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Jackson Hole Airport Alamo Rentals - 1250 E. Airport Rd.

Things to do in Wyoming

  • Old Faithful Old Faithful Yellowstone National Park Wyoming
    Old Faithful, this marvelous cone geyser was named in 1870, in the magnificent Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, and has lived up to that name ever since. It was the first geyser to get a name in the park, and is part of the Old Faithful Historic District, along with the Old Faithful Inn that sits nearby. It was over 139 years ago that a group was traveling on the Firehole River, coming from the Kepler Cascades, and just getting into the Upper Geyser Basin; this group was called the Washburn-Langford-Doane Expedition. It was Nathaniel P. Langford that first wrote about this geyser they came upon in September of 1870. In his account, Langford wrote that the geyser "spouted at regular intervals nine times during our stay, the columns of boiling water being thrown from ninety to one hundred and twenty-five feet at each discharge, which lasted from fifteen to twenty minutes. We gave it the name of "Old Faithful"." During the late 1800s, the geyser was used by General Sheridan's men as a laundry, putting their garments in the crater when not spouting, and when they were shot up into the air, they were completely washed. Linen and cotton materials were cleaned okay by the action, but wool was torn apart.

Budget rent a car Wyoming

Budget Rent-A-Car has the best customer service staff in the car rental business that are friendly and courteous. Budget will have you out on the road fast and easy. Log onto our web site and get the best online discounts in the car rental business with Budget Rent-A-Car Coupons.
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Natrona Cty Airport Budget Car Rentals - 8500 Airport Pkwy 
Budget Rental Yellowstone Reg. Apt. - 700 Airport Parkway
Sheridan Cty Apt. Budget Rental Cars
- 2 Pioneer St.

  • Upper Geyser BasinUpper Geyser Basin Wyoming
    The upper geyser basin in the Yellowstone National Park is found some 40 miles north of the park's south entrance, and contains many geysers, including the most famous, Old Faithful. The entire region is a wealth of hydrothermal activity, and at least another 12 geysers are located here; as well as hot pools and springs. When traveling in this area, be sure to stay on the walkways that have been built for your safety and protection. Many areas may look safe, but are really only a thin layer of crust above a boiling pot of water and other minerals that will cause severe pain and damage. Throwing anything into the pools or puddles can upset the geothermal processes and stop the water from flowing naturally and cause a blockage. The geyser known as Old Faithful has become the most famous and popular, so much so that a platform was constructed to hold the crowds a safe distance from the geyser, with others in the proximity. The best route to travel is the path going from Old Faithful towards Geyser Hill, and then across the Firehole River. Biscuit Basin and Black Sand Basin is along the trail here, going north towards Madison, or another trail goes along the trailhead and is about a mile plus. You can visit the visitor center to find out which geysers erupt when and then plan your trek around those that you want to see. Walking along the trail that winds around Geyser Hill, you will encounter 6 geysers, a spring and a pool, with boiling hot water, and shouldn't take too long since it is only a half a mile. At the Anemone Geyser, you can watch an eruption every 7 to 15 minutes, with the pool hole slowly fill up and then overflowing with big bubbles coming to the top just before it explodes upwards to 10 feet or more. The Beehive doesn't have much action, but when it does explode upwards, it can reach heights of 180 feet or more. The Giantess Geyser goes in cycles, which can cause an eruption every half hour going up to 200 feet into the sky. Between Geyser Hill and Biscuit Basin, the trail follows along some great geysers making the journey so much more interesting and exciting. The Castle Geyser has a big cone shape that sits on old platforms, with one of the world's biggest sinter formations. The Grand Geyser will erupt up to 200 feet in the air, and is the world's tallest predictable geyser. The Giant has one of the biggest cones in the world, growing at an inch per century, making this one of the oldest known geysers in the world.

Enterprise rent- a- car Wyoming

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Laramie Enterprise Rental Car - 517 S. 3rd St. 

Local Restaurants in Wyoming
  • The Sweetwater in Jackson
    A favorite in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for over thirty years, this is a great place to try some of those specialty dinners. Starters offer; shrimp, leek & goat cheese fondue with pita chips; soup of the day; dual crab cakes is fresh blue crab, combined with lemon zest and diced bell pepper, and sautéed to golden brown, served with remoulade; elk sliders is farm-raised ground elk, pan-roasted to medium, topped with caramelized onions and provolone cheese with side of au jus; jumbo shrimp martini is chilled jumbo shrimp served with house made cocktail sauce and fresh lemon; meze platter is roasted red pepper humus, baba ghanoush and minted-tomato-cucumber salad with imported feta, kalamata olives and pita. Greens; sweetwater is fresh mixed greens, shaved carrots and red cabbage, with cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumbers and red onions; cobb is fresh mixed greens topped with chilled jumbo shrimp, tomatoes, avocado, bacon crumbles, sliced egg, bleu cheese, dressed with warm, bacon vinaigrette; Greek is fresh mixed greens topped with imported feta, Greek olives, bell peppers, tomatoes, and red onions; Baja chicken is grilled chicken breast, Monterey jack cheese, avocado, tomato, bell pepper, and red onion on bed of fresh greens topped with crispy tortilla chips. Entrees;   all entrees served with choice of regular Sweetwater salad or cup of soup and fresh baked bread; shrimp & crab Alfredo is shrimp & fresh crab sautéed with asparagus tips, garlic and basil, served on bed of fettuccini Alfredo; cedar plank salmon with crab imperial is fresh filet of salmon roasted on cedar plank topped with crab imperial and drizzled with lemon butter, plated with wild rice pilaf and day's veggie; elk sausage trio is trio of house stuffed elk sausages, featuring huckleberry, roasted apple and spicy Italian, chargrilled and plated with green chili mac & cheese, whole grain mustard sauce and sauerkraut; buffalo chili is with secret recipe with farm-raised buffalo, red beans, and spices in warm treat served hot with melted cheddar cheese and sides of sour cream and garlic toast.

Shrimp & Crab Alfredo Sweetwater Restaurant Jackson Hole, Wyoming


Cedar Plank Salmon Sweetwater Restaurant Jackson Hole, Wyoming


Buffalo Chili Sweetwater Restaurant Jackson Hole, Wyoming


Hertz Car Rental Wyoming

Hertz Rental Cars has teamed up with to get their customers the BIGGEST discounts in the rental car business. Hertz can offer you the best deals in the Wyoming area with great customer service and reliable vehicles. Go to our web site now to get started getting the BEST with   Hertz Car Printable Coupons.

Hertz Rental National Cty. Apt- 8500 Airport Pkwy Ste. 102
Cheyenne Mun. Apt. Hertz Car Rental - 300 E. 8th Ave.
Hertz Rental Jackson Hole Mun. Apt - 1250 E. Airport Rd.
Hertz Car Rental Laramie Apt. - 555 General Brees Rd.

  • National Museum of Wildlife Art National Museum of Wildlife Art Wyoming
    The Wildlife Museum is found in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and is devoted to the presentation of wildlife art. It is built on the bluff known as East Gros Ventre Butte and sits in the middle of a natural wildlife refuge. This sandstone complex is 51,000 square feet, and looks out over the National Elk Refuge, with magnificent galleries that include the Carl Rungius, John Clymer and Bison galleries. It began in 1987, in the town square, and was first called the Wildlife of the American West Museum, opening the huge complex in 1994. It dedicated a new huge sculpture called the Wapita Trail, with 5 elk and created by Bart Walker in 2007. In 2008, it was officially named the National Museum of Wildlife Art of the United States, by then President George W. Bush. There are 14 galleries all told in the museum, with 6 showcasing the many topics that relate to the permanent collection. Many temporaries have come here and will continue that focus on the American West, nature and the wildlife. The Wapiti Gallery showcases the Power of this Place, with many beautiful works of art that exhibit the wildlife and landscapes that can be found in the region.

avis discount rental car Wyoming

Avis Rental Cars will make your next visit to Wyoming more enjoyable. Avis Rental Cars will help you choose the best vehicle for your trip and our friendly staff will help. Start saving money today by going to our web site and see the great deals offered by Avis and our new Avis Rent-A-Car Coupons.
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Natrona Cty. Intl. Apt. Avis Car Rental  - 8500 Apt Pkwy.
Avis Car Rental Jackson Airport
- 1200 Airport Dr.
Cheyenne Air Terminal Avis Rental Cars
- 300 E. 8th Ave.
Avis Car Rentals Laramie Apt - 300 E. 8th Ave.

  • Buffalo Bill Historical CenterBuffalo Bill Historical Center Cody, Wyoming
    The historical center is a complex of museums showcasing art and artifacts of the American West, in Cody, Wyoming, that include the Buffalo Bill Museum, the Plains Indians Museum, Whitney Gallery of Western Art, Cody Firearms Museum and Draper Museum of Natural History. The Draper contains 20,000 square feet of interactive displays that showcase wildlife, human and geology presences in the Yellowstone area. With expansive and beautiful natural history dioramas, photography and videos, the museum emanates with the sights, sounds and smells of the period and the many magnificent specimens of elk, moose, wolves, bighorn sheep, grizzlies and other animals will give you an impressive view of these wild animals. The Draper museum opened in 2002, and also houses the John Bunker Sands photography gallery, children and adult classrooms. The Buffalo Bill museum has many displays that contain articles from various newspapers around the country, historical items that tell the life and times of Buffalo Bill Cody, and the background and information about how Bill's life entwined with the times of the country, especially in the west. The Plains Indians museum showcases the plains people, traditions, cultures, histories and values of these great Native Americans, both then and now. Starting in 1979, this museum has helped increase the awareness of this magnificent peoples and the importance of their lifestyles. Most of the collection is from the period of 1880 until 1930, and is more relevant to the tribes of the Shoshone, Cheyenne, Lakota, Crow and Arapaho. There are numerous contemporary artworks, like quilts, paintings, beadwork and much more.

Thrifty Car Rental Wyoming

  Thrifty has been a staple in the car rental business many years now. Thrifty Car Rental customers will get the biggest selection of quality cars to choose from. Thrifty Rental Car will give you the best deal and it is one of the best known companies in the rental car business. Go to our web site now to get the BEST deals online with our Thrifty Savings

Cody Airport Thrifty Rental Cars - 3001 Duggleby Dr.
Thrifty Car Rental Jackson Hole Off Apt.- 1255 W. Hwy 22

  • Medicine Bow National ForestMedicine Bow National Forest Wyoming
    This national forest is part of the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest area that encompassed some 2.8 million acres of magnificent lands in Colorado and Wyoming. At one time, the forest was divided into three separate areas; the Medicine Bow, Routt National Forest, and the Thunder Basin National Grassland, but was combined for cost savings and jurisdiction reasons in 1995. The Medicine Bow National Forest totals over 1 million acres in southeastern Wyoming, and made a forest reserve in 1902. It was named after the powwows that met here each year to find the rich mountain mahogany wood to make bows, and in the rituals to cure diseases and make "good medicine". The Snowy Range contains the highest peak in the forest, the Medicine Bow Peak, rising up into the skies at over 12,000 feet, and can be seen from the Snowy Range pass. Other beautiful regions within the forest include the Platte River Wilderness, Savage Run, Encampment River and Huston Park. Some of the best rock climbing in the country is located north of here in the Vedauwoos, with spectacular rock formations that draw visiting climbers from all over the country. The forest is a fantastic place for year round recreation, with their wonderful wildlife habitats, the huge timber growths, livestock foraging and the most important sources of water for industry, irrigation and domestic use.

Dollar Rent-A-Car Wyoming

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Cody Airport Dollar Car Rental - 3001 Duggleby Dr.
Dollar Rental Car Jackson Hole - 345 W. Broadway

  • Hot Springs State ParkHot Springs State Park Thermopolis, Wyoming
    The state's first park is in Thermopolis, Wyoming, and is called the Hot Springs State Park. There are numerous businesses located in the park, and these are the Hot Springs County Memorial Hospital, Wyoming Pioneer Home which is a state-run assisted living complex, the Plaza Hotel, the Tepee Pools, a private water park, the Gottsche Rehabilitation Center, Holiday Inn and Star Plunge, another private water park. A managed herd of buffalo is housed here, with a foot suspension bridge going across the Big Horn River, a petroglyph area called Legend Rock and 25 miles from the park, the State Bath House, a primitive boat ramp, flower gardens and picnic shelter. Over 8000 gallons of hot water, 135 degrees Fahrenheit, go over the terraces each day, and there is a free bath house where you can sit in relatively warm water, 104 degrees Fahrenheit, and 6.2 miles of gorgeous trails. There you can find comfort stations, a few boat docks, Volksmarch trails and fishing. The bath house rents towels and bathing suits, but otherwise doesn't cost anything. The buffalo herd is the central one for the state, and in late fall or early winter, you can watch as the herd is given a daily vitamin supplement to make sure they are in good health. The foot bridge that goes across the Big Horn River is often called the swinging bridge, and you will get some awesome views of the area from right here.

National Rental Cars Wyoming

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Jackson Hole Apt National Car Rental/a> 
- 1250 E. Airport Rd.