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When you visit the beautiful city of Beaverton there is a lot to see and do. However, with a vehicle seeing and touring these sites can be a complication. Lucky for you, Alamo is here to help with all your transportation needs. Save even more on your rental car purchase when you use Alamo Rental Car Discounts.

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Things to do in Beaverton

  • Ponzi Vineyards

    Ponzi VineyardsIn the late 1960s Dick and Nancy Ponzi a family known for their passion and spirit in the every day life moved to the Willamette Valley in Beaverton, Oregon. Adjusting to life on the west coast was a bit of a stretch but Dick and Nancy along with their very young family were ready to lay down everything in hopes of success with their future vineyards. The family made repeated trips to Burgundy to study and commit to extensive research so that when the time came they could purchase the perfect location for their vineyards. The ideal location presented itself in 1970 and the family purchased over 20 acres of land on a small far to begin their harvest. This was considered a daring risk because the family had to use all the resources to purchase the land. However in the years following the families sacrifice produced some of the best Pinot Nor in the entire west. The valleys rich soil and perfect climate make the Ponzi the perfect place from vineyards. The family business has been handed down; however the philosophies and methods that were established by Dick and Nancy Ponzi will live on long in the lives of their children. The winemaking passion that the Ponzi family holds is what keeps buyers and tourists coming back again and again for some of the richest wines in all of Oregon. Be sure to visit the Ponzi Vineyards while your in Beaverton, because you cant find wine like this anywhere else in the world!

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When your looking to choose a rental car company be sure you check for a Budget location near you or your destination. With fantastically low prices and quality customer service you can get the vehicle and help you need at just the right price. Budget Rental Car Coupons are the perfect way to save even more when you rent a car from Budget!

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Budget Rental Car Beaverton - 10385 Southwest Canyon Road
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Portland Budget Rental - 3400 Northeast Columbia Boulevard

  • Audubon Society of Portland Nature Center

    Audubon Society of Portland Nature CenterWelcome to the Audubon Society of Portland Nature Center, located in none other than the beautiful city of Beaverton, Oregon. Dedicating their time and resources to the preservation of the native birds the Audubon society is one of the foremost benefactors to the animal species around the United States. However while preserving these beautiful species of birds the Audubon Society interacts with these animals in ways no one thought possible. The Audubon Society has taken steps to preserving the wildlife by purchasing miles and miles of rich forest. With trails for you to enjoy the fantastic Oregon countryside you can go bird watching and exploring in these beautiful hillsides. These beautiful trails are open dawn to dusk throughout the year for your entertainment. Inside the nature preserve you can find a large “Interpretive Center” where you explore exhibit after exhibit showcasing the efforts and success rate of the Audubon Society. Some of the exhibits showcase and explore the amazing life of the local birds, coming in all shapes and sizes. One of the most popular parts of the Nature Center is the educational bids of prey that are showcased nearly every day. Trained Audubon Volunteers have nurtured and rehabilitated these large orphaned or injured birds back to health and are now raising them for release inside this spacious exhibit. The Wildlife Care Center is responsible for raising over 3,500 birds each year, and now you have the opportunity to get an up close encounter to these beautiful birds. The Audubon Society has been benefiting the birds of the U.S. since the early 1900s, and the Portland Nature Center is making a difference in the Oregon area. This is a fun and educational way to enjoy the beautiful outdoors when you visit the Oregon area.

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Make your vacation, business trip, family reunion or other venture stress free when you have a vehicle. Go wherever you want whenever you want with ease when you choose from the wide selection of vehicles offered to you when you decide to rent a vehicle with Enterprise. Save even more on your rental when you use Enterprise Rental Car Printable Coupons!

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  • Red Tail Golf Course

    Red Tail Golf CourseOne of the most popular golf courses in all of Oregon the Red Tail Golf Course is a fan favorite for most professional golfers. With eighteen unique holes that offer you a challenging experience the Red Tail Golf Course is a fun and inviting way to enjoy your time in Beaverton Oregon. Red Tail boasts that their course is up to par for a championship status, and offers you the perfect style of game play to heighten your golf skills. The course favors no one but forces you to explore all styles of the game to achieve victory. These rolling hills are dotted with water hazards and beautiful tree lined fairways that provide challenges for any golfer. This large course is strategically built so as to avoid as much walking as possible, allowing you to make it hole to hole on foot. Red Tail holds an astounding course rating of 74.4 and is widely known for its slope of 136. This large and spacious course holds an amazing forty five bunkers in key locations and six lakes that provide water hazards to eleven holes. Strategy is everything, and on the Red Tail Golf Course you’re going to need a strong one if you plan to beat the competition. The course was newly renovated offering you clean greens and smooth fairways. If you’re a serious golfer and in the Beaverton area you would be missing out if you did not visit this fantastic golf course!

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With a wide selection of vehicles to choose from Hertz can offer you the vehicle you need for the right price! Hertz has thousands of locations world wide, so there's bound to be a Hertz Rental Car dealership near you or your destination. With such a wide selection of vehicles and availability you can avoid the hassle that occurs in other rental car companies! Cheap Hertz Rentals lets you save even more money on the vehicle of your choice!

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  • Local Favorite Restaurants of Beaverton

  • Benihana

    BenihanaFew people have had the opportunity to enjoy authentic Japanese food. Often times local restaurants will only serve you cheap look–a-likes, and unfortunately they will probably lack the culinary skills to give you some real tasting Japanese food. However, lucky for you there is a restaurant that offers you fantastic Japanese food right here in the states. Benihana serves authentic Japanese food with special ingredients imported directly from Japan itself. With professional chefs that have years and years of experience that know how to prepare this exquisite cuisine are standing by ready to serve you. Benihana boasts that each visit to their fantastic restaurant is “A fresh experience every single time.” Since the restaurant opened in 1964 it has been a huge success, offering customers real food at a great price. The Benihana restaurant is a traditional yet modern Japanese hibachi steakhouse. Some of the most unique and mouth watering cooking methods are practiced here, known as “Teppanyaki.” These fantastic steaks are served at both lunch and dinner. The succulent steaks and tender chicken is the primary draw to this restaurant; however the variety of seafood offered here is breath taking. If you are ever in the Beaverton area and your looking to enjoy some exotic and great food than be sure to drop by Benihana for some of the United States best in Japanese cuisine.

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Make your visit to Beaverton, Oregon stress free when you get the freedom to go wherever you want whenever you want with a rental car! Don't be held back, do the things you enjoy and go the places you want when you choose from the large selection of vehicles offered at Avis Rental Car. With Avis Rental Car Discounts you can save on your rental car purchase and have the extra money to buy those souvenirs for the family back home!

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Avis Car Rental Portland - 330 SW Washington

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When your out of town and without a car transportation can be scarce, and if you do find public transportation it is slow and time ineffective. With a rental car there is nothing holding you back! You can go wherever, whenever with ease when you have a rental car from Thrifty one of the most reputable names in the business. Make your car rental even more enjoyable when you use Thrifty Rental Car Coupons a sure fire way for you to save even more on your rental!

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  • Mingo

    MingoThis relatively new restaurant has quickly stolen the hearts and hunger of the Beaverton residents. If you ask anyone in the area where you can get some tasty Italian food they will point you in the direction of Mingos. The restaurant only recently opened in 2004 by Michaels Cronan and Tocchini. So what draws people into this fantastic little restaurant? Well the food of course, but the Mingo holds a peculiar trait that’s quickly disappearing in restaurants across the U.S., atmosphere. Considered “A place of enjoyment.” the overwhelming spirit the owners of this restaurant have is directly seen through the fun nature of the restaurant. Enthusiasm is big here at Mingos and you have the opportunity to kick back and relax every time you visit. Mingo advertises their cuisine as “Simple Italian Food.” that’s because they serve Italian food just the way it should be. With a wide selection of foods to choose from you can enjoy gourmet meals cooked by professional chefs all year long. One of the major attractions to Mingo are the themed nights, while changing weekly each night offers you special deals and meals that can make your visit just a little more special. Bring the whole family, your friends and even close acquaintances because you’re in for a treat when you choose to eat at Mingo.

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When your on vacation, a family reunion or a business trip don't waste your time and money on taxi services, get a rental car from Dollar! With affordable prices and professional service you can make your visit to a Dollar Rental Car dealer quick and easy. Walk in and walk out with the car of your choice in no time, and make sure you use Dollar Rental Car Printable Discounts to get more out of your money.

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Don't waste your time on public transportation or pay ridiculous prices for taxi services; rent a car from National and you can save time, money and effort when you need it most. With professional sales associates and quality customer service this reputable car company offers you a wide variety of vehicles for your selection. Get the vehicle you need from friendly faces at an affordable price when you rent a vehicle from National, and with National Rental Car Discounts you can save even more on your purchase!

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