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Midway Intl. Apt. Avis Car Rental  - 5700 S. Cicero Ave.
Avis Car Rental Merrillville
- 1750 W. 81st Ave. Ste. 5
Chicago Ridge Avis Rental Cars
- 6501 W. 95th St.
Avis Car Rental Orland Park - 9266 W. 159th St.

Things to do in Calumet City

    Harold Washington Library Center Harold Washington Library Center Chicago, Illinois
    The Harold Washington Library Center is now the central library for the Chicago Public library system and named after former Mayor Harold Washington, located south of the L Loop on State Street, with free wifi and occupying 756,640 square feet. The unique structure would be designed by Hammond, Beeby and Babka, who won a design competition in 1987 to replace the old library that was housed in the old Chicago Cultural Center. The bottom part of the structure is made from huge granite blocks, and red bricks take up the remainder, which has been taken from the beaux-art style. The pediments and much of the west exterior are made of glass, aluminum and steel with ornamentation taken from the Mannerist style. In 1993, the roof would be ornamented with seven big, painted aluminum acroteria that had been designed by Kent Bloomer, and the owl figures designed by Raymond Kaskey. The acroterium that sits on the State Street side depicts an owl, which is the Greek symbol for knowledge, while the acroterium on Congress Parkway and on the Van Buren side has seed pods that represent the natural bounty of the Midwest. They each contain an owl that is perched on foliage, and on the divide that exists between the granite blocks and brick are wall medallions that contain the face of Ceres, a Roman goddess of agriculture and ears of corn. The south, east and north sides contain five story tall arched windows with rope friezes in between. Every one of the exterior doors leads into the lobby, with the lower level housing the Cindy Pritzker Auditorium, exhibit hall and multi-purpose room. The central lobby is two stories high, with the Popular Library on the east side and the second floor contains the Thomas Hughes children's library. The third floor is the main entrance from the street, while the fourth contains the offices. The fifth contains the government publications and other offices, with the sixth floor housing social sciences and history resources. The seventh floor houses literature and language resources and a marvelous sculpture by Jerzy Kenar. The eighth has visual and performing arts resources, music practice rooms and audio/visual rooms. The ninth floor has the winter garden and the tenth floor is closed to the public.

Budget rent a car Calumet City

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Midway Apt. Budget Car Rentals - 5700 S. Cicero Ave. 
Budget Car Rental Oak Lawn - 8940 S. Cicero
Merrillville Budget Rental Cars
- 1750 W. 81st Ave.
Budget Car Rentals Orland Park - 7170 W. 159th St. 

    Marktown Historic DistrictMarktown Historic District East Chicago, Indiana
    Perhaps one of the most unique neighborhoods in America was born in steel and tempered in oil, the Mark Town site, which is now called the Marktown Historic District, has been called the eighth wonder of this world or the Brigadoon of Industrial housing complexes that rose out of the mists of the industry. Many believe that it is best known for being included in Robert Ripley's Believe It or Not for being the only town in the nation, where the citizens park their cars on the sidewalk and walk in the streets. It would added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975, since it had been considered an exemplary example of pre-WWI worker housing that was designed to meet the needs of the quickly expanding American work force and their families during the great industrial revolution. The houses would be constructed in the English Tudor revival style and designed in the classic English garden city style by Chicago architect, Howard Van Doren Shaw. The area welcomes many visitors every year to enjoy the architectural tours that are given by the Marktown Preservation Society, and although there haven't been any books written about the town per se, there have been numerous mentions of it in dozens of books and hundreds of periodicals since it was built in 1917. Originally, Clayton Mark would buy the 190 acre tract from Henry Clay Frick in 1913 for a quarter of a million dollars, although just 21 acres would be located on the north side of the railroad tracks on what had been called "lake side". He wanted to construct a plant there that would manufacture basic steel and then have it further processed into continuous butt weld pipe, since he had tired of being held hostage by the steel producers that was being produced in Ohio and Pennsylvania. It would be three years before the actual construction started because the start of WWI began, which caused shortages of supplies, the uncertainty in money markets and indifference by the government agencies involved. It is a fantastic story and one that is quite long since it began almost at the start of the 20th century and continued on for decades.

Enterprise rent- a- car Calumet City

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Calumet City Enterprise Rental Car
 1246U.S. Rt. 302-Berlin Unit 1

Local Restaurants in Calumet City

    Siam Marina
    Entrees; asparagus with scallops & shrimps; avocado crispy rolls; Bangkok salmon; calamari tempura; crispy & crunchy soft shell crab; great grilled ahi tuna; lobster & mango spring rolls; lobster & shrimp pad kimao; lobster cheesecake; red snapper deluxe; seafood crispy rolls; seafood pad Thai; sesame crusted mahi mahi; Siam lobster; Siam's signature pork stew; sizzling beef lover; sizzling mother delight; spicy grilled halibut steak.

    Outback Steakhouse
    Entrees; baby back ribs smoked, grilled & brushed with BBQ sauce & Aussie fries; Alice Springs chicken is chicken breast flame grilled & topped with sautéed mushrooms, crispy strings of bacon, melted Monterey jack & cheddar, finished with honey mustard sauce; with Aussie fries; grilled chicken on the barbie is seasoned & grilled chicken breast with house signature BBQ sauce & fresh seasonal veggies; no rules parmesan pasta is fettuccine noodles tossed in creamy parmesan cheese sauce; New Zealand rack of lamb cooked to order with rich cabernet wine sauce, served with garlic mashed potatoes & fresh seasonal veggies; sweet glazed roasted pork tenderloin with tangy sweet glaze, garlic mashed potatoes & fresh seasonal veggies; filet with wild mushroom sauce is sliced filet topped with marsala & wild mushroom sauce served with garlic mashed potatoes & seasonal veggies.

Sesame Crusted Mahi Mahi Siam Marina Calumet City, Illinois


Baby Back Ribs Outback Steakhouse Calumet City, Illinois


Chicken on the Barbie Outback Steakhouse Calumet City, Illinois


Hertz Car Rental Calumet City

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Hertz Rental Cars Monee- 5511 W. Wilson
Palatine Hertz Car Rental - 2095 N. Rand Rd.
Hertz Rental Car Minooka- 512 Twin Rail Dr.
Chicago Hertz Car Rental - 3650 N. Clark St.

    Sand Ridge Nature Center Sand Ridge Nature Center South Holland, Illinois
    Sand Ridge Nature Center in South Holland, Illinois occupies 235 acres of outstanding landscaping that includes prairies, woodlands, sand dunes and oak savannas, with magnificent trails meandering through the park, with each trail going anywhere from a quarter mile to two miles long. And each trail wanders through one of these ecosystems that also includes marshes and ponds for wild birds that are both native to the area and those that come here to nest or rest. The wildflower show in the spring is one of the best times to visit this vista, and almost equally beautiful in the fall when all the leaves turn. At those peak beauty times, the migrant birds are also at their finest, as well as butterflies and dragonflies creating their magnificent dances in the air. In the winter, there are other sights and sounds that bring visitors here, like the beauty of nature just after a fresh snow storm, with many areas laced with tracks from animals that aren't ordinarily seen in the day or at any other time for that matter. The center showcases many various types of displays that are both informative and interesting. There are exhibits about the cultural history of the area as well, with native wildlife being shown like fish, turtles, snakes and more; and a marvelous kiddie corner that offers and provides puzzles, hands-on activities and puppets. They have bird feeders that you can enjoy watching in some of the classrooms and a splendid outside butterfly garden along with veggie garden and herb garden. They have replicated an old log cabin and filled it with excellent memorabilia from the past and showcase the lifestyles of the 19th century in this state. There are special events, like Earth Day, Illinois Archaeology Day and more, as well as free public programs, demonstrations and guided walks that help to make this an interesting and exciting venue for the locals and visitors to come and enjoy, in the fresh air of natural settings that are designed to help folks relax and smell the roses along their way.

Alamo Car Rentals Calumet City

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Chicago O'Hare Apt. Alamo Car Rentals
 560 Bessie Coleman Dr.

Alamo Rental Cars Chicago Midway Apt.
 4625 W. 55th St.

Chicago Alamo Car Rentals -  203 N. Lasalle
Naperville Alamo Car Rentals -  560 Bessie Coleman Dr.

    Robie HouseRobie House Chicago, Illinois
    The Frederick C. Robie House has become a National Historic Landmark in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, designed and constructed by Frank Lloyd Wright between 1908 and 1910. It is well known as the finest example of his prairie style, which many believe is the first American architectural style that is all our own. It would be added to the landmark list in 1963, and be the first listing on the National Register of Historic Places in 1966. The house has a really interesting history, since each of the home owners would be living in it for only a short time, until it was sold to Marshall D. Wilber, treasurer of the Wilber Merchantile Agency in November of 1912, and they would live there longer than any other owners, and that would be for fourteen years. They sold the house to the Chicago Theological Seminary in 1926, who would use it as a dormitory for students until 1941, when they began planning its demolition; which brought some very heated arguments from people that couldn't believe that the historic house was going to be taken down, until the outbreak of WWII which changed everyone's plans for the next four years. Once more, in 1957, the seminary began plans for tearing the house down, but this time there would be an international outcry, and this time, the man himself, 90 year old Frank Lloyd Wright would arrive with students, neighborhood organizers and the media to protest that decision. Wright would comment, "It all goes to show the danger of entrusting anything spiritual to the clergy". Some weeks later, the city would create a new commission, called the Commission on Chicago Landmarks, and with the support of the mayor would declare the house a landmark and save it from destruction. A friend of Wright, William Zeckendorf, who was also a New York real estate developer would purchase the house from the seminary and then donate it to the University of Chicago. In 1997, the university would move their offices out and turn over the entire operation to the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. The house has become one of Wright's best designs, not stated so by him, but by historians and architectural critics who had realized the building and interior components owed their design influence to the natural landscape and plant life of the Midwest prairie that is so typical of Wright's Prairie houses. Frank would not only design the house, but he would also design the interiors, lighting, furniture, rugs, textiles and windows.

Thrifty Car Rental Calumet City

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Chicago O'Hare Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars
 3901 N. Manneheim Rd.

Thrifty Car Rental Chicago Midway Apt.- 5700 S. Cicero Ave.

    Calumet City Historical SocietyCalumet City Historical Society Calumet City, Illinois
    The Calumet City Historical Society provides an outstanding look at the history and heritage of this exciting and interesting city that had at one time been the hangout for many of Chicago's most famous gangsters, when they were too well known in the Windy City. The region had been occasionally inhabited in its early history with nomadic Native Americans because many archaeological excavations have discovered many exciting and interesting relics like flint-like quartz pebbles, hammer stones, arrowheads and blades; and the name Calumet is derived from the Native American word "kalamick" that pertained to the Little Calumet watershed. It is believed that the first inhabitants of the region would use the Little Calumet River to fish and trap for minks, muskrats and waterfowl. The first resident would be a German immigrant named Hans Johann Schrum, who came here in 1863, with his wife, Louise and acquire 275 acres for $17 an acre; which would soon grow into over 600. The family would make maple syrup and grow potatoes, among other crops, as well as running the Calumet Dairy and the Calumet Pickle Works. They began a milk delivery service that charged five cents a quart, with their profitable pickle business sending trucks to East Chicago, Hammond, Gary, Whiting and all parts of Calumet City with great quantities of pickles and hot dog condiments like horseradish, ketchup, relish and peppers; which all would make the Schrums quite rich. It would continue to grow as more families came to the area and businesses flourished. The area would be known as West Hammond in 1893, as the citizens would take the final steps to becoming a town under state laws, although the name Calumet City would not be adopted until 1924. It grew with an ethnic diversity, during the second world war and after, with great influxes of Italian, Polish and Irish families coming here in increasing amounts. As the population continued to grow, the city would still not have much infrastructure like paved sidestreets or sidewalks until the mid 1900s, as the number of residents approached 5000 in 1910. Another 20,000 would come here by 1960, drawn by the many opportunities to work in the steel mills and other factories that had grown up around the area, and the houses were being sold for only about $18,000. The society operates a marvelous museum that contains many wonderful relics, materials and other interesting items that have been donated or acquired over the years.

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Dollar Cheap Locations

Chicago O'Hare Intl. Apt. Dollar Car Rental
 10000 Bessie Coleman Dr.

Dollar Rental Car Chicago Midway Apt. 
 Midway Regional Apt.

    Pullman FactoryPullman Factory Chicago, Illinois
    The Pullman Palace Car Company was started by George Pullman in the late 19th century and continued until the early years of the 20th century, when the boom days of the railroad in this nation was happening everywhere. He would develop the sleeping car that would continue to carry his name until the 1980s, and would produce trolley buses and streetcars by the thousands. There would arise a labor union that was affiliated with the company, called the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters that had been organized by the porters and it would become one of the most powerful African American political entities of the 20th century. The idea for his sleeping cars would be realized by Pullman as he spent a night sleeping in his seat on a trip from Buffalo to Westfield, New York, and he became inspired to design a better and much improved passenger railroad car that would house sleeper berths for all of the passengers. In the daytime, the upper berth would be folded up like a airplane's overhead luggage compartment, and then at night, the berth would be folded down and the two facing seats below it would be then folded over it to make a fairly comfortable bunk for the evening. It might seem like a bare minimum in today's world, but after having been forced to sleep in an upright position for years, the folks in those days were quite happy with the new changes. There were curtains for privacy, and washrooms at either end of the car for men and women. Pullman began his company in 1862, and would construct luxury sleeping cars that featured card tables, carpeting, libraries, draperies, upholstered chairs and an outstanding level of customer service. As the name grew to become a household name, it would also become known for the terrible Pullman Strike that would be committed by the workers and union leaders in 1894. During the economic downturn of that period, Pullman would be forced to reduce the hours and wages of the workers, but not the rents, would preceded the strike. Many of the workers would join the American Railway Union that was headed up by Eugene V. Debs. When George Pullman passed on in 1897, a certain Robert Todd Lincoln, the very son of the famous and beloved president Abraham Lincoln, would become its president. The company would be forced to close down its factory in the Pullman neighborhood of Chicago, in 1955; after having bought the Standard Steel Car Company in 1930 during the Great Depression; which would create the Pullman-Standard Car Manufacturing Company. That company would shut down in 1982, after having created the Amtrak Superliner cars, and their remaining designs would be bought in 9187 by Bombardier.

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Chicago O'Hare Apt. National Car Rental 

 560 Bessie Coleman Dr.

National Rental Cars Chicago Midway Apt. 
 4625 W. 55th St.

Chicago National Car Rental -  203 N. Lasalle
Naperville National Car Rental  -  1160 E. Ogden Ave. #108