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Things to do in Abbotsford

    The Reach Gallery Museum Abbotsford The Reach Gallery Museum Abbotsford, British Columbia
    The Reach Gallery Museum was created to become the central force in Fraser Valley, Abbotsford, British Columbia, as well as the creative innovation center, committed to preserving and sharing the magnificent culture and heritage of the region, in the scope of visual arts, with excellent exhibitions, informative archives, events and programs, as well as outstanding shows that bring the community and the artist together for a real dialogue that is both informative to the artist and citizens, in hopes of continuing the influence and historical values of art and artworks as it pertains to the world today. Current exhibitions include the Tree: From the Sublime to the Social; Our Communities Our Stories: You Look Marvelous; Field 103W by Janet Bright; the Reach Biennale Arts and Cultural Fair that is next Saturday, June 18, 2011. The museum has started an online photo archives site that is going to be available during the year, although the collection itself can be accessed anytime, that continues to showcase its photographs and archives, with many historical stories and information. The archives contain hardcopies of the Abbotsford Post from 1910 to 1924; a collection of historic photographs that can be searched, researcher-friendly ephemera files that have been arranged by subject, like agriculture, business, group and family history, schools, events, etc.; transcripts of interviews with the early community leaders; maps and other interesting historical data.  Other venues include the LIVE @ the Reach series that is music surrounded by the latest exhibitions, special classes and workshops like Taiko drumming, artist drop-ins, the Reach Roadshow that will info you about your relics or artifacts and what they could be worth, JouTou, exhibition talks, paverpol sculpting, and much more.

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Abbotsford Apt. Budget Car Rentals
 #10 30440 Liberator Ave.
Budget Car Rental Bellingham - 4255 Mitchell Way No. 4
Abbotsford Budget Rental Cars
- 30868 Peardonville Rd.
Budget Car Rentals Langley - 19833 Fraser Hwy. 

    Clayburn VillageClayburn Village Abbotsford, British Columbia
    Clayburn Village sits at the foot of the Sumas Mountain in Abbotsford, British Columbia, preserved as a heritage site in 1996, and the original first "company town" in the province, constructed by the Clayburn Company to give employee housing and services, with a church, three schools and a bank. After discovering high grade clay at the mountain area, and the demand for bricks being so high, the village would become a village supporting a brick plant, began in 1905, by Charles Maclure, the son of John Maclure, a pioneer that had been a Royal engineer, although it would last for just a quarter of a century, closing up in 1931. The operations, that had been scaled back, would be moved to a place further up the mountain, to what was considered the sister site, of Kilgard, with just the foundations sticking up like old broken trees of a forest, with just half the original number constructed, the schoolhouse, bank and church would survive; with the present day church, having been constructed in 1912, is still standing today, as well as the schoolhouse, both of which are listed on the country's historic sites. It provides visitors with a small glimpse into the past, over a century ago, and what would it have been like, with outstanding examples of early architecture, designed by Charles' own brother, Samuel Maclure. Some of the other old structures still standing and being offered up for touring are the Kirkpatrick House, the Clayburn Village store, the Clayburn Creek, Foreman's cottage, Clayburn church, Foreman's house, wooden houses, accountant's house, plant manager's house, Clinker brick home and more. The village store was constructed in 1912, the foremen's cottage includes five cottages built between 1906 and 1908, the accountant's house that had been constructed in 1909, the wooden houses are Victorian styled houses made with a balloon construction method in 1911, the clinker brick homes were made from rejected or overfired bricks that had melted into various distorted shapes, and the Clayburn school constructed in 1907-1908.

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Abbotsford Apt. Enterprise Rental Car
 30125 Automall Dr. Unit 103

Enterprise Car Rental Abbotsford -  33323 S. Fraser Way

Local Restaurants in Abbotsford

    Restaurant 62
    Entries; pan seared Ucluelet perch filet with garlic & white wine butter; smoked bacon, apple, caramelized onions & walnut stuffed Gelderman pork loin; roasted Maple Hill Farms chicken supreme with rosemary & red wine au jus; seared Fraser Valley duck breast over savoy cabbage ragout; North Coast sablefish filet over shiitake mushrooms & spinach; balsamic glazed & oven roasted beef strip loin; braised Lepp Farms short rib over horseradish & cauliflower puree; fresh Vancouver Island Dungeness crab risotto with young leeks; seared Okanagan elk medallions over creamed potato & mushroom hash.

    Abbotsford Steakhouse
    Entries; pork pot roast, apple onion & fig compote; Tuscan stuffed pork with smoked ham, provolone cheese, basil marinated tomatoes; BBQ pork ribs sweet & spicy or sea salt & cracked pepper; Cajun chicken & ribs with black bean & corn relish; butter chicken with basmati rice, naan bread, tamarind chutney, mango yogurt; chicken & prawn scallopini with spinach, fresh tomatoes, goat cheese & lemon; pistachio crusted cod with orange reduction; cod & chips is caramelized onion ale tartar; saffron poached salmon with tomato tarragon broth; grilled chipotle lime salmon with cucumber jalapeno salsa; lobster dinner is two lobster tails served with clarified butter; tropical sweet & sour scallops & prawns with mango, pineapple, peppers, cilantro on jasmine rice; crab & butternut squash tortellini with 4 cheese tortellini, butternut & roast garlic cream, asiago cheese; Mediterranean seafood pasta with prawns, scallops, salmon & mussels with lemon, capers, sundried tomatoes, spinach in a fire roasted tomato sauce; mushroom & chorizo pappardelle pasta with roasted red pepper alfredo.


Pan Seared Perch Restaurant 62 Abbotsford, British Columbia





Pork Pot Roast Abbotsford Steakhouse Abbotsford, British Columbia

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Hertz Rental Cars Abbotsford- 33271 S. Fraser Way
Langley Hertz Car Rental - 120 6080 20th St.
Hertz Rental Car Maple Ridge-- 22826 Dewdney Trunk Rd.

    Bakerview EcoDairy Bakerview Ecodairy Abbotsford, British Columbia
    The Bakerview Ecodairy is the very first demonstration farm of its type in Canada, that embraces a life of traditions, infused with a dose of modern inspiration, offering guided tours, nutrifoods market, animal exhibits, a marvelous learning center and goats on the roof. Their website has five webcams that provide excellent day-to-day highlights of the farm and its animals, all the while practicing good green technology. Two of the webcams showcase the milking process that has been robotized, with Vitala cows that know when they want to be milked and head home to the barn to get it done, as well as a cow brush that has been automated, so the cows can get that anytime they want, unless they are all busy, each cow has its own feeding stall, and another webcam provides this shot, and the sleep stalls, with a unique "pasturemat" that gives them a better night's sleep, very eco-friendly, with eight recycled tires used for the matting. The farm is situated in the Fraser Valley area, with outstanding views of Mount Baker rising in the distance, and encompassed by 80 acres of excellent farm land that provides a magnificent playground for natural indulgence, for both humans and cows, along with numerous other animals. Their learning center is interactive, with a theater to boot, the usual animal exhibit that allows you to get up as close as you want to the animals, with goats, miniature pony Angel Cake or the other friendly and funny farm animals. It is designed to give the finest milk and foodstuffs today, with fresh natural goodness, that can't be found in the many grocery stores of today. Their nutrifoods market has only natural, healthy and local food products that include fish, produce, meat, poultry and grains, with a Starbucks coffee shop, a resting area for the kids after they've been playing with the animals all morning, a park for your to walk along and around, with benches for you to relax and enjoy a snack or drink, the vegetable gardens, Friesian horses and cows, Vitala chickens, the animal exhibit area and the learning center, with robotic milker, pine beetle wood, Avalon dairy theater and the roof water collection. It is a great place to visit and learn how to do things the old fashioned way, but with new contraptions designed to make it faster, better and with the best results.

avis discount rental car Abbotsford

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Abbotsford Apt. Avis Car Rental  
 30440 Liberator Ave. Unit 8

Avis Car Rental Abbotsford
- 33271 S. Fraser Way Unit B

    Trethewey House Heritage SiteTrethewey House Heritage Site Abbotsford, British Columbia
    The Trethewey House was constructed by the Abbotsford Lumber company in 1920 for BC lumber king, J. O. Trethewey, called an arts and crafts style bungalow, that has been rejuvenated to its 1925 pristine condition, furnished on the interior by donations from the local families and the province. It is an excellent example of early 20th century style housing, with some of the city's earliest businesses being involved in its construction. The house was constructed using some of the lumber milled at the plant on Mill Lake, that was owned by J. O. and his brothers, with the bricks made from clay mined on the Sumas Mountain nearby, and made at the Clayburn Village. In 1983, it would be made a heritage site, and is now managed by the museum society. The Heritage gallery and MSA museum office is located in the carriage house, or at least a reproduction that had replaced the original, that would house Trethewey's automobiles and Joey's pony and motorcycle. Young Joey, had the smallest bedroom in the house, but would be compensated for this lack with a place for his pony and motorcycle in the carriage house and his own personal two room playhouse. The playhouse today serves as a pioneer classroom for school programs and a venue for summer day camp. Also located on the grounds is the Upper Sumas BC Electric railway station, that had been finished in 1910 to be used for the electric railroad that ran from New Westminster to Chilliwack, that skirts the southern shore of Sumas Lake. The display set up in the carriage house is usually changed on a bi-monthly basis, with the current exhibit including selections from the First Nations collection that includes stone tools, axe head and mauls, arrowheads and magnificently woven baskets. The AgriFair is in the end of July at an offsite venue, the AbbyFest in September, and the autumn wine festival at the Trethewey House.

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Thrifty Car Rental Surrey - 7319 King George Hwy.

    Kariton Art GalleryKariton Art Gallery Abbotsford, British Columbia
    This art gallery in Abbotsford, British Columbia is operated by the Abbotsford Arts council and has grown into a marvelous resource for the local artists to showcase their works, and the gallery hosts twelve exhibitions a year that highlight the works of more than 100 artists, with the gallery being opened for thirty years, and more than 3000 artists have benefitted from its programs. Currently, the guild's new show at the gallery is called "on the wild side", and is going to highlight many of the local artists' works that revolve around the concept of what it would be like to walk on the wild side. Other venues include the "Stranded at Westcliffe" that is an original play that is going to be showing at the Fraser Valley Stage, or the Paxton Bachman Band that is going to be giving free concerts at the Clayburn Gourmet Gallery, the Art of Marketing Speaker series now at lecture no. 3, and more to come, or the Roger Potter-A Tribute to Neil Young that will be presented at the Wired Monk McCallum for his second concert that borrows many of Young's greatest hits. The museum is proud to provide classes in various genres that include; glass making, garden wire art, arts and crafts classes, art exploration classes for watercolors, acrylics, mixed-medium and more, studio classes, landscape painting for children, photography, arts lessons, watercolor classes and music lessons for guitar, piano and voice. The arts council also has other events to showcase local talent with the Envision Coffee House concert series, the Christmas Craft Fair, the Arty Awards and the Arts & Heritage Unity Festival. For those that are very interested, the council has a wonderful resource center that has much information about the local shows, group information, job postings and auditions.

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Dollar Cheap Locations

Vancouver Intl. Apt. Dollar Car Rental - YVR
Dollar Rental Car Surrey - 7319 King George Hwy.

    Abbotsford Sikh TempleAbbotsford Sikh Temple Abbotsford, British Columbia
    This temple is the oldest existing Sikh temple in North America, and a National Historic site of Canada, and is the only Sikh temple outside of Pakistan and India that has been made a national historic site, after the first Sikh pioneers came here in 1905 and worked on the farms and in the timber business, with the initial plans made in 1908. Once they had acquired the right parcel, located on a hill, the settlers would carry the necessary lumber needed to construct their temple from the local mill on their backs going up the hill to build the gurdwara. It would open in 1911, with Sikhs and non-Sikhs coming from around the province to visit the new temple, which would be a two story structure that like most of the other new contemporary wood houses in other frontier towns, with only the Sikh features and decorations used on the interior. The first level houses the Langar and common dining room for the community, with the second level housing the prayer hall. The temple is planning on installing a small museum in the basement this year, along with a complete restoration of the interiors and exterior. Due to unforseen circumstances in the province's early days, the young men that had come here to work and create a new life for themselves would be disputed, and in 1907, the Sikhs would lose the right to vote in the province, and beginning in 1908, the Canadian government would limit the immigration from India, after having allowed these five thousand to come here to work and help build up the country, and they would remain single for many years to come because of this. Many of the Sikhs worked in the local mill and they would build the temple in 1911, where the social and religious events and occasions would be held for families. For those just coming here, the gurdawa would offer meals, contacts and accommodations, with the Khalsa Diwan Society helping other Sikhs with their rights, and would help eradicate the previous regulations that had kept many of the Sikhs families from coming here, until 1919, when the immigration regulations would be reversed. In 1947, the right to vote was restored to the Sikhs, and by 1967, the Sikh populations had begun to rise.

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June 13, 2011