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Things to do in Caribou

    Nylander Museum Nylander Museum Caribou, Maine
    The Nylander Museum of Natural History in Caribou, Maine is dedicated to the outstanding works of Olof Nylander and his explorations into the natural history of the northeast. The excellent collections are divided into various categories like butterflies, geology, taxidermy, paleontology, shells and archaeology. The south gallery contains fossils of the northeaster North America; Maine state fossils; sedimentary, metamorphic and indigenous; rocks and minerals of Maine; Aroostook county bedrock; paleontology; Pacific marine shells and Maine crustaceans. The central lobby exhibits include; Central American butterflies; the Naturalist Olof O. Nylander; flowering plants; photos and papers from the Nylander archives; main insect orders; American Indian library; beneficial insects; indigenous foods traveling trunk; harmful insects; fossils traveling trunk; Collins Pond project and the Swedish Colony photo samlats. The north gallery contains exhibits of Maine and contains; northern Maine museum of science dinosaur fossils; taxidermy Maine specimens; archives; pond life; natural history library resources; Maine paleo Indian stone tools; Sumer archaeology field school and the Caribou hoax. There are two marvelous outdoors exhibits and include; the Winslow walk and Native American medicinal herb garden. A gift shop is available for you to purchase those unusual items that can't be found anywhere else and will keep you looking at all the items for quite a while.

    Grand Falls and Gorge
    Grand Falls and Gorge Caribou, MaineGrand Falls and Gorge sits on the border of Maine and New Brunswick, Canada, which is why the town close to the falls is named both Grand Falls and Grand-Sault in French. The area has outstanding high plateaus, valleys, many lakes and streams and two great rivers. There is a legend about the falls, when a young native girl saved her village by luring a band of Mohawk Indians over the falls and down the 75 feet into the gorge. There are numerous trails located around the area that showcases the wild and beautiful landscapes that abound here, with magnificent views and forests that will take you far into the wilderness that lies between the two countries that share this beautiful area. There is a 250 step walk to the Wells in the Rocks where you will see one of the most spectacular sights in the northeast, and look down into the gorge as its sits some 230 feet below. There are plenty of camping sites around the area, with more natural wonders than you would imagine. The Grand Falls are the biggest waterfalls east of Niagara and well worth the trip.

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    Aroostook National Wildlife RefugeAroostook National Wildlife Refuge Caribou, Maine
    The Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge near Caribou, Maine is located on parts of the old Loring Air Force Base that closed some years ago and this refuge was created in 1998, on 4700 acres of the former base, which was transferred from the Air Force to the Fish and Wildlife Service. The refuge also takes care of 2400 acres of wetlands conservation easements in Aroostook County, and in a region that is devoted to potatoes and broccoli, the refuge was created to protect the valuable wildlife habitat, which in turn attracts more wildlife to the area. There are resident species like moose and deer that are often seen on the boundary lines feeding on the farmlands that sit close to them, as well as watching them feed in the wetlands filled with trees and along the stream's banks. There are marvelous waterfowl that can be seen throughout the wetlands like wood ducks, hooded mergansers and black ducks; while Canadian geese can be seen around East Loring Lake and the Little Madawaska River. You might be fortunate to see river otters, snowshoe hares, beaver and mink muskrats around the areas, but you need to be watchful and always quiet. A big part of the refuge is forested upland, that have been known to be excellent homes or nesting habitats for migrating songbirds, and during the summer and late spring, you can see warblers, like the Blackburnian, black-throated green, bay-breasted and Canada. The grasslands that are located in the refuge are great places to view bobolinks, Savannah sparrows and upland sandpipers, while the woodcocks use the grassy areas to begin their courtship dances. Once in a while you could see a black bear if you are quiet and less obtrusive, but they can be dangerous in the spring with their new cubs, so beware. It is a beautiful refuge to spend the bright spring days and early summer ones, which are usually towards the end of May and early June up here in the wilderness.

     Caribou Historical Center & Society
    Caribou Historical Society & Center Caribou, MaineThe Caribou Historical Center and Society is located about three miles from downtown Caribou on US Rt. 1 and started in 1974, when a group of citizens that were devoted to preserving the city's heritage, met and began talking about creating the center. It would be a few more years before they were able to do a lot, meeting in various places in town until 1986, when they decided to conduct a mass mailing to contact current and former people that had lived in the city. They all agreed that they needed a place to house the historical society, and the mailing turned out to be a great success, with businesses, society members and residents throughout the nation responding and they were able to acquire about half the money necessary. Local townsman Phil Soucia, was talking one day with his relatives in Whittier, California, since Mericos Whittier, once a native, had moved to the west coast in 1900 and become very wealthy in the oil business. The Whittier's seemed to be very interested in the project, and donated the remaining funds needed. The center was constructed on land donated by Mildred Hatch, and is adjacent to the Lyndon Center Cemetery. This site had been settled by Caribou pioneers in 1843 and became the second settlement in the area that grew to become Caribou.
    The center has many valuable resources and research documents that are available to anyone interested in the information, along with many family histories.

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Local Restaurant in Caribou

    Reno's Family Restaurant
    Appetizers; housemade soups; 6 pc chicken nuggets; chicken wings; cheese sticks; egg roll; garlic bread; nachos tri-color or plain; chili; fried mushrooms, broccoli or cauliflower with cheese sauce. Salads; green salad with lettuce, tomatoes, dressing; Chef's salad with choice of turkey, tuna, ham or salami; salad bar; Caesar salad with Maine shrimp or chicken; cole slaw; cold plate with ham, tuna or turkey & bread. Entrees; Italian spaghetti with meatballs, sausage, pepperoni or mushrooms; baked lasagna; stir fry with chicken, beef or Maine shrimp; sirloin tips with choice of potato, fried rice, veggie; Maine fried shrimp choice of potato, fried rice, veggie; Alaskan salmon with choice of potato, fried rice, veggie; fresh chicken breast 8oz. deep fried or grilled; chicken parmesan; chicken fingers; liver & onions; hot beef sandwich; ribeye steak special 10oz.; ham steak with pineapple 8oz.; hamburger steak 8oz.; pork chops (2); half fried chicken; hot turkey sandwich; whole clams; tenderloin clams; fresh scallops; shrimp; combo plate with whole clams, scallops, shrimp & haddock; fresh haddock deep fried or baked.

Maine Fried Shrimp Reno's Family Restaurant Caribou, Maine


Fried Whole Maine Clams Reno's Family Restaurant Caribou, Maine

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    Fort Kent State Historic Site Fort Kent State Historic Site Fort Kent, Maine
    Fort Kent State Historic Site is located in Fort Kent, Maine and was an important fortification in the Aroostook War. It was made a National Historic Landmark in 1973, featuring a large reconstructed log blockhouse that is open in the summers for visitors. It is less than a mile from the town of Fort Kent, and is one of the few historic landmarks in the state. It was named after Maine's governor, Edward Kent, and it would be instrumental in securing the border of Maine during the international dispute that arose during the Aroostook War. It is also the first state-owned historic site in Maine. The blockhouse held officers during the mid 1800s and is near the interstate road known as US Rt. 1 that begins in Fort Kent, Maine and ends in Key West, Florida.  The Aroostook War, which is nicknamed the Pork and Beans War, was the undeclared conflict between the US and Great Britain that happened in 1838 and 1839, over the international boundary that existed between Canada and Maine. The conflict was resolved in a mutually accepted border between the two nations and was considered a war since both sides armed men and marched them to the disputed border. President Martin Van Buren sent General Winfield Scott to work on the compromise, with a neutral area made, that ended the hostilities on both sides. There was never any fighting involved, since diplomats from both countries were able to convince Maine leaders that a compromise would be the best solution for all parties involved. Secretary of State Daniel Webster and diplomats from Great Britain secretly funded a campaign that helped convince the leaders, and a final border was established between the two nations in the Webster-Ashburton Treaty of 1842; it would give Maine the majority of the disputed area and give the British a militarily vital connection between their provinces.

    Fort Kent Historical Society Museum
    Fort Kent Historical Society Museum Ft. Kent, MaineThe Fort Kent Historical Society Museum in Fort Kent, Maine opened in the old Bangor and Aroostook Railroad depot, that was built in 1902 and became the northern end of the Fish River Railroad, until it became part of B & A. The railroad meant many things for the small town, bringing in and taking out passengers and freight, increasing the growth of industries like potatoes, timber, shingles, pulpwood, hay and grains. The depot would remain in operation until 1979, and is a one story frame structure with gable on hip roof and wide overhanging eaves that had become quite typical for the B & A depots. There are five marvelous gardens surrounding the station, which are taken care of by the Valley Garden club. The building was listed on the National Register of Historical Places and is currently owned by the Fort Kent Historical Society, containing a wonderful museum that highlights the many contributions made by the railroad to the city, the region and the state. It is available for tours June through August, since this part of the country gets some heavy snows and the roads often become impassable for a time.

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    Caribou Performing Arts CenterCaribou Performing Arts Center Caribou, Maine
    The Caribou Performing Arts Center in Caribou, Maine is the community's outstanding performing arts center that has been in operation for over 20 years, bringing in some of the best shows in the region. The 800 seat center is attached to the Caribou High School, so guests can see the excellent shows put on by the students, as well as bringing in some top acts from around the country. These performances span the performing arts spectrum from small high school plays to big musical acts and plays. Recent shows have included Mac McHale and Emery Hutchins, two musicians that have traveled the country with various groups singing and playing Irish songs, as well as some about the sea and mountains. Godspell was one of the off-Broadway shows that have come to the wilds of Maine, and then there was Dave Mallett who has been singing for over 40 years and written many songs for some of the best performers in the business, like John Denver, Emmylou Harris, the Muppets, Arlo Guthrie and Pete Seeger. He has recorded 11 albums and just recently put 22 poems of Henry David Thoreau to music. Past performances have included; Bob Marley, Northern Lights, Kevin Spencer and Friends, Nelson Piano and Guitar recital, Airmen of Note, the Nutcracker ballet, Holiday and patriotic music and Class Action by Brad Slaight. It is a popular place to come and spend time with friends and acquaintances, getting to see some of the best performances in the area and always a good time for the community. With less than 10,000 residents, it is easy to get to know your neighbor and perhaps that is why it has become such a popular destination. Everyone is friendly to outside visitors and want to make them feel right at home. If you are ever in the area, or decide you might try out some of the many recreational activities, you might find that you'll be coming back for more.

    Caribou Adventure
    Caribou Adventure Caribou, MaineCaribou, Maine is the northernmost city in the United States and a winter wonderland with many recreational opportunities available all year long for the outstanding trails, parks and water resources that fill the region. The city has more than a dozen cross-country trails with beautiful scenery and wild terrain that offer visitors and the locals many hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, biking, canoeing, kayaking and other exciting venues for the traveler or those coming here for a magnificent vacation. Caribou takes care of 170 miles of Aroostook County's 1600 mile snowmobile trails, that has been ranked as the third best in the nation. Other excellent recreational opportunities include; a 9 hole golf course, four screen movie theater, multi-use hiking/biking/ATV trails, bowling alley, Spud Speedway, Frisbee golf course, roller skating rink, numerous outstanding parks and the Maine Dance Academy. The city finished a huge multi-use recreation, wellness and community center in 2008, that was added to the current recreation center and added a big indoor swimming pool and fitness center, so that when the harsh winter storms and wicked nor'easters come blowing through here, there are more options for the community to enjoy healthy alternatives to being out in the inclimate weather. Not that there are many activities to enjoy in the winter months here, which last a bit longer than the rest of the country, but with so many trails, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling have become the favorite pastime things to do, however, the ice skating and ice boat sailing is something to be enjoyed as well. These ice sailboats are amazing and absolutely exciting, and if you have never tried it, then head up to this country in the beginning of the new year and give it a try. The "boats" are actually set on skates, with a sail, and seating places at the rear where the steering is located, and the wind hits those sails and off you go, as fast as the wind can take you. And since many of the lakes are huge and stretch out for miles, you can sail all day long, or just head to a great fishing hole and enjoy the outstanding ice fishing that is another exciting activity that will keep you busy for the day. The county itself has over 2000 lakes, rivers and streams that offer camping, hiking, biking, white water rafting, golfing, canoeing and more, since the county is bigger than the states of Rhode Island and Connecticut combined. During the summer months, which may or may not stretch out to three months, there is excellent swimming, mountain biking, kayaking, canoeing, backpacking, basketball leagues, karate lessons, ATV riding, trails and so much more that anytime of the year, you'll have plenty of outdoor activities that will keep you in shape and then some. It is a beautiful area that beckons all year long, with unbelievable brilliance in the spring, when the wildflowers began blooming and the fall has the most colorful and gorgeous foliage in the nation. Try it this year, and you'll know why this region is so popular to the folks in the northeastern states.

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