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Things to do in Bowling Green

    National Corvette Museum National Corvette Museum Bowling Green, Kentucky
    The National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky is the showcase of America for the Chevrolet Corvette automobile that has been in production since 1953 and opened in 1994 to allow visitors the opportunity to look over the magnificent muscle machines that became so popular with the American public. The museum is just a quarter mile from the Bowling Green Assembly plant, that has been making this monstrous machines of speed since 1981; and offer public tours of the plant where you can watch these awesome vehicles being made. The area has been the locale of many Corvette meet-ups over the years, held at or by the plant. The museum is also a proud sponsor of the Corvette Hall of Fame that honors individuals that have been part of the Corvette phenomenon and made important contributions in their particular fields. Every year, there are between 2 to 4 people inducted into the hall. When the museum was opened, it was to celebrate the invention of the Corvette; as well as preserving its amazing past, the present and future, and educating the public about this incredible machine. The museum and their web site is in constant flux, attempting to become the world's resource center for all things pertaining to Corvettes, and both the site and the museum strive to be up-to-date and on-top of all things Corvette. The best way to see it all is to visit their web site to get some feel of the idea and then visit the museum in Bowling Green. The web site and museum have every spec available for you to download or print, along with Corvette screensavers, wallpaper and monthly calendars. They also have the original build sheets and window stickers if you should need or want one, Corvette chronicles and the raffle winners; since they have regular raffles where you can win a brand new Corvette, without ever having to leave your house. There is a newsletter that you can sign up for, as well as the majority of events that are held around the nation, offering you close up views and time to look them over as long as you want. There is a Corvette Cafe for you to enjoy at the museum, with information about their exhibits, past, present and upcoming, the media gallery, Kidzone, virtual tour and so much more that you would have to check them over yourself to gleam all you can.

    Lost River Cave & Valley
    Lost River Cave & Valley Bowling Green, KentuckyThe Lost River Cave and Valley near Bowling Green, Kentucky is the only underground boat tour in the region and perhaps the nation, with a Butterfly Habitat that will amaze and delight you. Ripley's states that the river is the shortest and deepest in the world, with a constant 57 degree temperature, allowing you to fully enjoy the outstanding tour that takes you into a wondrous world that will astound you. The tour is about 45 minutes, about half on the boat and half walking, but it still depends on how much you enjoy it and want to just look. Other activities available at the site include; geocaching, Blue Hole trails, Lost River mining, wetlands, bird watching stations and children's activities. Their rock and mineral sluice is perfect for the whole family to enjoy, grabbing a bag of sluice materials, you keep whatever treasures you find, whether it be gemstones or fossils, crystals or emeralds. Some of the outstanding rocks you might find include; pyrite, garnet, aventine, quartz, peridot, calcite, sapphire, raspberry quartz, topaz, rose quartz, obsidian, sodalite, smokey quartz, moon stone, emeralds, fluorite and amethyst. You might also find fossils like amber, ammonite, petrified wood, horn coral, gastropod, shark teeth, trilobite, sponge coral, coral, sea urchins, orthoceras, crinoids, brachiopod and pelecpod. Along with beautiful forests, trails, creeks and more. The site has been excavated by archaeologists from Western Kentucky University with many cultural relics being discovered. There have been numerous artifacts discovered here, including one of the few Dalton points discovered in situ in southeastern Kentucky by Dr. Jack Schock of the university, and this unusual spearpoint is dated to some 8000 years ago. It is a rare find and one that has put Lost River on the maps. These Paleo Indians made bone tools and started to bury their dead and cremate them, always traveling in small groups and leaving many treasures behind for today's explorers and archaeologists to find. Many have created big shell mounds near the Green River and these trash heaps are excellent opportunities for the diggers of today to uncover the materials buried inside and decipher them. The lost river cave and valley surrounding it have become a veritable mine of prehistoric relics and bring many visitors here to just explore the area and see what can be found.

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    Kentucky Museum and LibraryKentucky Museum and Library Bowling Green, Kentucky
    The Kentucky Library and Museum located at the Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky is and has been collecting Kentucky for many years and has become a sort of time capsule for the state's history. You will learn about the Civil War, Kentucky authors, folklore, WWII, Mammoth Cave, Kentucky ancestors, music, clothing, oral histories, toys, quilts, early university life, scrapbooks, a 19th century log house, South Union shakers, politics, diaries, decorative and fine arts, political memorabilia, furniture, letters, maps, and more as you peruse the many galleries filled with the history and culture of this unique state. The museum has been in operation since 1939, and contains marvelous stories about Abraham Lincoln, the swamps of Viet Nam, slavery and the liberation of a Nazi concentration camp. You'll discover much about the state through its postcards, photographs and sheet music, as well as school and folk traditions and just about anything else you ever wanted to know about the state of Kentucky. Ongoing exhibits include; taking the mystery out of prehistory, Snell-Franklin decorative arts gallery, Felts log house, recommended by Duncan Hines, A Star in Each Flag: Conflict in Kentucky, Hascal Haile: Guitar maker to the stars, Robert Penn Warren: American Author, Western 100: A century of spirit, L. Y. Lancaster gun collection and Roads, rails and rivers: Warren County Then and Now. Many of these are included in the online exhibits to help you see how valuable and interesting these outstanding exhibits are and more.

     GM Corvette Assembly Plant
    GM Corvette Assembly Plant Bowling Green, Kentucky
    The GM Corvette Assembly Plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky is one of the General Motors automobile factories that specializes in assembling their Y body sports cars, the Cadillac XLR and the Chevrolet Corvette. The plant had been used to produce air conditioners, until General Motors purchased it and converted it into an assembly plant; taking over the St. Louis Corvette production in 1981. About 900 workers that had been there for some time, decided to transfer as well, and when the production of the C4 Corvette stopped in 1996, the plant was converted again, only this time to make the modern C5 vette. The plant has become one of the highlights of coming to Bowling Green for many vette owners and has been consistent in its quality. The plant does offer and encourage tours, as visitors come through and watch the many robots welding and doing other jobs to the production cars as they pass by. You will see the Corvette being built from the beginning and be there when it is driven off the end of the line, and listening to the roar of that big V8 coming to life for the first time. The plant's website is filled with all kinds of information for the visitor, as well as allowing them to make plans for a tour, specify the date and time, and even cancel should something unforeseen happen. The site has a marvelous merchandise store online so that you can order original vette parts or add-ons that will enhance the looks and feel of your new or old Corvette. There are numerous links located on their page that will take you to other sites that are favored among vette fans and enthusiasts, making the entire experience one of excitement and imagination.

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Local Restaurants in Bowling Green

    Entrees; bourbon glazed salmon is fresh Atlantic cold-water salmon, basted with bourbon glaze sauce & grilled; top sirloin is center cut; filet mignon is center cut wrapped in hickory bacon; pork loin is 2 thick slices of pork loin, topped with apple butter pan sauce; NY strip is 12oz. topped with Creole butter; Hawaiian ribeye is marinated in pineapple juice, soy sauce & ginger; prime rib 10 or 14 oz.; jerk mahi is grilled mahi mahi basted in jerk seasonings & served with mango salsa. Mariah's Favorites; chicken & buttons is chicken breast, with sautéed mushrooms & mozzarella cheese, fried mushrooms on side and horseradish upon request; chicken & bacon wrap is chicken breast with tomato, hickory smoked brown sugar bacon & jack & cheddar cheeses wrapped in wheat tortilla, toasted in wood-fired oven with ranch dressing & salsa; lite chicken is marinated chicken breast with wood roasted fresh veggies; veggie wrap is portabella mushrooms, jack & cheddar cheeses, artichoke hearts, caramelized onions, yellow peppers & pesto in spinach tortilla, toasted in wood-fired oven with ranch dressing; southern pot roast is slow cooked overnight; chicken fingers deep fried with honey mustard sauce; mahi tacos is 2 grilled tortillas with Cajun seasoned mahi mahi with southwestern slaw, pico de gallo & spicy sour cream; hot brown is fresh roasted turkey breast served on marbled rye & topped with white cheddar mornay sauce, brown sugar bacon, grilled tomatoes & parmesan cheese. 

    Verdi Restaurant
    Entrees; alfredo pasta is tri-color penne tossed in housemade alfredo sauce; spaghetti alla verdi is signature meat marinara sauce Bolognese style in special seasoning mix, topped with meatball & mozzarella cheese; veggie pasta is fresh made garlic & basil sauce, mushrooms, red onions, black olives & broccoli; scallops verdi is seared scallops in penne & lemon garlic sauce, green pepper, tomato & sweet red pepper pesto; chicken au Greque is grilled chicken breast topped with sautéed mushrooms, onions, mozzarella & feta cheese, with mashed potatoes; Greek chicken souvlaki is seasoned chicken breast & grilled veggies, served on bamboo stick over wild rice, feta & olives; Mediterranean shrimp skewers is grilled shrimp lemon seasoned, wild rice medley with artichokes & black olives, gorgonzola & feta sauce; German bratwurst with sauerkraut with apple & potato slices; Vienna schnitzel is breaded beef or pork schnitzel golden brown, served with mashed potatoes, sauerkraut mixed with apples & potatoes, topped with housemade cheese sauce or Kentucky parm-roux sauce; Veal Vienna with Kentucky parm-roux is golden brown veal schnitzel served with baby potatoes & edamane, topped with Kentucky parm-roux sauce; German plate is combo with bratwurst, Vienna schnitzel, sauerkraut, asparagus & choice of one German beer; chicken & crab scaloppine with sherry is sautéed chicken breast topped with grilled tomatoes, crab fritti & fresh asparagus, with sherry cream sauce; Kentucky raised natural steak in iron skillet is 12oz. of natural Kentucky raised NY strip or ribeye on hot iron skillet on top of grilled veggies & 1 side; grouper with wild rice etoufee & verdi rouge is seasoned & grilled grouper filet, wild rice etoufee & verdi rouge sauce; osso buco di cola is marinated & slow cooked pork shank in cola glaze, served with grilled veggies & mashed potatoes.


Hawaiian Ribeye Mariah's Bowling Green, Kentucky


Jerk Mahi Mariah's Bowling Green, Kentucky

 Greek Chicken Souvlaki Verdi Restaurant Bowling Green, Kentucky


German Bratwurst & Sauerkraut Verdi Restaurant Bowling Green, Kentucky



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    Cave Spring Caverns Cave Spring Caverns Bowling Green, Kentucky
    Cave Springs Taverns near Bowling Green, Kentucky is one of the main archaeological sites that has been shown on the PBS television station, and is a non-commercial cave set in a 5 acre bird sanctuary that is closed to the general public. The unspoiled and natural environment, as well as the quiet beauty of this cave has been preserved through the centuries and today is kept closed except for the guests of the Cave Spring Farm Bed and Breakfast. It is protected by the longest security cave note in the nation, but is free to the guests of the bed and breakfast. The cave is such a natural wonder that it makes it worthwhile to stay at the inn so you can visit the waterfalls and cascades, pioneer artifacts, deep pit rooms, canyon site passages and the marvelous Blue Hole Lake Room, where the blind cave fish live. One of the most spectacular sights you will see is a pictograph etched into the floor of one of the rooms called the Family, which was carbon dated to 30 BC. and is amazing to see. You will enter the cave through a bird sanctuary and venture into cathedral sized rooms and passages that have constant running water cascades and see where the Native Americans used it as a rare ceremonial site. The cave is an exciting adventure in one of the most pristine caves in the nation, since it is privately owned and nationally protected, it offers guests an unspoiled and scarcely visited cavern that has many natural wonders and beauty that is sure to make your stay a thoroughly enjoyable one. Bring the whole family and plan on spending some outstanding times in this cave, as you explore and wander around its vast rooms and hidden niches.

    St. Joseph Catholic Church
    St. Joseph Catholic Church Bowling Green, Kentucky
    St. Joseph Catholic Church in Bowling Green, Kentucky has been around since 1859 and is one of the oldest churches in the city. Kentucky was the fifteenth colony and would be the first western star added to the flag of America after it became a state in 1792, and by 1775, Catholic pioneers were coming to the region, mostly from Maryland, to settle and start a new life. The amount of Catholics that had arrived here by 1808 had become so significant that a bishop, Benedict Joseph Flaget, was consecrated and started the oldest inland American diocese of Bardstown in the new nation. The bishop and his priests would ride horseback to cover the more than 800 miles so that they could minister to their new flock, and in 1841, the headquarters of the diocese was transferred to Louisville, a bigger city and growing river port. Soon after, it would become the railhead of one of the main railroad lines of the country. That railroad would start construction of a bridge over the Barren River in 1856, and the village of Bowling Green would became a scene of much movement and construction as Irish and German Catholic laborers came to the region. The area became so large that they asked the bishop, Martin John Spalding, to appoint a priest from them, so he sent Rev. Joseph DeVries as the missionary pastor of the southern Kentucky counties. Joseph had come from Gerwen, Holland in 1853 and was ordained in Kentucky in 1855. The pastor was asked to start a church and organize the parish for Bowling Green. The story of the construction of that first frame church is very interesting, as is the subsequent church and the additions that helped it grow into the beautiful church it is today. It is a great parish and they are always ready to welcome someone new to the city and their church, even if only for a visit during their vacation or trip to Bowling Green.  

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    Historic Railpark & Train MuseumHistoric Railpark & Train Museum Bowling Green, Kentucky
    The Historic Railpark and Train Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky is situated in the L & N depot and contains a wonderful history of the railroad and how it helped this country grow faster than anyone could imagine. The story of railroading is fabulous and exciting, as the first locomotive was made in England in the 1820s and soon traveled across the ocean to America where the steam powered monstrosity would dominate the traveling business for over a century. That story is seen in the recent acquisition of the museum for the former Chicago and Northwestern Railroad locomotive 2011E. President Abraham Lincoln led the finish of the Transcontinental Railroad that would change the way people traveled across the nation and all points in between. A young entrepreneur, George Pullman, would envision an opportunity to use his inventive talents to convert the day coaches of the train into sleeping accommodations at night and started a business that would last for over a century as well, constructing a complete city and bridging the racial gap that existed. Soon, the US Post Office realized the tremendous help the railroad would be for their business, as the trains began moving packages and letters across the expanse of this country, and post offices would be constructed by the tracks to make the process that much easier. The postal service had to have exact requirements for their cars, so the Railroad Post Office cars were created to carry the mail, but only two of those cars remain today. The museum contains many vintage pieces of rolling stock and equipment, as well as outstanding artifacts that will invoke memories of those bygone days when riding the rails was a thrilling event, or hopping a freight to the next town over to catch a movie or something else. Folks of all ages will be thrilled and enthralled by the history and relics that have been preserved and collected for their pleasure and enjoyment. Children especially will be fascinated by the stories, interactive exhibits and the real live information given by the L & N conductor, cook and Pullman porter, as well as listening to various train sounds that bring back many wonderful memories for those of you who were around during those glorious days. Once you've visited the museum, inside the depot that once had up to 20 trains a day stopping here, you'll be able to climb aboard five restored railcars and listen as their stories are told. There are galleries of regional and national significance that have been created just to inform the public about the historic, cultural and socio-economic importance of the railroads. A gift shop is available for those hard to find railroading memorabilia and many other exciting gifts. It is a wonderful place to visit and remember our youth when we could ride the trains from one town to another and back, enjoying all the sights and sounds that emanate from these iron horses as they traveled around the country.

    Brims Children's Museum
    BRIMS Children's Museum Bowling Green, Kentucky
    The Barren River Imaginative Museum of Science (BRIMS) in Bowling Green, Kentucky was started in the 1980s to create an educational opportunity for the Barren River Area Development District (BRADD), so the museum was started to fill the void and create an imaginative and exciting environment for the community and its students. It strives to engage the people and families of the region in discoveries of science, scientists and the processes of scientific exploration in a marvelous interactive style. BRIMS encourages young people to become more involved and to begin careers in engineering, science and technology is an exciting facility that was made just for that reason and for those children that aspire to become more than they can be. The museum hosts several events each year to further inspire youngsters to become more aware of the sciences and what they can do for our society in a positive way, using various interactive exhibits and displays that create an environment that is conducive to learning as much as a child wants to.

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    Mammoth Cave National ParkMammoth Cave National Park Kentucky
    The Mammoth Cave National Park is located in central Kentucky and is the longest cave system known to man in the world, made a national park in 1941. The official name for the cave is the Mammoth-Flint Ridge Cave System and is was so named because of the ridge that sits above the cave. It became a World Heritage Site in 1981 and an international Biosphere Reserve in 1990. The park encompasses 52,835 acres that are mostly in Edmonson county, with some small area going eastward into Barren and Hart county, centered around Green River, along with its tributary, the Nolin River, that feeds the Green inside the park's area. Containing 390 miles of passageways, it is by leaps and bounds the biggest cave system known to man in the world, expanding almost twice as far as its nearest system that is South Dakota's Jewel Cave that contains a little more than 150 miles of passageways. The cave is home to the endangered Kentucky cave shrimp that is sightless and an albino. The National Park Service has a number of different cave tours, with many of the more famous features, like Frozen Niagara, Fat Man's Misery and Grand Avenue being available on the lighted tours that last from one to six hours, as well as two tours that are lit by visitor-carried paraffin lamps. These have become more popular to the electric lit tours, along with a few "wild" tours that travel off the beaten path and go through the muddy and dusty areas of the cave. These tours are well known for their interpretive programs, along with the occasional graphics that are located along artifacts that are exhibited in some parts of the cave. The park service cave guides give informative lectures about the caves and will vary from one tour to the next, which makes it more interesting for those that visitor more than one time, so you can learn more about the cave as you take different tours; learning about the cave's human history and prehistory, as well as a lot of information about the cave itself. The history of the cave and the many people and archaeologists that have visited is very interesting and can be seen and learned more about when visiting the cave. It spans a couple of centuries, although there were many Native American tribes that used the caves before the arrival of Europeans and other Americans as they emigrated westward.

    Riverview at Hobson Grove
    Riverview at Hobson Grove Bowling Green, KentuckyGrand Isle, Bowling Green is home to one of the oldest log cabins in the nation.  It is a one and a half story cabin built in 1783 by Jedediah Hyde, Jr. with 14 to 18 inch cedar logs, measuring Riverview at Hobson Grove is also called the Hobson House or Riverview, and is the historical house with classical Italianate architecture that sits in west Bowling Green, Kentucky, in Hobson Grove Park. It was involved in parts of the Civil War, and is considered a marvelous example of the Victorian period, and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972. The house was constructed as the home of Atwood Gaines Hobson and his wife, Juliet "Julia" van Meter Hobson on a small rise and close to the Barren River, which is how it came to be named riverview. The construction begin in the 1850s, but had to be interrupted because of the Civil War starting, and since Atwood and his oldest son were avid Union supporters they became fearful of the house and property. His oldest son, William, was made a colonel in the Union army. When the Confederate troops arrived, under the leadership of Simon Bolivar Buckner, who had fought with Atwood's brother in the Mexican American War, Simon agreed to spare the partially constructed house and had his men put a temporary roof over the basement so they could use it as a munitions magazine in the winter during 1861 and 1862; as the city of Bowling Green became the capital of Kentucky for the Confederacy. After the war, the house would be worked on until it was finished in 1872 and has many of the Italianate features like arched windows, a cupola and deep eaves with ornamental brackets. The house had two parlors with painted ceilings and the Hobsons added some unique ideas to the house for that period. They placed a copper-lined wooden collection tank in the attic, attached to the outside gutters that provided running water for the second floor water closet. They also added a hole in the ceiling beneath the cupola, that is often called a oculus, and it became part of the house's ventilation system. When the eight windows of the observatory were opened and the windows and doors opened on the first floor, a vacuum would be created that would pull the hot air up through the house and out the hole, that way keeping the air constantly moving in the house and helping it stay cooler; like an attic fan of today. The family and their descendants would live there until 1952, with more owners and tenants living there, until 1965. The city considered buying it to put in a golf course, which meant taking down the house, but a nonprofit called the Hobson House Association was created and began restoring it to its original condition. The golf course was built next door and can be seen from the hill that the house sits on. It was opened for tours in 1972, and can be visited six days a week.

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    Eloise B. Houchens CenterEloise B. Houchens Center Bowling Green, Kentucky
    The Eloise B. Houchens Center in Bowling Green, Kentucky is a Greek revival mansion constructed by a former mayor of the city, Francis Kister, and has been listed as a National Historic home to be used as a cultural and educational center, for the purposes of preservation and restoration. The first floor contains a parlor, dining room, big foyer and kitchen, with plenty of room for meetings, gatherings and the like, with more rooms on the second floor. The splendid house was constructed in 1904 and contains many outstanding features like inlaid wood floors, carved fireplaces and mantels. Kister's family would live in the house for 38 years and then it would become a home away from home for the Girls Club, for the next two decades. It would incorporated in 1975 to restore and preserve the magnificent old house that is now used as a cultural and educational center for the community, as well as a meeting place for associations, clubs and people that make up its membership.

    Beech Bend Park
    Beech Bend Park Bowling Green, KentuckyBeech Bend Park is located near Bowling Green, Kentucky and is the home to an automobile race track, campground and amusement park in Warren county. The park gets its name from a bend in the Barren River, by a stand of beech trees that can be seen all through the area; which was used as a picnic area during the 1880s. Charles Garvin bought the property in the early 1940s and began adding amusements over the following years, with a pony ride first, then a roller skating rink, dance hall, bowling center and swimming pool. Sometime after WWII, Garvin began to add mechanical ride to the park, starting out with a Ferris wheel bought from the Chicago World's Fair, and racing started about the same time with motorcycles. Car racing started out on a 3/8 mile oval track made of dirt, and today, although paved, it is still the same track underneath; and then in the 1960s, a drag strip was constructed. The 1960s was when the park reached its pinnacle, with ten cent gate admissions and then promotions like County Days that would highlight a county in the area each week. Carnival style rides were all around, with the famous Wild Mouse becoming the most popular and midway games like Skeeball and Fascination being those favorite. The campground evolved over the years and has over 1000 spaces available for campers, and had been billed as the world's biggest. That campground had the original store that would grow into Camping World, a big camping supply retailer that was started by Garvin's son, David; and a small zoo appeared. In the 1970s, the park began to see a decline in business, which could be attributed to more competition from themed parks like the Opryland USA in Nashville. Garvin's health began to decline as well, and in 1979, he passed on. The park would close except for the third party racing facilities that were still under lease, and eventually the park would be purchased by a group that included country music singer, Ronnie Milsap; which ran without making any money from 1981 to 1982 and it closed once more, and ownership reverting back to Garvin's heirs. Dallas and Alfreda Jones bought the racetracks in 1984 and started hosting national drag races that had been sanctioned by the National Hot Rod Association, and they did good, for the first three years, so the couple bought the rest of the park that had been overrun by nature. Nothing was done to the park until the 1990s, and the Joneses started clearing out the park and began restoring the campground. Then the pool was reopened and the couple began adding more amusement rides back, almost like Garvin had done previously. By 2005, the park had over 40 rides, a water park, big picnic pavilions, restored racing facilities and 500 campground spaces with all the amenities. The race track began hosting Corvette racing events since it was close to the plant and the museum, and a yearly NHRA Hot Rod Reunion. More rides were added over the ensuing years, and in 2009, it debuted the Chance Sea Dragon ride that had been bought from Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch and said to be his favorite ride and in 2010 a big water park is planned to open. One noteworthy item to mention is that Jim Varney's first commercial as Ernest P. Worrell was for Beech Bend.

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