwaukee Art Museum Milwaukee Art Museum Wisconsin
    From its earliest thought to the initial building, the museum of art in Milwaukee has strained to grow into one of the finest museums of art in the midwest.  From 1872, until 1888, the museum was in the minds of the citizens, with numerous attempts to make it a reality.  In the early 1880s, Alexander Mitchell gave all of his collection so that it could be put into a permanent gallery.  The Milwaukee of Fine Arts was started in 1882, but was gone by 1888, and a conglomeration of German artists and local businessmen started the Milwaukee Art Association took over the task, and the first real permanent home to the fledgling museum was Layton Art Gallery.  The Milwaukee Art Institute was built right next door in 1911, and the Milwaukee Art Museum was formed in 1957 by combining both collections.  It is home to some 25,000 works of art, with many old masters, 19th and 20th century artwork, with post 1960 American, German expressionism, Haitian and folk art.  A great many paintings by Gabriele Munter and Georgia O'Keefe are included.  

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  • Ice Age National Scenic Trail Wisconsin ice age National scenic Trail Wisconsin
    The 1200 miles of the Ice Age Trail traverses the state of Wisconsin where the last ice glacier carved a magnificent sculpture of land, lakes, streams and mountains that is today a wonderland of nature.  The trail is right-of-ways and nine state protected areas of trails in the state.  The Two Creeks Buried Forest State Natural Area, on Lake Michigan's shores and the bottom of Door Peninsula; containing the results of the glacieral path Lake Michigan and the Buried Forest; Kettle Moraine containing interlobate moraine, eskers, kames and kettles; Campbellsport Drumlins containing the drumlins; Horicon Marsh State Wildlife Area containing an extinct glacial lake; Cross Plains which holds the sub-glacial gorge and driftless topography; Devil's Lake containing the lake and terminal moraine; Mill Bluff State Park has sandstone bluffs that were part of the lake bed and islands in the Lake Wisconsin glacial; Chippewa Moraine State Recreation Area that is home to ice-walled lake plains, kette lakes and ponds and stagnant ice terrain; Interstate State Park featuring potholes in the bedrock, a deep gorge called the Dalles which was created by the glacial meltwaters.  The ice in the moving lobes of the glacier were constantly moving towards the outer edge, and as it moved, it froze around grains of sand, boulders, pebbles and stones.  They would be picked up and moved along causing a number of changes in the land, rock or streams below.  Boulders that were moved a distance were called erratics and other material that was frozen in the bottom of the ice that gouged and scraped the land beneath left scratches called straistions in the rock. 

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Local Restaurants in Wisconsin
  • The White Gull
    Starting 1896, the White Gull Inn in Fish Creek, Wisconsin is an inviting and enchanting country inn that is on the beautiful Door Peninsula, where the famous fish boils are the most tempting meals around.  The antique decor of the well lighted rooms, suites and cottages are impeccably cleaned with some featuring fireplaces and double whirlpools.  Quite well known for their hearty breakfasts, the inn serves the most delicious meals all day long with their famous fish boil on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings in the summer and fall; and in the winter, on Fridays.  The romantic ambiance is inspiring and elegant with special packaging for those that need a marvelous weekend alone.  National Geographic Traveler Magazine list the inn in 2009 as one of the best in the nation.  The menu is extensive, with breakfast, lunch and dinner; but dinner is something special here; although the season changes what is best, since most of the ingredients are grown locally.  The whitefish is caught daily in the lake and brought to the inn for its offerings.  The first course offers; soup du jour, house salad with fresh greens, shaved fennel, oranges, onions, olives, with sweet citrus vinaigrette; Wisconsin brie, baked in phyllo with toasted pistachios and a strawberry raspberry salsa; whitefish cakes are the seasoned whitefish caught on Lake Michigan smoked and served with lemon herb yogurt; asparagus bundles baked in phyllo, proscuitto and garlic butter. 



Breakfast White Gull Inn Fish Creek, Wisconsin

Dinner White Gull Inn Fish Creek, Wisconsin

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  • Apostle Islands Apostle Islands seacave Wisconsin
    Atop the northern tip of Wisconsin, some 21 islands spread themselves across the shores of Lake Superior covering almost 70,000 acres of pristine beauty that will astound you.  It is nationally known for its marvelous sandstone sea caves, historic lighthouses, natural animal habitants and old growth remnant forests.  Lake Superior is the biggest, coldest and cleanest of the exciting Great Lakes.  With uncomprimizing beaches, cliffs and caves, the magnificence and exquisite beauty of this park is beyond the imagination.  The islands are the results of the last glacial movement on the northen top of the United States, when the glaciers started melting, the waves from the lake caused massive erosion that eventually formed the islands.  Because of the shift of the glacier, most of the islands are red sandstone and it is believed that Native Americans were the first to inhabit these islands.  A lot of the islands offer overnight docking, and fishing is a favorite of all.  With various species of trout and salmon, some caught as close as ten feet from the shore, this has become a place of joy for the average fishermen.  Camping is another venue that is very popular, allowing the visitor to spend more time in the park exploring the many wonders that abound here.

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  • Yerkes ObservatoryYerkes Observatory Williams Bay, Wisconsin
    Frequently referred to as the birthplace of astrophysics, the Yerkes observatory in Williams Bay, Wisconsin was built in 1897, by George Hale and financed by Charles Yerkes.  It was the first time that an observatory was used for education and laboratory work for physics and chemistry, as well as housing a telescope and observer.  The 102 cm or 40 inch refracting telescope built by Alvan Clark is the biggest refracting telescope used for science research in the world.  It also houses 102 cm or 41 inch (to avoid confusing anyone) and 61 cm or 24 inch reflecting telescopes, with smaller scopes used for education.  It is run by the University of Chicago and presently researches globular cluster formation, near-Earth objects, infrared astronomy and interstellar medium.  The university also keeps good sized engineering center there, devoted to making and maintaining science instruments.  In 2005, the university said it was going to sell the property and observatory and two parties were interested.  One was a developer, interested in the pristine property along the shores of Lake Geneva and the other was the Aurora University that was next to the property.

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  • Hoard Historical Museum
    The museum is a marvelous center of information about the history of the Wisconsin dairy industry, with numerous other stories about the settlement and people that were involved in the building of Fort Atkinson.  The town is found in the south central part of Wisconsin and first settled in 1836 by Dwight Foster.  He discovered land that has been marked by the Native American tribe of Sauk, living by the waters, building mounds and the panther effigy intaglio.  Here Chief Black Hawk, the Sauk warrior that soon became involved in the Black Hawk War of 1832 and the story about a young soldier named Abraham Lincoln.  William Dempster Hoard has become the father of the dairy industry here and Loraine Niedecker, the famous poet lived and wrote about the area.  With artifacts, artwork and more the history of Fort Atkinson unfolds.  The Lincoln period library and exhibit room contains over 1400 volumes, artifacts and other items that show Abe was here to fight in the Black Hawk War, the Civil War and his influence on young Hoard.  The Bird Room holds over 500 stuffed birds mounted by Thure Kumlien and taxidermist Walter Pelzer, with an extinct passenger pigeon among the beautiful birds.  Loraine Niedecker's room is very special to this area, who as a poet in place, entwined her poetic words with the environment and experiences she lived while around the Blackhawk Island.  The Raymond Thomas Lawton collection is encased in 7 glass enclosures that cost him forty years of researching and purchasing from the area known as Jefferson County, except for the tomahawks in case 7. 

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  • Cave of the MoundsCave of the Mounds Blue Mounds, Wisconsin
    This limestone cave is found near Blue Mounds, Wisconsin because of the two mounds nearby that are called the blue mounds.  The cave is found in the eastern hill and its magnificent beauty is derived from the mineral formations called spelothems and is thought to be the most important cave in the upper midwest.  Because of this and its incredible imagery, it is called the jewel box of the American cave system.  It was named a National Natural Landmark in 1988, by the Department of the Interior and the National Park Service.  This limestone began forming almost half a billion years ago in the Ordovician age when the country was covered with warm shallow seas full of shellfish.  Over the eons, the shells were left  and accumulated forming great amounts of limestone.  This particular limestone is called galena dolomite as it contains a large concentration of the lead ore galena.  The cave itself began forming about a million years ago in much the same way that most caves are formed, where the lifeline or crack in the surface let rain water into the stone.  It in turn combined the rain, air and carbon dioxide to make weak carbonic acid which began dissolving the limestone and cavities were formed.  The water drained out over time and the remaining air filled the caves, while the rain water continued dropping to make the speleothems.  It takes about a hundred and fifty years to make one inch of material and is still happening now.

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