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Things to do in Bologna

    Archaeological Museum Archaeological Museum Bologna, Italy
    The Archaeological museum in Bologna, Italy contains one of the finest Egyptian collections in the country, along with some interesting and exciting relics excavated at Emilia. Right of the entrance is a decapitated torso made of marble, that many believe is that of Nero, and on the level beneath the street, there is a new Egyptian gallery that houses a marvelous number of sarcophagi and mummies, with the main attraction here being the cycle of bas-reliefs from Horemheb's tomb. The ground floor contains a marvelous gallery of casts, including copies of famous Roman and Greek sculptures, while the next floor contains two fabulous burial items from Verucchio. There are footrests, wood furnishings and the throne, decorated with everyday scenes of life and ceremonial parades. The top level contains numerous cases of prehistoric items like tools and relics, with a large collection of Etruscan artifacts that have the outstanding stylized Askos Benacci, that shows a man on a horse sitting on another animal. There are many terra-cotta urns, a bronze Certosa jar from the 6th century BC and a vase that showcases fighting Amazons and Greeks. The museum's finest treasure is Phidias' head of Athena Lemnia, that is a replica of the 5th century BC Greek work. The museum sits in the heart of the city and Palazzo Galvani, in a structure that was famously known as the death hospital that had been constructed in the 15th century, and continually changed. It would open as a museum in 1881. The museum's relics reflect the lives and ancestors of Bologna, with outstanding collections from the many universities and those articles discovered at archaeological excavations. Another excellent and magnificent collection is that of Pelagio Palagi, who had been a wonderful painter, architect and furniture designer, with a strong love of collecting antiquities. He was most interested in the Roman, Egyptian, Etruscan and Greek antiques that would end up inspiring his own magnificent designs and included many glass, silver and gold items that he had collected while living in Rome, Turin and Milan.

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Local Restaurants in Bologna

    Ristorante Pappagallo
    Entrees; cheese flan with mushroom sauce; Zibello loin of pork with creamy parmesan & pickled green tomatoes; salad of arugula, celery, walnuts, lettuce & parmesan with orange citronette; crispy rolls with shrimp & zucchini with ricotta dumplings with saffron; Bolognese veal cutlet; Fried mixed duck breast with grand marnier; ingot tuna with arugula, cherry tomatoes & capers; tortellini in broth with noodles with meat sauce; dumplings with cherry tomatoes, bacon & mint; goat cheese ravioli with eggplant & thyme; strettine sauce of cuttlefish & zucchini flowers with lemon fragrance.

    Ristorante Cesarina
    Entrees; boiled mixed selection of meat; rabbit with herbs; guinea fowl; ovoline cesarina meatballs; truffled goat; stuffed zucchini; Bolognese cutlet is breaded cutlet with parma ham & parmesan fry; mixed fried Italian; veal steak with truffles, mushrooms, parma ham & parmesan; Florence style T-bone steak; veal steak; lamb cutlet; grilled porcini mushrooms; beef steak; osso bucco is braised veal knuckle; chateaubriand; spaghetti with clams; noodles with shellfish sauce; seafood spaghetti; turbot; cod; monkfish; sea bass; sea bream; lobster.

Bolognese Veal Cutlet Ristorante Pappagallo Bologna, Italy



Florence Style T-Bone Ristorante Cesarina Bologna, Italy

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    National Picture Gallery National Picture Gallery Bologna, Italy
    Bologna, Italy's finest artworks and paintings are kept in the National Picture Gallery, and showcased, with many outstanding paintings from the city's best artists over the years, as well as many 14th century painters like Vitale de Bologna, who painted a magnificent image called St. George and the Dragon, with many rooms filled to the brim with detached frescoes that have come here from the local churches, as well as a renaissance gallery with excellent works by such noted artists as Bartolmeo and Antonio Vivarin and Cima da Conegliano of Venice; that show the influence these great masters had on the painting scene in those years. Many of the rooms are filled to capacity and beyond, that include many great masterpieces, and the auditorium is even filled with many of the bigger paintings. Other famous painters' works kept here include Raphael, Titian, Giotto, Guido Reni and Tintoretto. The museum is housed in a former Jesuit college structure housing many of the best artworks from the 14th to the 18th centuries that were produced here, with a majority from the 17th century. Another famous work is that of Francesco del Cossa, called the Madonna with Saints, and Raphael's St. Cecilia.

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Avis Discounts

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    San Giacomo MaggioreSan Giacomo Maggiore Bologna, Italy
    The San Giacomo Maggiore is one of the numerous churches in Bologna, Italy, and was founded by the Augustinian order in 1267, containing the Bentivoglio chapel and many fabulous renaissance artworks. Originally a group of hermits had established themselves by the walls of Bologna, by the Savena River, sometime in early 1247 and they would establish a monastery with the annexed church of St. James, and later merge with the Augustinian order in 1256. In 1267, the construction of a new church would begin, at this locale, with the edifice being completed in 1315, although the consecration wouldn't happen until 1344, when the apse was finished. It was built in the Romanesque style, using some gothic elements, like the ogival windows and a single nave with the trusses showcased. It would stop with a polygonal apse-chapel and two square chapels. The Bentivoglio family would construct their patrician chapel here in the 15th century and add a long portico in 1477. The bell tower would be finished in 1471, and during the period from 1483 to 1498, the interior would be reconstructed with a new cover and dome. They would add new side walls at the same time, and decorate these in the renaissance and baroque altars and paintings. In the early 19th century, the Augustinians would be kicked out by the French, coming back in 1824, with part of the convent being converted into a music school. Its facade is the oldest part of it, with later Romanesque styled proportions and decorations in Istrian stone along the windows. The 4 funerary cells would be added in the 14th century, with outstanding frescoes being added as well and the original entry protyrus was remodeled. The portico has 36 Corinthian columns, believed to have been created by Tommaso Filippi and the entablature contains a beautiful frieze.

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    Basilica di San DomenicoBasilica di San Domenico Bologna, Italy
    This is one of the finest churches in the city of Bologna, Italy, with the remains of Saint Dominic, the founder of the Order of Preacher (Dominicans) buried in the magnificent shrine of Arca di San Domenico that was created by Nicola Pisano and his workshop, Arnolfo di Cambio and later added onto with works by Niccolo dell'Arca and the young Michelangelo. It houses many beautiful works of art created by some of the best master painters of the period and the church contains a central nave, a transept, choir and apse, with two lateral aisles and several side chapels. The interior would be remodeled in the baroque style with refined elegance and outstanding proportions by the famous architect, Carlo Francesco Dotti. If you look up into the lunettes above the ionic columns by the nave, you can view 10 gorgeous paintings that showcase different stages of the church's history, with the first two completed by Giuseppe Pedretti, and the remainder by Vittorio Bigari. The chapels to the right contain many magnificent paintings by such masters as Cesare Gennari, Ludovico Carracci, Donato Creti, Angelo Pio, Pietro Facini, Pietro Dardani, Antonio Rossi, Filippo Gargilli, Guido Reni, Tiarini, Mastelletta, Lionello Spada, Mario Righetti, Giovanni Todeschi, and many more. The chapels on the left contain paintings by Alessandro Tiarini, Giacomo Francia, Prospero Fontana, Felice Torelli, Angelo Michele Colonna, Carlo Francesco Dotti, Agostino Mitelli, Lodivico Carracci, Bartolomeo Cesi, Denis Calvaert, Domenichino, Francesco di Simone Ferrucci da Fiesole and others. The organ in this chapel would be enjoyed by a young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, while he studied with padre Giovanni Battista Martini.

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    Basilica di Santa Maria dei ServiBasilica di Santa Maria dei Servi Bolongna, Italy
    This Catholic basilica in Bologna, Italy was founded in 1346 as the church of the Servite community of the Blessed Virgin Mary and designed by Padre Andrea da Faenza, who would also help design the Basilica of San Petronio, which is in this city as well. Pope Pius XII would make it a basilica. It is shaped in the form of a Latin cross, although the transepts don't cross the aisles, and the apse is considered shallow with five parts of an octagon, that was commonly found in the Italian gothic churches during that period. It would be designed in the gothic style with pointed arches everywhere, and when Andrea passed on in 1396, the work had not yet been completed. Even though it would be finished in the 15th century, it wouldn't look much different. Its exterior is considered to be very plain, with just brick, while the facade, that had to be finished in various phases, would not be decorated either. The most significant feature of the church is the courtyard that is quite common in the early Christian churches of the period, that would include St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. It was unusual for a courtyard to be constructed in a church during this time, in the 16th century, although it was modeled after an arcade constructed by Brunelleschi. The square, that sits in the front of the church, is smaller than most, so that a wide arcade could be constructed around it, that would then, enclose the entire square without any interruptions. It is closed on one side with regular structures, while the two sides that open to the street are open and run along the entire length of the structure. As the arcade meets the facade, there is a narthex or wide portico with five arches, that seems to flow along the front of the church. The arcade has a decorative cornice and the spandrels contains a circular molding that echoes the ocular window in the facade. This unique element is considered to be Bolognese in character, since the city has a large amount of street arcades, with many obviously medieval and some are dated to the Roman era. The church houses some beautiful works of art that includes the Holy Virgin Enthroned by Cimabue, traces of 14th century frescoes by Vitale da Bologna and a marble altarpiece of the Annunciation of Mary by Giovanni Angelo Montorsori, who was known as Michelangelo Montorsori.

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