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Things to do in Burbank

    The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA Los Angeles, California
    The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA) is a marvelous contemporary art museum in Los Angeles, California that has three locations throughout the city, with the main branch on Grand Avenue in downtown, by the Disney Concert Hall, the original location that had been just temporary facility that would house temporary exhibits while the main branch was in construction and is now called the Geffen Contemporary in Little Tokyo and the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood. The museum's exhibits has been mainly of European and American contemporary artworks that have been created since 1940. The Geffen, although it wouldn't be called that until 1996, would open in 1983, while the main branch was being planned and built; and house temporary exhibitions, with the first show being a collaborative effort by Frank O. Gehry, John Adams and Lucinda Childs and called Available Light. It would be followed by The First Show by Julia Brown that would be called the inaugural exhibition. The structure that housed the museum was built in the 1940s as a hardware store and then it would become a city warehouse and police car garage, becoming known locally as the TC, and leased from the city. Frank Gehry, the southern California architect would rejuvenate the Albert C. Martin designed 1947 Union Hardware structures, leaving the interiors alone and concentrating on the exterior where he would install new entrance doors and construct a canopy of chain-link fencing and steel trusses that would cover the closed off street and create a partially shaded plaza of sorts. Inside, there are two huge, open galleries, that are lit up by industrial wire-glass skylights and a row of clerestory windows that are found along the south wall. The elaborate structural network of steel beams and supports were left alone, so that they could be used as supports for the numerous movable display walls that would add a unique sculptural effect. Also left over from the old days was a steel crane rail, to enhance the sculptural effect, and the loading docks were transformed into the lobby area. The building would captivate many critics and patrons with its easy access, lack of pretense and its informalness, giving the entire space a special feeling of space and art, entwined in the unique environment. A few newspaper writers would call it a success and would definitely become well attended, which it has and did. Because of this early and continued enjoyment and popularity, the museum's board asked the city to extend their lease, which they did, in 1986, and again in 1996. That same year, the facility would be given a $5 million gift from the David Geffen Foundation for its endowment drive and because of this outstanding gift, the museum's name would be changed to the Geffen. It is the biggest MOCA space, of all three locations, and is just the perfect venue for large installations, sculptural works and conceptual, multi-media or electronic installations. The museum uses its spaces for more modern works, and quite often by lesser known artists, as well as works that need a large space to showcase the works. In fact, there are many of the exhibits that have been created specifically so that they would be shown in the Geffen.

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Budget Car Rental Los Angeles Intl. Apt. - 9775 Apt. Blvd.
Glendale Budget Rental Cars
- 1124 S. Brand Blvd.
Hollywood Budget Car Rentals  - 6822 Hollywood Blvd. 

    American Animated Film Society MuseumAmerican Animated Film Society Museum Los Angeles, California
    The American Animated Film Society Museum (ASIFA) has been dedicating itself to becoming one the most significant organizations in the world that promotes the industry and art of animation, and has been doing it for more than half a century. The society has managed to set trends and start various institutions, as well as begin an industry or more. Animation cels were never considered to be collectibles until the society started offering them for sale, and awards were given to the venue only as a token, until the Annie Awards were introduced. These two events would stir the guiding forces of the society that would evolve into Anifest, the Animation Opportunities Expo, historical screenings and presentations, the Animation Archive, classes, and publications like the Graffiti and Inbetweener. The folks that became involved in the program were well known Hollywood types that had been in the business for years and included; Mark Hamill, Roy Disney, June Foray, Stan Lee, Ward Kimball, Bill Scott, Frank and Ollie, Gary Owens, Steven Bosustow, Chuck Jones, Tom Kenny, Bill Littlejohn, Seth Green and even famous actors like William Shatner and actress Phyllis Diller. For fifty years, the society has been likened to the little train that could and did, stand alone in their mission to promote, foster and recognize the magnificent art and history of animation. From their beginning in the 1960s, the society has become the screening society and purveyor of the Annie Awards, the most prestigious award dedicated to the art of animation and its continued establishment of the world's most comprehensive and complete archive of animation history and materials in the nation, and it is still one of the most proactive organizations in the world. It is one of the most exciting and interesting "new" ideas to hit Hollywood and the film industry, with the finest library and archives in the world devoted to animation, that is always striving to improve the magic and delight of those interested in the art. Their archives take us back to the early days of animation, which many of us will recall would become the impetus to the incredible animated movies put out by such greats as Walt Disney, and others who have been lost over time to the immediate popularity of the magical characters of today, that all got their start much more than half a century ago. It is an art form that has grown in popularity and will continue to strive for the stars, bringing out younger and more imaginative artists that had their early successes and failures to learn from. One such celebrity mentioned on the website of this fantastic organization is Mary Blair, who had worked with the Disney company during the 1940s and 1950s, although her two best works are still not available to the public, which includes a set of murals she painted at the entrance to Tomorrowland in Disneyland that were eventually covered up by a more modern rendition of Star Wars and the other is a book that has become very collectible, called Little Verses that was a Golden Book and has been out of print for four decades now. The story had been serialized in the children's magazine, Highlights that was published during the early 1960s. It is a marvelous work, filled with colorful animation and details. It is awesome that books and art like this is still available, if only in a museum, which is the perfect place for them to be viewed and enjoyed by millions from all over the world.

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Local Restaurants in Burbank

    The Castaway
    Entrees; blackened chicken pasta with sundried tomatoes, basil with lemon thyme cream sauce; chicken scalloppine is mushrooms, capers. lemon cream sauce, garlic mashed potatoes & fresh seasonal veggies; classic scampi is white wine garlic butter sauce, capers, rice pilaf & seasonal veggies; fresh Atlantic salmon with papaya relish, beurre blanc, rice pilaf & seasonal veggies; Chilean sea bass swerved with hedgehog mushrooms & white asparagus; Australian lobster tail with seared scallops, cauliflower, oyster mushrooms & basil mashed potatoes; seafood collage with half lobster tail, scallops, shrimp, fresh fish, white wine sauce & linguini; 3/4 lb. roast prime rib of beef with au jus, creamy horseradish, baked potato & fresh seasonal veggies; filet mignon with crispy onion straws, garlic mashed potatoes & fresh seasonal veggies; NY steak maitre d' butter, garlic mashed potatoes & fresh seasonal veggies; rack of lamb with pistachio-herb crust, pomegranate-mojito glaze, garlic mashed potatoes & fresh seasonal veggies; sizzling top sirloin with onions, peppers, mushrooms, red wine sauce & baked potato.

    The Smokehouse Restaurant
    Entrees; Smokehouse prime rib slow roasted, served with horseradish; chateaubriand for two is carved at table; bone-in NY steak with choice of peppercorn sauce or Jack Daniel demi-glaze; ribeye steak is charbroiled; filet mignon; porterhouse steak is jumbo t-bone with tender filet & NY strip; chopped beef steak is charbroiled topped with sautéed onions & mushrooms; chicken picatta is tender chicken breast sautéed with lemon, mushrooms, capers & wine; halibut fish & chips is fresh Alaskan halibut, fried golden brown & served with tartar sauce; chicken teriyaki is boneless chicken breast grilled, topped with grilled pineapple & teriyaki sauce; shrimp scampi is large white Mexican shrimp sautéed with fresh garlic butter Italian style; chicken Buena vista is boneless chicken breast sautéed with mushrooms, artichokes, lemon, garlic & wine; stuffed salmon is Northern salmon filet stuffed with crab & spinach, topped with sauce béarnaise; lobster tail is steamed with drawn butter; fresh fish of the day; BBQ baby back ribs hickory smoked then glazed with house BBQ sauce & grilled; BBQ shrimp is large Mexican shrimp glazed with housemade BBQ sauce & grilled; BBQ tri-trip is grilled tender tri-trip glazed with house BBQ sauce; BBQ chicken is half chicken glazed with house BBQ sauce & grilled; rack of lamb roasted served with mint jelly; beef stroganoff is tender cuts of beef sautéed with wine, mushrooms, onions, tossed with tender butter noodles; steak Sinatra is tender pieces of filet mignon sautéed with tomatoes, sweet onions, tricolor peppers & mushrooms served over Italian linguini; filet & shrimp kabob is tender filet, jumbo shrimp, onion, bell pepper, tomato grilled & served over rice; seafood trio is jumbo shrimp scampi, grilled salmon & catch of the day.


Blackened Chicken Pasta The Castaway Burbank, California


Roast Prime Rib The Castaway Burbank, California

 Chicken Teriyaki The Smokehouse Restaurant Burbank, California


BBQ Baby Back Ribs The Smokehouse Restaurant Burbank, California



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 2627 Hollywood Way

Hertz Rental Car Glendale- 1001 S. Brand Blvd.
N. Hollywood Hertz Car Rental -  6750 Lankershim Blvd.

    Gordon R. Howard Museum Gordon R. Howard Museum Burbank, California
    The Gordon R. Howard Museum in Burbank, California houses the history of the city and the many changes that have occurred here during the last century, including the police force, the fire department, the early structures, parade photographs and unique sights that were once Burbank before it became the movie metropolis of the world. Filled with the historical treasures of a century, this museum has everything that you ever wanted to know about the city within a city, where the early movies were created and the studios were just a few building along the boulevard. The Burbank Historical Society was started in 1973, by a group of folks that wanted to collect and preserve the magnificent history of Burbank, and it would incorporated in 1975, and now operates the Gordon R. Howard Museum that has a marvelous 1887 Victorian house, a vintage vehicle structure, a memorabilia structure that contains a Lockheed Aviation exhibit, historical relics and the Ray Sence addition that contains many 19th century room that have been set up as they would have looked in their primary condition. The museum contains many outstanding exhibits about Disney, NBC and Warner Brothers; and an F-104, which was the only Burbank built airplane in the states, and even though 12,000 were made, this is the only one left. When the society was started, Gordon R. Howard was the main benefactor that would help get the museum started, donating land along the avenue to house this venue and others that would be joining it over the decades. There are also numerous vintage cars located in the vintage vehicle building that have been donated to the museum during the years and they are beautiful cars and include a 1909 De Dion Bouton and a vintage Moreland truck that is probably still being restored. There are many others that are well worth seeing when you visit the museum, which is filled with all the best memories and relics that are still available. Seven display areas belong to the museum altogether, with the open space that opened in 2004 containing many vehicles and other agricultural equipment. There are antique cameras, the start of urbanization, aircraft and the Mentzer House that was moved here to become part of the museum.

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Burbank Avis Rental Cars
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Avis Car Rental Glendale - 100 W. Glenoaks Blvd.

    Police and Fire MuseumPolice and Fire Museum Burbank, California
    The Burbank Fire and Police Departments work hand in hand every day of the year, and their joint efforts have been combined to show the many contributions these fine men and women have contributed to the city for many decades, and is now available to all at the Police and Fire Museum in Burbank located in a glass paneled rotunda inside a unique architectural marvel that provides visitors with a tableau of dedication and sacrifice to continue the saving of lives in the community. The museum is open by appointment only, so be sure to call ahead and make sure that they can accommodate you and your family when you go to visit. It will also make a qualified and informed guide to take you around the numerous exhibits and discuss with you. The magnificent theme that permeates the museum is one of care, watchfulness and scrutiny to danger that the outstanding sculpture set out front conveys that is aptly named the Guardians. One of the finest displays that can be seen inside the marvelous structure salute three Burbank officers that were killed in the line of duty, along with two marshals. They recognize the importance and contributions made by their canine friends, as well as the Hero Display of Officers getting community recognition for their excellent valorous service and dedication. Those brave officers that are to receive the coveted Police Medal and Police Star are also recognized and honored here. The facility isn't just devoted to the police officers that have given their all, but the firefighters are shown as well with displays of distinction and honor. There are numerous fire engines and fire fighting equipment located in the museum, along with firearms and other objects of police and fire department service to fill the spaces up. The exciting displays and details about the way that firefighters do their job is showcased in many exhibits of the real fire suits and entry tools that were used for those particularly dangerous assignments. It is a marvelous monument to the efforts and lives of those brave women and men that are available to help their fellow citizens and keep them out of harm's way and a great venue to visit with your family.

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Pasadena Thrifty Rental Car - 3500 E. Colorado Blvd. S-110
Thrifty Car Rentals Rosemead- 4237 N. Rosemead Blvd.

    Burbank Aviation MuseumBurbank Aviation Museum Burbank, California
    The Burbank Aviation Museum is an all volunteer, nonprofit, community effort that began in 1991 by a group of citizens that wanted to recognize and preserve the outstanding local aviation history, before it is lost to posterity and apathy, like so many other memorable and significant relics have been done in the past. The museum is now in the process of finding a home for their marvelous collections, with engineers, aviators, designers and fabricators already willing to donate their time and expertise to making it a reality. Many have taken photographs of sites that are no longer with us, and collected as much memorabilia as they could, along with hundreds more paying dues so that the museum site could become a reality and a wonderful place to bring your entire family to learn more about this fantastic industry that helped nations around the world, grow and come closer, in fact, actually making the world a smaller community of men and women, dedicated and devoted to helping each other get through the difficult times of life, whether in peacetime or war. The group has become successful in attending every meeting, publishing newsletters, getting newspaper coverage and holding memorabilia swap meets in the hope and dream of getting their own place to showcase the glorious life of the airplane and the outstanding people that were involved in them. Currently, the "museum" collection is available to be seen on Sundays at the Portal of the Folded Wings that is located at the Valhalla Memorial Park, but it is only a temporary solution to the main problem; getting their own space. Unfortunately, the majority, if not all, of the former airplane factories have been razed, burned or demolished to make way for "progress", while many of those sites could have been saved and used for other purposes, as has been done in many cities across the nation, as people start to realize that they are building their future on the foundations of the past, that were and are still important, we just need someone to show what that importance or significance is so that we can all come together for a common purpose; that of saving our history. It is sad that there are no longer any signs of a great industry that helped this nation win the second world war, or put us on the highway to the stars. If these brave men and women hadn't been so zealous to put an aircraft into the air, then take it around the world at a faster and faster pace, we would never have dreamed of trying to fly into space or beyond. Burbank, actually had a fantastic aviation history, that is no longer there, although all the movie stars and other puffed up pontificates are still putting their feet and hands into concrete so that they will be remembered, although with each new generation, they will be forgotten, regardless of how many feet and hands they have cemented; all the while our historical artifacts are being destroyed so we can have more bars, t-shirt shops, souvenir shops and restaurants serving up the fattiest foods in the world. Some of the magnificent flying machines that were manufactured here include; Hudson, Constitution, Vega, Stealth fighter, Ventura, U-2; SR-71, Jack Northrop's first flying wing, partial F-22 Raptor, Vega B-17 and the mighty P-38. A few of the more famous personalities that were involved in the Burbank aviation history include; Howard Hughes, Jack Northrop, Charles and Anne Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart, Kelly Johnson, Wiley Post and Roscoe Turner.

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Los Angeles Dollar Car Rental - 1025 S. Labrea Ave.
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    Los Angeles ZooLos Angeles Zoo California
    The Los Angeles Zoo was started in 1966 in Los Angeles, California and occupies 113 acres of landscaped grounds, owned by the city, all of it, including the animals, staffed by city employees that take care of everything. The zoo is situated in Griffith Park, and houses 1100 animals that have come here from across the globe, actually opening in 1912 and some two miles north of where it is today. The remains of that former zoo would be used in the movie, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, while the present site was formerly the location of the Rodger Young village that had been constructed on the site that had been the location of the Griffith Park Aerodome. The zoo has been a marvelous and benevolent breeding program of the California Condor, the world's biggest bird, and has helped that magnificent creature grow from just 22 in the 1980s to more than 330 today. It is also one of the few zoos in the world that have mountain tapirs. Another interesting fact is that in the 1971 film of the Escape from the Planet of the Apes, the characters Cornelius and Zira would be quarantined for a short while at the zoo. They would open Chimpanzees of the Mahale Mountains in 1998, then the Red Ape Rainforest in 2000, the Komodo dragon exhibit and the Winnick Family children zoo in 2001. The Entry Plaza, the Sea Lion cliffs and the Discovery Center would open in 2005, the Campo Gorilla Reserve in November 2007 and Elephants of Asia in the winter of 2010. The zoo would be named a botanical garden in 2002, so the official name would be changed to the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens, with 15 unique collections spread around its acreage, that showcase more than 800 different plant species that total more than 7400 beautiful plants.

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