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Going on vacation can be stressful, especially when your looking for ways to get to your destination. Calling family to pick you up at the airport, and return you on time can be frustrating. However, lucky for you there is an affordable solution that can make your trip stress free. With Cheap Alamo Rentals you can go wherever you want whenever you want at a fantastic price!

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Things to do in Carson City

  • Nevada State Museum

    Nevada State MuseumLocated right in the dead center of Carson City this museum holds the rich and ambitious history of Nevada. The citizens of this great state understand the benefit of history, and with great intentions and dreams have accumulated a wide variety of the more fruitful and historical items from all around the area. Few know that Nevada was a strong mining state from the mid 1800s to the early 1900s. Precious metals and stones were found around the area through hard labor and deep tunneling. However, anyone who knows anything about early mining knows how dangerous the mines are to ones health; these excavations were not successful without a cost. The Nevada State Museum hopes to bring you into the life and work of a Nevada miner by introducing you into a typical Nevada ghost town. A Nevada ghost town is where the miners have abandoned the area after wiping it clean. At the end of your exhibit you actually get to exit the museum via fully sized reconstruction of a mine shaft so that you can understand the living condition of these miners. The museum is currently located in the old mint factory that used to the occupy Carson City. The mint was responsible for supplying a large amount of the West with coin, however now that it has been decommissioned the Nevada State Museum has sought to keep the history and stories of this coin manufacturing plant alive. Along with the mining and mint exhibits the Nevada State Museum offers a wide selection of other showings. Ranging from dinosaur bones to Indian artifacts you can experience and view a wide display of Nevada’s history. This fun and inexpensive museum is the perfect place to learn and enjoy the rich history of the great state of Nevada!

Budget rent a car Carson City, Nevada

Make your visit to Carson City, Nevada a fun and entertaining experience when you rent a vehicle from Budget! With great prices and a wide selection of vehicles to choose from Budget is one of the best in the business and the perfect rental car company to supply you with the perfect vehicle. Save even more on your rental car purchase when you use Budget Rental Car Coupons.

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  • Stewart Indian Cultural Center

    Stewart Indian Cultural CenterThis beautiful campus houses a wide variety of culture and history that can be found in few places around the world. These large buildings are built from raw material during the early 1700s by Native Americans. Hand built and of a strange architecture these large buildings served as a school during the rapid expansion of the United States. As new arrivals headed West in search of rich farm lands and the unknown benefits of the “New World,” more and more Native American homes began to appear. With the new groups from countries all around the world moving into these already populated areas, trading became the prime factor in the two group’s relationship. However with the quick industrialization of the areas the Indians had to integrate into the new comer’s society; and that’s where the Steward Indian Cultural Center came in. Teaching each individual Native American how to fit in and be successful in society the Cultural Center offered an easy blending process. However, when all was said and done there was no longer a use for the school as a whole. Now the Steward Indian Cultural Center is a historical site for anyone wanting to view the old buildings that spot the campus. Inside you can find a wide variety of historical artifacts that belonged to Native Americans from past generations. The center is dedicated to the preservation of the original inhabitants of these beautiful lands history.

Enterprise rent- a- car Carson City, Nevada

Get the freedom you need to enjoy every moment of your adventure to Carson City when you choose to rent a car from Enterprise. With a wide selection of vehicles to choose from and great affordable prices you can get the vehicle that suits you and your agenda at just the right price! When you rent a vehicle from Enterprise be sure to use Enterprise Rental Car Coupons to save even more!

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  • Empire Ranch Golf Course

    Empire Ranch Golf CourseWhen you’re on a vacation, a business trip, maybe a family reunion or other venture in the Carson City area it is always nice to just unwind. One of the most popular relaxing sports out there is golf, and when you visit Carson City you have come to the right place. The Empire Ranch Golf Course is home to twenty seven holes that make for a fun and exiting day of golf. Each hole has its own unique set of challenges that offer you a difficult but rewarding day of sport. One of the most popular parts of the Empire Ranch Golf Course is the practice facility that provides you with proper strategies to overcome the courses holes. With instructors and teachers offering you advice and illustration you can enjoy a personalized training session in the finer edges of golf. The fact that the Empire Ranch Golf Course has twenty seven holes makes it one of the largest golf courses in the entire state of Nevada. This first class experience can be found no where else but in Carson City. With such a large golf course, beautiful greens and a wide variety of amenities the Empire Ranch Golf Course should be your first choice when you choose to golf in the area. Enjoy the great outdoors when you play on this inexpensive golf course.

Hertz Car Rental Carson City, Nevada

With thousands of locations worldwide Hertz has become a fan favorite of most rental car users. With a huge selection of vehicles to choose from and such a large number of locations there is bound to be a Hertz near you or your destination. With Hertz Rental Car Discounts you can save extra when you choose to rent from Hertz!

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  • Local Favorite Restaurants of Carson City

  • Red’s Old 395 Grill

    Red’s Old 395 GrillNot many people get to enjoy this kind of barbeque; some would even consider it gourmet southern cuisine. Red’s Old 395 Grill is home to some real southern style cooking that can be found no where else but in the great Carson City. Serving you some of the tastiest barbeque the south has to offer Red’s famous ribs are cooked directly in their world famous gigantic smokers. Try one of their infamous hand cut steaks that are cooked to a mouthwatering texture that will have you coming back again and again. With whole Buffalo wings that will make you squirm in your seat you can enjoy every savory bite of these delicious treats. With karaoke nights all year round and a fantastic array of other events on select occasions you can enjoy night after night of fun entertainment. The most popular part about Red’s Old 395 Grill is the décor, with hundreds of collected beers and wines from all corners of the world lining the walls in colorful designs you can relive history in this fun and atmospheric restaurant. With a full sized Monarch Steam Roller from 1923 you have a perfect photo opportunity while you visit. This great restaurant serves some of the best in barbeque and with a fantastic environment to eat in you simply cannot say “No.” Be sure to visit Red’s Old 395 Grill when you visit Carson City, its well worth your time!

Avis discount rental car Carson City, Nevada

When you take a vacation finding a means of transportation can be stressful. It doesn't matter where you go, public transportation will always be slow, and you have to rely on their timing to go where you want, whose to say you will get there on time? Lucky for you Avis offers quality rental cars for just the right price. Make your vacation, business trip, family reunion or other venture a relaxing experience when you rent a car with Avis, and save even more when you use Avis Rental Car Discounts!

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Thrifty Car Rental Carson City, Nevada

Choosing a rental car company can be daunting. How can you know which rental car company to trust, who will give you the best prices and treat you right? Well Thrifty Rental Car is here to help. With professional service and quality customer care you are in good hands every time you visit. With low prices and a variety of cars to choose from you can get the vehicle you need at an affordable price. Make your rental car purchase even more affordable when you use Thrifty Printable Discounts.

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  • The Basil

    The BasilConsidered the “newest” and “biggest” thing to come around in cuisine for Carson City this fantastic restaurant has quickly stolen the hearts and taste buds of the local residents. Few people get to enjoy these mouth watering cuisines, the Basil serves some of the best Thai in the entire state, some might argue the best in the U.S. The restaurant is dedicated to real food with no exceptions, ensuring that you only get the best of the best when it comes to a gourmet meal. While the Basil specializes in Thai cuisine that’s not the only kind of food that the restaurant offers, be sure to enjoy food from the wide selection of meals offered. This romantic restaurant has a very tropical theme that offers for a fun and inviting atmosphere. With an environment where you can relax and enjoy fantastic food the Basil is the perfect solution for any special night while you’re in Carson City. Serving you dishes from all corners of the world you can get gourmet cuisine that dominates your taste buds every time. Maintaining quality and ensuring great customer satisfaction is the major priority of this amazing restaurant, be sure to visit the Basil while your in the great Carson City.

Dollar Rent-A-Car Carson City, Nevada

Don't waste your money on extremely overpriced taxi services, go wherever you want whenever you want when you rent a vehicle from Dollar Rent-A-Car. With quality vehicles for you to choose from and professional service you can find the car you need at the right price. Whether your on vacation, a family reunion maybe even a business trip having the freedom of a rental car is always a benefit, and with Dollar Rental Car Discounted Rentals you can save extra on your rental!

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National Rental Cars Carson City, Nevada

Make your trip to Carson City affordable when you choose to rent a car from National. With affordable prices you can avoid the long waits for public transportation and the expensive costs of taxi services. With a rental car you have the freedom to go anywhere at anytime in the car of your choosing. With Cheap National Vehicle Rentals you can save that extra money to purchase those special souvenirs that the family back home are sure to love!

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