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Things to do in Brugge

    Basilica of the Holy Blood Basilica of the Holy Blood Brugge, Belgium
    This Roman Catholic minor basilica was originally constructed in the 12th century to become the chapel of the residence of the Count of Flanders, with a fantastic artifact, believed to be a vial of the Holy Blood of Jesus Christ, that had been collected by Joseph of Arimathea, an uncle to Jesus, and brought here from the Holy Land by Thierry of Alsace, Count of Flanders. It was raised to a minor basilica in 1923, and located in the Burg square of Bruges, Belgium. There is both a lower and upper level, with the lower chapel dedicated to St. Basil the Great, and constructed in a dark Romanesque style that has been unchanged throughout its history. The fabulous artifact is housed in the upper level that had been reconstructed in the gothic style in the 16th century, as well as numerous times during the 19th century when it was changed to a gothic revival style of architecture. It would begin in 1134, when Thierry of Alsace began constructing a private double chapel next to the Oud Steen, the first place of residence for the Counts of Flanders, that has been converted into the city's town hall today. Thierry would come back here with the artifact of Holy Blood after going on the second crusade in 1147, and came back here in 1150 with the vial. In the first part of the 13th century, the upstairs chapel would be renamed to the Chapel of Holy Blood. The basilica is now one of the finest examples of the Romanesque style in West-Flanders, as well as one of the finest preserved examples of churches. It was constructed during the period from 1134 to 1149, and dedicated to St. Basil the Great, with another artifact brought back here by Count Robert II from Caesara Mazaca in Cappadocia, Asia Minor, that is now Turkey. The chapel house many fabulous relics of the past, including a 12th century representation of the baptism of Saint Basil, two venerated wood statues that had been created about 1900, the seated Madonna and Child by Sedes Sapientiae that is a wooden poylychrome sculpture of the 14th century, with artifacts that belonged to St. Basil and the Blessed Charles the Good, Count of Flanders, and a black marble retable created by Lancelot Blondeel. There are many more magnificent relics and artifacts from the past.

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Local Restaurants in Brugge

    De Stove
    Entrees; summer salad with mozzarella, Serrano ham, sorbet of tomatoes; fillet of plaice on samphire, with cream of cauliflower; lobster with zucchini, basmati rice & butter sauce.

    Den Dyver
    Entrees; greater weaver filet, spider crab, broad beans, leeks, oca leaf, white radish, parsley flowers; baked goose liver, pata negra, grilled green asparagus, pearl onions, avocado pear, Westphalia rye bread; grilled monkfish, rosemary potatoes, palissons & lemon lentrils, broccoli & lettuce, ratatouille; baked veal, ravioli of calf's head & chanterelle mushrooms, Swiss chard, sour-salt red cabbage, celery & lavas.


Fillet of Plaice on Samphire De Stove Brugge, Belgium

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    Groeninge Museum Groeninge Museum Brugge, Belgium
    The Groeninge Museum in Bruges, Belgium houses a magnificent collection of six centuries of Belgian and Flemish paintings from Jan van Eyck to Marcel Broodhaers, with a showcase of Flemish primitive art by many baroque and renaissance masters, along with a marvelous number of paintings from the 18th and 19th centuries neo-classic and realist eras, Flemish expressionism, numerous items from the city's post-war modern artworks collection and outstanding examples of Belgian modernism and symbolism. Noted works include Dirk Bouts "Triptych of the Martyrdom of St. Hippolytus", Jan van Eyck's "The Madonna with Canon van der Paele" from 1436, "Portrait of Christ" from 1140 and Portrait of Margareta van Eyck from 1439; Jan Provoost's "Crucifixion" from 1500 and the "Last Judgment for the Bruges Town Hall" from 1525; Adrien Isenbrandt's "Triptych" and "Portrait of Paulus de Nigro" from 1518; and Nicolas Maes' Portrait of Four Children" from 1657. The museum itself would be constructed between 1929 and 1930, on land that had been part of the Eeckhout Abbey and it was built to house the many magnificent paintings of the city's collection, as well as offering a permanent place for the artworks of the Flemish primitives, but it was separated in 1898 to house the older paintings, while the Museum of Modern Art would be moved to the old Jesuit school at Verwersdikik. Other masterpieces include "The Last Judgment" by Pierter Pourbus, "St. Nicolas Altarpiece" by the Master of the Saint Lucy Legend and the "Death of the Virgin" by Hugo van der Goes. Flemish primitives refers to the painting school and style of the southern Netherlands that has become Belgium in the 15th century, with its main center at Bruges, Ypres and Ghent. The Flemish word comes from the fact that the art center was set in the previous cities, with other painters coming there from all over the nation.

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    Castle ten BergheCastle ten Berghe Brugge, Belgium
    Some short distance from Brugge, Belgium, the Castle Ten Berghe sits magnificently in the open fields, encompassed by a large moat, almost as if it had risen from the lake's bottom. This medieval castle occupies space in a unique park, that takes you to the castle by a gravel road. The majority of the castle has been preserved for posterity and the families, with excellent rooms filled with antique wallpapers, period furniture and furnishings and more. Today, the rooms have been modernized to accommodate the guest that come here for relaxation and peace, with country home grown meats and produce, an over long table and chairs, that have been here for centuries. The neo-gothic dining room is well used today for all the meals served here, with beautiful tapestries, gold leaf decorated walls, portraits of the people that lived here, along with fabulous paintings and antiques. It is less than a mile from the city, and about 10 miles from the coastline, with free bicycles for those visitors that come by public transit, and rentals available to the rest. Another mile away is the local town square, where many marvelous museums are located, with an art museum that contains works by Michelangelo, Hieronimus Bosch, Memling, van der Weyden and van Eyck.

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