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When your in the Bossier area your probably going to need a means of transportation. This small town area is home to a wide variety of attractions, and getting to and from them can be a complication. However with Cheap Alamo Rentals you can get the freedom you need to move around town. Enjoy a wide selection of cars all for an affordable price, when your looking for a rental car, Alamo is there for you.

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Things to do in Bossier

  • Red River South Marina and Resort

    Red River South Marina and ResortBossier City is located directly across from Shreveport, its larger parent city. Dividing the two cities is the large Red River. The Red River branches off the Mississippi river and passes through the states of Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. Along the red river on the eastern side lays the small town of Bossier City. However along the bank of this massive river are a wide variety of fun and entertaining attractions. Whenever you visit the area there are a wide variety of choices that lay at your finger tips. One of the most popular is the Red River South Marina and Resort. Here you can find cabin rentals along the waters edge, where you can enjoy the scenic view of the Shreveport river line while sleeping under the stars. And it wouldn’t be called a marina if there wasn’t one available for your use. The Red River is teaming with fish, and with the proper utensils you may just be able to make your visit to these waters a productive one. Here there are two double boat ramps that allow you to get your boat in and out, you can even find a convenience store that sells you the areas best fishing tackled and live bait for the fish that are biting. Enjoy the city from just a short distance away when you stay at the Red River South Marina and Resort.

Budget rent a car Bossier, Louisiana

Get exactly what your looking for, affordable prices, professional service and quality customer satisfaction when you rent a car from Budget. Budget Rental Car Discounts are a quick and easy way to save even more when you rent from one of the top providers in the market! Get the freedom you need to enjoy your visit when you rent from the large selection of vehicles at budget!

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  • Haynesville Shale Natural Gas Field

    Haynesville Shale Natural Gas FieldJust to the north of Bossier City you can find one of the United States largest natural gas deposits. The Haynesville Shale Natural Gas Deposit houses an estimated 20-35 trillion cubic feet of the purest natural gas. Some of the most interesting economical booms have been found in the small town of Bossier City. This massive stretch of land that crosses the Bossier area is quickly rising as landowners sell to major companies. So why is it constantly rising? Because as less and less of the land becomes available for repurchase, the race to strike gold is quickly escaping the fingers of large companies. This modern day gold rush is making the Bossier City area a prime investment for people from all over the world. In the next several years as the gas reserves begin to be excavated in the area the city will experience a massive expansion that could never before have been foreseen! Although the exact location of these natural gas fields has been known for a very long time, it has only recently (As of 2000) become a point of interest. The exact location of the gas is located in Cotton Valley a stretch of land that crosses the state of Louisiana and Texas, however there are several cities that appear on the map as key locations in the extraction of the gas. These cities are; Caddo, DeSoto and the most important drilling location of all, Bossier City. While Bossier City used to be a smaller and less acknowledged city as appose to its neighbor the large area of Shreveport, this recent development might make Bossier City the most visited area in northern Louisiana.

Enterprise rent- a- car Bossier, Louisiana

Get the freedom you need to make your vacation, business trip or other venture a relaxing experience when you rent a vehicle from Enterprise. With quality customer service, a wide choice of car options and Enterprise Rental Car Coupons, you can get exactly what you need at exactly the right price! Enjoy the local sites at Bossier when you have the capability to go wherever you want whenever you want with an Enterprise Rental Car.

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  • Bossier City Casino’s

    HorseShoe CasinoAnyone who has visited or lives in the Bossier City area can tell you about how popular the casinos are, and two stand out above the rest; the BoomTown and the Horseshoe Casino and Hotel. Both offer you a wide variety of different features and entertainment, each with their own unique set of fun little twists that make each its own experience in itself! The Horseshoe is one of the most reputable casinos in the business, with loads of entertainment you can enjoy the fun of a casino in a wild west kind of setting. One of the lures to this great place is the weekly $100,000 hot seat. Enjoy the many fun yearly giveaways; in January of 2010 the hotel gave away a Porsche. Plan your visit so that you can enjoy some of the amazing giveaways that appear thought the year. BoomTown best reflects the future of Bossier City, with $2.5 million dollars in recent renovations this hotel is top of the line and right up to par with the ones in LA. Boasting a massive pull and brand new room improvements you couldn’t find a better place to stay. The Casino here isn’t what you would expect to find in an ordinary resort. BoomTown has taken the casino scene seriously and has installed three stories of gaming action for you to enjoy. So get your game on while you’re in Bossier City, because the stakes are high and the casinos are filled with entertainment!

Hertz Car Rental Bossier, Louisiana

With thousands of locations nationwide Hertz is quickly rising up above their competitors. With unbeatable prices and professional services you can get some of the best deals in the market. Save even more when you use Hertz Rental Car Coupons, a quick and easy way to make your rental car experience even more enjoyable.

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  • Local Favorite Restaurants of Bossier

  • L’italiano Restaurant

    L’italiano RestaurantIf the name hasn’t given it away then you’re in for a surprise when you enter this small town restaurant that is on its way to being one of Louisiana’s best restaurants. Located on the east side of the Red River this little Italian restaurant has quickly become a fan favorite of the Bossier and Shreveport cities alike. Serving “The best Italian food in Louisiana,” you can be sure to find exactly what you expect from Italian food at this restaurant. Known for their friendly faces and great service L’italiano Restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy a night out. If your going out for a romantic meal, a family dinner our a business meeting, whichever it is; L’italiano will blow you away. Bring friends and family to this amazing restaurant and enjoy some of the best cuisine to grace northern Louisiana. The restaurant has a certain flare that you can find nowhere else. With professional chefs and quality customer satisfaction you are the guest of honor and they will treat you likewise. Since you are in the state of Louisiana the restaurant also offers a short line of some of the best seafood and fish on the market. Some of the fish you can get here comes directly from the Red River located just blocks away! So make your visit to Bossier official and enjoy some of L’italiano’s great cuisine.

Avis discount rental car Bossier, Louisiana

Make your vacation, business trip or other venture an enjoyable time when you get the freedom of an Avis Rental Car. Go wherever you want whenever you want when you choose from the wide selection of vehicles that Avis offers. Avis Printable Coupons are an easy way to keep more money in your pocket when you rent a car from the reputable Avis.

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Thrifty Car Rental Bossier, Louisiana

Choosing a rental car company to rent from can be a somewhat daring task, fortunately for you, Thrifty Car Rental is the solution for you. With professional service and quality care choosing a rental car company has never been easier. Get Thrifty Rental Car Coupons and make your trip to or through Bossier a fun experience with the money you save!

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  • Ralph and Kacoo’s Seafood Restaurant

    Ralph and Kacoo’s Seafood RestaurantYou’re in the state of Louisiana and that means seafood! Some of the best seafood dishes on the planet have come out of this state, and if you visit Ralph and Kacoo’s Seafood Restaurant you have the opportunity to try some of those amazing platters. One of the things about this small town diner that you will quickly realize is their unique and zesty taste that appears in every fish served to you. Some of the most unique and tasty recipes are put to work in this family friendly restaurant and there just waiting for you to walk through the door. One of the unique and interesting draws to this restaurant is the gift shop that lies parallel to the dining area. Inside you can find some of the popular souvenirs from the area, a perfect gift to take home with you after eating at this fun filled restaurant. Ralph and Kacoo’s Seafood Restaurant has a motto that is easily proven true, “It’s all about the food,” you’ll here them say, and they mean it! Some of the best and most unique platters in the state of Louisiana come out of this fantastic restaurant and you can find them in abundance when you visit Ralph and Kacoo’s. Bring your friends and family to this well known restaurant in Bossier City and get some real time New Orleans cuisine.

Dollar Rent-A-Car Bossier, Louisiana

Dollar Car Rental is the perfect solution when it comes to finding a rental car agency with great service. Get quality customer care and satisfaction when you rent from some of the largest car selections at Budget. Dollar Car Rental Savings is the perfect solution to saving you more money. When you go to rent a car make sure to check if there is a Budget dealer in your location or destination!

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National Rental Cars Bossier, Louisiana

Get the freedom you need to go wherever and whenever you want. But make sure your saving money while doing it, and that's exactly Nationals plan for you. With National Rental Car Coupons you can make your trip to your destination entertaining and affordable.

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