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Chicago O'Hare Apt. Alamo Car Rentals
 560 Bessie Coleman Dr.

Alamo Rental Cars Chicago -  203 North Lasalle
Chicago Midway Apt. Alamo Car Rentals -  4625 W. 55th St.

Things to do in Carol Stream

    Chicago Athenaeum Museum Schaumburg Chicago Athenaeum Museum Schuamburg, Illinois
    The Chicago Athenaeum of Architecture and Design in Schaumburg, Illinois has continued to build a magnificent permanent collection of architecture and architectural relics and items of significant European, American and local Chicago industrial designs. The museum houses a large collection of outstanding examples of industrial design by the foremost architects in the world as well as designers from the 20th and 21st centuries, with its most significant collections containing items that had been manufactured in and around the city of Chicago from 1900 to 1960, when this city had become the heart of the design and manufacturing in the nation. This fabulous collection contains many pioneering examples of modern technology from televisions, cameras and radios to graphics, home appliances and business equipment. One part of the excellent collections includes photographs, drawings and product designs by two women involved in the early American industrial designs that worked in the city from 1930 to 1960, Ann Swainson, from Sweden who started the Montgomery Ward Bureau of Design in Chicago in 1930, which would become the first corporate industrial design department in our modern history and Ellen Manderfield, one of her apt and promising employees. Ann would revolutionize the modern catalogue with lovely graphics and introduced the concept of models interacting with various appliances and also wearing lingerie. She would go on to educate and train hundreds of designers that would eventually become quite famous in their rights, during the 1950s and 1960s, who worked for the famous company from Chicago, Sears Roebuck and Company. Ellen would have a fabulous career in housewares until the 1980s, after having learned much from her mentor; with all the archives in the collections containing many outstanding examples of early renderings by Ellen for streamline radios and televisions. Another excellent collection contains the original examples of early modern graphic design from 1930 to 1960 that includes posters, logo types, corporate logos, advertising, books, print and promotional materials, brochures and handbooks. The Good Design program is another collection in the archives that was started in 1950 by Eero Saarinsen, Ray and Charles Eames and MoMA curator Edgar Kaufmann, Jr. and is still today, one of the athenaeum's most prominent public programs housing such wonderful relics like motorcycles, early chairs by Hermann Miller and Steecase, televisions, radios, computers, appliances, business and medical equipment, furnishings, cars, housewares, NASA space ships and lighting. Their photographic archives house portrait photographs of architects and industrial designers along with the marvelous structures that were designed during their eras and buildings that didn't survive from the Louis H. Sullivan to Mies van der Rohe. The extraordinary architecture collection contains renderings, furniture, models, decorative arts, building fragments and drawings of famous Chicago and international architects from the First Chicago School of Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright to the contemporary Italian architect, Alessandro Mendini.

    Cosley Zoo
    Cosley Zoo Wheaton, IllinoisThe Cosley Zoo in Wheaton, Illinois is an accredited zoo by the AZA inside the Wheaton Park district, sitting on five acres of land that was constructed on a site that had contained a historic train station and now houses many varieties of domesticated animals native to the state, as well as an other types of wildlife. As visitors wander through the barn, they will have the opportunity to view many farm type animals and native state animals including a wooly llama, goats and other barnyard critters. Many of the wildlife habitats offer the finest natural habitats you have ever seen, with some for red foxes, white-tailed deer, black-crowned night heron, three-toed box turtles and various other types. The zoo would be started by Paula Jones when she donated 2.65 acres of land so that it would be saved from developers, and named it for one of her relatives, Harvey Cosley in 1973. In 1974, an 1800s period barn would be moved from its site by the St. John's Lutheran church in downtown Wheaton, called the Taylor barn, and in 1975, rail tracks would be laid in the front of the train station and a retired Burlington railroad caboose brought here to sit on the tracks and make it look more realistic. It would build an aviary in 1982 to contain thirteen varieties of pheasants along with doves, ruffed grouse and others, with it housing more native birds today. The zoo houses some 20 exhibits with more than 200 animals representing more than 70 species and offer visitors the safest, most educational way to personally interact with these domestic creatures anywhere. The original pig and poultry displays had been built in the mid-1970s and been ready for replacement for more than a decade, although in good shape, they were created in such a way as to make more work for the staff than had originally been planned for, so the new exhibits created a newer environment for the pigs and chickens, as well as rooms for the rabbits and on-site clinic. Some of the animals housed in the zoo include; American bullfrog, Madagascar hissing cockroach, Blue poison dart frog, American robin, African pygmy hedgehog, Baltimore oriole, black angus cow, burro, crested duck, Dutch rabbit, Cayuga duck, common barn owl, Flemish giant rabbit, chickens, Himalayan rabbit, llama, Eastern bluebird, Shetland pony, red-tailed hawk, black rat snake, redhead duck, fox snake, turkey vulture, midland painted turtle and many more. It is an exciting small zoo that has become a first rate place for the entire family to visit and enjoy all the domesticated animals from the state and beyond.

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Ohare Apt. Budget Car Rentals - 10000 Bessie Coleman Dr. 
Budget Car Rental Midway Apt. - 5700 S. Cicero Ave.
Addison Budget Rental Cars
- 159 S. Rohlwing Rd.
Budget Car Rentals Lombard - 1101 E. Roosevelt Rd. 

    Kline Creek FarmKline Creek Farm West Chicago, Illinois
    The Kline Creek Farm in West Chicago, Illinois offers visitors the opportunity to explore, discover and learn more about life on an 1890s DuPage County farmstead with numerous restored structures and historically costumed guides that offer the complete history of the farm and the many processes and chores that they are involved in at this living-history farm. These great folks use the tools and techniques of the past along with many outstanding activities and events held here to help the community and those visitors coming here the chance to see and learn more how a farm was operated during the last decade of the 19th century, with things to do, see and learn about, changing as often as they would on a farm; and giving you many opportunities to learn and see them all during the year. The Timber Ridge visitor center is located there houses seasonal exhibits of the period along with the outstanding heritage of the agricultural heritage of the county. The center contains modern restrooms, a center store where you can buy snacks and beverages, a drinking fountain and general forest preservation. The store also contains many unusual gifts like locally produced honey, children's games, toys and books, soaps and Victoriana. The farmhouse has become the heart of the domesticated activities, with the original relics still housed there and used on a daily basis that is used to showcase the reproductions and relics that enhance its marvelous atmosphere with house tours beginning at 10AM and running until 4PM. The guides and interpreters will show you how to can foods, bake, spring clean, quilt and prepare for any special occasions. In the spring, the staff plants heirloom fruits and vegetables in the kitchen garden, cure sausages in the smokehouse, work in the wagon shed or tend to the orchard. The farm has Percheron work horses that assist with the plantings and harvesting of crops like small grains, corn and oats; as well as taking care of the farm's coop, pastures, barn and fold. The farm is proud to offer 19th century farm activities that have been designed for families and include the above kitchen chores and activities as well as sheep shearing, ice cutting and other outside activities necessary to keep the farm and its properties in good shape and producing.

    Legoland Discovery Center Schaumburg-Chicago
    Legoland Discovery Center Schaumburg, IllinoisIt is quite doubtful that anyone in this country doesn't know about or hasn't played at some time in their lives, with legos, those neat little plastic shapes that invite you to build, to create something of your own, whatever your imagination invokes you to try, to make and to enjoy. The Legoland Discovery Center goes beyond that, offering your child and you more choices, more opportunities, more ways to have fun and excitement as you stack piece after piece on top of each other, creating something that is attractive, neat, symmetrical and pleasing to your imagination. The center in Chicago, Illinois is an indoor Lego world where children of all ages can come and explore and learn, to create, offering more hours of fun and interest, than most other toys, since you can put them away and then try again to make something quite different each time you play with them. Legoland has a factory here, the studios, and numerous rides that will add just that much more excitement to the adventure. There is dragon quest, the jungle adventure, miniland and much more like the build and test, master model builder, technicycle, duplo village, princess palace, physical play and the Hall of Fame. There are party rooms for birthdays and such, a cafe for those necessary snacks that will keep your kids going for hours on end and of course, there has to be a lego shop where you can pick and choose any pieces you want to add to your growing collection. Walking into the Legoland discovery center, it is like you have moved to a new planet, where everything is made with legos and more. Their 4D cinema offers the best in high definition four dimensional viewing, and the master model builder will help you delve into some of the best secrets of building with legos, and then ride the dragon through the medieval castle, all made from legos. The center houses over two million lego pieces, which is enough to provide you and your children more hours of endless fun and amusement than any other toys or parks. It is a new world to discover and explore, offering your children one of the best times they will ever enjoy with you, so take advantage of the great deals and discounts that you can find at their online website; as well as learning so much more about this fantastic funland. Check it out when you are in the area and you will be so happy that you did, as your children will love it so much they will want to go back again and again.

Enterprise rent- a- car Carol Stream

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Carol Steam Enterprise Rental Car - 371 N. Gary Ave.
Enterprise Car Rental Glen Ellyn - 395 Roosevelt Rd.
Hanover Park Enterprise Rental Cars - 1001 Irving Park Rd.
Enterprise Car Rentals Schaumburg - 950 S. Roselle Rd.

Local Restaurants in Carol Stream

    Village Tavern & Grill
    Entrees; include soup or salad, veggie & choice of au gratin potatoes, baked potato, garlic mashed potatoes or FF; chicken parmigiana is boneless skinless breast deep fried in seasoned batter & topped with marinara sauce, mozzarella & parmesan cheese, over fettuccine; chicken Diablo is boneless, skinless breast sautéed in Cajun cream sauce, tossed with fettuccine; BBQ chicken breast platter is boneless, skinless breast char-grilled & basted with secret house BBQ sauce; chicken finger platter is 6 chicken fingers served with house top secret finger mustard sauce; pork chops is 2 center cut 1lb. char-grilled; NY strip is 12oz.; pot roast is slow cooked overnight served in natural juices with mashed potatoes, veggie & gravy; baby back ribs is slow cooked ribs served with veggie & choice of potato; fish fry platter served with fries, hush puppies & Cole slaw; baked lemon buttered cod baked with lemon butter & bread crumbs; fried shrimp platter with jumbo shrimp, deep fried in house special batter, served with cocktail sauce; shrimp Diablo is gulf shrimp sautéed in Cajun cream sauce, tossed with fettuccine; beef stroganoff with hand cut strips of choice NY strip steak sautéed with fresh garlic, shallots & mushrooms; grilled salmon is fresh 9oz. seasoned & char-grilled; frijita is sizzling steak or chicken frijitas grilled with green peppers & onions served with flour tortillas, cheddar cheese, guacamole, Spanish rice, pico de gallo, sour cream & refried beans.

    Ivy Restaurant
    Entrees; Ivy's classic tournedos of beef is 2 4oz. filets served with parmesan crusted tomatoes, topped with hollandaise sauce & served with fresh asparagus & whipped potatoes; Kona coffee encrusted sirloin is 10oz. center cut with balsamic glaze with whipped potatoes & fresh seasonal veggies; gorgonzola crusted NY strip is 10oz. center cut tenderloin with whipped potatoes & seasonal veggie; filet mignon is 10oz. center cut with ivy house potatoes & fresh seasonal veggies; trio of filet medallions is 3 4oz. medallions individually topped with lump crabmeat, gorgonzola crust & au poirvre sauce; roasted pork tenderloin with roasted sweet potatoes, fresh seasonal veggies & house mushroom Madeira wine sauce; gorgonzola lamb chops is New Zealand lamb, with grilled asparagus, whipped potatoes with port wine demiglaze; grilled chicken marsala is grilled chicken with classic mushroom marsala sauce, with whipped potatoes & fresh seasonal veggies; roasted chicken with artichokes is locally, farm-raised, chicken breast, stuffed with roasted artichokes, boursin cheese & herbs, with fresh veggies & whipped potatoes; double hoisin pork chops is locally farm-raised char-grilled & brushed with hoisin marinade, whipped potatoes & fresh seasonal veggies; Maryland crab cakes is fresh lump crab cakes served with roasted potatoes & fresh seasonal veggies, with citrus butter sauce; citrus glazed salmon with fresh seasonal veggies, roasted potatoes with house citrus butter sauce topped with pesto bread crumbs; crab encrusted tilapia with lump crab, fresh tilapia, roasted potatoes & fresh seasonal veggies, served with house lobster butter sauce; shrimp & lobster pappardelle is fresh Maine lobster, gulf shrimp, mushrooms, green onions, tomatoes, fresh spinach, pesto bread crumbs, parmesan & spicy lobster butter sauce; butternut squash ravioli is house made butternut squash, sage ravioli & gorgonzola cheese, finished with reggino parmesan cream sauce & white truffle oils; shrimp scampi is linguini pasta, sautéed shrimp with garlic, lemon butter, tomatoes, finished with white wine sauce & pesto bread crumbs; chicken parmesan is capellini pasta, fresh mozzarella, reggiano parmesan cream & fresh tomato sauce.


Chicken Parmigiana Village Tavern & Grill  Carol Stream, Illinois


Beef Stroganoff Village Tavern & Grill Carol Stream, Illinois

 Kona Coffee Encrusted Sirloin Ivy Restaurant Carol Stream, Illinois


Grilled Chicken Marsala Ivy Restaurant Carol Stream, Illinois


Shrimp Scampi Ivy Restaurant Carol Steam, Illinois

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Bartlett Hertz Car Rental - 1028 E. Devon Ave.
Hertz Rental Car Addison- 101 W. Fullerton Ave.
Steamwood Hertz Car Rental - S. Bartlett Rd.

    Volkening Heritage FarmVolkening Heritage Farm Schaumburg, Illinois
    The Volkening Heritage Farm in Schaumburg, Illinois is a marvelous rural German farmstead that began in the 1880s, and if you wander around long enough, watching the many folks doing chores, making foods, partaking of the families' game time or just enjoying the family together beneath a huge maple tree and just talking together without all the electronics that have muddled family time, outdoor play time or anything else that can be enjoyed, without reserve, this is definitely the place to do that. Visitors are encouraged to wander around the farm and see the daily doings, watch as the farm animals are fed, and talk with the authentically costumed interpreters and guides that will converse with you about the "way they used to do things" and so much more that can't be read from a sign, booklet or plaque, just something that has to be spoken between people sharing a day together on one of the finest historical living farms in the nation. The farm has many wonderful programs for the children and their parents that come here to learn and visit, including environmental education programs, volunteer and scout programs, farm programs, home school programs and outreach programs that offer city kids and families the opportunity to visit a real working farm and all that it entails. Two very exciting and interesting classes will be starting out near the end of January there that include making bread from scratch and learning to can foods, one of the old ways of preserving foods to last all year, without worrying about all the diseases and illnesses that come from the foods today, and as these disturbing events continue to be in all the headlines, more and more people are going to be growing their own organic foods and then either freezing them or canning them. A recent study has shown that foods that come in cans, like vegetables, have a bigger chance of getting some BPA poisoning that can seep into the foods inside and contaminate them, thus making them more hazardous to families. As more and more recalls are made, more people have given up on the typical stores and tried to buy foods grown on farms, or in their own backyards. It is becoming more and more enjoyable for people to do things for themselves as they used to be and certainly more healthful. The farmstead occupies more than 135 acres of gorgeous farmland, forests and trails. It has a small natural history museum so that you can look over some of the utensils and tools that were used back then along with useful items necessary for a working farm to have. Back in the day, a wood cooking stove was used to warm water, warm the kitchen after rising from a warm bed and hitting the cold floor with bare feet, cooking foods of all kinds, keeping a pot of hot water there for tea or a pot of hot coffee for the wake-up call, cows were raised for the milk that would be used for butter, cheese and especially, ice cream. The large kitchen gardens that folks used to have would be right outside the kitchen door, ready for you to come and pick the freshest vegetables you have ever tasted, so fresh and so good, that you just might want to wash it off and start eating. It definitely was a much simpler time, less hectic and fast paced, time to enjoy your meals with everyone seated at the table, most likely one of the few times that the family would be able to sit down together and discuss any problems on the farm, what the day might have in store for them or to just feel the family glow that was so prevalent doing those intimate times, without the harsh worries of the world, trying to encroach on your quiet farm life and style. It is a time well remembered and missed by many that were able to partake in some piece of it.

    Firezone Schaumburg, Illinois
    The Firezone in Schaumburg, Illinois is a funtastic place to visit since it is a one-of-a-kind fire safety activity center, as well as being an event facility for all kinds of occasions for your children and family. It is an interactive funhouse, offering a new outstanding view of the world of firefighting, based on real firehouse activities, with real firefighters, educational exhibits, fire engines, firefighter activity stations and programming that provides you and your family one of the most exciting and adventurous learning centers to have opened in this country. The firezone's supervised activities gives you more opportunities to watch your children at play, knowing that they are in a very safe environment, with excellent challenges that entice them to think for themselves, interact with other children of their age, imagine all kinds of situations and always having fun. And just in case you thought that these fun places are just for kids, think again, as this facility gets into the nitty gritty of corporate team building, and many other adventures and features that are just right for the whole family. Check them out the next time you are around Schaumburg, although the firezone adventure is spreading across the country with outstanding franchise offers that will put these new facilities right in your home town and give you something to think about and bring in the whole family to learn more, experience more and certainly have more fun than ever before.

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Chicago Ohare Intl. Apt. Avis Car Rental  
 10000 Bessie Coleman Dr.

Avis Car Rental Midway Intl. Apt.
- 5700 S. Cicero Ave.
Streamwood Avis Rental Cars
- 724 S. Barrington Rd.
Avis Car Rental Lisle - 1400 Corporetum Rd.

    Durant House MuseumDurant House Museum St. Charles, Illinois
    The Durant House museum in St. Charles, Illinois is still sitting on its original foundation that was constructed in 1843 and has become one of the most historical houses in Kane County. The fully renovated pioneering homestead is used as a house for all seasons with marvelous programs held there during the entire year that showcase prairie living as it was during the mid 1800s, with costumed staff and docents, as well as prairie children, interpret the excellent history and heritage of the community that offers a look back into the living conditions of that period. Here, you can learn and watch many of the old daily routines that occurred back then, including various pasttime games, toys, tools and the way foods were grown and prepared. It is a wonderful way for children to learn more about the history and people that braved hard and harsh conditions so that we and they could enjoy the beauty and comfort we have today, all thanks to them and their determination and perseverance. It was back in 1837, when Bryant Durant moved here from Massachusetts into northern Illinois, and after working hard and then marrying Jerusha Shurtleff in 1843, the couple built this fine house and lived there raising their children and farm crops. In the 1880s, the property would be purchased by Christina and Godfrey Petersen, who added a more modern kitchen to the old Victorian house and a one-story wing. It had been rescued during the 1970s after years of neglect and disrepair, and completely renovated to showcase its wonderful attributes. The farmstead offers visitors today with public tours, school group tours, scouting programs and many volunteer opportunities. Another exciting opportunity for the many youngsters that come here is the junior docent program that offers your children the chance to take part in many of the programs offered here, taking part in the many workshops that focus on the pioneering lifestyle and a chance to learn more about the history of their region and city.

    Hedges Station Museum
    Hedges Station Museum Winfield, IllinoisThe Hedges Station Museum in Winfield, Illinois is the oldest structure in the city and the oldest surviving train depot in the state of Illinois, constructed in 1849 when the Galena and Chicago Union Railroad came to town, and the Winfield Historical Society created to preserve this marvelous old building that sat on village property adjacent to the Village Hall and the railroad tracks. They had thought about taking down the old depot, until an agreement was reached whereby it would be saved and restored to its former condition. The village donated the structure, on the premises that it would be moved at some near point in time, onto the park district's property and other stipulations that were met. In 1981, it was moved and installed in a new foundation, with restorations and additions done to bring it up to modern codes; with the final stage being accomplished even though it took a quarter of a century to do it all. A new platform and track was added in 2004 so that it would look much the same as it had before it was moved. When some of the walls had to be replaced, old lumber was salvaged from numerous mid-1800s barns and houses that were being torn down, then it was cleaned and then rebuilt using the old tongue and groove wood that had been prevalent during that period. While the renovation was going on, beneath some plaster and lathing, a poster written in German was advertising train trips to Minnesota and Wisconsin to buy farmland, so the society had it framed and it now hangs on one of the walls of the depot. Once completed, which should be this year, it will open as a museum with all the usual and some not so unusual relics and materials showcased in the refurbished depot.

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Chicago Ohare Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars
 3901 N. Manheim Rd.

Thrifty Car Rental Chicago Midway Apt.- 5700 S. Cicero Ave.

    Blackberry Farm's Pioneer VillageBlackberry Farm's Pioneer Village Aurora, Illinois
    Blackberry Farm in Aurora, Illinois is a wonderful living history museum sitting on 54 prime acres containing a number of ponds, a lake and a wandering stream, as well as an arboretum with over 200 varieties of trees, historical agricultural gardens and many floral exhibits. The farm actually contains five museums, and these include; the Huntoon House, the Carriage House, the early streets museum and the Farm museum; which house an excellent collection of late 19th century relics that had been used in everyday life. The Carriage house contains 40 early carriages, commercial vehicles and sleighs, while the farm collection contains numerous rare farming implements that date back to the mid-1800s to 1910. The streets museum contains 11 late Victorian period display stores that includes a general store, pharmacy, toy store, music shop and photography store. The farm provides numerous craft demonstrations that include; weaving, pottery, blacksmithing, spinning and sewing, as well as the chance to see what a one-room schoolhouse looks and feels like, a farm cabin and the Aurora house from the 1840s, with costumed docents, guides and interpreters to help you learn as much as possible and perhaps more than you imagined. You and your family can take a ride on the miniature train to see the pioneer cabin, which offers visitors an old-fashioned hay ride that rambles along Blackberry Creek and at the village you can ride the marvelous carousel and the ponies. You can indulge yourselves in the wonderful food stuffs that are made in the summer kitchen that looks out over the pond with its own spraying fountain, or bring your own picnic to enjoy on the beautiful grounds. The gift shop offers many handcrafted pottery and textiles that has been created in the park. The summer kitchen offers sandwiches, health snacks, salads and beverages at its north end, with picnic areas located throughout the park. There are clean restrooms and drinking fountain near the carousel, with handicapped restrooms by the entrance. They even have a lake where you can fish, with the catch and release program, that makes it a really fantastic day on the farm.

    Fabyan Windmill & Forest Preserve
    Fabyan Windmill & Forest Preserve Geneva, IllinoisThe Fabyan Windmill in Geneva, Illinois is a real, working Dutch windmill that dates back to the 1850s, standing 68 feet high and five stories high, the wooden smock mill sits on part of the former estate of Colonel George Fabyan, which has become a part of the Kane County Forest Preserve district. The windmill was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979 and the next year chosen to be represented on a US postage stamp which was part of a series of five American windmills that was included in a stamp booklet called, "Windmills USA". This mill had been originally used as a grinding mill, back in the day. That would be in the mid 19th century when the marvelous windmill would be constructed by Germen craftsmen Louis Blackhaus and his brother-in-law, Freidrick Brockmann on a site in York Township that was situated between Elmhurst and Oak Brook, Illinois; which has become Lombard now. The windmill would eventually fall into a state of disrepair by the early 20th century, and in 1914, George bought the unused windmill for about $8000 from Mrs. Fred Runge. George had it moved from its previous location in York Township to its current location in Geneva, in July 1915, spending some $75,000 to have it removed, rebuilt and renovated. George would contract the Edgar E. Belding Company of West Chicago move the mill, taking it apart board by board and using Roman numerals to distinguish the beams and braces that had to be used to facilitate the move, with some of the bigger beams hauled by mule teams. A Danish millwright named Rasmussen would reassemble it with the help of John Johnson and six other men from the Wilson Brothers Construction company, and it would take nineteen months to accomplish the entire task. It was such a marvel in its day since it was believed to be the only automatic wind-driven mill of its kind in the nation. George passed on in 1936 and then his wife would leave two years later to join him. The executors of the will would sell it to the forest preserve for $70,500. The magnificent windmill is constructed of huge cypress wood beams, trimmed in black walnut, which are hand joined and doweled with wood dowels, and you won't be able to find a single nail in the entire mill. The original gearing would be constructed from hickory and maple, with every one of the five floors using various mechanisms. The mill had been used by the Fabyans to grind various types of grain that included oats, wheat, corn and rye, as well as a grain mill for the family's herd of prized Jersey cows. Set at the top of the mill is a large cogged wheel called the brake wheel, that had been turned by the wind blowing against its sails, which are covered with canvas sailcloths created to catch the wind. These particular sails had to be rebuilt by Johnson and Rasmussen since they weren't included when he bought it. The brake wheel, rotates in an upright shaft running the height of the mill which supplied power to every one of the mill's operations. Inside are a set of belt-driven elevators, which was very unusual for the period and it moved the grains from its chutes to the hoppers, and floor to floor, which made the mill almost fully automatic, since the majority of the mills during that period had men with shovels to do the actual moving. When it was reconstructed, George had a new foundation poured that made a basement, where he would install ovens, cooling racks and marble slabs; creating the impression that the mill also made baked goods at one time. When WWI began, so did rationing for flour, and the bakery would have supplied the family with all the baked goods they needed as well as for their two pet bears, Tom and Jerry.

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Chicago Intl. Apt. Dollar Car Rental
 10000 Bessie Coleman Dr.

Dollar Rental Car Midway Reg. Apt. - Midway Regional Apt.

    Dupage Heritage GalleryDuPage Heritage Gallery Wheaton, Illinois
    The DuPage Heritage Gallery in Wheaton, Illinois is considered to be a unique facility that is situated in a most unusual setting that is given by a three story atrium in the DuPage County center containing memorabilia cases, touch sound buttons that bring the county's great people to life, like Colonel Robert McCormick, the eccentric publisher of the Chicago Tribune, photo panels, Judge Elbert Gary that organized US Steel, the Rev. Billy Graham, John "Bet-A-Million" Gates, the founder of Texaco Oil Company and the famous Red Grange, football great. The gallery has state-of-the-art graphics that showcase the twelve inductees into the four areas of human endeavor, pursuing, doing, creating and building.  The gallery has become a showcase of those people that gave so much to their community and country, which include some of the greatest men and women of our time and include; the aforementioned men, as well as Everett Mitchell, Sherrill Milnes, Dr. Kenneth Taylor, Grote Reber, Margaret M. Landon, Joy Morton and Edwin Powell Hubble.

    Morton Arboretum
    Morton Arboretum Lisle, Illinois
    The Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois is spread across 1700 beautiful acres that contain many gardens of various plant kinds and collections of trees from specific taxonomical and geographical locations around the globe. There are native woodlands, a restored Illinois prairie, more than 4100 species of trees, shrubs and other woody plants that have been brought here from around the world. All together, there are more than 186,000 catalogued plants, with 16 miles of hiking trails and nine miles of trails for driving and bicycling. There is a four acre interactive Children's garden and a 1 acre maze garden, with outstanding gardens with names like ground cover garden, hedge garden and the fragrance garden. Their prairie named Schulenberg is one of the biggest restored prairies in the state and offers many outstanding educational programs that serve the entire family. It was started by Joy Morton, the founder of Morton Salt Company in 1922, and his former estate, known as Thornhill, which was started in 1910 would become the nucleus of the arboretum, with his father, Julius Sterling Morton being the founder of Arbor Day. On the east side of the arboretum, the Sterling Morton Library was constructed in 1963 to house the numerous resources of the arboretum, that honors the son of Joy Morton. The library contains more than 27,000 volumes of magazines and books, along with tens of thousands of non-book materials like original art, landscape plans and drawings, letters, prints, and photographs. These collections concentrate in plant sciences, but mores on trees and shrubs, natural history and its art and illustrations, art history and techniques, gardening and landscape design, ecology with a Midwestern prairie special section, savanna, wetland and woodland ecosystems, as well as animal subjects like insects, mammals and birds. There are many works about the history of plant exploration, along with biographies of botanical artists, botanists and horticulturists.

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