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Things to do in Chandler

  • Arizona Railway Museum Arizona Railway Museum Chandler, Arizona
    This museum opened in 1983, as a non-profit organization with historical and educational aspects that span the state's exciting railroad growth, as well as that of the southwest regions contribution to the expansion and growth of the area. To these ends, the museum is devoted, and that is why the museum is free to incorporate all areas and memorabilia that is relevant to the railroading history of the southwest and Arizona. It is more than just a repository for old railroading relics, it is a community involved effort to acquire, preserve and showcase the magnificent machines that ran across this country for so many years and was involved in the growth and prosperity of this great nation. The renovation that occurs here is financed completely with membership dues and contributions by those that love railroading and all that pertains to it. It is a pregnant inspiration that continues to grow and evolve, not remaining stagnant, thanks to the many efforts of volunteers and members. The museum is closed during the summer months due to the extreme hot temperatures that occur in Arizona, but in the winter, or from September until the Memorial Day weekend, it is alive and jumping. The yard is open to the public to view without charge, but to see the delightful cars, it is $2 per person or $5 for the entire family. And of course, donations are always accepted since it does grow with new or rather old trains, cars, engines, cabooses and more accessories coming into the museum all the time. They will give guided tours, so that some of the wonderful history of the equipment can be passed on, and many times there are some really choice stories to be learned. One of the most impressive locomotives is the Southern Pacific 2-8-0 #2562 that arrived here back in 1956, and was added to the National Register of Historical Places in July of 2009. This steam engine was used given to the city of Chandler and has a rich history that is rather long and probably tedious to those not interested in railroading or the wonderful aspects and equipment that is associated with it. The 2562, was built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in the year 1906, using an oil fired boiler that would pound out 210 pounds of steam pressure on massive 57 inch wheels that carried it through 50 years of faithful service until it was side tracked in 1956. Tracing the exact routes of these old iron horses is very difficult, but it was used extensively in the 1910s and 1920s for moving commodities throughout California. It was found that this particular engine was moved into the El Paso area in the 1930s, where it traveled between the Rio Grande region. It was moved again in the 1940s, during the war era, running freight between Tucson, Phoenix and Los Angeles. After the war, it was used in the San Francisco Bay area and finally put to rest at the West Oakland Roundhouse on March 23, 1956. It was during this time that the railroads were changing from the steam engine to the diesel and when the rail lines had enough diesels to pull the freight trains, it would retire one of the steam locos. Of course there is more to the tale of the 2562, as well as more to the museum in Chandler; but then would wonderful lessons, information and stories you would miss by not going to get all the details about this most fantastic locomotive and all the other items, relics and antiquities at the Arizona Railway Museum.

  • Zelma Basha Salmeri Gallery of Western American and Native American Art
    This great gallery was opened in 1992, and then, after only two years of being open, had to double its space because of the continued growth and success of its mission. It was again expanded due to the growth and diversity of two distinctive venues relating to the collections. This happened in 1996, and the Native American gallery was opened with all the marvelous items that were part of its collection. The other gallery remained focused on its primary collection, that of the great west and it wonderful artifacts. These included many beautiful items like the basketry, jewelry, pottery, oil paintings, bronze, wood and natural stone sculptures, wood-turned bowls, watercolors, pastel and charcoal drawings, acrylics and pen & inks. These exciting artifacts are part of a collection that spans over 600 pieces, and showcases the many mediums that are used. The catalyst behind all this fantastic collection was Zelma Basha, aunt extraordinaire to Eddie Basha, Jr, who learned much about the beautiful world of art from his aunt, and history from Stanford University where he majored in history. Eddie bought his first piece of artwork, with his aunt Zelma at an art show during the early years of the 1970s, and he hasn't stopped procuring the admirable pieces since then. After that mementos occasion, Eddie and Zelma went visiting galleries, art shows and the Cowboy Artists Show and Sale. They began to form interesting relationships with the artists themselves, and many times their families, that soon was just as important to them as the procurement of the artifacts. Many of those early friendships are now over 30 years old, but sadly, in January of 1997, Aunt Zelma passed on and that is why this gallery is dedicated to her memory, her love and enchantment with art; which she so lovingly passed on to Eddie. In 2001, another expansion became necessary, and the palate of colors grew into mesmerizing mosaic of splendor and brilliance.

  • Chandler Symphony Orchestra
    This wonderful venue gives superb symphonic and orchestral music that is performed by a wide spectrum of volunteer musicians around the Valley of the Sun and directed by the legendary conductor, Jack Herriman. Every concert is given to the public free of charge, and although in these difficult financial times, and equally hard pressures, the orchestra is devoted to giving their magnificent concerts for free. The orchestra did originally play as the San Marcos Symphony, which ran for 16 successful years, after being started in 1991 by Herriman, who was the leader of the Mesa Community College orchestra. Evidently their rehearsal hall was lost to their playing, and they formed the San Marcos orchestra and then the Chandler Symphony. It got a 501 status in 1994, and Herriman has been the guiding force behind the success and continuation of the marvelous company. They have 5 concerts per season, that is given at the Chandler Center for the Arts, and the music is of the highest magnitude. It has given many great chances to local musicians, both professional and amateur, to play in solo songs with the accompaniment of a symphonic ensemble. All the musicians have continued to get their incomparable energy from the dedication and expertise of its members, and the direct support of business leaders and civic minded personages.

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  • Chandler Ostrich FestivalChandler Ostrich Festival Chandler, Arizona
    At one time, ostrich ranching was quite popular in the Chandler area since the plumes of the ostrich was so stylish and costly. The city's chamber of commerce wanted to exemplify this wonderful history and to create a first rate community event that would also bring in some much needed economic funds. In 1989, they decided upon the ostrich festival and it has become a huge success and popular attraction. The city contracted Universal Fairs to assist with the festival and it also includes some 300 volunteers from the community that spends many hours helping set up and help out with the many venues in the festival. Many of the area's businesses and corporations have helped out with monetary and services donations to help defray some of the costs, and it is held in the park known as Tumbleweed. Up until 2003, it was held in the downtown area, but that year, there was some redistricting and was subsequently moved to the Tumbleweed Park. It was highlighted in the movie starring Whitney Houston called "Waiting to Exhale" and was given international media attention. It has also been mentioned in a Harlequin Romance novel called "Lover Boy". A week before the festival is held, a grand parade is given in the city, complete with high school marching bands, floats and clowns. The 21st festival will have live entertainment on two different stages, and will highlight karate demonstrations, music groups and dance troupes; while the main stage will have nationally recognized groups every night. There is going to be plenty of exciting things for the kids to do with a carnival and its rides, plus a petting zoo, pony rides and all kinds of fun things for these youngsters to do. They will also be having a venue where you can eat, purchase and experience everything to do with ostriches. There is an Ostrich Alley where they will be selling feathers, stuffed animals, souvenirs, carved ostrich and emu eggs. There are two silly mascots already lined up called Ostival and Tutu LaPlume; as well as ostrich jerky, ostrich burgers and emu eggs fresh from the emu.

  •  Chandler Jazz Festival
    Let's get ready to party! Next March, 2010, the Chandler Jazz Festival will take place and it is a most fantastic time to head to Arizona and Chandler for this exciting and musical bonanza. It is being billed as the 10th annual Chandler Jazz Festival being held in historic downtown Chandler and is going to have some of the best jazz musicians in the world playing for you for free! While there, visit some of the enchanting restaurants offering ostrich foods, boutiques and galleries. There is free parking in the area, and it should be one of those fantastic opportunities to sit back, relax and enjoy some really great jazz. The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra Allstars will be playing with Irvin Mayfield on the trumpet and some folks called BeauSoleil avec Micheal Doucet. The Crown Plaza is offering a special deal for the weekend, and the entire city will be rolling out the red carpet to welcome all kinds of folks to come out and support this great venue. The jazz festival started in 2000 with the great help of Irvin Mayfield and the great jazz players from New Orleans, and the first one had many locals including; Sun Lakes Big Band, Young sounds of Arizona, Chandler-Gilbert Community College Jazz Band and of course, Irvin. Since that first festival, the event has continued to grow and the amount of great talent and musicians that come here are just amazing.

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Local Restaurants in Chandler
  • Firebirds Wood Fire Grill
    Starters at the Firebirds grill include; chicken quesadilla with black bean salsa, roasted corn, smoked cheddar and pepper jack cheese served with salsa and sour cream; lobster spinach queso is a spicy blend of lobster, baby spinach, tomatoes and pepper jack cheese with tri-colored tortilla chips; coconut shrimp is tempura battered friend shrimp served with tortilla slaw and mango habanero chutney; seared ahi tuna is fresh ahi tuna seared medium rare, sliced and served with mixed greens salad and spicy mustard sauce; smoked chicken wings is Firebirds signature smoked chicken wings tossed in buffalo hot sauce served with blue cheese and celery; ranch rings is buttermilk battered with pepper panko bread crumbs served with roasted garlic ranch dressing; crab cakes is jumbo lump crabmeat with Old Bay seasoning rolled in panko breadcrumbs, served with tortilla slaw and mango habernero chutney; Firebirds chicken tortilla soup is chicken simmered in a tomato and cheese broth, garnished with julienne tortillas, sour cream, diced tomatoes and green onions. Dinner - Wood fired steaks and prime rib; filet mignon is center cut beef tenderloin wrapped in applewood smoked bacon, offered at 7 or 9 ounces; Aspen sirloin is 12 ounce center-cut beef sirloin, lightly seasoned and wood grilled; herb roasted prime rib is encrusted with fresh herbs and pepper, slow roasted and served with a loaded Colorado russet baked potato and au jus; NY strip is 14 ounce strip steak grilled over hardwood flames; surf & turf 8 ounce lobster tail and Firebirds 7 ounce bacon wrapped wood grilled filet; bleu cheese filet is their bacon wrapped wood grilled filet topped with bleu cheese sauce and port mushrooms; chile rubbed Delmonico seasoned wit chile pepper and served with southwest au gratin potatoes; ribeye is 14 ounce aged ribeye, lightly seasoned and grilled over hardwood flames; pepper crusted sirloin is center cut beef sirloin with cracked black peppercorns; filet & shrimp is bacon wrapped wood fired filet served with shrimp basted in a key lime butter.

  • The 98 South Wine Bar & Kitchen
    This French style restaurant is one of the best in East Valley with excellent cuisine and exotic fare for the Arizona desert. Entrees include; crispy chicken breast with grilled eggplant and squash, and loaded potato cake; ribeye with French fries, compound butter, tellicherry pepper ketchup; pasta capellini is Fontanini sausage, caramelized onions and peppers with sweet basil; seafood pasta, salmon and shrimp linguine, tomato, fennel and roasted garlic cream; pork tenderloin with golden Yukon potato, Blue Lake beans, molasses-apple cider sauce; roasted duck breast with grilled duck and apple sausage, spiced orange tea sauce and fingerling potatoes; grilled Hawaiian butterfish with ratatouille, tarragon and shallot sauce; fresh fish of the day; filet mignon with blue cheese, cauliflower gratin, lyonnnaise potato and Pinot noir reduction; nine eight cheeseburger on brioche bun, with thick bacon, truffle aioli, traditional garnish and choice of cheese; herb roasted rock hen with duck confit ravioli in champagne broth, Granny Smith apple and pecan salad; grilled rack of lamb with pine nut and mint couscous with spicy curry sauce.

Filet Mignon Firebirds Chandler, Arizona


Shrimp Firebirds Chandler, Arizona


Minis Firebirds Chandler, Arizona



 Crispy Chicken Breast 98 South Chandler, Arizona

Pork tenderloin 98 South Chandler, Arizona

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  • Chandler Museum Chandler Museum Chandler, Arizona
    The Chandler Historical Society was started in 1969 to obtain, save and showcase the many artifacts that are related to the history and range of Chandler. With its diverse programs, the museum develops and encourages the understanding of this community's people, places and occurrences that created the city of Chandler. Among the various displays, the sports hall of fame gives remembrance to all the athletes that has excelled in their respective sports , whether in school, college, amateur or professional performances. A committee decides, each year who will be inducted into the hall and it is an honor for these great athletes to be included. Another venue is the Morrison Grocery Store that was started in 1912 by Ernest Morrison, and the first retail store in the town. A year after opening, his brother joined him and they moved the products to one of the very first permanent structures in the town and as Chandler grew, housed the first doctor's office and the first post office. Another is the San Marcos Hotel, that was opened in 1913, designed by Arthur Burnett Benton, and was a Spanish Mission Revival style architecture, and was constructed for Dr. Chandler for the winter vacation resort for the wealthy and famous to come to. Many in the new town thought that the good doctor was nuts to put a grandiose hotel in the middle of cotton and alfalfa fields in the desert. However, in November of that year, many important people came to the hotel, including the governor, W.P. Hunt, Vice President Thomas Marshall, and the state representative, Carl Hayden. During the following years, other celebrities that visited included Errol Flynn, Fred Astaire and Christian Dior. Next is the Cotton and Classrooms: Chandler's Goodyear School; which opened in 1917, the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company leased some 8000 acres of property that lay south of the town, from Dr. Chandler; to begin a ranching operation that grew long staple cotton, used in the production of their tires. A small village grew around the ranch to take care of the workers, which became known as Goodyear, and had a school, theater, pool hall, hospital and Bashas' grocery store. This venue follows the history of the school, at first a one room structure for the children of the workers, and as the years went by became four one room structures. When Goodyear stopped the farming site in the 1930s, the school remained opened to take care of the local farm kids and in 1943, the school was the learning facility for African Americans. In 1954, the school was shut down because of integration and the final building was destroyed in 2004; with two facades being saved and used in the museum's displays. Great honor is given to Dr. Alexander J. Chandler, who came to Arizona in 1887 to be the territorial veterinary surgeon, and he soon acquired an interest in ranching, land developing and other ventures; which involved he acquisition of 18,000 acres of land south of the town of Mesa. His thirst for knowledge and acquisitions soon had him becoming well learned in irrigation techniques, and that helped get the Roosevelt Dam project financed and built. When the dam was finished, the Salt River Valley farmers had a constant source of water, and soon the doctor was laying plans for a town. In 1912, he began selling lots and soon the town of Chandler appeared. The Fire Department of Chandler is another portion of the museum that was begun in 1917, with the help of the Chamber of Commerce. It didn't become an official fire department until 1937, and it wasn't until 1953 that it became a paid department. As the town grew, so did the fire department and part of this exhibit is the first fire hose cart from 1917; plus many documents that show the history of the department and its wonderful equipment. The first documented people in the Salt River Valley and Sonoran Desert were the Hohokam, arriving sometime in the early 300 B.C. period, and then were gone without a trace of that exit in 1450 A.D. The name Hohokam is a Pima word that means "those who have vanished" and they were excellent farmers that got their water from the Salt River and brought it to their area by a large canal system. Their expertise was so ingenious that it was used thousands of years later by the farmers that came to the same area and used those canals to water their crops. The Hohokam were master artisans, creating pots and vessels that were red on buff, which meant that they used a buff colored paste to cover the pots which were then decorated by hemitate based red pigment. They made exotic jewelry with shells that were brought from the gulf of California, and their mounds, long houses, irrigation canals and other artifacts like potsherds and tools are found all over the Sonoran Desert. Since the area doesn't have a large timber forest available, wood was a premium, which most new settlers couldn't afford, nor take time to find. This caused the creation of tenthouses; which were wooden frames made from whatever wood could be scavenged from the immediate area, and then tents, or canvas put over the top and sides. It was quite ingenious since these canvas sides could be rolled up in the daytime to let the breezes blow through, cooling the house, and in the night, rolled down to keep whatever warmth they needed in, plus the protection from wind, sand or whatever else could intrude upon them. These homes were only one room, with their bedrolls put in chests in the day, and then rolled out on the ground at night; with the room being used as washroom, living room, kitchen and bedroom. There is a gift shop associated with this that includes the history of Chandler; the only one in print.

  • Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving
    This school of racing and driving is for those people that are looking for a unique experience like no other. The 60 race track is specially built to give the high thrills of real racing, in either 4 hours, up to four days, with various expert levels from novice to pro or those wanting to enter the exciting heart throbbing and pounding life of race car driver. Besides the car racing, there is a kart racing school that offers the fastest carts anywhere, going from 0 to 100 in only 6 seconds. There are TAG karts also and the venue is as exciting as the car racing and has been in business for over 40 years. These experienced pros offer corporate team building classes and the overall experience will last anyone a lifetime. There are championship races with professional drivers coming here to tune up their driving skills and other great examples of race driving venues that will raise the hairs on your head and give you a life changing thrill that will be a memorial forever. The speeds that you will reach depend on your own learning and driving skills; which will progress with the great instruction from these learned pros. You are encouraged to find your own skill level, with experts helping you all along the process, and you will learn how cars are controlled and what makes them tick so you can develop your optimum level of skill and excitement with the best help. If you want real car driving thrills to remember, and to help your personal driving skills, then this is the school that will give you the best bang for your buck. You are not limited by them or their cars; but only by you own mind and confidence. That is what really separates the boys from the men when it comes to racing or just plain having the best fun of your life.

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  • Firebird International SpeedwayFirebird International Speedway, Arizona
    This fantastic complex is made up of a quarter mile drag strip, four unique road course and a beautiful lake for racing power boats, near Chandler, Arizona and the home of the Bob Bondurant Racing School. The Firebird speedway is a venue for many exciting heart throbbing events that bring the best racers from all over the world to do their best with cars that are beyond imagination. If you have ever been to a drag race then you know the incredible thrills that blast your senses as these machines fly down a small quarter mile length of asphalt going up to speeds of 200 mph. The NHRA Arizona Nationals will be held there in February of 2010, with so many wonderful races that will bring you and your family to visit or to try your hand at racing. The youngest racers involve big wheels, with junior dragsters, as young as 8 or 9, up to 13 to 17 year olds. They have motorcycle races also that involve points and will continue through the year to get the best driver of the year. It is non-stop action and thrills, with something for everyone in your family. Can you imagine you youngster racing a small dragster down the road and being only 8 years old? The big wheel racers start at 5 years old and this is probably where many of the nation's next generation of race car drivers begin. There are many classes of drivers, going from the top super pro to the best high school class.

  • Rawhide 1880s Western Town and Steakhouse
    Rawhide, like a yell from the past, or a song that is remembered from somewhere in your mind, is a real western town that sits in the Gila River Indian Community near Chandler, Arizona and is reflective of that historic period that helped this country grow across the southwest with towns, cities and villages that raised a crop of Americans that fought in two World Wars, amassed the greatest wealth in the world and became the super power of nations. Rawhide has become the favorite destination of the state, and those traveling to Arizona will undoubtedly end up here to learn of the great southwest and how it was won. Set in the 1880s, there are many venues that will help you learn more about the history of the west and the hardy people that came here to learn and grow with that history. You will find a mechanical bull ride here that will help you learn and feel what it was like to try taming a wild horse or bull riding. There is an old train to ride around the old town to help you understand the primitiveness of those early trains and give you an insight into what the tenderfoot had to endure to become a resident of the wild west. The Six Gun theater and Rawhide Roughriders will show you how the cowboys of the west lived and fought for every inch of land to forge a home for the millions of people that came here to settle and start a new life. With exciting gunfights, wild exploits and incredible bravery, these stalwart young men will amaze you with their feats of skill and daring. The new Spirit of the West theater will show you the diversity of skills that these men had to develop to live and thrive in such an inhospitable environment with gun twirling and trick rope skills. The shootin gallery is where you can try your own hand at shooting at targets and give you some idea of how difficult shooting can be. There is an authentic coach that takes you out into the Sonoran desert and will give you more history and understanding about the gradual growth of the west. Try the burro rides for those who couldn't or wouldn't ride a horse, although the burros can be meaner and more temperamental than horses. Kelly Ripa of the "Live with Regis and Kelly" show visited the town in 2008 and many other celebrities have come here to gain some understanding or knowledge about the old west and all the excitement of that wonderful era.

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  • Bear Creek Golf CoursesBear Creek Golf Chandler, Arizona
    Bear Creek is a championship 36 hole course that was designed by the Jack Nicklaus Group and opened in 2000, near south Chandler, Arizona. The Bear course is 6832 yards and a par 71, while the shorter Cub course is a par 59, 3552 yard play. Located on the premises is a full practice and learning center that is staffed with PGA pros that can and will instruct groups or individuals. The Bear is an inland links style course that has great rolling fairways and well maintained greens with exciting strategic hazards, that is home to the Chandler City Amateur Championship and holds many Arizona Golf Association qualifying events throughout the year. The Cub is an executive course that is fun and challenging with five par fours and 13 par threes. The length of each hole is different with the golfer's play in mind and is a great starter course for novices of all ages. It will allow you to use all the clubs in your bag, and to gain invaluable experience playing a good round of golf. All the greens are undulating and thus quite exciting, with difficult hazards placed throughout both courses to make the play as exciting and challenging as possible in this great desert course. Overseeding takes place in October, but the fairways and greens should be in excellent condition the rest of the year, since irrigation helps the greens stay their best. The entire courses are well maintained and attended to with the staff ready to assist you with whatever needs or comments you may have.

  • Chandler Center for the Arts
    When the Chandler Center for the Arts opened in 1989, the center was the culmination and collaboration of world class designers, acousticians and architects that have built a cultural centerpiece that could be found anywhere in the world. With the great support of city leaders and the citizens of Chandler, the center has attracted millions of visitors over the years that have been educated, challenged and entertained with excellent programs that included Broadway shows, international dance and ballet troupes, jazz concerts, contemporary music and all kinds of family focused special events. The center is dedicated to bringing the best in artistic venues that will enhance and delight the community at large. They bring in many programs that continue to inspire and motivate the younger population with 2008 bringing in over 150,000 students from across the region that assisted their studies and brought new insights into their lives. It is the single indoor cultural opportunity in Chandler and one of the few in the Salt River Valley that brings in high quality programs with reasonable prices. It was awarded the Governor's Art Award in 2006 for its continued support of the arts and the showcase of its venues. The center is a multi-cultured theater that brings in performing and visual arts and is used during the week for school arts curriculums that enhance the education and inspiration of its area's youth. There are three theaters and a 2000 square foot exhibit hall with total seating for 1,536 people. The acoustics have been set up to allow three different venues to be performed at one time without interfering with the others. It opened a satellite center in downtown Chandler in 1997 called the "Vision Kidz Programs" that encompass a variety of programs geared to the school children that are instructed by professional artisans that promote the arts in education. The diverse programs include watercolors, ceramics, drawings, batik and just about every medium imaginable. These children are encouraged to develop their own levels of artistry with the continued assistance of the professional instructors to help them with a great knowledge of the creative processes and the continued interest of all.

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  • Gila River Indian CommunityGila River Indian Community Chandler, Arizona
    Long before the bearded ones (Spaniards) arrived to the Gila River region, the Akimel O'othom Indians or the Pima as the Spanish called them, they were great farmers that lived in villages along the river and grew squash, beans and corn, as well as tobacco and cotton. These well developed villages were all over the Gila River Valley, with sophisticated irrigation systems that were created with wood and stone tools and amazed the Spanish explorers. Each village was responsible for the continued maintenance of the canal system, and the head gate had been made to divert the waters from the river to the various villages. There were field houses that had been constructed near the fields, but the main homes were situated in the village. These Pima were peaceful people that worked together for the good and welfare of the village, and when a house or hut was destroyed by fire or other means, the villagers would gather to rebuild the structure, gathering wood for the framework and arrow weeds from the banks of the river. The family whose home had been lost would supply the food for all and the women would cook while the men and often women helped reconstruct the house. This process was so successful that it took only a few day before the task was finished. The entire village came together for this building, and the time was also used for relatives and friends to gather and visit with each other. The old men or elders would sit in the shade of any trees or rocks and watch over the young ones, and young people that were involved in the building, so that experience and advice could be given to them by the elders. As time went on, a group called the Pee Posh, part of the Yuman of the Colorado River area, came to ask permission to live near the Pima because of problems at their home. They received permission and began living amongst the Pima and farm in the area. That region is now called district seven, and even today, those two groups still coexist and work together. Their wonderful generosity became a problem in the 19th century as hordes of whites traveled across the land going to California and received food from the natives. Seeing what great farming land was available here, many decided to stay, but settled the upper river area and diverting the water to their irrigated fields; which eventually caused the river to slow to a trickle by the time it reached the Pima an d Pee Posh. These natives tried moving to the Salt River Valley area and soon found the problem to be evident here. Presently the people live along the Gila River, on the reservation, with huge irrigation plans to bring water to almost 150,000 acres.

  • Chandler-Gilbert Community College Athletics
    The sports curriculum at the Chandler-Gilbert Community College is quite diversified for the young men and women that come here. Known as the Coyotes, the women field basketball teams, soccer, softball, volleyball and golf; while the men have golf, baseball, soccer and basketball. The men's golf team just finished 7th in the nation which is quite a feat for this small school with limited resources and students. The college is proud of the Academic All American distinguished All American sports players, which include women's volleyball, women's soccer, women's basketball, women's golf and women's softball. The All American distinguished men's sports include baseball and soccer. Every year the Men's baseball team has had their best ball players go on to four year colleges, where they would distinguish themselves and their school, as well as having players head to the major leagues each of those years also, whether from a four year school or their completion at this junior college. The women's soccer team were the 2008 National Junior College Athletic Association's national champs, which says this college has some great sports people coming out of the region.

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