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Newark Liberty Intl. Apt. Avis Car Rental  - 28 Newark Apt.
Avis Car Rental LaGuardia Apt.
- 25 Bowery Bay Blvd.
JF Kennedy Apt. Avis Rental Cars
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Avis Car Rental Jersey City - 30 W. Mall Dr.

Things to do in Bayonne

    Staten Island Museum Staten Island Museum Bayonne, New Jersey
    Staten Island Museum that is officially named the Staten Island Institute of Arts and Sciences, is the oldest cultural institution on the island and the only general interest museum in New York City that remains. It would be created in 1881 by fourteen of the city's first environmentalist activists, and contains relics and specimens from the ancient times to the contemporary era and is considered a mini-Smithsonian that is magnificent in local history, the arts and natural sciences. The holdings have been divided into three main collections that are fine arts, history archives and library and natural sciences. The splendid natural science collections contain more than half a million mineral, anthropological, botanical and biological specimens that have shells, bird nests and eggs, an outstanding insect collection, mounted animals, significant types of specimens and fossils. Using a 19th century model, the beautiful art collection contains works that span prehistory to the modern era, with excellent representations of very diverse world cultures from non-Western and western traditions. Their marvelous historical collections include a library, historical objects, early films, maps and atlases, ephermera and archival documents that date back to the 17th century, audio recordings and photographs. The spectacular art collection spans ancient Egypt sculpture to renaissance paintings, to 19th century Hudson River school landscapes of the island and New York harbor to 21st century new media, abstract art and photography. It has become the sole museum in the world that actively collects works that were created by contemporary Staten Island artists. This collection contains historic costume pieces and costume accessories, American landscape paintings, African sculpture and masks, Old master prints, pre-Columbian ceramics, Egyptian, Roman and Greek antiquities, English and American silver, Japanese prints, carved smoking pipes, pocket watches, ancient and modern Native American relics, and both non-western and western objects of vertu like Chinese snuff bottles. There are Samuel H. Kress Italian renaissance paintings, as well as a few complementary small 19th century renaissance-revival bronzes, significant 19th-20th century paintings that focus on Staten Island and New York harbor, works by prominent local contemporary artists and outstanding 19th and 20th century portraits. In their permanent collections are excellent examples by Rembrandt, Audubon, Goya and Piranesi, paintings by Giovanni di Paolo, Pordenone, Cropsey, Almap-Tadema and Moran as well as sculpture by Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney and Hiram Powers; Japanese prints by Kunisada, Hiroshige, Utamaro and Hokusai. The modern collection houses works by such greats as George Bellows, Andy Warhol, John Sloane, Peter Max, Guy Pene du Bois, Chagall, Clementine Hunter, Leger, Philip Pearlstein, Maillol, Donald Judd and Isabel Bishop.

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Newark Liberty Intl. Apt. Budget Car Rentals
 38 Carson Rd.
Budget Car Rental LaGuardia Apt. - 88-08 23rd Ave.
JF Kennedy Apt. Budget Rental Cars

 Bldg. 305 Federal Circle

Budget Car Rentals Jersey City - 181 1st St. 

    Staten Island Children's MuseumStaten Island Chlidren's Museum Staten Island, New York
    The Staten Island Children's Museum is located in Sailors' Snug Harbor on Staten Island, New York that opened in 1976 after there had been great government and community support for the project that stresses hands-on interactive ways for their exhibits and provides visitors with nine outstanding exhibit areas. A few of these include; Big games, House About It (Home building), It's a Dog's Life, Ladder 11, Bugs and other insects, Sea of Boats and Great Explorations. The museum has strived to become a place where children imagine they are explorers, with interactive displays, creative workshops and educational opportunities that will develop and nurture children's natural curiosity and creativity, using hands-on first hand experiences that involve more fun than most children could believe in this kind of environment. Some of the exciting things that children can learn is playing big board games like dominoes, chess and checkers; imagine becoming a bug or spider and then snatch a meal, watch butterflies being born, pollinate flowers, look at a honey bee hive up close and personal and crawl through an ant hill. They can explore a pirate ship and pretend being a sailor, become a lookout on the upper decks, cross over a bridge, navigate the wheel, ring the bell, look through a telescope and much more. You can pretend being a firemen, sliding down the pole or hook up a hose, learn Morse code, fishing, oystering and water play.

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Bayonne Enterprise Rental Car - 1347 Kennedy Blvd.
Enterprise Car Rental Jersey City - 832 Communipaw Ave.
Jersey City Enterprise Rental Car - 455 Washington Blvd.

Local Restaurants in Bayonne

    Entrees; grilled rosemary chicken is boneless double breast grilled with fresh rosemary, served on red bliss mashed potatoes with fresh seasonal veggies; stuffed chicken breast is stuffed with garlic-herb cream cheese, breaded & baked, served with fresh veggies & red bliss mashed potatoes; chicken finger platter is chicken tenderloins fried & served with FF; chipotle smoked chicken enchiladas served platter style is enchiladas filled with tomato-marinated chicken, onions, garlic & queso fresco atop a spicy chipotle smoked mozzarella sauce, with pico rice, black beans, bacon & sweet chipotle slaw; down home pot roast is slow cooked, with red bliss mashed potatoes, home-style veggies & rich wine mushroom sauce, topped with onion straws; jambalaya with Cajun sausage, chicken & gulf shrimp in hearty Creole sauce poured over rice; oriental stir fry with garden fresh veggies, sautéed with snow peas, mushrooms, bell peppers & onions in ginger-garlic sauce & deglazed with plum sauce, served over fluffy rice & topped with crispy noodles, toasted sesame seeds & scallions; chicken parmesan is chicken breast rolled in Italian bread crumbs & cooked in housemade marinara sauce with touch of alfredo, served over pasta, topped with melted fontina, provolone & grated parmesan cheeses.

    Amici's Restaurant
    Entrees; penne con pollo with strips of chicken & fresh mozzarella in vodka sauce; rigatoni pesto with chicken & fresh mozzarella tossed in a creamy pesto sauce topped with diced tomatoes; tortellini aurora is fresh cheese filled pasta tossed with prosciutto, peas & shiitake mushrooms in light pink sauce; fusilli fantasia with lobster, shrimp & sundried tomatoes in vodka sauce; lobster ravioli in vodka sauce; capellini ortolane is angel hair pasta tossed with medley of fresh grilled veggies in light garlic & olive oil broth; penne di pomodoro with sautéed shallots, prosciutto & plum tomatoes; linguine Bolognese with hearty meat sauce; linguine vongole is little neck clams in red or white clam sauce; pappardelle Sorrento is fresh wide, flat pasta with diced tomatoes, sautéed garlic, basil & chunks of fresh mozzarella.

Grilled Rosemary Chicken Houlihan's Bayonne, New Jersey


Chicken Parmesan Amici's Restaurant Bayonne, New Jersey


 Fusilli Fantasia Amici's Restaurant Bayonne, New Jersey



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Hertz Rental Cars Staten Island- 543 Cary Ave.
Newark Intl. Apt. Hertz Car Rental - 23 Newark Apt. Bldg. 23
Hertz Rental Car Newark - 15 Brewster Rd. N.
Jersey City Hertz Car Rental - 135 Greene St.

    John A. Noble Collection John A. Noble Collection Staten Island, New York
    The John A. Noble collection is housed in the museum that showcases a marvelous collection of works by artist/lithographer/sailor John A. Noble, who would convert a houseboat to become his artist's studio, that the Washington Post called " is a home on the water and an artist's lair all in one, complete with wooden surfaces, portholes, an engineer's bed, a drawing table, and printmaking and etching implements." It isn't too far to stretch one's imagination to see the boat moored at various areas, during which time that the son of "Wichita Bill" Noble would sketch maritime objects from the 1930s to his death in 1983. The younger Noble would make regular rowboat trips to look and document the working life of the waterfront, and his magnificent collection has become a testament to the vibrant culture of docks, ships and workers that have almost disappeared from the New York waterfront. The New York Sun newspaper would call his collection, "an unsung gem among New York museums." The collection is housed in the historic Snug Harbor Cultural Center that is a beautiful work of art itself, even though it is only a building. John's houseboat studio is a permanent exhibit on the first floor of the center, which is a restored studio of John as it looked in 1954, which was the same year that his studio and he would be featured in the December issue of National Geographic. John was born in Paris in 1913, the son of a well known American painter, John "Wichita Bill" Noble who would spend the early years of his life in his father's studio, as well as his father's contemporaries, writers and innovative artists of the earliest period of the 20th century, moving with his family to this country in 1919. Sometime in 1929, he would begin his crude and unlearned paintings and drawings, while in the winter months he would still attend school and become one of the fixtures on the McCarren line tugs that had a monopoly on towing schooners into the harbor. In the summers, he would go to sea, and constantly improve and embellish his works. After he graduated from the Friends Seminary in New York City, in 1931, John would return to France and begin a year's study at the University of Grenoble, eventually meeting his future wife and lifetime companion, a beautiful green-eyed girl named Susan Ames. During the years from 1928 to 1945, John would work as a seaman on schooners and marine salvage, and observe the beauty and charisma of the harbor, ships and other sights that would stay in his mind's eye for the remainder of his life and eventually show up in his outstanding paintings.

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Jersey City Alamo Car Rentals - 129 Montgomery St.

    Bayonne MuseumBayonne Museum Bayonne, New Jersey
    The Bayonne Museum is located in the former Bayonne Trust company building that was designed by architect Lansing C. Holden, Sr., in the beaux-arts style, and would be a bank building until it was sold to the city in 2001, and should explain why it would be kept in such great shape and condition. The exterior of the two story structure is covered with Vermont granite and constructed in 1912, with pediment portico, paired fluted Ionic columns flanking the front door with segmented and highly arched windows over the doorway. There is a four riser granite stairway to the entrance, which has a contemporary wrought iron railing that is still in excellent condition, and big gilded lamps on each side of the door. In 1979, the original bronze doors would be replaced with double doors of contemporary glass and bronze oxidized aluminum. The interior is considered to be pretty and beautiful for a bank building, with bronze, marble and mahogany adorning the insides, although not elegant, but simplistic and somewhat lovely in that respect. The city would have to spend $700,000 to restore it, but was well worth it since the structure is quite solid and magnificent considering it is almost a century old. It was put on the state and National Register of Historic Places in 2006, with a new terrazzo floor that is embossed with the city's seal and a new heating and air conditioning system installed. It exhibits the city's historic treasures and memorabilia.

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Westfield Thrifty Rental Cars - 508 N. Ave. E.
Thrifty Car Rental Union- 2735 Rt. 22 W.

    Staten Island Lighthouse MuseumStaten Island Lighthouse Museum Staten Island, New York
    The National Lighthouse Museum on Staten Island in New York would be the culmination of a 1997 meeting that included a coalition of the best lighthouse preservation and membership organizations from Maine to California that would unanimously choose the original US Lighthouse Service Depot on Staten Island as the location for this national museum. The depot had been the national center of operation for US lighthouse services and now is the museum that looks out over the ocean and harbor that has become the final destination for the world's lighthouse enthusiasts and preservationists, that welcomes over a million visitors each year and is one of the finest treasures in the Staten Island community. It occupies a ten acre site, next to the Staten Island Ferry Terminal in St. George, with the island's bus and train services linking the museum to an ever growing array of related maritime activities and facilities in the harbor and across the island. There are over a dozen lighthouses in less than an hour's ride from the pier, and it includes one of the most famous lighthouses in the world. The museum houses displays and interactive exhibits for both adults and children that showcase lighthouses from around the country, modern aids to navigation and personal histories of the keepers and their families, classical Fresnel lenses, technologies and lamps; along with outdoor exhibits that include buoys and fog signals, lightships, a return and eventual renovation of the original Depot lighthouse. There are 19th and 20th centuries buildings located on the island, that offer the perfect setting for research, exhibits and programs that pertain to the history of the United States Lighthouse Service.

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Newark Intl. Apt. Dollar Car Rental
 Bldg. #36 Station #P2 35 Carson

Dollar Rental Car JF Kennedy Intl. Apt. 
 Federal Circle Bldg. 312
LaGuardia Intl. Apt. Dollar Rental Car  - 22-61 94th St.

    Staten Island ZooStaten Island Zoo Staten Island, New York
    The Staten Island Zoo sits on eight acres on the northern edge of Staten Island, New York that began in 1933 as part of the government's WPA on land that had been willed to the city by Mrs. Edward E. Hardin and reconstructed into a zoological park in the Great Depression. It would open in 1936 and become what was then considered the first educational zoo in the nation. Initially, it would be concentrating on the display of reptiles, with special attention given to the snake collection that was kept in the zoo's serpentarium; and eventually increase its focus to other specimens, although it does have the biggest and best collection of rattlesnakes in North America. Today, there are more than 4438 animals that represent 206 different species and it is home to the Staten Island Chuck, a groundhog that is the official Groundhog Day forecaster for the city. The zoo has developed many educational programs that include; traveling zoo programs, in school zoo programs, professional development, urban advantage, zoosnooze overnights and scout programs. Some of the magnificent creatures housed here include; peacocks, groundhog, servals, yellow spotted Amazon turtle, meerkats, bobcats, Clydesdale horses, red pandas, foxes, otters, reptiles and rattlesnakes, reindeer, emus, prairie dogs and so many more that it would be best to just visit the zoo and enjoy viewing all the animals, birds and reptiles that live here; as well as the aquarium. The African savannah exhibit houses leopards, mandrills and lizards, with an excellent tropical forest and New England farm that is geared towards children, complete with petting and barn area animals.

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Newark Apt. National Car Rental 
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National Rental Cars Jersey City - 129 Montgomery St.
Iselin National Car Rentals - 515 US Hwy. 1 S.