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Philadelphia Intl. Apt. Avis Car Rental  - 1 Arrivals Rd.
Avis Car Rental Bala Cynwyd
- 1 Belmont Ave.
Philadelphia Avis Rental Cars
- 2951 Market St.
Avis Car Rental Philadelphia - 2000 Arch St.

Things to do in Bala Cynwyd

    Franklin Court Franklin Court Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Franklin Court in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is perhaps one of the most historical areas in the nation, containing the US postal service museum, the Franklin Museum and the Franklin print shop and so much more. Franklin was one of the most historically interesting persons in Revolutionary Philadelphia, coming to this city from Boston when he was just 17 years old. He would become a statesman, publisher, printer, inventor, diplomat, postmaster, author and much more. Ben started the American Philosophical Society, the Library company, the University of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania hospital; and this area has become a significant tribute to the great man that had done so much for his country and countrymen. In the area known as Franklin Court, his house had stood, a three story building that covered 33 square feet and had ten rooms. It was razed in 1812, and since there aren't any historical records of accounts of what the house looked like, the space where the house stood is now occupied by a unique oversized "ghost structure" that was designed by world famous architect, Robert Venturi and constructed in 1976 in time for the bicentennial. You are able to look through portals in his private wells, pits and foundation, with an a rare beautiful Bristol punchbowl and numerous other ceramic pieces that were discovered in his privy pit. There is a unique underground museum below the court and it is filled with outstanding inventions, paintings and objects that are related to Benjamin, with an excellent reproduction of his armonica, also known as a glass harmonica that is more like a set of graduated glass bowls that are set on a rotating shaft which will make tones when you put a moist finger on the rims. It would take someone like Mozart himself to create a song just for Franklin's new instrument; and there are other marvelous inventions that you will peruse as you stroll through the magical museum, including the famous Franklin stove and the unique swim fin, since it is known that Ben was an excellent swimmer. The main gallery contains a phone bank that allows visitors to listen to various testimonies about Ben based on words spoken by Mozart, D. H. Lawrence and George Washington, with a film that lasts 18 minutes. There are other sites located here as well that offer interesting and exciting moments from our historical past that is sure to keep you busy and intrigued for hours on end.

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Philadelphia Intl. Apt. Budget Car Rentals - 1 Arrivals Rd. 
Budget Car Rental Philadelphia - 2955 Market St.
Philadelphia Budget Rental Cars
- 1600 Race St.
Budget Car Rentals Springfield - 156 Baltimore Pike 

    Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and PaulCathedral Basilica of Saints Peter & Paul Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    The Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul is the head church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the east side of Logan Square, and is the biggest Catholic church in the state; listed on the National Register of Historic Places as Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in 1971. Pope John Paul II would visit the cathedral in 1979, on his papal trip and he would celebrate mass here at that time. The immense church has a spectacular facade, elegant main altar, a high vaulted dome, eight side chapels and the main sanctuary that can easily accommodate 2000 worshippers. It is the biggest brownstone structure and one of the most architecturally significant structures in the city of brotherly love. The church was constructed in 186t4, in a Roman-Corinthian style, somewhat modeled after the Lombard Church of St. Charles in Rome, with an outstanding Palladian facade and aqua oxidized-copper dome that are fashioned in the Italian renaissance influence and the inside is a huge area with oversized apse that contains stained glass and red antique marble in the extreme proportions that is used in the Roman churches. It was decorated by Constantino Brumidi, who had painted the dome in the capitol building in Washington, DC. There is a Baldichino over the main altar and there are three altars flanking each side of the aisles that seem to point to this marvelous Italian renaissance idea. Inside the bowels of the majestic church is the compact "crypt of the bishops". The entire project would begin in 1846, on the Feast Day of Saints Peter and Paul, when Bishop Kenrick, the bishop of the city, issued a pastoral letter that announced his intention to construct a cathedral, but not wanting to go into debt for the church, he would have it constructed in various stages. The actual construction started that same year and wouldn't be completed until 1864, and would occur less than two years after the Philadelphia Nativist Riots that would become the pinnacle of anti-Catholicism and know-nothingism in the city, that would influence the design of the church, according to local legends, but doesn't seem like the truth, since the church had began its construction some sixteen years before the riots and would have already been designed, but anything is possible when dealing with history and hearsay. One certainty though is that the clerestory windows are very high up on the structure that had been done to stop or prohibit vandalism, so the builders would walk to where the windows were to be located and throw stones into the air to see if the windows were high enough to be missed by any stones thrown.

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Bala Cynwyd Enterprise Rental Car - 25 City Ave.
Enterprise Rental Car Narberth - 731 Montgomery Ave.
Philadelphia Enterprise Car Rentals - 5220A Umbria St.
Enterprise Rental Cars Philadelphia
 217 W. Chelton Ave. #233

Local Restaurants in Bala Cynwyd

    La Collina
    Entrees; penne al Caprino is penne in fresh tomato sauce w/ imported goat cheese & sundried tomatoes; fettuccine alfredo is pasta served in creamy sauce; capellini con gambereti is angel hair pasta w/ fresh tomato & rock shrimp; mezzelune collina is half moon shaped pasta filled with veggies & ricotta in fresh tomato & basil sauce w/ pine nuts; tortellini alla panna is tortellini w/ cream, Italian prosciutto & peas; calamari ripieni is stuffed calamari over pasta; aragosta fra' diavolo is lobster & shrimp on bed of rice; gamberi alla livornese is shrimp & scallops in light marinara sauce; cotoletta alle melanzane is veal cutlet with eggplant, mushrooms & mozzarella cheese, garnished w/ roasted peppers; scallopine alla collina is medallions of veal w/ asparagus, crabmeat & mozzarella cheese in light aurora sauce; veal royale is veal sautéed w/ shrimp, scallops & crab; ossobuco alla milanese is veal in light tomato sauce served w/ rice pilaf; pollo paillard is grilled marinated chicken breast; nodino alla griglia is double grilled veal chop; bistecca alla griglia is grilled sirloin, plain or pizzaiola.

    Chops Restaurant & Bar
    Entrees; half roasted Giannone Farm raised chicken; Muscovy duck breast w/ cran-raisin bordelaise, herb goat cheese polenta & baby veggies; chicken Medici w/ broccoli rabe in marsala sauce; 18oz. grilled veal chop; filet mignon; 20oz. cowboy steak w/ grilled Portobello mushroom; USDA prime NY strip steak; 24oz. USDA prime porterhouse w/ pearl onions & thyme; New Zealand rack of lamb w/ smoked chili glaze & broccoli rabe; 10oz. Cajun ribeye filet w/ fried onions; 16oz. bone-in filet mignon w/ au poivre sauce; 16oz. grilled pork chops; 16oz. chopped steak w/ sautéed mushrooms & onions; veal parmesan; Chilean sea bass w/ braised mushrooms, poblano peppers & dill; seared ahi tuna au poivre w/ baby bok choy-wasabi mashed potatoes; Dover sole haricot vert almandine; grilled salmon mashed potatoes & truffle vinaigrette; pan seared sea scallops wrapped w/ prosciutto w/ lobster risotto; horseradish crusted halibut w/ baby bok choy-sweet chili sauce.

Capellini Con Gambereti La Collina Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania


Bisteca Alla Griglia La Collina Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania


 Horseradish Crusted Halibut Chops Restaurant & Bar Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania

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Hertz Rental Cars Wynnewood- 637 E. Lancaster Ave.
Philadelphia Hertz Car Rental - 4422 Market St.
Hertz Rental Car Philadelphia- 2951 Market St.
Clifton Heights Hertz Car Rental - 714 E. Baltimore Pike

    Arch Street Friends Meeting House Arch Street Friends Meeting House Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    The Arch Street Friends Meeting House in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is the oldest meeting house of the Religious Society of Friends, or simply put, Quakers, that is still in use today, and is the biggest one in the world. State founder and Quaker William Penn would give the land to the society in 1693 to be used as a burial ground for their members. The construction for the meeting house started in 1803 and finished in 1805 being constructed above the graveyard and in 1811, it would be enlarged, by adding a west wing so that the Women's Monthly Meeting would have a place of their own. The original east wing contains the exhibits about Penn's life, while the west wing is still being used for meetings of the congregation. Some of the more famous congregation included the famous abolitionist, Lucretia Mott, while Edward Hicks, the famous painter and cousin of Elias Hicks went to the yearly meeting. In 1701, the grounds would began being used for burying, with many famous personages buried there. The meeting house still stands today as one of the enduring symbols of a people who had begun the state as a "holy experiment". It was constructed to house the men's and women's yearly meetings, that are the business sessions of the Friends and is still active today, making it one of the oldest active houses of worship in the city today. The group wouldn't use the classical revival style that was so popular then, but instead would have master carpenter, Owen Biddle, construct the house according to the Quaker principles of plainness and simplicity, which many of the other religions should have followed since there have been way too much money spent on a house of God, when He is all around us, all the time, and the money could have been spent on the people in need.

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Philadelphia Apt. Alamo Car Rentals - 1 Arrivals Rd.
Alamo Rental Cars Philadelphia - 30th St. Train Station

    African American Museum in PhiladelphiaAfrican American Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    The African American Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is the first museum that was funded and constructed by a municipality so that it could help save, interpret and showcase the heritage of the African American people. It opened in 1976, during the Bicentennial celebrations, and is located just a couple of blocks from the Liberty Bell. It houses four galleries and the auditorium, with each of the galleries anchoring one of three main themes; the contemporary narrative, the African diaspora and the Philadelphia story. It contains over 750,000 objects, documents and images that are used for exhibitions, research, loans to other museums and numerous educational programs. There are changing exhibits, tours, symposiums, concerts, family events, films and workshops that pertain to the African American culture and history. Their outstanding collections include memorabilia, flyers, memos and more that pertain to the Philadelphia Black Panthers, African American occupational and domestic items, church and burial records, correspondence clippings and military relics of the first black doctor to direct a US army hospital, family scrapbooks, relics from the KKK, academic and legal papers from Harry Shapiro about many constitutional issues that would rise from the civil rights movement, sports memorabilia and so much more. The city of Philadelphia has always been an important center for African American history and culture, and as the nation was being formed in the 18th century, the city was the center of the abolitionist movement and contained the biggest black free population. The man that started this magnificent museum was Charles H. Wesley, who had been a well known African American educator, writer and historian, becoming just the fourth African American to get his Ph.D from Harvard. He was an ordained minister, that included four decades of leadership with the African Methodist Episcopal church. In 1976, he would become the director of the Afro-American Historical and Cultural Museum in Philly that is now known as the African American Museum in Philadelphia.

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Philadelphia Intl. Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars
 7500 Holstein Ave.

Thrifty Car Rental Philadelphia- 4100 Presidential Blvd.

    Academy of Natural Sciences of PhiladelphiaAcademy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    The Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is the oldest natural science research institution and museum in the New World, beginning in 1812 by many of the finest naturalists in this new nation with an expressed mission of "the encouragement and cultivation of the sciences". For more than two centuries this academy has conducted original environmental and systematics research, sponsored expeditions and amassed a magnificent natural history collection that now contains over 17 million specimens. This special academy has had a very long tradition of educational programs and public exhibits for the public and her schools. Collections are the seals of museums and the ones at the academy have become some of the most significant in the world, with the huge biological specimen collection and the hundreds of thousands of journals, photographs, archival items, volumes and illustrations housed in its library. The collections have been acquired not to just collect the dust that floats through the air, but to offer a library of biodiversity, since researchers at the academy and other institutions like it, are engaged in biological taxonomy, which is the science of finding, describing, naming and classifying the various species, which becomes a huge catalog of nature. But whatever reasons these fabulous collections have come here, they have become most invaluable, providing type specimens, those reference materials that help to create a species' identity. These collections include botany, malacology, diatoms, ichthyology, vertebrate paleontology, entomology, ornithology and other collections. The Patrick Center for Environmental Research is also located in the building, that investigates biogeochemistry, phycology, ecological modeling, fisheries, macroinvertebrates and the laboratory for molecular systematics and ecology. The Asian center has just begun so that it can assist with developing new programs and partnerships for research and capacity building in Asia. There are many more divisions that are studying and developing programs that will carry us into the 21st century with greater understanding and knowledge than we have ever had or dreamed of.

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Philadelphia Intl. Apt. Dollar Car Rental
 Philadelphia Intl. Apt.

Dollar Rental Car Philadelphia - 4100 Presidential Blvd.

    76 Carriage Company76 Carriage Company Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    The 76 Carriage company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is now thirty years old and has given the visitors of this great city superior tours and transportation services. The company has been able to expand and now offers some offspring tours that can be taken in the Philadelphia Trolley Works, Connective Tours and the Big Bus Company, so that it has become the city's biggest provider of sightseeing tours and specialty transportation. They also offer horse drawn services, charters, weddings and all types of tours, as well as transportation management. The company is able to book you tours online, to save you the time and energy that it would take to find all these marvelous tours and offers daily express bus service to and from the city, going to place like Atlantic City, New Jersey, Baltimore, Maryland, Buffalo, New York, Boston, Massachusetts and other points in the region. They have just about any type of transportation that you could possibly want, and will even adapt some of their tours to fit your personal time schedule. The bus tours and trolley tours visit the same locations, it is just a different mode of transportation and offers you the choice to see the city the way you want to. The company is closed on Christmas and New Year's Day only, which means that you have a great choice of when and where you want to go. It is one of the most exciting ways to visit the city of brotherly love, and the drivers have so much information that you'll get a bonus just be listening to them about the historical and architectural delights found in the city, and they can offer or provide you with all you need to know about the highlights.

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Philadelphia Intl. Apt, National Car Rental 
- 1 Arrivals Rd.
National Rental Car Philadelphia - 30th St. Train Station