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Things to do in Cape Coral

    Koreshan State Historic Site Koreshan State Historic Site Estero, Florida
    The Koreshan State Historic Site is the state park that is located in Lee County, Florida, and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976. There are many places with pine flat woods habitat and the former site of a religious colony called the Koreshan Unity, whose last survivors deeded the land to the state of Florida in 1961. The Koreshan community imported a large number of plants from around the world, like the monkey puzzle tree that is native to South America and drops seeds that are as big as a football, mango and other fruit trees, sausage trees that are indigenous to Africa and one of the most favorite foods of giraffes, huge amounts of Japanese bamboo trees that were from the Edison and Ford winter estates and numerous plants and flowering trees. Some of the wildlife in the park are bobcats, gopher tortoises, red-shouldered hawks, northern bobwhites, North American river otters, gray foxes, bald eagles, American alligators, and swallow-tailed kites. The recreational opportunities include; canoeing, fishing, hiking, picnicking, camping and boating with plenty of places to watch the wildlife run free. There is a campground here, with canoe rentals, boat ramp, trails and a picnic area on the Estero River; with beaches along the gulf and kayak rentals on the Estero River as well. The Koreshan Unity began in New York in the 1870s and was originally a utopian commune created by Cyrus Teed, that changed his name to Koresh, which was the Hebrew translation of his name, with his followers believing in his program called Koreshanity. Teed began forming groups in New York City and Moravia, then moved to Chicago, with his followers starting a commune in Chicago in 1888, called the Beth-Ophra. Other followers went to San Francisco in 1891 and started a short lived community, with smaller groups going out to other towns in the nation. The Koreshans had a three level system of membership that began with the outer level that consisted of non-believers that were willing to work for them and were called the Patrons of Equation, allowing for marriage and taking part in the secular parts of the unity. The middle level was called the Department of Equitable Administration, which allowed the participants to marry, but only have sexual relations when trying to reproduce. The third level, was the inner group or core called the Pre-eminent Unity and this contained the celibate and communal group that didn't allow for marriage or relations but remained celibate. In each of these groups or levels, there were another three groups called the Secular System, the commercial system and the educational system. After a period, Teed brought his followers to Estero, Florida where he planned on starting his New Jerusalem in 1894, and peaked during 1903 to 1908, when Teed passed away. During its peak, the unity had about 250 members, with supposedly another 4000 located around the nation. Teed had a vision that he was to start a utopian city of 10 million with streets that would be 400 feet wide. His followers began to leave after he died, but had been building many businesses, like a bakery, concrete works, power plant, general store, printing house that would publish their newspaper and various publications and the World College of Life. Like the tides of the ocean, the group ebbed up and down, until the final follower, Hedwig Michel, who had joined in 1940, after learning about the group called the Koreshans in Germany and she left the Nazi state. Hedwig left the biggest part of the commune grounds to the state in 1961, making sure that they would use it for a state park, and the Koreshan State Historic Site opened in 1967. Hedwig lived in the building that was called the Planetary Court and passed away in 1981. She is buried in the park and is the only member of that group that is. One noteworthy addendum is the fact that there are two Koreshan web sites on the internet today, one official and the other unofficial. The unofficial site seems to strive to correct many discrepancies in the news about former members, as well as historical information about its former members. It also has nothing to do with the state of Florida or the state historic site, but does seem to be more in tune with what the group was trying to do. Although it seems very unusual to begin something like a commune or unified group and then tell them to practice celibacy which would mean that it, the group, could only continue on with the constant influx of new members since there wouldn't be any growing up in the ideology.

    Cape Coral Historical Museum
    Cape Coral Historical Museum Cape Coral, FloridaThe Cape Coral Historical Museum was started by the Cape Coral Historical Society during the 1970s to preserve the history and culture of Cape Coral and the southwest part of Florida. The museum was housed in the Cape Coral Country Club until 1977 when they moved it to the Four Freedoms Park and was housed in a multi-functional facility. During 1983, the society moved the entire building to Cultural Park so that the museum would finally have a home of its own. The permanent displays include; antiques, artifacts and relics, the rotating exhibition area, the Lois Herbert Memorial Rose Garden, collections on loan, the Rose Garden retrospective and shells and fossils. They also have an area for memorabilia, educational materials, aerial maps and photographs.

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    Tropical Star Tropical Star of Pine Island, Florida
    The Tropical Star of Pine Island offers water based cruises and adventures that include cruises to Cabbage Key and Cayo Costa shelling to the Calusa Mound, overnight camping trips to Cayo Costa State Park, water taxis to Boca Grande, Useppa, North Captiva, Cayo Costa and Don Pedro, as well as Jug Creek cottage rentals, Bokeelia boat ramp and cottages and kayaking adventures, with rentals, sales and tours on the Great Calusa Blueway Paddling Trail. The efficiency cottages are located on the Great Calusa Blueway Paddling Trail with rentals from Pine Island and Cayo Costa State Park and more. The Tropic Star of Pine Island has Wilderness Systems and Perception kayak rentals on Pine Island and Cayo Costa State Park on the Cayo Costa Island area that will give you the time and adventure of your life, along the magnificent coastline of the south Florida gulf coast. You are invited to paddle along the marvelous protected waters of Pine Island Sound, Charlotte Harbor or Jug Creek River, with charts and suggestions for the various routes that will take you into outstanding areas full of the tropical plants and other vegetation and occasional wildlife. Paddle around the mangroves that surround the island, traveling along for miles in the solitude and serenity of this pristine area with many birds of prey swooping around you in the sky, as well as a manatee or dolphin sighting that will bring a swell of joy to your heart. You can rent for half a day or the whole day, with the ferry able to transfer you and your kayak to other areas or islands in the region. It is a fantastic way to spend the day with your family or loved one, giving you the most enjoyable time in the nation. They have guided tours as well and have just started new four and six day kayak getaway packages that includes everything you'll need offering the ultimate kayak adventure in the southern Florida gulf coast.

     Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve
    Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve Cape Coral, Florida
    Deep within the mangroves of the Caloosahatchee River, the Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve sits nestled away from the overgrown houses and businesses that have taken over the landscape where burrowing owls used to thrive. It is pushed up against the Midpoint Memorial Bridge, offering visitors and the community a marvelous getaway for kayakers, fishermen or hikers, all set within a vast waterway that contains 400 miles of canals, the largest such water way in the world. The fish are always biting here, in the shadows of the cypress and mangrove trees, with birds of prey and other hungry flyers waiting to see if you catch anything on your line and wait for just the right moment to swoop in and try to snatch it. The brown pelicans are notorious for this trip and have learned it quite well from years of practice, so be sure your catch is well in hand before you bring it up to take out the hook. The preserve is a wilderness in the midst of a busy and bustling city that has only grown up in the Florida swamp in the last half a century. You will see many sights as you walk along the tunneled boardwalk along the preserve, since the trees hang over like a huge canopy to protect you from the hot almost unbearable sun that seems to shine down like a huge orange ball. The preserve sits on 365 acres of outstanding Florida landscapes, and is the second biggest green space in the city, with a brackish water wetland that has been carved into allowing walkways, a visitor's center, Veterans Memorial area and kayak rentals since there are, as mentioned, some 400 miles of interconnecting canals, streams, creeks, and rivers that will take you out to the Gulf of Mexico anytime you choose to. On the kayak trail there is an 800 foot portage, so be sure you are in good shape when you come through here and don't bring your little ones, unless you have help. Some of the marvelous sights that await you include bald eagles, ibis, egrets, herons, raccoons, snakes, bugs and plenty of other wading and migratory birds that will have you reaching for your camera so much you might just keep it next to your eyes. The south side of the preserve houses the Veterans Memorial area, that contains some memorials dedicated to those that have served our nation in all capacities.

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  Enterprise Car Rental Cape Coral - 1516A Del Prado Blvd. S.

Local Restaurants in Cape Coral

    Bubba's Roadhouse & Saloon
    Entrees; Chicken & Ribs; San Antonio grilled chicken is melted cheddar & Monterey cheese served on bed of black beans with pico de gallo; wood fired grilled chicken is marinated in lemon, lime, orange, cilantro & tequila, finished on the fire, whole half chicken; Bubba's favorite boneless breast of chicken BBQ'd; chicken fried chicken with country gravy; Bubba's award winning BBQ back ribs; BBQ ribs & grilled chicken breast. Seafood; all entrees include choice of bottomless salad or soup, fresh baked corn muffins, choice of baked potato, baked sweet potato with cinnamon butter, garlic smashed potatoes, roadhouse fries, fresh garden green beans or black beans & rice; Captain's platter is fried platter of shrimp, scallops, fish & crab cakes; fresh Atlantic salmon grilled or BBQ'd; whole Maine lobster boiled; gulf shrimp dinner fried or grilled; sea scallop dinner fried or grilled; Bubba's catch of the day; fried fish dinner; Bubba's fish & chips. Steaks; USDA prime rib slow roasted in sea salt & cracked black peppercorns 8oz. or 13oz.; Bubba's sirloin 11oz.; regular sirloin steak 7oz.; sizzling steak tips with mushrooms & onions; original Tex-Mex fajitas beef, chicken or combo; BBQ chopped steak 12oz. fresh ground beef smothered with BBQ sauce & onions; southwestern veggie kabob with skewered zucchini, baby squash, red & green peppers, onions, tomatoes & mushroom; premium beef kabob skewered tenderloin & fresh veggies; NY strip 12oz.; Bubba's NY strip 18oz.; regular filet mignon 6oz. wrapped in bacon; Bubba's filet mignon 9oz. bacon wrapped; Bubba's rib eye 14oz.; Bubba's cowboy steak 25oz. rib eye; Bubba's famous porterhouse 20oz.

    Entrees; crispy Thai chicken is half roasted chicken, glazed with sweet & spicy Thai chili sauce, served over stir-fried veggies; Rumrunners pork is center-cut premium pork loin marinated with rum, orange & island spices, slowly oven roasted, served with black bean & rice, finished with mango mojo; steak aupoivre is pan seared premium age rib eye rubbed with freshly cracked black peppercorns, served with roasted garlic mashed potatoes, finished with cognac demiglace; Caribbean bronzed salmon is served over caramelized plantains, black beans & rice finished with key lime beurre blanc; grouper sandwich is fresh local grouper served on toasted French round with house tartar sauce, green leaf lettuce, sliced tomatoes & house fries; Todd's meatloaf is country style meatloaf with ground veal, beef, pork, diced ham, fresh herbs, carrots & onions served with roasted garlic mashed potatoes & rich veal gravy; seafood potpie is sautéed rock shrimp, scallops, lump crab, diced potatoes, carrots, celery & onions simmered in creamy lobster sauce topped with flaky pastry; seafood paella is sautéed gulf shrimp, scallops, fish medallions, mussels, clams & chorizo sausage, tossed with crushed tomatoes, baked in Spanish yellow rice, topped with lemon infused virgin olive oil. Pasta; chicken fettuccini carbonara is sliced chicken sautéed with garlic, prosciutto, sun dried tomatoes & spinach, finished with parmesan sauce; classic vodka penne is penne pasta simmered in creamy tomato-vodka sauce; gulf coast pasta is sautéed jumbo shrimp, sea scallops, mussels, garlic & shallots tossed with crushed tomatoes, torn basil & natural broth, finished with angel hair pasta.


BBQ Ribs & Chicken Bubba's Roadhouse & Saloon Cape Coral, Florida


Whole Maine Lobster Bubba's Roadhouse & Saloon Cape Coral, Florida






 Center Cut Pork Loin Rumrunners Cape Coral, Florida

Chicken Fettuccine Carbonara Rumrunners Cape Coral, Florida


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Fort Myers Hertz Car Rental - 15200 Tamiami Trail Ste. 102
Hertz Rental Car Fort Myers- 12490 Metro Pkwy.
Fort Myers Hertz Car Rental- 2555 Colonial Blvd.

    Gulf Coast Kayak Gulf Coast Kayaking Cape Coral, Florida
    The Gulf Coast Kayak company offers a different and unique experience along the waters of Lee Island coast and the Matlacha Pass Aquatic preserve. Mentioned in numerous magazines and thousands of kayakers, the company offers you the perfect opportunity to explore the magnificent waters that flow through mangrove tunnels, estuaries and back bays, in the 400 miles of salt and freshwater canals that flow through the region. The Gulf Coast company has easy to paddle and use sea kayaks from the great-grandma to the professional types, where you can float along or paddle with the most exciting views of birds, animals and mammals that you will ever see up close and almost personal. They offer numerous tours providing the equipment, a guide if you need one, basic instruction, bottled water and sunscreen or bug spray is you need them. You are asked to make a reservation since they do get busy at times, whenever folks need some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city life or the hours of commuting. The daily guided tour is of Matlacha Pass Aquatic preserve that heads into the mangroves and wilderness, that provides the wildlife of Florida food and nesting, with plenty of marine life and animals, along with strange and unusual plants that aren't seen anywhere else in these United States. The Calusa Indians paddled these same waters more than a thousand years ago, although they would be hard put to do the same today with all the canals that have been added and waterways changed, all to make way for another retirement community that grew faster than anyone could imagine and is still one of the fastest growing areas in the country today. The daily tour is only three hours, but will give you more excitement and adventure than you could handle in a week of other venues. The Sunset Birding tour is one of the most beautiful times to go kayaking or any other venture, as the skies above Florida explode into an orange/red flaming mass that is too blinding to look at too long, but so gorgeous that you have to pull your eyes away before you do get blinded for a few minutes. This two hour tour showcases the waterways at dusk, with birds like great blue and little blue herons, bald eagles, hawks, white ibis and roseate spoonbills wading, swooping and diving for their dinners. You will probably see either white or brown pelicans flying so low over the water that you wonder if they can stop in time to dive for their dinner. The Matlacha moonlight tour is another awesome adventure that has you going out just before sunset and paddle till the moon rises and shines done on your and the solitude or serenity that awaits you in this darkness that often seems like it will never cool, and is only offered when the full moon is out so you can all howl to your heart's content.

    The Children's Science Center
    The Children's Science Center in Cape Coral, Florida offers folks of all ages, the opportunity to learn more about the world of technology, math and science with hands-on activities and special events. The center is devoted to inspiring interest and understanding in the areas of science and math, as well as many natural venues for the families of southwest Florida and frequent visitors. They include many hands-on displays in the physical and natural sciences for all groups of people and have a nature trail and park nearby to facilitate their expertise. Some of their displays include puzzles and mazes, weather, electricity, zoology and the human body. They have indoor and outdoor exhibits that also include a butterfly garden, optical illusions, fossils and more. One feature is the astronomy nights that offer children a chance to look through large telescopes into the sky but only runs from January through April. You are suggest to wear long sleeves, pants, socks, close tied shoes and a jacket, with plenty of mosquito repellent. The center is temporarily closed but will reopen soon, as the state of the economy has given them some setbacks that must be cleared up first.

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Avis Discounts

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Avis Car Rental Punta Gorda Apt.
- 28000 Apt. Rd.
Fort Myers Avis Rental Cars
- 4003 Cleveland Ave.

    Tarpon Point Marina
    Tarpon Point Marina Cape Coral, Florida
    The Tarpon Point Marina is located in Cape Coral, Florida, some three miles from the Gulf of Mexico and voted the best marina in southwest Florida. The marina is located in a sheltered deep-water cove and safe from the majority of storms; with the region known the world over for its outstanding beaches, fishing and boating. There is Sanibel Island shelling, Captiva Island, Fort Myers beach and the Edison-Ford Winter Museum to name just a few of the many adventures you'll find here. There are 175 slips that can handle boats or yachts up to a 100 feet, and more amenities than you would ever expect from a marina. The marina has a ship's store with restrooms and showers, an unusual collection of maritime items, marine supplies and clothing as well as sandwiches, beer and soda. There is also a captain's lounge where you can relax until the remainder of your part arrives or just watch the weather for the coming week. They rent boats of varying sizes and uses, like speed boats, pontoons, deck boats and center consoles, and if you prefer not to drive the boat yourself, they can find a captain or rent the Silver King, which is a 45 foot power catamaran that can be rented for private parties as well. A swimming pool is only a short walk from the marina so you can cool down while you wait or visit. Some of the boats available for rent include the 23 foot Polar Bay boat with 150 to 200 hp outboard and can hold up to five people, the Hurricane deck boat that is also 23 feet with 200 hp outboard and seats up to eight people. Their 22 foot pontoon boats can also handle up to eight people and have a 90 hp outboard for easy cruising around the waterways. The marina offers a full service menu for your boats, with specialties in large motor yachts. They are ready to take you on a guided eco-tour, where you will enjoy the full effects of the Florida coastline and the marvelous mangroves; with plenty of birds, mammals and animals to be seen along the way. Even manatees and turtles will come up by the sides of the boats, checking you out, while the dolphins may stay away just to see what is going on. If you are ready for some great fishing then they can handle that too, offering a full array of fishing tackle, poles and bait. They know where the best spots for catching trout, snook, tarpon and other species are and will surprise you with the amount of fish you will catch. If you are interested in landing some big ones, then the tarpons are the perfect fish for you, weighing up to 150 pounds, these excellent fighting fish will give you a great run for your money and time, offering you one exciting fishing trip that will be well remembered for years to come. Check them out since they have the necessary gear for you to take on the cape.

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Fort Myers Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars
 10991 Terminal Access Rd.

Thrifty Car Rental Naples Apt.- 560 Terminal Dr.

    Burroughs HomeBurroughs House Fort Myers, Florida
    The Burroughs Home and Gardens sits on a gorgeous piece of land with 2.45 acres in Fort Myers, Florida and is bounded on the north by the Caloosahatchee River with a white picket fence surrounding the entire estate. There is plenty of growth on the landscape, the majority being installed during the construction of the house during the early turn of the 20th century, a marvelous fountain, the first grotto in the city, storage shed, garage, caretaker's house and reflecting pond fed by an artesian well. The house, a Greek revival style was finished in 1901, with four bays on the front facade facing First Street, the most formal, and the north facade, which had been the front of the house facing the river until 1911, when First was completed and less traffic was seen on the river. The kitchen, located in the back, or the north side, extends out beyond the house, and there are brick piers located here that once held a wishing well. The eastern side has a projecting porch with pavilion located above on the second floor, with big circular porch that was constructed and added on after Hurricane Donna in 1960. The inside is magnificent with wood paneling, staircase and balustrades, a central hall way, with much the same sized rooms on both side of the hall. The third floor contained rooms that were at one time for the servants, and eventually were changed into storage rooms. In 1899, John T. Murphy arrived here from Helena, Montana for a visit and liked the area so much that he decided to stay for the winter. His close friend D. A. G. Flowerer was also interested in buying there, so Murphy bought 450 feet of waterfront and sold half to his friend. The building of the two houses would be done at the same time, and when finished, cost Murphy $15,000 and Flowerer, $20,000. A newspaper article from that period states that the Murphy residence was a palatial residence with electricity and wired for intercom systems. John passed away in Montana in 1914, and his widow would sell the estate to Howard Cole, a New Jersey businessman, who never came to live in it but turned around and sold it to Walter Langford in the same year. The Langfords moved into the house, until theirs was completed, which was across the street, but did complete a few alterations before moving. The barn was sold to a family friend and moved away, concrete tennis courts, walkways and driveways were added, as well as an auto garage and another water tower, since Langford didn't care for the present system. He had an electric water heater put in and then sold it to the Nelson Thomas Burroughs family in 1919. Burroughs made his money from banking and other business ventures, wintering in the house until he passed away in 1932. His daughters, Jettie and Mona, had been fairly active in the community, but Mona preferred spending her time in Fort Myers; taking care of the estate in Chicago and the other business properties. Mona was married three times and Jettie never married. Mona traveled a lot with her husband Franz, and made the home in Fort Myers only a part-time residence. Then in the late 1960s, they moved into the house in Fort Myers full time, until her death in 1978. There was a controversy about her will, which left the estate to her lawyer and Jettie, but left the house to the city. The rest of her relatives weren't happy with that since her estate did amount to over $7 million. She made sure that the house would become a museum, park or library in her will and it has been followed to the letter. The reflecting pool was the most significant part of the secret garden that had been the scene of many grand parties and teas, especially during the 1930s, when Jettie would take her guests around the beautiful garden areas and then serve tea. The tennis court was the first such venture constructed in the city, and its location along the river afforded it to become the perfect place for having dances in the evening, although no one that ever lived there was too much of a tennis enthusiast. Some say that Mona played when she visited but no one can be sure any longer. The grotto is still there, fed by underground water and offers a soothing effect to those sitting nearby or around it. The rocks that were used to build it where found in the area, just as those for the fountain.

    The Golf Club
    The Golf Club Cape Coral, Florida
    The Golf Club of Cape Coral, Florida has just finished a major restoration to bring it back to its original condition when Dick Wilson first designed the course in 1963, and is one of the finest par 71 championship courses in the south. It is an invigorating course that encourages the player to use every club in their bag, with outstanding amenities to fill out your day at the club. The semi-private club has a complete pro shop, with PGA professional instruction, dining room that has just been updated for 120 people, grill room with full service bar and excellent practice facilities that will get you warmed up and ready for a great day of golf. There is a great driving range, rental clubs, putting greens, men's and lady's locker rooms, short game practice area and PGA professional golf instruction available to help you improve or correct your game. The course is open at 6:30 AM and closes at dusk. The course is 6777 yards long, with the number 10 being the longest par 5, 547 yards, and the shortest par 3 is number 8 which is 160 yards long.

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Fort Myers Apt. Dollar Car Rental
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    Edison-Ford Winter EstatesEdison-Ford Winter Estates Fort Myers, Florida
    The Edison and Ford Winter Estates house a magnificent museum and 17 acre botanical garden on the side-by-side estates of the winter houses of Thomas Alva Edison and Henry Ford; next to the Caloosahatchee River in Fort Myers, Florida and open every day for tours. The site dates back to 1885, when Edison first came to Florida to buy property and construct a vacation house, which was finished in 1887 and called the Seminole Lodge, and would the winter retreat and sanctuary of Edison until he passed on in 1931. In 1916, Edison's good friend, Henry Ford bought the property next to his, which had been called the Mangoes and belonged to Robert Smith of New York. Smith had constructed a craftsmen type of bungalow in 1911, which he sold 5 years later to Ford. Mina Edison would deed their property to the city in 1947 for the memory of her husband and the enjoyment of the public. By 1950, it had been opened for tours, and in 1988, the Ford estate had been acquired and opened for public tours as well in 1990. The magnificent botanical gardens on the Edison estate have over a thousand various trees and plants that have been brought here from across the globe, that includes a marvelous African sausage tree and a 400 foot banyan tree that was given to Edison by Harvey Firestone in 1925. The gardens were initially built to contain experimental plants for various industrial products that Edison would discover, with a special emphasis on the need for a light bulb filament. Eventually, Mrs. Edison would give the gardens an aesthetic touch with plantings of bromeliads, roses and orchids. The collection of beautiful plants is extensive and very specific as to the types and varieties of plants and trees found here. During the first World War, from 1914 to 1918, Edison became concerned that the future costs of rubber would skyrocket, so with help from his friend, Henry Ford and also Firestone, Edison began to explore various types of rubber plants that would grow quickly and have enough latex to support his research. By 1927, the three men had contributed $25,000 each to start the Edison Botanic Research Corporation, in hopes of finding a solution to the quest. The location of EBRC ended up being by his estate, and in 1928, the laboratory was constructed and became the main lab for the experiments that would find the solution, in Fort Myers. Edison did most of his experiments here as well as planting all the exotic types of trees needed for the research and then send his results and samples to West Orange, New Jersey, where his big Thomas A. Edison Invention Factory was located. Sometime in the year 1928, Thomas discovered that the weed goldenrod was the best producer of latex with many months of experimentation being done after his conclusions and discovery. With outstanding efforts, both financially and physically, Edison and his workers tried to formulate some type of rubber that could be made cheaply and on a big enough scale to make it financially worthwhile, but failed. The office and lab were shut down in Florida in 1934, and the plant in New Jersey slowly declined until it also shut down in 1936. No matter how hard he tried, Edison just couldn't find the right solution. Edison's house though is a marvelous wonder, having been constructed by the river, and using its waters to keep his pool water from stagnating by having it flow in and out. He had a wraparound porch put on his house so that the winds could come in from any direction and cool off the house, with double doors on every side. Another testament to his genius can be seen in the light bulbs that still burn in the house, which were installed when it was first completed and still are the same ones that burn in it today. There are many other innovations that he constructed into his house and lab, as it sits so proudly a testament and honor to this great man that helped changed the direction of the world with all of his inventions.

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